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pregnant naughty jen part 1

Jen was a naughty girl. She had all the guys on her and she thought every night what they would do to her if she had one in bed. But something in her forbid it. For some reason her instincts told her not to do it yet. She had been in relationships before but nothing had gone that far. Not even making out or cuddling. She had kissed a guy a couple times but she always broke up with them before it got anywhere.

But she also knew they just wanted to get in her pants. They didn’t care about her, they just cared about what she had, and she hadn’t shown them yet. Something inside of her didn’t want to do it for some reason. She didn’t know what it was.

That night she thought about it. “I think I am so ready for this. ” She said as she thought once again about one particular guy she liked.

She had fallen for him the minute she laid eyes on him, Her body squirming under the sheets at the thought. Jen was 5’6, she had the perfect ass, which was tightly rounded but not to small and not too big or fat. Her stomach was flat and toned as if she were exercising a lot. She had a darkish brown hair, and hazel eyes. But her most noticed attribute was her chest. It was a mid c-cup.

They were the most beautifully rounded shaped breasts you could imagine. A guy would pop one at the sight of her cleavage, which she showed off a lot. Sometimes if she felt really sexy on some occasions she wouldn’t wear a bra, and the guys she talked to would have a hard time keeping eye contact. The next day, was one of those days. She wore tight pants that hugged her legs and made her beautifully forming thighs look so sexy.

She wore a low cut white T-shirt with no bra. She turned on the television for a quick second. The weatherman predicted it to be in the 70’s today. “Perfect” she thought. The guys would be all over her today.

As she walked to the bus stop she had wished she wore a sweater, it was a bit windy, but “it would get a lot better during the day. ” She thought to herself.

She waited for about five minutes as the bus came and picked her up. As she got to her first class in school she was glad to be back inside. There was the guy who Jen liked and he sat behind her, he came in late that day. Lucky for him he walked to his seat suddenly noticing Jen. He practically collapsed when he saw her chest. The A/C was on and it was working pretty well.

Jen was a bit satisfied at the way her nipples took to this. They were a lot more perkier that usual and they stood out like pencil tips. But she dare not go to touch them to see how stiff they were. She saw the guy she liked almost trip at the sight of her. She tried not to laugh as he took his seat. “He’s so hot. ” She thought to herself.

As time went buy in class Jen didn’t pay any attention to her work.

She was just thinking about if she should ask him out after class or not. She decided to do so. Class ended and she walked out first. She waited outside the door for him. She knew she would get him without a doubt. She just needed to get enough courage to ask. He finally came out and she stopped him in her beautiful sexy voice. “Hi, aren’t you John?” She asked a little shy.

She saw him blush a bit more than her. “Uh, ya why?” “Well I wanted to know if you’d want to go out sometime?” She asked. “Well sure when?” He asked in reply. “How about tonight?” They exchanged numbers and addresses. He was scheduled to pick her up at 6:00 that night. She was finally going to do it. She thought as she walked away.

That afternoon as she got ready she was thinking of how that night would go “We would have a casual dinner, talk about each other.

Talk about whatever, then he would probably get enough balls to ask me to his place which he doesn’t know if he’ll get rejected or not. And of course I’ll say yes. And it’ll all go uphill from there!” She happily thought to herself. Not getting into further details. She just finished up as the doorbell rang. She opened it and he was holding flowers. “WOW!” He said. “You look gorgeous!” He said surprised at how she looked.

“Why thank you!” She said taking the flowers. They got in his car and they drove to dinner…

That night things went a bit better than expected. He brought her home, to her place. They ended up starting off as cuddling on the couch. Then kissing, and making out. Although something inside Jen still told her to stop, her Thoughts told her otherwise. A few minutes later from making out, SHE, was trying to get his clothes off.

They didn’t move from the couch that night.

The next morning As Jen was having pleasant dreams, John had other thoughts being awake. “OH shit did we really do that last night?” He thought to himself. “I did not just do that!” He said thinking back to the previous night. “I, I have to get out of here!” He quietly got dressed and left. Once he was out the front door he ran to his car and drove off.

An hour later Jen, fully naked with one sheet, put her arm out. She stretched a bit further not feeling another body. She opened her eyes and turned over. He was nowhere in sight. As she got up she quickly pulled the bed sheet over her finding herself completely bare. “John?” She said, walking into the kitchen. There was no one. She walked back and yelled up the stairs for him with no answer.

She walked back to the living room scrubbing the sl**p out of her eyes when she realized the door was open. “What the hells going on?” She went to look out the front door before she closed it. She saw his car wasn’t in the driveway. It looked as if he made a hasty retreat, considering there were slight sk** marks on her driveway and the mailbox was on the ground. “SHIT!” She yelled at the top of her lungs.

She knew this would’ve happened.

