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Pickup at the doctors office by john johnson

I went to the front desk to make to pay my bill. A guy was standing there
with his 6 year old son.

My first thought was, “What an incredible body. “

My second thought which pushed my first thought out of the way was, “God, I
would love to suck on that. “

He was about 5′ 10″, probably 30+, black wavy hair, outdoor tan, with a
hard muscular boy to die for.

He was wearing jeans and a form fitting
sleeveless light blue t-shirt. He wasn’t handsome but his body made up for
any visual deficiencies.

He was a man’s man and even just standing there he exuded virility and
manly confidence. Even so he joked and played with his son to keep him
content while he stood there waiting. Obviously there was more to him than
met the eye, but I was interested in what met the eye and the body and cock
beneath those clothes.

He was obviously in construction, because he had a tape measure attached to
his belt. That and the tan on what exposed skin there was indicated that he
didn’t get his tan at the beach. I imagined him in a half constructed house
without his shirt, his jeans sliding to the floor exposing his hard cock
encased in a white jock strap. He would be saying to me, “Is this what you
want, fellow?

My cock was as hard as a rock and there was a visible bulge in my pants.

looked over at me while I was off in my own personal dream and caught me
raking his body with my eyes. His eyes flicked down to my crotch and a
knowing smile flickered across his face.

He started talking to the receptionist. His boy was kneeling on the floor
with his arm around his father’s lag and his head was lying against his
thigh. I wished I could take his place.

Of course, I couldn’t keep my eyes
off of the guy. I’d been brought up short before by someone at whom I was
staring with the jarring question, “Why are you staring at me. “

The receptionist turned to work at the computer and the guy’s hand went to
his crotch and groped himself. I couldn’t believe it. I stood there open
mouthed. He turned his whole body toward me, looked at me with that knowing
smile he had used before and slid his hand over the outline of the hard
cock showing in the front of his pants.

He obviously wasn’t wearing any

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the hard outline in his pants. He lifted his
hand and signaled me forward with his finger. I covered the 4 feet between
us and stood right in front of him. The counter was between him and the
receptionist, his k** was oblivious, and we were not visible at the moment
to anybody else. This close to him the effect of his masculinity was

I could hardly breathe. I was almost beside myself with
lust. If he had pulled out his cock, pushed me down and said, “Suck me”
right there at the reception counter I would have, instead he took my hand
and placed it on top of the bulge made by his hard cock in his jeans and
rubbed it up and down the length on his cock.

Then the receptionist turned back to him and he turned back to face her.

His son said, “Daddy lets go. “

“In a minute, son. “

I just stood there like I was stoned. He finished his business, picked up
his son and walked out the door.

The receptionist asked, “A week hence for your next appointment, right?

“Right. “

It took me about 10 minutes to finish my business. I was so befuddled with
what just happened and my feeling of loss that the guy had gotten away the
receptionist must have though I was senile or had Alzheimer disease.

close and yet so far away.

I walked out the door and started walking down the hall to the door leading
to the parking lot. The door opened and the guy from the doctor’s office
came back in.

“I put my son in the car. He is asleep. Come on, let’s go to the
restroom. There is hardly ever anybody in there. “

I was in shock. There was no other word for it.

But I followed him.

He went through the door and straight into the only stall there. I followed
him and he locked the door.

I sat down on the toilet seat and he came over and stood in front of
me. Again, that close, his masculinity almost overwhelmed me. Whatever he
wanted I would do. I suddenly wanted him to dominate me, to hit me, to
f***e his cock down my throat, to make me lick his ass and then to brutally
fuck me.

But I knew he wasn’t going to do that. I could tell from the way
that he related to his son that he wasn’t that kind of guy. My domination
fantasy wasn’t going to happen in the public restroom in my doctor’s
building. But obviously he was inviting me to suck his cock so I got down
to business.

I reached up and stroked the bulge in his jeans for a few minutes.

pulled my head forward and I gnawed at his cock through his jeans.

“I know its sick but I love for a guy to do that. “

I broke off my gnawing to say, “That’s not sick. There’s nothing in sex
that’s sick if the people involved consent,” and I went back to gnawing.

