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ProfNigma Stories #3: Carousel Nights #5

iCarly/Victorious – Carousel Nights Chapter 5

There was a loud buzzing in Sam’s room when Freddie woke up. He tried to sit up to find the source of the noise, but was trapped underneath two bodies. His eyes opened and he looked around. Sam lay nearly on top of him, his morning wood nestled firmly between her legs, the tip flirting at her entrance. Jade was on his arm with her body facing towards him, her gravity defying breasts at face level.

Freddie craned his neck just enough to stick his tongue to her nipple, she smiled and scooted closer to him, but did not awaken. Freddie considered going back to sleep when he heard his phone vibrating again.

Shit he thought, Mom’s home and she knows I’m not the there. Freddie made the impossible choice and slid from under both girls and walked over to his pants to check his phone, mentally preparing his response.

It 5am… what could be going on?

-Two missed calls

Fuck my life, Freddie braced himself to listen to the voicemails.

* * *

A few hours after dawn Spencer woke up. There was a sea of soft brown and blonde hair spilled across his chest and bicep and Kenzie was curled up closely with her arm around his waist. Smiling to himself Spencer suddenly had a great idea.

Peeling her body off of his he slipped from the bed and went over to the dresser. Picking up a pair of black fluffy handcuffs, and grabbing a cold can of whipped cream from the refrigerator he was able to finally find in the daylight, he returned to the bed. He took Kenzie’s wrists and tied them together using the headboard as an anchor.

The new position Kenzie was being rolled into forced her to grudgingly open her eyes.

Spencer had her tied down to the bed with her legs spread. She looked down at her body and saw the evidence of their action last night. Her sheets were ruined and her body was stained and bruised. And here was Spencer, putting smell mounds of whipped cream on her body.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? Breakfast. “

“You’ve got to be joking,” she exclaimed laughing softly.

“Just wait until I make you spaghetti tacos. Now there’s a real meal. “

Smiling up at him Kenzie realized she was quite lucky at the moment. She was able to satisfy not only her needs, but Spencer’s as well. She had to admit his aggressive dominance surprised and excited her. No way was she going to let him slip through her fingers like so many others, even though her ass was still on fire from his hits.

He may have his insecurities and not know what he’s looking for, but she could wait. Patiently for whatever he came up with next.

After Spencer had several mounds of whipped cream on Kenzie he began to lick them off slowly. Each mound brought on a different conclusion in his head. The one on her belly button made him realize her messy apartment didn’t bother him so much, it needed cleaning, but it wasn’t a hovel.

He could overlook her sense of style and the slutty way she carried herself, especially since her right nipple was a dark pink under the cream. The color deepening as she became aroused. It was the cream on her upper thigh led him to his epiphany. He was awakened. Completely and utterly aware of what would satisfy him. He needed to hurt her with pleasure, just like she did to him. She let him be in control sexually because in life he was such a goofball.

Her sheer f***e of will brought him to her and he was grateful. In the past, with Sam, he had slept with women for all the wrong reasons and walked away completely let down and unsatisfied. He suddenly realized he didn’t deserve this woman laying naked and covered in cream beneath him. Spencer leaned down and kissed her lips.

“You taste sweet,” she murmured under the pressure of his lips.

“You are officially my favorite piece of art.

I’m going to have a lot of fun using you as my canvas. That is, if you’re willing?”

“Let’s fly by the seat of our pants. I can assure you, spaghetti taco night is on.

Spencer gave her a playful look and she began to wriggle under him.

“Finish your breakfast, I’m hungry too…” she teased.

* * *

“Freddie honey, I know it’s early, but I got word that Michelle is out sick so I’m not going to be hems until almost noon.

There are breakfast bars-“

Freddie didn’t need to hear the rest… he was just happy to have a lot more time with these gorgeous girls. He crept over to the bed and tried to lie back down with them, and was surprised at how deeply asleep each one was. He slipped beneath the covers, just in time for Jade to wake up and smile at him, before burying her face in his chest and breathing him in.

“I love you. ” The words left her mouth even before she realized she said them. Not that she didn’t mean them… she just didn’t mean to be so sentimental. Not now. Not while she was also in bed with a girl that was her competition.

“I love you too, Jade,” Freddie didn’t feel any regret in saying the words as he held her dose, her face moving upwards until their lips met.

As they kissed his erection only got harder and more noticeable. He caved some relief, but also just wanted to enjoy this morning make-out and snuggle session.

