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Playing at Boarding Room Part 1

I was 7 yo when I notice that I have interest in both men and women but I’m more attractive on men. I’m just a highschool student when all of my wish came true.

I came home from school and notice that our house was locked. So I ask our boarders where is my f****y. We have two boarding rooms and all of that were occupied. Boarding room A was occupied by a group of men, 4 of them in total, that are sales agent.

BR A is bigger than the Boarding room B which is occupied by a f****y but only one is staying there that time because his wife is in the province having some rest ’cause she is pregnant. I go to BR A, I ask them and said that they just leave and said that they will visit my aunt. I just nodded.

I’m so tired that time so I ask them “Can I take a nap here? ’cause I’m so tired.

And King, one of them, said “Okay, we are going to our office and Junior is left here with you because he is off duty. ”
I just nodded and they leave.
Junior was 21 that time, 6ft and has a muscular body. I can see always a big tent on his pants whenever we met.

It was quarter to 4 in the afternoon when I woke up. I was froze in my sl**ping position when I saw Junior wet and naked searching on his drawer for his clothes.

My heart beat raced like I’m running. I’m so fool that I make a move, he saw me staring at him but he just smile at me.
“Having enjoy on that view?” ask me with a playful tone.
“Oh, sorry. I’m leaving, my parents might be at home. ” I said
“No, they not. I’ve just check. ” he said
My heart pounding, I don’t know what to do.
“Ah, ‘kay.

I’m going out of this place. ” I offense
But before I leave, he kiss me. I’m so confused. He grab my ass cheek, massage it and I felt a new sensation. His tounge explore mine, my tounge meet his and they’re like mortal enemies having a duel. His hands let go on my ass cheek but it goes to my hands and guide it to his cock. I was touching his cock when his hands go to my head and push me to his 9 inch.

monster cock.
“Suck it!” he order
I’m like a hungry c***d that is eating a monster cock. I eat inch by inch at a time until I can suck it all, I gag whenever his cock goes to the back of my throat. After the helmet and the shaft, I suck also his balls. The sound of his moan is like the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. I feel his legs stiffen and he said he was near so I let go.

“Please fuck me. ” I pleaded like a slut
“You sure?” he ask sarcastically
I nod. He lay me facing the bed and he lube my aashole with his tounge. Ahhhhhh! It feels so good. A smile paint on my face anticipating of what will happen next. Then I feel the head of his monster member touch my asshole, he then rub it, I can’t wait that I shout “FUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK MEEE!!!!!”
I think he hesitate because his cock slid into my ass.

I jump because of the pain. He continue fucking me, the pain subside and I feel so much pleasure.
We change position. He lay down and told me to ride on him. I gain speed while riding on him and finally he said me that he is going to cum. I act like there was nothing to here and continue until I feel a warm fluid fills my ass. I collapse on top of him facing the door.

“Thank you” Junior said
But I can’t respond. Mixed emotion went on me but fear has the greatest amount of emotion run through my spine. Seeing that there is a man standing in the window smiling down at me. The man that leaves in the BR B, Mr. Ramos.

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