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Prudence Harper kept telling herself that she wanted nothing to do with this big Wolf, of all the curious and unrespectable names! She fidgeted at the table while he was gone. Then, seeing that he did not return immediately, she helped herself to the curried meats and ate ravenously. She was glad he was gone, glad that the door was closed between them, cutting him off from her naughty, disobedient body.

But, oh God, she had to admit as the food made her feel more content, he sure was attractive.

She remembered how he had approached her while she took her bath and how aroused she had become. He had carried her into the bed and then… then left. God, she realized, he could have had her. He said he could wait until she no longer felt guilty. If that’s all she had to do, pretend to feel guilty whenever he made advances… that was easy! It was easy if she could make herself not want him! Otherwise, she would hide her guilt.

She might not even feel it, making it even easier for her awakened body to run away with her principles! She must not let that happen! She just mustn’t!

But the petite little blond knew that her feelings were a turmoil. Wolf, making his advances and cutting himself off, was respecting her more than Douglas ever had. Douglas had respected her virginity before they were married. He had even respected it afterwards! He had valued her virginity more than he had valued her! Now that she had lost it, he had lost interest.

He had become cool and correct. Having nothing to believe in, he believed in her coolness and correctness. She actually found herself yearning to tell her principled husband that… that… she wanted Wolf!

Prudence, sitting in the room assigned to her and nibbling on a piece of hard bread, blushed. Oh, God, she thought, a big tear threatening to roll down her alabaster cheek from the corner of one of her big blue eyes, she did want Wolf! Every time he came near her, try as she might to hate him in the beginning, she ended by turning on like a light bulb.

What was it about this man? All he had to do was look at her with those big expressive brown eyes, and she utterly melted, her legs turned to marmalade, her stomach churned just the way it had when as a c***d, her nurse had taken her on the ferris wheel that first time!

Here she was a prisoner of the man, and he turned her on. It was crazy! It was fantastic! She couldn’t help but dream of lying down with him, stripped of all her clothing, feeling his penetrating brown eyes burning into her china-like white flesh, his fingers tracing the line forged by his steady eyes, his massive, bl**d-swollen prick probing, warming, building her to a climax so powerful that… that it would make her u*********s! Oh, it would never be that good with Douglas! How could she pass up the opportunity to experience at least once…

It was too awful! Too obscene! The troubled blond slipped over to the bed where she had left her purse, picked her travel brush out and began brushing out her long blond hair.

She tilted her head as she brushed in languid, deliberately soothing strokes, pulling out the highlights that shone brightly under the artificial lighting of the small chandelier dangling from the ceiling. Imagine having a chandelier in your bedroom! Imagine having one in your prison cell, the ambassador’s wife thought then.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. There were circles under her eyes. It was hardly surprising, considering the strain she had undergone when she was pulled from the train and f***ed to ride the long way to Whitelaw under the barrel of a gun! She pouted into the mirror, wondering if she had time to change into her nightgown before anyone came for the dishes.

She needed badly to go to bed. It was not so much that she felt terribly tired, but she certainly looked it!

Deciding that there was no way of knowing under these circumstances when it was safe to dress and undress, Prudence stripped down to her waist, critically appraising the rest of her body, the warm full tits that swelled out like ripe cream-white honeydew melons, the nipples large and a dark rose color, setting off the lightness of her ivory skin.

Her fleecy blond hair hung down below her tits, and her eyes looked as blue as the summer sky as the light caught them.

Suddenly, studying her own fragility, Prudence wondered if it was merely sexual attraction that lured her to the captain or whether she sought the security of the older man, the paternal love that her father had hidden from her behind a wall of principles just as her husband did.

Wolf was an expressive man! She peeled off the rest of her clothing and pulled her nightgown out of her bag. It was her pink one, her very favorite, she thought, slipping into it and turning once again to the mirror to get a full view. She looked like a little girl in one sense, and yet the lines were long accentuating her little waist, which tapered so gracefully into the widely angling hips.

She turned and from the new direction noticed how the gown nipped invitingly up under her ripely thrusting tits, the scanty pink material revealing the shadow of her dark puckered nipples. Oh God! Whether she wanted Douglas or… or Wolf, she needed her husband! She needed to get laid! Maybe under these extreme circumstances, he could bring her to orgasm with his cock… if he didn’t turn her off first!

She had almost forgotten the door until she turned and saw Wolf looking at her somberly, obviously taking in the sheerness of her pink nightgown.

