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Playing Truth-or-Dare with GF & BFF… True St

Having more fun outdoors!

Once the roommates started coming home, Br, Mi, and Alan went out side first to the garage. Were there was a Laptop, Alan’s truck Brandon’s scooter and some chairs. Sitting in those chairs they played you-tube videos some music some crazy sexy ideas. I’m bored daddy lets go some were, they all discussed ideas, BR asks micha if she wanted to go for a ride on his scooter. Alan laughed, nice pick up line, Brandon replied with it works over half the time bio.

Sure that sounds fun, Mich lifts her leg over the seat exposing her beaver, this should be very fun Brandon shouts.

Brandon sits on the scooter, with in a second he takes a peak at his rider and her shaved pussy resting on his back. Off they go as Alan stays back and observes. They ride down to the entrance gate and head back, passing Alan Micha pulls up the back of her skirt flashing her ass to Alan.

All the way to the end of his street and back. Thats how far micha rode with her bare ass and pussy exposed. What an exhilarating experience, micha says as Alan dares her to ride alone, Brandon okay’s the idea and micha is given the bike. With her feet planted to the ground. There was no way to avoid flashing her pussy to them again. Slowly micha takes of driving the same course Brandon had gone.

This time on her pass by micha sat with her knees as far as they would go, she must really like the fresh air blowing on her pussy huh, Alan ask Brandon, jokingly. On her way back Micha was stoked and wanted to ride again, but its my turn babe.

Alan mentioned how about micha and I take your scooter and you drive my truck. We can go down to old town for a little and then think of something to do afterwards.

I don’t know about that man, come on Brandon think about it beside who driving what its old town and we have a chick with out any panties on who is down to go! Why cant I ride with Micha and you drive your truck, hell no bio, how about me and micha take off in my truck and leave you here alone? Fine then, Brandon agreed to letting micha ride with Alan. Alan debriefs micha before they headed out.

He told her that she will be in position of driver but really she is not in control, Alan would drive and she will ride along but up front instead of holding on. When we come to a stop sign or red light it is entirely up to you if you wanna plant your feet or keep em up, cause Alan has enough strength to hold em up. Micha still did not understand why she was riding up front instead of behind him.

Let us just say there are a lot more possibilities of stuff pleasantly happening. OK daddy you know best, and I trust you have some crazy awesome plan in your head right now. Yup, I was thinking, micha interrupts him I wanna be surprised daddy don’t tell me please. OK love walking over towards Brandon Alan tells him thanks again and since there was not much of a fight we can share micha as out mutual girlfriend.

What? Brandon’s asks confused, what ever we do you can to, people wont even know who dating who ya… yeah cool man cant wait so yeah drive safe and we will meet at the parking structure in old town Pasadena. OK bio the all leave, Micha and Alan in front and Brandon behind in Alan’s truck. As they got to the gate Brandon pulls aside them and wish them a fun and safe ride and Alan asks Brandon please not to hit them or run them over with his own truck.

Off they went Alan dares Micha to ride the whole way slightly exposed and see if anyone notices. How noticeable daddy oh not much, only as much as your cool with baby. OK honey will do, opening her knees a little wider Alan looks down and can noticeably see her pussy. A mail man was up the street flash him baby as the approach closer Alan honks the horn and attracts the mail mans fullest attention as Micha scream out Yahoo, and spread open widely slapping her pussy twice.

The male man smiled and waved as we passed. Approaching suicide bridge the last light turn red Micha helped Alan hold them selves by planting down her feet Alan glanced down to see how much would naturally show at a red light. And WOW, about half her pussy was showing over all. Speeding across the towns old bridge, they approach world famous old town Pasadena.

Like always there was a crowd and some expected traffic.

Alan and Micha made the first two intersections fine with green lights, yet the third street light had turned yellow as the were approaching, coming to a stop on Colorado and Lake not the busiest but one of the busiest. Alan poi9nted out to micha the cross walk is a special one that allows people to walk in any direction. Super kinky moment must not pass this up babe. Micha steps down planting her feet, one on each side of the bike nerveless forcing her to be exposed till the light turns back to green.

About 40 people lined the intersection waiting to cross. All the walk signals turn at once people began to crass in all directions. So many possible onlookers await, so many it is difficult to catch some one who’s peeking. Plus all the cars who wait and watch. A guy a got a good look, knowing this by the retake he took as him and his wife passed by. The light turn green and Michelle and Alan turned on the next street pulling into the parking structure, motor cycles park near the entrance so they hung out there and waited for Brandon.

Sitting on the curb, Michelle sat with her knees together, but still there was an angle at witch her pussy was able to be seen. Mainly from the sides, a few cars passed by and Alan was looking at there expressions as they passed one car had a few women in it they looked to disgusted. The next two car were men drivers both alone one looked away when Alan saw him looking at Michelle, the other pulls up to them and asks for directions and seen Michelle’s pussy, and asks her for the directions and had her repeat them, he seems to take minutes of our time looking up her skirt.

After a few more onlookers Michelle approaches Alan asking when is he gonna do some exhibitionism too? Alan resist the topic, luckily Brandon shows up the get into Alan’s truck and drive up to the roof. In the truck Alan begins to plan out there time in old town, Michelle stops him and tells Brandon and Alan that she will only show flash if they do too, ok babe but if we expose our self we can go to jail no one is gonna hate on your accidentally exposed body parts.

Well ya never no bros, Both guy agree to walking out of the parking structure with there cock exposed threw the zipper on there shorts. As they all walk down the stairs a few people pass and not notice a thing, one man hint to them, and a group of chics said dudes your flies are down. Michelle asks them if they wanna see the full Monte two of the chics nervously giggles no, one chic replies with interests to see so surely enough Brandon and Alan pull down the tops of there shorts exposing themselves, one of the chics comments NICE another looks aways quickly the final chic asks if there doing a dare and Alan replied yup, the stranger, she dares them to give each other a hand job, Brandon and Alan both laugh at her Alan states the game is now over and they all head out of the srtucture the stranger girl asks if she could tag along to kill some time.

Sure Michelle says adding that they were gonna have a fun freaky time is she down to participate the girl agrees and introduced her self as Meg. Awesome Brandon remarks as they all walk off to Old Town Pasadena.

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