Luckily, there are some advantages to having an extra person there (yeah, like everything), as Freddie felt a hand creep over his leg and grasp his member tightly. He hadn’t noticed that Sam was also stirring, but her touch was very specific to her, for sure.

“Morning,” was all she said before sliding closer to Freddie and jerking him off.

Despite the hand attention, Freddie remained focused on Jade and her lips. He kissed her deeply as his hands explored every curve of her body, a hand held tightly to her ass, with one finger playing with the edge of her slit. Her soft moans echoed inside Freddie’s mouth as this continued for a couple of minutes.

Freddie let out a surprised grunt when Sam’s hand was replaced with something wetter and warmer. His groans only increased as her tongue traced his length before her mouth opened wide and diving down to swallow him. He felt the head of his member go down her throat, wondering if she had ever gone down this far before. As he asked himself that he felt her pull away and slid up the side of his body, and pulling his head from Jade and towards her, kissing Freddie deeply.

Jade pouted for a moment before pulling the sheets back and revealing Freddie’s big hard cock, and couldn’t resist the temptation. She raised her body over him and quickly lowered her body, impaling herself hard on him. Between Sam’s saliva and how wet Freddie had made her, there was perfect lubrication for her ministration.

Freddie looked over to the pale goddess bouncing on top of his swollen member, trying to focus on Sam’s mouth, but it was not easy.

Sam pressed her hand against the back of Freddie’s head, pushing him into the kisses, and pushing her supple breasts into his body. Freddie managed to get his left arm free from under Sam, while his right tightly gripped the blonde’s juicy ass. Sam couldn’t help but smile as she kissed Freddie, her hands drifting all over his body.

Just as his left arm was enjoying freedom, he felt it being tugged upward and pressed against something soft and warm, with a nipple.

Jade’s body always felt amazing to him.

Not to be outdone, Sam got away from Freddie and kneeled next to his body before sliding one leg over his head, putting her wet pussy just millimetres from Freddie’s hungry mouth. He was happy to oblige, shoving his tongue deep inside her core, and began eating her out like an animal. This only increased as Jade increased her rhythm, the contractions of her own core showing that she was close to coming.

Eventually, after eliciting a loud stream, her body shuddered and she leaned forward in exhaustion, her face laying on Sam’s upper back. The Goth teen kissed the blonde’s shoulder blades, the afterglow taking over, as Freddie was still inside her. She made soft moans as she rode him softly, just savoring the feeling of being filled in a way, both physically and emotionally, that she never imagined.

Freddie slowed down his oral pace as Jade finished, but Sam gripped his hair tight, forcing his face against her shaven pussy, his sandpaper-y tongue covering her sensitive clitoris.

This massive electricity of pleasure sends waves through Sam, eliciting moans and only making her push Freddie further into her.

Jade had managed to find her sweet spot again, and reached around Sam’s body, grabbing the blonde’s chest as she bounced, faster and faster, screaming her unh’s and oooh’s.

There was a mumble inside of Sam, shouting even, which sent very strong vibrations through Sam, as she herself prepared for release.

Jade felt something very different inside, as Freddie’s member pulsated, painting her insides with his cum. She was shocked and the fear of what might happen because of this got to her, but the feeling of complete togetherness was ever stronger, and she her lip in pleasure, not wanting to get off of him.

Sam was unaware of this release as she was focused on Freddie getting her off, gripping her headboard tightly as she rode his face.

Finally, she came with a shudder, her juices dripping into Freddie’s mouth until she climbed off Freddie and nuzzled next to him. Jade followed suit, his cum dripping down her legs.

“I’m sorry,” Freddie said, feeling scared now that the intensity had worn off.

“It’s ok… I’m on the pill, and I’m pretty sure it won’t happen. “

“You came in her?” Sam asked angrily.

“Not on purpose, Sam… I tried to give some warning, but someone was keeping my mouth busy.

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t be so fucking good at that. “

Jade laughed and nodded. “Yeah, he is… great at that. Hey, not to get too serious, but could we talk about this three way situation. “

“Only if it is to plan another,” Freddie joked, eliciting annoyed glances from both girls.

“I meant our relationship… I don’t want to mess with what you and Sam have going, but I want you involved… Sam, I… would you hate me if I stayed in touch with Freddie… if we shared the long distance thing? If not, it’s cool.

