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Ramu – The Gardener

Ramu was cleaning the parking corridor with the wood broom as his sahab Anant was leaving for the office. Ramu is the gardener for Mr Anant Patil for 8 years now. Ramu basically is from Bihar but he has been in Baroda for quite a long time now. He is married and has 3 children back at home but he has chosen to stay alone in Baorda. (and you will soon know why he did do.


As the car disappeared Mamta came out in balcony and signed Ramu to come upstairs. Mamta is Anant’s wife who has been sleeping with this gardener Ramu for last years now. Anant is having some complications in his semen and has a large proportion of dead sperms in it. Only Ramu and Mamta know it was not a miracle to born a baby. But for Anant it came out as a miracle only.

He always thought Suraj is his son who was fertilized by his distant sperm in Mamta’s uterus.

Ramu looked around and Mamta has sent her maid Shanti to some work as she would always do. He entered the room and Mamta was waiting for him only. As he came in she hugged him and showere her love with lots of kisses on her cheeks, neck and lips. Strong aroma of flavoured tobacco filled her nostrils, tobacco which was beneath Ramu’s upper lip.

She broke the kiss and Ramu removed the tobacco with one finger. He cleaned his hand with dhoti and Mamta started to kiss him again.

Ramu’s hands came on Mamta’s boobs now and he started to fondle them nicely. Mamta moaned and started to undress herself. She removed that broad Punjabi suit and the white bra followed it. Ramu also pulled his pants and his manhood was knocking the undies. Mamta took the dick and started to stroke it.

Ramu literally fucked her to take the dick in mouth now. Mamta sat on her knees and Ramu plunged his dick in her mouth. Mamta started to suck the dick now. Ramu held her hairs and started to stroke his dick now. Mamta was sucking the dick as well as the balls. Ramu closed his eyes and he was enjoying it very nicely. Mamta now started to deepthroat the dick and Ramu was over the moon now.

Mamta sucked the dick for 10 more minutes till Ramu ejaculated every drop of his cum out. Mamta sucked the dick to clean it nicely. And then she spread her legs in the bed. Ramu removed all remaining cloth from Mamta’s body now. Her pussy was hairy and it had already started to leak the juices out. Ramu shook his dick a little and it stood like rock again. Mamta held it in her hand and Ramu kissed on her nipples again.

Mamta felt the dick on her pussy now as Ramu had placed it on the precise point. He kissed Mamta on neck and pushed his dick in her cunt. Mamta moaned due to extreme pleasure and Ramu hugged her tightly. Ramu started to push his dick in and out of her pussy and Mamta was moaning like anything.

Ramu was pumping the pussy really hard now and Mamta was supporting him very well.

Her huge tits were moving here and there with each stroke from Ramu. And after fucking Mamta for 10 more minutes; Ramu took out his dick. Mamta cleaned it by licking it up with the tongue. Mamta bent on her knees in front of Ramu. Ramu spat on the asshole and he started to rub it. It looked like mutual understanding for the anal fucking. Ramu now placed his dick on the asshole and started to rub it there.

The dick was hot and hard like anything. Mamta was having a lot of tickle with the dick being rubbed on the asshole. She moaned and Ramu pressed the dick with his left hand. Only dickhead went in but Mamta sighed heavily. The thick dickhead was giving her a lot of pain. Ramu left the dick head just like that and he reached for the boobs again. He started to fondle the boobs and pinch the nipples.

Mamta was on high and these sensual touches made her hornier. Ramu now gave a slight jerk and 40% of the dick went in the asshole. Mamta almost screamed. Ramu now placed both his hands around the hips and he started to penetrate the dick in and take it out. It was just the half dick but Mamta was definitely feeling the impact. Ramu spat a little more on the commuting dick and it gave more lubrication to the fucking area.

Ramu gave few more jerks inwards and his dick was all in that tight bum hole. His balls struck the ass region and Mamta had a great feeling in her bums.

Ramu started to pump again and Mamta was now okay with being fucked anally. Her pain had alleviated and the pleasure went up. She started to move her hips with Ramu and he was pumping her nicely. The dick was going in and coming out as Ramu watched it from POV.

Ramu started to fuck that asshole with lot more intensity now and Mamta gave him full support.

Just 5 more minutes anal fucking and Ramu cummed inside the asshole. He swiftly took out his dick as the cum drops started to drizzle out from Mamta’s ass. At that very precise moment Mamta farted and all the cum came out with the pressure of gas. Ramu cleaned his dick with Mamta’s clothes and he relaxed himself.

Mamta dressed up and he started kissing Ramu on his lips. Ramu took our Mirage tobacco packet from his pocket and started to rub a pinch of tobacco in his palm. He placed it below his upper lip and he went down to the gardening work again. Mamta took shower and cleaned all the sperms which were there in her asshole…!.

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