She was so mad. Then, she tried to remember what had happened the night before. She remembered they went on for about 3 hours. Before both of them passing out. But what Jen didn’t remember was a condom. She freaked out. She tore apart the couch and living room looking if it might have fallen. But her mind suddenly remembered, and flashed back to when he was shooting into her, and how good it felt.

Her mind almost went into a tangent when she snapped out of it. “AW SHIT!” she cursed loudly. “What if I’m pregnant?” She thought wide-eyed and confused, looking around at everything. “No, I can’t be, not on the first time, it’s impossible. ” She convinced herself and went upstairs to her room. She grabbed some new clothes and took a shower.

Then suddenly something in her mind took over. It was giving her a bad conscience, making her feel guilty about what she had done.

As if she should really, shouldn’t have done what she did the previous night. She just excused the thoughts as she got dried and dressed. As she exited the bathroom, still with wet hair, she remembered her mom would be home from California. She rushed downstairs to the fridge where the note was. It said she’d be home after 3 days, on Saturday at 10:00 in the morning. She looked at the clock and it was 9:40.

She rushed into the living room which was torn apart and she quickly jumbled everything back together. Looking as if it did when she left. And not as if two people just had sex on the couch. She had gotten everything done. But her mom walked in the door just as she was pulling the long bed sheet up the stairs back to her room.

“Hi! What’re you doing with the sheet honey?” as she put the keys on a side table near the door.

Jen had to think of something quick. “Uh, Doing, a little bit of laundry! Figured I could get stuff as clean as possible for you mom!” She said giving a fake smile, which her mom believed. “Wow, not in your character to do that. ” Her mom said as she ran the rest of they way up the stairs.

“We’re going to do a bit of lawn work today!” Her mom yelled up to Jen.

“Great. ” She mumbled to herself. Just when all she wanted to do was sit and collect her thoughts. AS she went downstairs her mom was already outside. “She just can’t stop can she?” Jen complained as she went outside. “Here get these weeds out while I trim the plant over here. “Ok” Jen consented to the work.

After about five minutes she was done. “Now what?” Jen asked. “Now you go get the hose and water the plants.

” She said as she pointed to a specified area of the lawn where the flowers were. Before Jen left for the other side of the house she heard her mom’s cell phone ring. She turned the water but nothing happened. She waited and still nothing. She walked back to her mother. “Have you turned on the water yet in the cellar mom?” She asked. “Uh hold on a sec, I’m on the phone.

She talked a couple seconds later and said goodbye. “No I don’t think so, so you’ll have to go do that. I have to go to a friend’s house to drop something off. I might be a few hours so call if you need me. Just get the watering done and you can finish. ” Her mom instructed. As she quickly left. “Jeez she’s in a hurry. ” Jen said to herself as she entered her house.

As she got in the cellar she found the nozzle that turned on the outside ones. She turned it counterclockwise and heard the water hiss through it. “That should do it. ” She said walking back up the stairs outside to the hose. As she go to the hose it wasn’t running. “Didn’t I leave it on?” She thought out loud. She bent down and turned the nozzle counterclockwise. Nothing happened, and she got frustrated.

She rushed back in, very mad, she f***ed the nozzle to it’s full capacity attempting to turn it even further as it wouldn’t budge. She heard the pipes make a horrible shaking sound. “Stupid freaking house. ” She said stomping back outside. This time, the hose was on, but barely anything was coming out. She saw the hose and it wasn’t leaking and it wasn’t kinked. She then thought something might be stuck in it.

With the little water coming out she decided to turn off the hose. She picked up the end of it and placed it in her mouth, and started to suck.

She couldn’t resist thinking of how sexual this must look. She heard from a friend a good girl won’t gag when they stick it down their throat. But she had never thought of trying it. She was behind the house and nobody would know.

So she decided to try. She started to slowly feed it farther and farther down her throat. She didn’t know how good her gag reflexes were. She figured she had none at all because she could feel the hose all the way down her throat. She thought of how this might be just like a real dick except for its not as hard. And just as if on cue, the hose turned on. Thankfully for Jen it was a long hose.

She realized this and quickly started pulling it out. Just as the very tip was inside Jen’s mouth she felt the water shoot inside. She got a small drink from her dehydration. But as went to go pull the tip out, it wouldn’t come out of her mouth, it was stuck on something.

She quickly rushed to turn the water off at the nozzle but when she turned it clockwise all the way nothing stopped.

She f***ed it more but it wouldn’t budge. She tried even harder becoming desperate now. But she just managed to break the nozzle off the fitting as she watched it fall to the ground. She yanked at the hose. The only part of it that was in her mouth was the very tip! She didn’t know what was going on. Then, suddenly, her lips closed onto the hose and she could no longer get them opened.