He’s going to be all yours, but I… I don’t know what I’m saying-“

“I think I get it,” Sam said, looking surprisingly serious, for her. “You want to still talk to Freddie, and be able to do stuff if the chance arises, and by the way I’ve seen you jump on the chance for sex, I can only imagine what you’ll do…”

“Yeah… something like that. “

“Well…” Sam paused for a long time, thinking, but also sizing up both Jade and Freddie.

“I guess that wouldn’t be bad. For a second I thought I was dealing with a Reba McEntire/ Linda Davis thing (it’s an older country video, but it’s worth watching, especially if you appreciate love triangles… and watch until the end. )… But I think this might work. But, Freddie, if anything happens with you two, you tell me. That means if you sleep with her or if you ever feel like you love her more than me.

I deserve to know, and she does too. “

Freddie felt like he was on trial, but tried not to let it get to him. He was about to have two girlfriends… who actually seemed to like each other. He tried not to grin in absolute excitement.

“But… I am only sharing Freddie with you because I trust you. You bang any other guys, and it is done, Jade. Same goes for me, And Freddie; don’t you mess around with any other girls.

That includes Carly. I will personally call Jade and then the two of us will cut your arms and legs off and throw you in a fire. Capache?”

Freddie gulped hard, “Yes, ma’am. “

“Good boy… Now momma needs her shower, and I think there might be room for three in there…”

* * *

“So what do you want to show me, Cat… In my own kitchen?”

Cat and Carly stood in the darkened apartment kitchen, the sunlight just barely peeking through the windows.

The girls were still in their pyjamas, Carly with a spaghetti strap top and some boy shorts, and Cat in just an oversized t-shirt.

“Just the fridge… hehehe. “

“O… k…”

“Just look in there. “

Carly opened her old fridge and looked inside, finding a plate with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and chocolate chips. Next to it, stood a can of whipped cream and a bottle of chocolate syrup.

“Urnmm… Cat? What is this?”

“Breakfast. “

“Yeah… none of those are breakfast foods… When did you do this?”

Cat took a step towards Carly, getting very close. “You fell asleep so fast, we didn’t really get to finish anything. My aunt was getting a bunch of stuff for her date and-“

“Please don’t say anything else about what she was getting for her night with my brother.

It’s bad enough he didn’t bother to tell me he wasn’t coming home. “

“Sorry… I had an idea and got some stuff too. So I snuck down here and put it all together after you passed out. “

Carly was surprised at how well thought out this plan was. Cat was a sweet girl, but she had never been a real critical thinker. She couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised at this change of pace.

“Wow… this is certainly something. I-“

“Oooh… let’s have breakfast in bed! My brother used to bring me breakfast in bed but was never something you wanted to eat. “

Carly stared at her for a few minutes as if to say, ‘Really?’ a response most of the Cat’s brother stories garnered.

Cat just began giggling and biting her bottom lip, which Carly always found to be super cute.

Now could she say no to this?

“Lead the way then, Kitty Cat…”

One sly look from the petite redhead later, the two girls were up the stairs, food and desserts in hand. Carly shut the door behind them and placed the stuff on the edge of the bed before turning to Cat.

“Well… now what?”

“I don’t know… I’ve never done this before either. I guess we just throw the food at each other…”

“I don’t think a food fight is a good idea… But… what if…” Carly slid by Cat and slipped her fingers around the bottom of Cat’s shirt, lifting it over her body in a flash.

Carly licked the petite redhead’s sensitive nipples before grabbing the can of whipped cream and shaking it. Carly tilted the can and sprayed a burst fire of frothy white cream on her B-cup breasts, making a circle around the areola.

Carly licked the cream all the way off, eliciting a short and high pitched moan from Cat. “That feels really good, Carly… oooooooohhhh… make me into a strawberry sundae…”

“I thought this was supposed to be a treat for me Cat…”

The redhead giggled, “Well… I’ll do you next.

Carly obliged Cat’s wish by pushing the girl’s body onto the bed, slipping her fingers into her panties, pulling them off, and reaching for the chocolate syrup. The brown liquid traced all over Cats body, from her upper thighs, to her stomach, to her breasts, and finally her neck- all of Carly’s favorite places to lick and feast on, on Cat’s front. The whipped cream came next, going over all the same places, and then finally the strawberries, already de-stemmed as well as sliced perfectly for bite size.

Now that Cat was ‘dressed,’ Carly wasted no time diving into the girl’s dessert covered skin.

