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Pimp my pumps and panties

Meet my great girlfriend, a slender sexy sweet long legged blonde beauty – she is still only eightteen
Her foxy fancy is to tease and turn on guys so much, without allowing any touch of her, till they come
They are warmly welcome to stain her high heels or her classy panties with their thick white tributes

Meet my fresh girlfriend from the terrace I took Goldie-looks from Gouda – she shares that fancy
Lovely looking Lotte is a typical tight tasty redhot real redhead, a bit pale and a bit shy at the start
She needs only an eye-wink, my smile and nod to take the initiave that sexy Summer eventful evening

Goldie comes out with me
I call her Goldie, for the colour of her hair, her lovely looks and to play a pun on her place of origin
I know her only a while, after a few chats in the net – I know as well she longs to get some practise
I promise her to volunteer for her first ever tribute to pimp her pumps in private and more in public

Goldie agrees with my set-up, accepts my invitation to Amterdam, where no-one will know who she is
Goldie looks lovely and very classy in her ‘pétit noire’ like Coco Chanel, silky stockings, high heels
Goldie seduces me with her smile, fine figure, the way she walks and talks and lifts her dress a bit

I invite Goldie to take off her lovely lace sexy slip for me for her first tribute of her dirty day with me
I love to look at her beautiful blond hairy hot sexy snatch which terribly turns me on – she says: “show me”
I offer her a look at my longing long hard-on – “Come for me on the red velvet” and takes off her pump

Goldie does not allow me to touch her – favour for a friend, postponed till I possibly get her tributes
Goldie shows both her golden smiles to me, two sets of lovely love lips, warm wet and waiting till later
Goldie gladly collects my hot sexy squirts of sperm in her hot high heels – she is ready to go out with now!

Goldie walks with me to the terrace at the corner where we take table amidst the young and yummy
Goldie lets her stained high heel dangle down as she crosses her legs – it soon catches attention
Goldie smiles as the chihuahua from next table starts to smell and lick at her first hot shot by me

Goldie laughs loudly as soon as the lovely looking lady leashes her dirty doggie back to her lap
Goldie winks at the attractive amant of the lovely looking lass – an inviting gesture to her legs
Goldie wants this guy to be the first from those men at our terrace to shoot his load on her heels

Goldie sends me covert wink and nods towards that guy – I think I get her hint and will play along
Goldie shows the guy again her velvet red sperm stained high heel and eyes him hard till he blushes
Goldie now knows she will score him first from this terrace filled with elegantly clad gentlemen!

Goldie asks me directions to the ladies room – left side down the stairs – mirror below the stairs
Goldie gets up – still staring at her first victim – she smiles at his girlfriend – “Dirty doggie”
Goldie walks away – all eyes follow her till she goes inside – I nod at her victim: “Follow her!”

Goldie returns within minutes with a triumphant smile, proudly showing the tribute to her next heel
Goldie asks her hot audience; “Any more volunteers to tribute to my sexy silk stockings, you Sirs?”
Goldie explains us: “That place under the steps down is great – so open and with that wall mirror!”

Goldie gets all the looks – I seem to be only one to notice that slender sexy real redhot redhead
Goldie enjoys the looks she gets – I am sure she does not notice how Isuccessfully eye that lass
Goldie asks loudly and proudly: “Anyone interested of you apt gentlemen to follow me downstairs?

Goldie reminds them of the rules: “You can not touch me, only yourself, but you can come on me!”
Goldie leaves again and half the terrace empties – I look at the redhead and nod: “Follow her!
Goldie has enough admiration around her, she will share some sexy attention for sure, sweetheart!”

Lovely looking Lotte loves it a lot
Lotte gets up and introduces herself – I melt from her Flemish soft voice: “Hi I’m Lotte, thanks!”
Lotte leaves the terrace as last, leaving the ladies left speechless for quite a while to whisper
Lotte looks lovely as well in her blue suede sexy hot high heels, sexy stockings simple short dress

Lotte is the first to re-appear at me and the curious very hot sexy students at our tasty terrace
Lotte is walking right up to me and proudly shows the dozen tributes and her shoes and stockings
Lotte asks me Hoe heet U – Word by word: ‘hot how you?’ but it means “What’s your name?

Lotte has to suffer a stupid pun I play on her: “Very hot indeed, thank you – my name is Peter”
Lotte laughs “Thanks for the tip, I really loved it! Can I join your table, please mister Peter?”
Lotte is warmly welcome – we start to talk, while the rest of the terrace still whispers, wonders

Lotte looks much more interesing to me than young yummy blond beauty cheesy Gouda Goldie-locks
Lotte is not so screamingly pretty as my Golden girlfriend – she is simply a very attractive girl
Lotte is also very charming, as she is basicly very shy – just one time daring in dirty Amsterdam

Lotte lives in Antwerp – we start to chat about her town of residence and what we like about it
Lotte gets me very involved – she has been downstairs for less than a quarter – we forget time
Lotte laughs when Goldie gets back to us after hlf an hour – hard to count her number of shots!

Lotte is at least as lovely as you, great Goldie! Let us get back! Better get to know each others
Lotte gets up and grabs both our hands “Please show me the way to your private place, dear Peter”
Lotte at my my left, Goldie at my right – I feel alright walking back to my apartment for three!

Lotte longs for photos of both their pimped pumps and sexy stockings for looking back at later
Lotte is right, I do have a camera with me – I propose a detour of a few minutes in the sunset
Lotte lets me take them to my secret spot for sunset, a deserted city beach ideal for a strip

Lotte loves to undress for my pocket-camera shooting her pretty profile in the setting sun
Lotte takes off everything till she proudly finished her hot stripteae at the beach in stockings
Lotte looks longingly as Goldie folows suit – their sperm shot shine in the last rays of sunshine

Lotte shivers as the sun sets – she pleads to please bring them to my home for some hot foxy fun
Lotte says: “I don’t know wht Goldie promised as a reward for a tasty evening at that terrace”
Lotte adds: “I surely feel very hot and long to pay tribute to your invation to all those tributes!”

Lotte lets me shiver and shake from the foxy sexy things she does with me, while directing Goldie
Lotte ooks like having a talent for directing tasty threesome shots – does she know my camera’s?
Lotte loves to take the initiave with us once her initial shyness melted for the foxy fun on offer

Lots more to tell about lovely looking Lotte and how she slowly seduces gorgeous Goldie at my place
Lots of hot shots on the cameras behind the see-though mirrors at my place – nice surprise for them
Lots of foxy fun with those two very sexy and attractive fresh friends, sexy stuff for another story!.

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