She panicked now. She couldn’t stop swallowing water, or her cheeks would explode. The hose was on full blast now. She thought of just trying not to swallow or breath. After a few seconds she started turning red, and her cheeks got extremely full within seconds and she was f***ed to swallow it.

Then, as if it couldn’t get worse the hose just happened to look a bit shorter. Jen was sitting as all this happened.

She stared at the hose in amazement, as it got shorter and shorter. “Could I get water poisoning from to much of this?” She thought since she couldn’t talk. She had seen someone die before on the news from someone f***ed to drink to much water. Her mind was racing now. The hose was on full blast and her body couldn’t keep up with how fast she had to swallow and breathe. Her mind and thoughts started racing now and she couldn’t concentrate on anything eventually.

Then she noticed the hose got even shorter and shorter, shrinking itself somehow. It got so short, it pulled Jen and f***ed her to get on her hands and knees. The hose shrunk itself about 5 or 6 feet from the nozzle to Jen’s mouth. Then suddenly she noticed something else. The taste of the water started changing. It was no longer water. She had never tasted it before. It was pretty nasty.

But Jen had no choice but to swallow the substance entering her.

“Was it still the water, but there’s so much it’s starting to taste different to me?” She thought. “No, that’s not it. ” She realized. Another minute went by and she looked underneath her to look at her knees. Her stomach looked a little pudgy. “God. ” she thought. “I hope the water doesn’t damage my stomach. How much can it hold? It’ll just burst if there’s too much. She got scared. But she diverted all her attention to the hose, suspended in the air.

She went completely crazy as she saw it.

Something, big, was coming down the inside of the hose. It was as if a snake at a whole rabbit. It could do it, but the snake would have a huge lump in its body, just as the hose looked now. But in this case, it was heading right for Jen’s mouth.

Jen was now completely freaking out and it was total chaos.

She tried getting to her feet but was yanked back down due to how short the hose was. She grasped the hose as hard as she could and tried yanking it away from her mouth but nothing budged. “Whatever that is, it’s not getting inside of me!” She thought to herself. She was going to do everything to get to her goal. But no matter what she tried, nothing worked. And eventually it was right about to enter her mouth.

“No, this would never work, it has to be a dream! I can’t fit that in my mouth! And there’s no way it’s gonna to fit down my throat. Never mind my intestines and my stomach!” She thought.

But seconds later it started to f***e her mouth open, she tried forcing it back closed but she couldn’t. It was halfway down her throat when she resisted swallowing. She felt the choking sensation begin to come on, as she turned red.

Then, a few seconds later, purple. She gave in to the powerful f***e and swallowed. It was a quicker process than she thought. She thought once it hit her stomach, she’d die from it exploding under too much pressure. She suddenly flashed her meaningless life before here eyes. It was a pathetic, pointless life, considering she didn’t have the chance to get anywhere. But as it reached its destination, nothing happened. Jen suddenly felt the change in weight, as whatever it was, was a bit heavy.

She didn’t dare look down at her appearance. She could feel her skin being stretched. Once a minute went by and she was a bit calmer, she noticed another one came down the hose. She had no choice. Her throat was still recovering from the burning of the other one going down. As she saw it she sighed in despair.

But this time it was a bit different. It was a bit slower going down the tube, so Jen could see what it was this time.

As it came close, nearing her mouth, she looked down. What she saw made her almost pass out and die. It looked like something from a horror movie, which she thought she was living. It looked like the object coming down the inside of the hose, was a baby. And it was going inside of her. She now was able to piece together parts of the puzzles in seconds. She was horrified as to how the hell this was happening.

As it reached its destination, her body began to adjust to the new weight, suddenly added to it. She didn’t dare look down, she felt her stomach area getting tighter and bigger, but she hadn’t seen it yet. As she looked at the hose, still attached to her mouth, she prayed soon that it would let her take it out of her mouth.

About five minutes passed by, and no sign of relief.

Small bursts of the strange liquid still traveled through the hose, then, it stopped. She wondered if this was it. The hose miraculously got longer, to its full original size, then it let her open her mouth, as it fell out. As this happened Jen vomited a small amount of bl**d, and other whatnot. For a minute, she just stayed there on her hands and knees. Her pants soaked from the wet soil, and her hands stained brown from how long they’d been there.

She didn’t want to get up. She was too afraid at what might be attached to her. Her prediction that the baby, like figures went into her stomach, or somewhere in that area. Eventually, she had to face facts. She stared at the hose nozzle one last time, then she looked beneath her.

She was horrified at what she saw, She looked pregnant, which is what she was scared of, and as if on cue, soomething from inside started to kick.