She blushed, realizing that she had forgotten all about getting her wrapper out of the bag and that her tits were clearly visible, also the stiffened, rosy nipples. She lowered her eyes. There was nothing she could think of to say, and that one silent admission was all the Head of State needed!

Quickly he strode over to her and enfolded the trembling young woman in his strong arms. Her delicate perfume filled his senses as he buried his head into her soft, fleecy, blond hair.

“Oh, Prudence,” he whispered with a little a****l cry of pain. Then suddenly the inevitable happened, the worst thing she could have allowed but which she really knew she could never prevent!

The beautiful little ambassador’s wife found herself flat on her back, sprawled out on the huge bed, watching the Head of State removing his khaki fatigues. What a magnificent body he had! As old as he probably was, he was still strong and tight, his dark muscles rippling as tautly as any younger man’s.

His loins, too, were taut and muscular, she saw, as he pulled off the last stitch of his clothes, his white T-shirt. Then quickly he lowered himself to the bed and peeled away the pink lace of her own skimpy nightgown. In a second she was as naked as she had been only a few seconds before he came in.

“It will be beautiful for you,” he whispered slowly, his big black hand touching her lush young white curves in awe.

She could only nod in mute anticipation. Her whole body was alive with obscene expectation, tingling from the tips of her excitedly tingling nipples down to her carefully manicured toes. It was incredible, but she felt not a trace of shame! Her body was too lewdly aroused for other feelings to creep in! He was grazing the slender lines of her swan-like neck with his hot kisses.

“Oooohhh,” she cried, something deep, dark, and heretofore pent-up inside of her breaking out! “Let’s do something really wicked!”

The surprised captain stared at her with rank lust.

He tried to speak, but the emotion was too thick. In a long, slow gesture of compliance, he threw his long black leg over her upper porcelain body and lowered his head to the golden fleece of her alabaster loins. His knees pressed firmly against the sides of the lovely woman’s shoulders as he lowered his big black pulsating cock to her hungrily turned-up face.

And now her arousal only doubled! Prudence Harper ran her small hands over the flat plane of her captor’s belly angling above her own as she blew teasingly at the rigidly stiffening iron-like poker hanging just inches above her waiting lips.

“Take it! Take it in your lips!” he rasped.

She heard herself laughing! She was laughing lewdly like a princess transformed into a lusty witch! “Soon,” she told him. “But first… first I want to see you look at me down there. I want you to look at me all juicy and hot, just ready for you to suck!” She spread her legs wide, arching her back into the covers and hitching her legs directly under his astonished face.

“It’s just waiting for your wet tongue, Wolf. Go on and lick it! Please lick it!”

Prudence blushed to hear her own audacity, not with her husband, with whom she would never dare be so utterly and unabashedly obscene, but with the man who held her hostage! Yet it was as though some great dam had burst within and she could not resist the delicious feeling of evil that filled her when she acted in this lewd and wanton way!

Wolf hunkered up on his hands and knees and pushed slowly forward until his mouth was directly in front of the beautiful little white woman’s nakedly exposed pussy slit.

She was so ready! The pearls of glistening cuntal moisture seeping at the entrance of her cunt were undeniable proof. He stared at the sacrificial offering that she had made of herself, lewdly enjoying the anticipation of sinking his lips into Prudence’s gleaming pink pussy flesh. His black face was just inches from her soft, blond pubic mound as his hands reached out to position her hips firmly beneath him. He pressed his thumbs into the moistly glistening outer flanges of the woman’s trembling cuntal lips as she sucked in her stomach with an audible hiss, feeling the captain’s strong thumbs caressing the parting soft pubic hair and exposing to his lustful gaze the moistly combine slit of her seeping, viciously hungering cunt.

The pink bud of her tiny throbbing clitoris perked into visible erection as Wolf, his head thrust forward like an a****l ready to attack its prey, his tongue snaking wetly out at the raw little nubbin of nerves peeking out from between Prudence’s widely splayed thighs, reached in to collect his reward!

The lovely young white woman’s body jerked as the first magnetic shock of sensual electricity raced through her waiting body.

Her stomach heaved fitfully as the captain’s tongue wound slowly down around her clitoris, licking lightly at the moistening little button of arousal. Her gleaming white thighs clamped spasmodically about his head in a vise-like grip, her ass undulating up into his black face, gyrating salaciously with his every lewd ministration to her swollen genitals. Soft moans of delight escaped from deep in her chest, merging with the hoarse a****l grunts of the big man as he continued flicking his wet tongue up between his prisoner’s softly quivering white legs.