Finally he pushed my head away and unbuttoned his jeans. They fell to the
floor and his 6′ cut cock stood there in all its glory.

I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth then continued
on down the length of his dick to see how far I could go.

I was able to take it in my mouth almost to his pubes. I held his cock
enveloped in my mouth. He reached down and pushed the back of my head
forward to make me take all of it.

He said, “That’s cool, man, when you deep throat me.

I felt a glow of pride that I was making him feel good because I certainly
liked the feel and taste of his cock in my mouth.

I reached my hands down and started stroking his hard, defined, muscular
legs from his calves to his thighs and then reached up and caressed his

That hard muscular flesh under my hands made me really hot and made my cock
jump as it tried to grow larger from my excitement.

I brought my hands to
his ass, cupped a cheek in each hand and held him while I started to slowly
suck back and forth on his cock.

I felt his hands stroking my bald head and he said, “That’s good man. I
knew you were a world class cocksucker. “

I started licking on the head of his cock, running my tongue in the slit,
getting the salty taste of his pre-cum, then running my tongue all over the
head, then sucked on the head of his cock going back and forth and licking
with my tongue at the same time.

Then I licked down the length of his dick
on the top, the bottom and both sides. Meanwhile I grasped his balls and
kneaded them in one hand. With the other hand I explored the wonderful
world of his muscular torso. I stroked on his hard defined abs, reached up
to stroke and knead his hard pecs and to lightly stroke his nipples. I had
a real love affair with this guy’s body.

He said, “Suck on my balls.

I tried but my position was wrong. He backed up a few feet. I followed with
my tongue trying to lick his balls. The next thing I knew I was on my knees
looking up at his body, cock and balls. This suddenly seemed so perfect and
seemed to be the right position for me to worship his cock, balls and body
as long as my knees held out.

He spread his legs, moving forward over my torso.

This fucked me to lean
back and I leaned my head backwards. This brought his balls in position
right over my mouth. I opened my mouth and took one ball into my mouth and
gently sucked on it, and then I did the same to the other ball.

I then opened real wide and took them both in my mouth and slowly licked
and sucked on them. As I was sucking his balls I reached up and did some
more body stroking.

This time I could reach his hard muscular back as well
as his abs, pecs and legs. I could have spent the rest of the day running
my hands over his body.

I released his balls and he spread his legs wider as he pushed my head down
between them and said, “Lick my asshole. “

I didn’t give it a thought. I was so hot and excited I would have done
anything he asked.

I reached up and spread his cheeks so I had access to
his asshole.

There was the smell of soap and male sweat and it was intoxicating. I stuck
out my tongue and licked right on the bud of his asshole. His whole body
jerked and he moaned. I started licking every part of his ass on which I
could get my tongue. His body was writhing and he was moaning on top of me.

I went back to the center of his asshole because he seemed to react
erotically there more than anywhere else. I firmly spread his checks,
widening his asshole, stuck my tongue in the center of his asshole and
pushed upward with my tongue. He pushed back and opened his asshole further
and I got my tongue a good way up his asshole. His body went wild, shaking
and wiggling and he was urging me on, moaning and sighing.

He reached back
with his hands and pushed on my head, trying to get my tongue as far up my
asshole as he could.

Damn, this was fun. This rimming went on for about 15 minutes.

Then he backed up and said, “Open wide. Suck me till I cum. You want me to
shoot in your mouth or on your face?”

I said, “Cum in my mouth. That’s always what I want when somebody’s sucking
my dick”

I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking his cock again.

I would
suck him all the way, and then half ways, then suck on his dick head, then
vary the procedure all over again.

During the blowjob I used my hands to run over his whole body, stroking his
body and massaging his muscles. I wanted to worship this guy’s body and
giving him a great blow job was the way to do it.

After a while he took my head in his hands and held it still as he fucked
me in the mouth.

He loved to f***e his cock all the way down my throat and
hold it there while he ground his hips, then pull it back out again. He
loved being in charge and I loved being submissive. I could feel his body
start to tremble and he started fucking my mouth fast and deep.