“This might make a mess… I should make sure I don’t mess up my clothes…” The web star stripped down completely before starting at Cat’s soft neck and working her way down. Carly’s animalistic nibbling sent jets of pleasure through Cat’s body, and she felt herself getting wetter and wetter by the moment. Carly moved her mouth over to Cat’s and let their tongues dance in each other’s mouths for a few minutes before Carly got back to work on her body.

Carly got her hands dirty as she massaged Cat’s chest hungrily licking and biting a bit on one breast as she ran the nipple between her fingers on the other. After she felt Cat and cooed enough, Carly swapped, and before long, Cat’s chest was nearly completely clean. Carly licked her hands before venturing further downward with her tongue leading the way.

Carly stopped at Cat’s bellybutton, gripping the redhead’s back and abdomen and she stuck her tongue in, the fruity taste, the chocolate and the sweet cream all blending together in the thimble sized bowl that was Cat’s stomach.

Cat giggled at the tickling, but her laughter turned to moaning as Carly went a bit lower, running her tongue around Cat’s hood. The web star teased the redhead, trading off between licking her inner thighs for the dessert and Cat’s wet sex. Eventually, there was no trade off, and Carly lust hungrily ate out her red-headed friend, savoring the sweet nectar inside the shy girl.

Cat’s moans became more rushed and breathy as Carly continued her work, her mouth planted tightly on Cat’s pussy.

Carly sucked on her clit, eliciting high pitched squeals that always predicated the teen’s eventual orgasm. The feeling hit Cat like a freight train as her body shivered for almost 5 full seconds as she came hard.

Cat’s afterglow face was always priceless, her eyes barely open with a big grin plastered on her face, barely biting her lip. She really did look like a ch*ld. But then again, Carly felt really awkward comparing the person she was having sex with to a ch*ld.

Carly stood up, pieces of the desserts all over her figure, and prepared herself to be treated to the same feeling. She was kinda disappointed when Cat just started eating all the stuff.

“What happened to my turn?”

“You wanted to get the food stuff all over you too?” she said, her mouth full of berry juice.

Carly actually had to think about that one. “Actually, I think I’m dirty enough… how about you pay me back in the shower?”

Cat grinned, grabbing Carly’s hand and rushing her to Carly’s shower.

She barely turned the water on when Cat started aggressively kissing her, her nimble hands finding every nook, cranny, and curve on the web star.

Once the water was hot enough, steam beginning to fog up the mirror, the two girls entered the shower together. Cat wasted no time dropping to her knees between Carly’s legs, and licking around her love hole. Cat gripped tightly to Carly’s pert ass, pressing her face further and her tongue deeper into Carly’s sopping pussy.

As if Cat needed any more of a push, Carly placed her hands firmly in her red hair, her fingers entwined around strips of the crimson locks.

Cat’s hands dished from Carly’s ass and upwards towards the web star’s breasts, gripping tight and needing her tits, which elicited a soft groan from Carly as she pushed Cat’s mouth deeper inside her.

Cat finally found the sweet spot in Carly, and applied pressure, allowing her warm and wet sandpapery tongue to touch her clit in ways she never imagined.

With this kind of assault Carly couldn’t hold out much longer, and with a near blood curdling scream, she came into the redhead’s mouth, the sweet nectar running down her lips as she hungrily finished on Carly. The web star helped her up and the two kissed and washed each other’s bodies, not speaking but just giggling back and forth. After a good 20 minute cleaning and getting dirty again and then getting clean again session, the girls got out of the shower and dressed.

They reached the kitchen for some actual breakfast just as the front door opened.

* * *

Spencer and Kenzie slipped into the apartment as quietly as they could, just in case the two girls were still asleep. They quickly realized after looking inside that there was no need for them to be quiet, and seeing their respective wards standing near the opened refrigerator.

“You k**dos are up early,” Spencer said, hoping the fact that he never came home last night would not come up.

“Yeah… not really. It’s almost 11. McDonald’s stops breakfast at 10:30, so I think this can hardly be called earl. “

Spencer tried not to look embarrassed that his sister was shutting him down. “Yeah… I guess you’re right. “

“So you’re going home today, right Kitty Cat?”

Cat nodded, looking a lithe sad.

“Where’s your… weird friend… Jasmine?”

“It’s Jade. I think she spent the night with Freddie,” Cat said sheepishly, not wanting to give away anything.

“The awkward boy from across the hall? Yeesh… guess there’s no accounting for taste. “

Carly and Cat rolled their eyes, and went about their business of getting some food.