She fell over gently on her side. She was tired from being on her hands and knees for so long. She slowly placed her left hand on her belly. She imediatly felt the tingling sensation of her hand, now rubbing and moving over her gorging belly. As she did this she felt a small sexual sensation. But she battered that thought out of her head, due to the scary state she was in. She slowly got to her knees, looking down at her belly.

She then got to her feet. She practically fell over not being used to her new found weight. As she arced her back slightly she craddled her stomach. She felt kicks now once again. Bringing her back to the realization that she was quite possibly, but somehow impossibly pregnant. She tried walking but her belly f***ed her to spread her legs apart and waddle. She did so, quickly into her house and shut and locked the door behind her.

Once inside she paniced. She quickly lifted her shirt to find her greatly protruding belly, strangely, with no stretch marks or defects. “Acctually. ” She thought momenterely. “It acctually kind of glows. ” She rubbed both her hands over her now pregnant figure. Then she got back to reality. “This is impossible. ” I must be having some kind of dream, I need to get out or something. ” But the more she thought of this the less she realized it was acctually true.

She waddled into her kitchen and slowly lowered herself in a pulled out chair. She felt the kicking sensations once again brining full reality to the situation. “Oh god I can’t deal with this. ” She said aloud. “Why me?” She asked, changing moods. This was typicall of someone who would be in her situation. But she didn’t realize it. She sat there for the next 5 minutes wondering what she should do. “I need to call mom.

” She searched for the phone and saw it on the counter. She reached for it so she wouldn’t have to get up and nearly fell. She dialed frantically, remembering what her mother had said ” I might be a few hours so call if you need me. ” She was taking advantage of her advice. She finished dialing and put the phone to her ear. It rang twice before an answer. “Hello?” Her mom picked up.

Jen was relieved at first, but hesitated, she didn’t know what to say. “Uh mom?” “Yes Jen, what is it?” “Uh, well. It’s kind of hard for you to believe what I need to tell you. ” “Don’t play games Jen what did you do?” She sounded aggrivated. “I don’t know how to say it, I…” she was very confused. “Come on Jen spit it out!” Her mom made her more nervous. Just as she opened her mouth another series of kicks began, which were painfull.

“Awwwhh God!” She moaned a bit in pain. She was now scared for her life. “I got impregnated somehow when I was using the hose and now I have 2 babies in me and I look like I’m gonna explode and I’m scared!” She just put it all out on the line, because that was the only way she figured she could do it.

There was a long pause…

“Wait a minute.

You’re pregnant?” She asked. “NO MA! That’s not what it is! I don’t know what I am. I just know, when i put the hose in my mouth, I couldn’t get it out and it got stuck and these things came down the hose and went into my stomach and now I look really pregnant and I’m scared!” There was another long pause. “I don’t understand a word your saying and I can’t get what your saying! But all I know is that you said something about being pregnant.

If your pregnant, I honstly do not know what I will do with you. I’ve told you countless times these are the consciquences! You knew what would happen!” “Ma, you don’t get it. I’m not pregnant. I just. Something went inside of me, and I’m scared, and whatever it is, is alive, and there’s two of them. And I think I could die. ” She figured this would be a bit better explination. “I still don’t understand what’s going on.

Did you get the yardwork done? What’s all this about the hose? Are you ok?”

Jen hung up.
Damnit. I need to call the police or something. As she pressed the “talk” button again to get the dial tone the battery died. “No fucking way. ” she said trying again. It turned off immediatlly once again, after pressing “talk”. “Shit!” she cursed. She immediatly attempted to get up. It took another try before she was sucessful.

She waddled over to the stairs and looked up them. “Damn this is gonna suck. She lifted her left leg up and felt very uncomfortable. She felt even worse kicking sensations from within. From that point on she had now accepted the fact that there were two babies inside of her and she was pregnant with them. How far along is what she longed to know. After she got past the fact that she had to accept how they got into her, she could pretty much believe anything that came her way now.

She took another uncomfortable step. She took the pain and went up the next few with little hesitation. She began to get a bit tired. But she was only halfway there. Somehow, she managed it up all 13 steps. She took a right into her room and flopped on her bed. She was exaughsted. She sat up feeling more kicks. She looked at her belly to see the visuals of the kicking for the first time.

She litterally felt her heart drop as she saw imprints of feet and hands. She realized it wasn’t just a kicking thing inside of her, it was a living being she would need to give birth to and raise and feed and grow up. Then she remembered and realized there were TWO! She herself was barely an adult, and now she was to somehow support two infants who would know nothing of life itself.

She was reminising as she caressed her belly. After about 10 minutes she nearly fell asl**p. She snapped out of it as she got up into a sitting position. She prompted her body to get of the bed and stand up. She helf the undercarraige of her belly with both hands as she felt something wasn’t right. She let go simotaniously with both hands as she looked down. Her belly dropped significantly and looked much larger than before she arrived upstairs.


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