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Pick up in Seattle

My lover, Jim, and I had just finished dinner in a great motel diner in the wonderful state of Washington. We decided to go for a drive downtown. We wanted to find out where the hot cruising spots were. Serendipity would have it that we just sort of stumbled onto a few great places. We saw several men walking the streets. Hot-looking men, too. We cruised up and down a certain well-to-do street (that seemed to be a real hotbed of bodies) a few times and then parked our car and walked back to a bookstore we had passed earlier.

They had a lot of lusty-looking fuck books, both straight and gay, that you could pick and just browse through, (not like the ones back home in St. Louis). You can’t see what you’re buying a lot of the times because they’re covered in plastic, and in some cases, the covers are hidden also. What a rip off! You could see what you were buying here.

Jim walked around for a few minutes scouting around the place.

When he came back, he looked disappointed.

“They have only one or two film booths”, he said. “They’re not active, so don’t bother going in, babe”. So we continued to look at some of the books, then looked over the toys and movies for rent. Then we walked back out on the street. Nor a very active place, I thought. Oh well, there’s always another day,…I hoped.

A few minutes after we had left the bookstore, a young man approached from behind.

As he walked beside us, he asked if he could bum a cigarette. Jim gave him one (I don’t smoke) and then the k** just walked on. A polite “Thank you” and he went on.

“I think it’s a bit obvious that the k** was cruising us. What do you think?”, I asked.

“Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that he was lookin’ pretty close at us, both of us, especially our crotches”, Jim said.

He was clean-cut and well dressed- and might be fun for the night. We walked on down the street and I stopped in front of a camera store window. I saw him in the reflection of the store window ahead of us. So, the k** was following us.

We then walked back up the hill to the car and got in and just sat for a few minutes. The boy walked back to the car behind us and on up the hill.

He stopped just a few cars past ours. He leaned against a wall and finished the smoke. I had started the car, but we just wanted to wait and see what he would do.

He walked around behind our car, and over to Jim’s side, the passenger side, and asked what was going on and he and Jim started to talk. He asked if he could get in and sit for a few minutes.

He told us his name was Charlie Stone from L. A. He had green eyes and blond hair He was 20 years old and a little chunky, but not fat. He said that he had been fatter, but had lost a lot of weight. He was about 5′ 11″ and 185 pounds. He had a nice smile and seemed to be very pleasant. We talked for about a half hour.

“Hey”, I asked, “How would you like to spend the night with us?” I was the type that often took the risks and cut to the chase.

A person can say “no”, right? He didn’t. He jumped at the chance.

“Man, that would be great. Nowhere to stay and just a locker at the bus station’, he said a little shyly. “I spent last night in a run down old hotel for forty bucks, and I got ripped off for that, ’cause it was a premo-dump, you know?” Sounded like he
was definitely down on his luck, or giving us some kind of sob-story.

I put the car in gear and on the way back to the motel we stopped by a quick shop and picked up a six pack of beer and a bottle of cola (for me). I then parked the car in the underground garage and up to the room we went. We talked for over an hour, fin
ding out all about him, where he had been and what he was doing in Seattle.

“I’ve had a lover for the last year in San Francisco. I’m not from L A, but I didn’t wanna let you know that right away, ’cause I thought if you knew I was from San Fran Sicko, you would a probably dropped me right away. ” He was very open with everything
about himself.

“Because of the AIDS thing,” Jim asked knowingly.

“Yeah,” Charlie Stone began.

“You know, most people think that if you’re from there you gotta have AIDS and no one will even talk to you, let alone have sex with you. ” As Jim and I talked later, we realized he wanted someone to talk to, and to spend the
night with, and some daddies to fuck with. He got that for sure. He wasn’t hustling and never did ask us for any money.

I did buy him breakfast later on and Jim got his lunch and dinner.

But this was all on our own. He was silent on the whole subject of money. He never once brought it up. We had sex several times, so it was worth it.

Anyway, after talking for over an hour and taping most of what he said (with his permission), and taking some photos (that didn’t turn our, dammit), we got into having sex. He was open to anything and I could tell by the conversation that he like to get fucked and sucked and would fuck and suck also.

Jim started out slowly kissing and hugging Charlie. After a few minutes of this, they were rubbing on each other’s bulges in their pants. After another minute or so of this, Charlie very obligingly yanked his enormous bl**d gorged dick out to air it a while. Charlie was a little large for his size. I didn’t measure it, but, I’ll bet it was a thick eight inches. He was a little big for his body size, it was not what you would have expected, and the prettiest dick you ever saw, topped with the most perfect, round pink head.. He had two big plum-sized balls that lay on and were surrounded with dark brown fur.

Jim stood up and put his nice-sized cock in Charlie’s face. Charlie was laying on his back and his legs were spread very wide apart. So, while he was sucking Jim’s swelling cock and balls, I started sucking Charley’s cock and balls and eating his ass.

Charlie was hungrily eating Jim’s cock, trying to get all seven inches of the thick cock rammed down his throat. I was sucking on Charley’s.

He kept raising his ass up as if to tell me he wanted to get fucked. I took the signal. I quickly put a rubber o
n my throbbing, aching cock and prepared myself for slowly penetrating his tight ass. I hadn’t fucked any new ass in so long that my dick was actually aching for it.