“You want any Poppy-Tarts, Spencer?” Carly called out. “Or you Kenzie?”

“That’s ok, Carls,” he said looking over at Kenzie semi-longingly, “we actually had a pretty big breakfast. “

Carly reeled back with a sour look on her face, his subtlety not working as well as he’d hoped.


The two girls popped strawberry frosted pastries into the toaster and stood there watching them, trying not to look at the weird looks that Spencer and Kenzie were giving each other. They would have had to deal with this a bit longer if the door hadn’t opened again, this time revealing Jade, Sam, and Freddie, all who looked very fresh out of a shower.

Kenzie gave the three teens a once over, and as if she had a sixth sense based around telling when people had had sex, looked over at Jade, and gave a disapproving glance and head shake followed by a nonchalant shrug.

The three felt suddenly very awkward in this moment, and began doing everything they could to look away and not make eye contact, hoping that no one would ask them why they were all together and where they were last night.

“Why is everyone acting so awkward? Did something happen?” Cat said sheepishly, earning her a glare from Carly, and for all the other couples to look at each other and quickly shake their heads as if to scream that nothing happened.

“You about ready to go. Cat?” Jade asked, trying to ease some of the tension in the room.

“Yeah… I just need to grab my bag and we can head by to my aunt’s apartment and get your car. ” The redhead ran up the stairs in a hurry and after a couple minutes, returned with a backpack.

“Cool beans… Well… I guess… we are… gone. ” Jade was desperately grabbing onto words, unsure of how to, or even if she wanted to, say goodbye to Freddie.

And as much as she didn’t like a lot of things with Sam, she had to admit that she was actually going to miss hanging out with her. She couldn’t help but think that if things were different, perhaps they could have been friends.

“Yeah…” Freddie said, feeling much of the same way, “I guess… You want me to… walk you down?”

“Yes,” she hurriedly responded, before adding some non-excited add-ons, “I mean, if you want to… you don’t have to… if you have time… I understand if you don’t though-“

“Of course you walk the girl down there, nub,” Sam responded, smacking Freddie in the back of the head.

“Spend some final time with her before she blows a gasket. “

“Ow…” Freddie said massaging his scalp. “I will walk you down, no problem. “

Freddie led the Jade down the hall to the elevator, holding her hand as they walked, followed by Cat and her aunt. A silent, but longing look filled trip down ended in the lobby and a couple minutes later, they had reached Kenzie’s car. The star-crossed lovers stood together, holding each other tight for what seemed like hours, but also seemed like not near enough time.

“I love you…” she whispered, fighting back tears.

“I love you too…” he said, stroking her hair, taking the thin blue streak between his fingers as he tucked it behind her ear. “Have a safe trip home, and all me when you make it home. “

“I will… I… meant what I said this morning… I want us to keep what we have, even if we have to do it through video chats and phone calls.

“I know… But I think we’re going to make it down around Christmas, so at least we’ll have that. “

“Ugh that feels like forever though… But ok,” Jade sighed deeply, before kissing him one last time- a deep, tongue wrestling, oxygen stopping kiss that earned a raised eyebrow from even Kenzie. Their lips finally separated, and she pulled away smiling, and turned away from him to get in the car just in time for a tear-drop to fall from her eye.

Cat waved like a 5 year old before the car pulled away, leaving Freddie to stare at it until he could no longer see it before finally going back upstairs.

* * *

Back in the apartment, Carly, Sam, and Spencer exchanged nervous looks for nearly two minutes.

“I would have gone down to see Cat off too,” Carly said, eating a toaster pastry that was meant for Cat, “… but I apparently need to keep an eye on you two.

“Oh for Christ’s sake, Carly,” Sam shouted. “This again? We both said vie were sorry and that it shouldn’t have happened! You have to let this go eventually. ”

“Sorry,” Carly said. “I just meant it as a joke… Remember I only found out about this like two days ago. Hard to get over your best friend sloping with your brother. “

“Arid on that note…” Spencer sad, slowly backing out of the room, and headed to his own bedroom before shutting the door.

“Look, Carly, if you can’t get over the fact that I made a mistake, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re my best friend, and I’m really sorry we were stupid and did something we both will probably always regret. But I promise, I have no romantic interest in your brother, and will never sleep with Spencer again. “

There was a weird thumping noise from outside, and Carly rushed to look out to see what it was, but the hallway was empty when she went to go check.