Suddenly he raised his head from the quivering bud he was so lasciviously licking between her legs and begged her, “Do me, Prudence. I’m going to explode if you don’t!”

Without a second thought, she obediently opened her pretty little pink mouth, ovaling her lips about her teeth to prevent hurting her lover’s large cock and with her hands guided the massively throbbing spear of lascivious black flesh which dangled between his muscular legs up into her hungry mouth.

It tasted good! Opening her mouth wider to permit the lust-heated, darkly veined rod easy access down into the soft moist confines of her velvet throat, the cooing woman drew her hands around his lean asscheeks and pulled him down harder against her, beckoning him to penetrate her lips as far as possible.

With a swirl of her tongue around his hotly throbbing hardness, Prudence began sucking, pulling his lewdly-bloated cock deeper and deeper into her straining mouth, loving the salacious fuckings he thrust into her hungrily accepting mouth as if into a hotly straining cunt.

She pressed her aching tits up against his hard belly, feeling the warmth of his pounding loins flowing to her skin. It was incredible, her cock-impaled face obscenely sucking the imprisoning intruder, her lips hungrily licking the veiny shaft of black flesh as he fucked in and out of her white ovaled mouth. With her nails, Prudence teased the wiry tangle of his kinky pubic hair in front and in back of the bl**d-hardened rod of flesh that she held captive in her own captive mouth! And as the Head of State slavered diligently around her own wildly vibrating cunt, she was inspired to press tentatively with her fingernail at the entrance to his ass!

“Nnnnnggggghhhhh!” the black man moaned as the first sensation of her delicate little fingers against his asshole peaked his desire.

“Oohhh, yessssss, baaaaabyyyyyy! Do it there, too!”

Then he insinuated his own stiffened middle finger upward into her tightly clutching cunt, exploring it as it had never been explored before, fucking his finger slowly inward in a motion imitating what his bloated cock was attaining inside her mouth. In and out he skewered with his fingers, delving into the secret hole of the beautiful white woman’s sweetly seeping cunt. Ah, yes, he thought in a daze, his future queen! Her legs jackknifed up about his head as the flickering flames of incinerating lust drew his fingers deep inside her desire-steeped cuntal hole.

Then she began lewdly undulating her ass in time to the thrust and retreat of her a*****or’s fucking cock, now grown to fill her entire oral cavity, smacking against the inside walls of her swollen cheeks.

“Aaaaauuuuuuggggggghhhhh!” she moaned, her breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps as her black lover’s black bloated cock fucked its way into her mouth like a huge elephant’s foot walking in mud and his thickly pistoning middle finger punctuated his cock’s rhythm, skewering in and out of the shadowy hole locked between her undulating white thighs like a cobra getting ready to strike!

“Oh, fuck me, Wolf!” the little blonde groaned around the lust-engorged shaft of black male flesh filling her pink mouth.

“Fuck me with your finger just like a cock. Fuck me harddddd!”

Wolf complied, fucking his finger deep inside her little white cunt and then adding a second finger’s width alongside the first, with his mouth sucking hard on the little pink bud of clitoral lust spasming crazily now as it brinked on the edge of orgasm. God Almighty, Prudence though, this is certainly obscene enough! What would Douglas think if he could see them? The big black man and the little white woman clamped together in a lurid duet of lust, their bodies bucking against each other like a****ls, pulling out from each other the basest feelings, was not likely to make her husband happy.

Yet, it felt so good!

Wolf, meanwhile, was dazedly thinking how she was like no other woman in the world, her little rosy nipples grazing his belly, her soft pink heart-shaped mouth filled with his mighty black prick! His fingers fucking her devouring cunt like a small cock. He could feel her cervix. It was smooth and hard!

He almost brutally held up her ass hard into his face with his free hand as his dark lips milked viciously at her little pink clitoris and his fingers squeezed the outer folds of her needful cunt, pulling them apart to better expose the delicately seeping pink flesh between.

The lewd noises of sucking dined the room, the sibilant smacks of sensate lust smashing against their ears.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh,” Prudence intoned, her lust reaching its ultimate goal as her imprisoning lover in a wave a lewd inspiration fingered the deep crack between his little white hostage’s asscheeks, spreading it open and letting the air caress her puckered little asshole.

“Oooohhhhhh,” Prudence moaned, unable to speak more distinctly with her mouth stuffed full of the black man’s massively throbbing cock.