Having been with Jim all these years, I could read his every mood. I could tell by his body language and the timber of his grunts and moans that he was about to climax.

I wanted to bury and put the big head of my cock in Charley’s tight asshole so we could all go at once.

I raised Charley’s large, heavy hairy legs (man, did they feel good in my hands. I think I might even have moaned as I held those pretty, hairy legs). I placed the head of my dick just barely against his ass and it slid in with ease. I had lubed the rubber, not only with my spit, but with some hand lotion that I had been using to jackoff him and myself.

Charlie pushed his ass further onto my pole. I pushed forward and all of my cock was sucked inside his ass in one long shove. He gobbled it up and wanted more as I started to stroke his cock. He moaned and tried to push farther than my seven inches. Sorry babe, I thought, I ain’t that big. He must’ve been used to big twelve incher up there.

My cock quickly got rock hard and Jim was moaning and gasping and about to cum in Charley’s mouth.

I was fucking his ass with hard strokes, and panting and jacking Charlie with the other hand on his cock and pulling on his nuts. I was about to start gunning like a fuckin’ bull when I could feel myself approaching the threshold.

Jim let out a loud groan. I reached up and kissed the back of his neck and kept making deep strokes in Charley’s ass. He was loving me fucking his ass; he was sort of deliriously laughing.

I took this to mean that he was close to his orgasm, also.

He kept pushing back hard against my cock and wanting more and more. I remember wondering if I was fucking him or was he fucking my dick. Either way, it was exciting. I was slapping my nuts on his ass with each stroke, and by now he had drained Jim’s co
ck dry and his was dripping pre-cum. I was getting hotter and hotter.. It would not take but a few more strokes till I got off.

I could feel the room swelling and that strange loss of consciousness (that no one quite understands yet) beginning to overtake me. That moment when nothing else is thought about and your whole world is “Here and now”. I pulled my dick out of his ass and put our two cocks together and jacked them both off ’til we climaxed at the same time

I got a Charlie horse in my right leg (no pun intended), and had to dismount quickly.

Just my luck. I kept stroking the last few drops of cum out of his cock.

All three of us lay there for a while, snuggling and talking and then got up. We then cleaned up, dressed and walked over to the restaurant in back of the motel where we got some breakfast.. It was 2:30 in the morning. We came back after about an hour
and watched the free cable TV movies on the set for about an hour or so and then turned in for the night.

When we woke up about 10:30 AM, we went to Pike’s Market and had a brunch about 11:00 AM and shopped and looked at all the wares on the Pier. Charlie was nice company. Such an easy person to be with and just a well-rounded pleasant person to be with. So nice to keep close to you, you just want to snuggle with him all the time.

He told us more about himself and his lover.

His parents lived in Portland, Oregon. He said, “The sad thing, the really sad thing is that I just left my lover a few days ago. I’ve just been to see my parents. Course, they don’t know about Bill. I kind a told them he was a roommate. I didn’t tell them he was my lover. So, when I was out to see them, I couldn’t really share with them what was going on deep down inside me.

All the pain, Bill’s cheating on me, the pain of what that made me feel like; the inferiority complex; how I felt like I was the cause, somehow. It was so frustrating, ya know?” He was thinking of starting over here in Seattle, but was unsure at this time.

We went and sat in the park and looked at the mountains and the ferry boats and tug boats go by and just sat and watched the people on the street.

There were a lot of musical acts on the street and a lot of street people worth watching. Mimes pretended to build things and to walk around walls that weren’t there.

After about an hour, we walked back to the car and drove back to the room for a nap. I wanted to comfort Charlie, and not necessarily have sex with him.. It sounded like he had a full plate recently. You wonder how many people are walking around with a story they really need to tell, and hurts that they need to express.

Later, after a nice restful, nap, Jim could see that Charlie was horny when he got up from his nap. Jim was laying next to Charlie. Charlie took Jim’s shirt off him and just lay there a while watching Jim’s chest. Jim has the prettiest, Beariest chest you ever saw. Nearly matted with hair, you couldn’t tell he had nipples. Charlie undressed him and just made him lay there while he licked his whole body.

It’s kinda like licking your way through a hair jungle. The boy lay there kissing and licking and
jacking on each other’s cocks.

Charlie was soon sucking on Jim’s cock and the Jim was sucking on Charley’s. They jacked each other off till they climaxed together. I was tired from all that sex, so, I just lay back and watched them and jacked off at the same time. Then we all fell asl**p for about 3 hours.

It was about 6:30 P. M. when we got up and started getting dressed for dinner. Just before Charlie got his pants on, I got down and sucked his cock just one more time before we left. It was such a nice, thick, eight inches. I couldn’t resist.

We drove back to Pike’s Market. We ate a nice, expensive seafood dinner leisurely. We picked up the tab for Charley’s dinner, of course, for the last time.

It was quite dark by this time. Sort of a poignant farewell. We then walked around the block to the car and took Charlie to the bus station. He told us the day before that this was where he had his things in a locker. He gave us both a good-bye kiss and a handshake. We left him at the bus station.

We gave him our address and told him to write.

I don’t really think he will, but I wish he would. I would like to keep in touch with old Charlie and hope that he does well. It was a nice weekend and Charlie helped make the trip unforgettable.

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