“That was creepy. “

“I guess… probably that weird k*d whose always torturing Spencer,” Sam said monotone; the previous conversation sucking all the energy and happiness, losing all of what had been built up from the morning’s events.

“Why don’t we just hang out like old times and work on iCarly bits? And I’m sorry I brought up the thing. “

“It’s cool… so what were you thinking for next week’s show?”

* * *

Cat and Jade left Kenzie’s place pretty quickly after arriving.

This had just as much to do with them being in a hurry to get home as them being in a hurry to get out of an apartment that smelled like sex and desserts. As they drove, neither of them spoke very much, each one deep inside their own head.

“I heard you tell Freddie you loved him…”

“‘Yeah… what of it?”

Cat reeled back, “Sorry… I just thought you might want to talk about that.

You were broken up and possibly having a baby when we drove up here. And now… are you dating again?”

“Yeah… well, kinda… not really. “

Cat just stared at Jade wide eyed.

“What I mean is… we are on good terms and I know I want to be with him… I just wish I knew how I could be. “

“So what was Sam doing with you guys this morning?”

Jade sighed and shook her head.

“Can we not talk about this right now, Cat? I’m just not in the mood. “

“Oh ok…” she said, sliding her seat back and resting.

This was the longest conversation the two shared in the 11 hour trip.

* * *

Freddie sat at his computer later that evening, staring at his Slapbook, not really focusing. His mind was racing with all the thoughts and explanations for what he had overheard in the hallways outside Carly’s apartment.

Did I hear that right? Did Sam actually hook up with Spencer? When did this happen? And why didn’t she tell me? Should she have? Is it any of his business who she slept with? Yeah, he thought, it damn well is. She’s my girlfriend. She should tell me everything she does.

Freddie took a second to think over what he’d just said. Sam was her own person, independent of him, and what she did was up to her.

But still… he wished she would have told him what happened. It does explain a lot though. Especially the awkward trip home from the camp.

Freddie took a couple more minutes to deduce all the whys and wherefores before finally understanding exactly what had happened. Sam must have been upset by his being with Jade and how that douche-bag Beck dumped her at the dance, and went to the one person who probably supported her.

Made sense.

Freddie started to pick up the phone to call Sam, but there was a knock on his door.

“Freddie, honey… she is here. ” The way his mother said the word “she” made it abundantly dear who she was talking about.

He was proven right as his blonde friend (girlfriend maybe?) stepped inside to his room. Freddie’s mother propped the door open so she could easily see them from the den.

“So… this was an interesting couple of days,” she said with s deep sigh.

“Yeah… it really was. “

There was some silence as she stood there, each of them looking for the right thing to say, knowing it may never come. Finally, Sam broke the silence.

“Do you miss her?”

“Yeah. Of course I do. “

“Do you really love her?”

“You know the answer to that, Sam,” Freddie got up from his desk and sat down on the bed.

“Just ask the question you really mean. “

“Do you love her… more?”


“I need to know. “

“I don’t know… It’s really not fair to try and quantify love with a number or a comparison. I love you, and I love her… I don’t know what else to tell you. “

“Tell me what I need to know… tell me… tell me I’m loved. Tell me I’m pretty.

I’m losing my mind thinking about this whole thing. “

“Sam… you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met. And I love you, no question about it. ” As if on instinct he took her hand and pulled her to him. He looked into her tear stricken eyes and wondered what he needed to do or say to make her feel better. Finally he decided not to say anything, and just stood up and held her as she nuzzled her face into his shoulders and neck, whimpering a bit.

“It’s ok, baby… I love you and I got you. Nothing is going to happen to you as long as I’m holding you in my arms, and I have no intention of going anywhere. “

Freddie rocked her in his arms for a few minutes, and she calmed down.

“I love you… Can I… sleep here?”

“I don’t know, Sam… with my mom here, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

“Oh ok,” she said, pulling away.

“But… my mom goes into work at 10. 30… so why don’t you hang out at Carly’s for a while? I might head over too. “

“Yey,” she said, revealing her femininity. “You ever tell anyone I just did that and I’ll beat your face in. “

“That’s my girl… Oh, before you go, I have a question for you. “

“Ok, shoot.

“Did you really sleep with Spencer?”

A slap in the face later, and he rescinded the question. Sam left in a huff but said she’d be back in a bit. Freddie didn’t feel bad for a second for looking at her pert ass in her tight jeans as she walked out. Laying back on the bed he began to think about what his life would be like now, rubbing the sting from his cheek every so often.


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