Somebody came into the restroom. We both froze.

They went to the urinal and took a pee.

It seemed like whoever it was could
pee forever. Finally they finished, washed their hands and walked to the
door. Somebody else came in and did their business as we silently
waited. His cock had shrunk down to almost nothing as we waited. They
finally left.

I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth and sort of mouthed it as it
started growing to its full length again and somebody else came in.

froze again.

They left and he said, “We better go, the next person may want to take a
crap. “

He got dressed and we exited the restroom separately.

I met him outside the door to the parking lot.

He said, “My name is Drake, by the way”

“The name seems to fit you, my name is Gene. “

“I’m glad to meet you.

I know that is generally just a polite saying but in
this case its true. Guys always want to suck my cock but few of them know
how. You’re a really good cocksucker. I’d like to keep in contact. “

A smoker came out of the building, moved a few feet away and lit up.

“Let’s go to my car. “

“What about your son?” I asked as we walked toward the car.

“It would take a bomb blast to wake him up. It’s alright unless having him
in the backseat is too weird for you?”

“No. that’s fine. You know your son a whole lot better than I do.

The parking lot was almost full. His car was in the third row. I noticed
that the side windows were tinted and nobody could see inside. He opened
the back door, took some pillows from the seat and placed them in front of
the back window and then we both got in the front seat.

He took a sun screen from the dashboard and opened it thus effectively
blocking any view from the outside.

“Those actions were so practiced you must have done this before. “

“Not with another guy, but I jack off a lot. “

“What a waste. “

“Yeah, well I do what I gotta do. There is not always a good cocksucker
available. I get a lot of false starts with guys, they come on to me and
they get cold feet and run away.

For some reason I seem to scare gays
away. “

“Well close up your masculinity is overwhelming and a guy might feel very
small and lose his sense of identity. That could be why guys run. “

“You didn’t”

“I didn’t run but I had the reaction. I think my lust overrode my fear and
I was already sitting on the toilet in the restroom and you were blocking
my exit.

Obviously I overcame it. “

“But I’m just me. I don’t try to intimidate anyone. “

“You don’t have too. Its part of who you are. Your obvious masculinity
attracts us and repels us in fear or a sense of unworthiness at the same
time. “

“Fuck. “

“Only if you want to. “

“I didn’t mean that. “

“I know I was just making a joke. We seemed to be getting too serious.

He smiled at me, stroked his hard cock in his jeans and said, “Yeah we’re
here to take care of this aren’t we?”

I smiled back and said, “Yeah. “

He pulled off his t-shirt and pushed his jeans down to his ankles, exposing
his beautiful erect cock.

“Suck it. “

I wanted as much of this stud as I could get. I used my tongue and licked
up the length of his cock on the underside, and then I licked all over his
cock head sucking up the pre-cum.

Then I closed my lips around the shaft of
his cock and went down on him until I reached pubic hair and just held
myself there.

He grabbed my head in both hands and said, “Oh man. “

I pushed back against his hand and started going up and down on his cock.

He took that for a while, and then he held my head still and started
humping me in the mouth.

He yelled, “I’m coming. “

I kept my mouth clamped around it and he started shooting cum in my mouth.

I said, “Ummm,” swallowed his cum then took the next load and the next and
the next. Then I used my tongue to lick off his cock as I let is slip from
my mouth.

I sat up and said, “Thanks. “

“Thank you. If you want to do this again we can swap phone numbers.

“Great. Any time anywhere”

“You’re retired, Right. Married?”

“I’m retired and there is just me. “

“I’m going to drive to Yuma next week and will be there overnight. Do you
want to come with me?”

“I would love too. I assume you want me to suck your cock along the way. “

“Of course. “

I’m probably 40 years older than you. Isn’t me going with you going to be a
little weird to your co-workers.

“You don’t have to come along with me when I’m working. “

“Okay. “

“I’ll call you with the details. “

We swapped numbers, said goodbye, I got out and he drove off.

I wondered if I would ever hear from him again.

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