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Pimping my mom – 2

hi guys hope you all like ma stories and experiances i had shared with you.

Now i am here with a new experiance.

Another episode that hapened in my life.

hi guys i am Ram, as i told you that i was pimping my mom, there happened an incident.
Once when i was out with my friends in beach i saw that one man was watching me, at first i thought he simply looked me but again after some time i saw him he was still watching me.

After that we all friends was ready to return home at that time i was about to take my bike that man was also approaching me and he asked me for a lift, i accepted him and he sat behind me, as we moved some distance i enquired him why he was watching me in the beach all the time ? to which he replied he wanted to have a chat with me and i told ok to him.

He told can we go to a movie theatre he can talk to me in private there, i agreed and we went for a boring movie there was no one in the theatre other than four people sitting in vaious corners we took the las t and back seat , i asked him what he wanted to tell me , he told me that he has seen me day before yesterday. i asked him where, he told in the other city that i dropped a prostitute and after she had her work done i picked up her and got money from her.

He told me that he was following us. I asked him what he wanted ?
he told me that he’s a businessman and he is a bisexual he had many woman but she was the perfect milf he had seen. I told him i can pimp her for some hours only he told me he wanted her for a few days he asked me to go with him along with ma mom. I explained to him all our past about my master and the incidents took place in out life.

after he heard all this and he demanded me Rs5OOO per day and he wanted both of us for 3 days.

i accepted the deal, he was also happy and at that time he took out his purse and took out a 1OOO rupee note and asked me to stand up i stood there and he pulled ma shorts which i was wearing and put that 1OOO rupee inside my underwear and asked me to kneel down i did as he told and he unzipped his pants and took out his cock, wow it was the biggest cock i have had it length upto 9 inches and wide upto 6 inches he told me to give him a good blow job i took his cock in ma mouth but only the half of the cock was entered after a 1 minute of time he pressed my head fully and his cock tip touched my throat i choacked and was about to puke he raised ma face and again did the same, this continued for 4 minutes, and at last his hot fluid sprayed all inside ma mouth he didn’t wanted a single drop to spill out and after he finished his cum i got up and sat back i was about to clean ma face to which he told don’t clean it he wanted to see me like this till we go back i was too much exhausted, after the film it was night 12 am we cam outside the theatre i was afraid if any one sees me with the cum in ma face….

but no one was there in the theatre so i was happy and he told me to drop him to the beach where we started i started my bike he told me that to take the money which he put inside ma under wear, when i was about to take it he suddently stopped me and asked me to strip my shorts and under wear then take it. i watched is anyone seeing this or not but as it was late night there was no one and it was dark outside, i did as he demanded and he told me to wear only the shorts without under wear.

i di it and we started from ther to beach.

On the way he was moving his hands to ma couch and he took my cock out and started to shag it. I didn’t tell a word then when we were about to reach the beach he inserted ma cock back and got down of the bike. there was only 1 car in the beach it was an expensive one and that belongs to him.

It was a mercedez benz. he took my contact number and left.

I came back to home mom asked where i was this much time i told her all that happened and she told is it safe to go with that stranger for 3 days, i told that its safe and we fixed it.
At that time was too much excited and kisse me she told that there was cum inside my mouth i told that it was that strangers she lip kissed me and took all that cum from ma mouth and drank that.

i was aroused by this and i pushed her down to the floor and slid ma hand inside the night gown and i tore her panty she was like a wild a****l, i slid ma fingers into her pussy it was all wet ans sticky i checked her it was cum, i asked her whose it is she told me she went for shoping evening and she was not having enough of money and she went and saw one guy she approached him as she was a prostitute and got fucked by him hard and he asked her to have his cum in her pussy.

i was getting more horny and wild i kissed her in a wild manner and was scratching her body she was moaning like a slut in the streets do…. I tore her nighty and pulled her boobs out and bite them she was screaming like a bitch. i loved her doing all this i wasted no time i positioned her and entered into her and started fucking her as much as hard and wild i could fuck.

i hold her face and kissed her i tried to pass my salaiva suddently she broked the kiss i slaped her and asked her who she was ?
she replied my mom i again gave a slap and asked her what she does ? she told prostitution and i told her that i am a son of a such a filthy bitch and opened her mouth and spit inside her mouth and i asked her to swallow it and she did at last i ejaculate ma whole cum inside her pussy and fall on top of her.

After some time i gathered some strength and pulled her to the bedroom and slaped her face few times till it turns red, then i stmped her boobs she was crying, i luved her cry i made her to stand up and slid ma hand to her pussy and suddently got ma fingers into her pussy she was crying due to the sudden action, then i again slapped her, i kicked on her pussy few times she started screaming due to pain, all this time i was enjoying i had never been this much cruel to anyone, then i stamped on her boobs so hard.

then i started mouth fucking her after a few minutes i cumed in her mouth and asked her to sleep as it without cleaning herself.

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