She wound her fingers around the heavy stem, massaging it as he fucked into her open mouth, working him hotter, urging him to cum soon. Then with her even little teeth, she teased the tender cap of his penile crown, instinctively slipping her pointed little tongue back and forth over the tiny little crack where soon the acrid sperm would glow.

The Head of State thrust ecstatically harder at this new insane sensation, fucking his cruel prick deep between his blond-haired lover’s pink lips as he held her white ankles cruelly to the blankets, not letting her move, riveting her tortured pelvis to the bed and mercilessly fucking his tongue in and out of the salaciously gyrating well of her cunt.

In desperation, Prudence Harper arched her loins up toward her black captain’s face, the pleasure-pain of pre-orgasmic rhythms cracking nakedly over her now as he fucked deep into her throat, his prick swelling and his testicles flooding with the soon-to-be-released liquid of his lust. Her pale head thrashed out of control from one side to the other, taking with it the fucking cock of Wolf as she felt the first tinges of cum bristling around the hair-lined fringes of her pussy.

“Ah! Oh! Ah!” she intoned as the machine-like fucking of Wolf’s’s massive black cock held her head fast to the pillow as he sucked on her luridly exposed cunt. And she jerked more and more wildly as he intensified his efforts. The lewd copulations of the pair echoed into the silent room in timeless response to an archetypal lust.

“Aaaahhhhhh, my queeeeennnnn!” The Head of State moaned into her pussy, setting up excruciatingly lusty vibrations in her cunt, driving her even more wildly out of control than before, than ever before, better than it had ever been with Douglas, better than ever in their whole month’s marriage! She struggled to tell the big man how good it was but could manage no more than a lewd moan of passion from under his invading, bl**d-engorged cock.

The captain was well aware that she was loving it. He could tell from the way her smooth white body twisted and jerked beneath him as she approached her climax. Tossing to and fro on the soft wide bed, her nakedly exposed, full-tittied body lurched and careened under him, bringing, along with her lusty ministrations to his buried prick fucking deep within her lewdly sucking mouth, his own orgasm to a violent head.

His fingers pumped furiously inside her contracting and dilating cunt while his thumb pressured the hard nub of her clitoris as he begged her to suck him even harder.

“Harder, Prudence! Harderrrrrr! Suck me harderrrtrr!” And his little white queen did exactly that, her own lovely body quivering insanely under her lover’s lurid finger-fucking. She was gasping for immediate release when suddenly it happened! The two of them, all at once, came together!

Prudence wailed, “Aaaagggggghhh, I’m… I’m cuuummmmmiiinnnnnnggggg! Oh, oh, God! Wolf, keep going! Uuuuggghhh! Keep sucking my cunt! Keeeppp suuuckinggg!”

“Me, too!” he breathed heavily.

“I’m cummmiiinnnggg, tooo!” he groaned. His cry of delight echoed into her ears as he fucked into her, spurting his hotly geysering cum deep into the throat of his orgasming little prisoner. She took it all, swallowing quickly to keep herself from choking, sucking down between her elastic-taut lips the hot thick liquid semen as fast as it rushed out from his rapidly emptying testicles. Prudence writhed under his final vicious thrusts, the white-hot liquid gushing down her throat and the over-spill slipping down her chin from the corners of her mouth.

She wiped it away with the back of her hand and then licked it off with her tongue as the big man’s black shaft began to slacken just as her own climactic spasms reached their peak!

Prudence lurched backward into the sheets, her full young white tits dancing lewdly in the artificial light of the bedroom chandelier. Her fingers clutched at the covers in an ecstatic moment of blissful torture, her passion-drenched cunt contracting and dilating in alternate beats of orgasmic release.

Her face flushed crimson with the effort of cumming, and it came so hard, cumming and cumming in a great blinding rush, her steaming pussy juices spilling into Wolf’s mouth, her whole body vibrating under the frenzied manipulations of his expertly fucking fingers.

Her desire-lured secretions overflowed her tangled fleecy pubic hair and trickled down the quivering flesh of her spread-eagled thighs. The captain lapped at the warm whitish liquid, savoring the lovely white woman’s tender taste as she succumbed to the final throes of orgasmic terror.

“Oooohhhhhh!” she moaned as the waves gradually subsided, the delicious warmth of relaxation overtaking the exquisite pain of the orgasm. “Ooohhh, Caaaptaaaiiinnnnnn, wow!” she whispered as the last thrill vanished inside her and the big man gently lifted his softened black prick from out of her ravished mouth. Finally the last dying throbs left the young wife’s blond body, and she was able to spread out her achingly tingling legs.
The End.

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