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Physical exam with my Stepbrother

My name is Ian and I’m 21. My stepbrother Paul is a year younger than me
and we both attend the same university in Dallas. We actually get along
pretty well considering that we’ve only been living in the same house for
about 3 months. My parents got divorced when I was 15 and I lived with my
father in Denver. He travels a lot for work and that’s probably the biggest
reason that my parents divorced.

About a year ago, on one of his business
trips, he met Paul’s mother Helen. She was also divorced and lived in New
York with Paul.

At first I was worried about all of us moving to Dallas and living together
under one roof. It turned out that we’re all pretty easy going and get
along well. Dad still travels a lot and Helen also travels a lot for her
job, so Paul and I have the place to ourselves at least 3 days a week.

both needed to have a physical exam before we started our new university in
September. One of the guys in dad’s office recommended Dr Banks. Dad gave
me the doctor’s info asked me to make an appointment for Paul and I to have
our physicals.

When we got to the doctor’s office, the nurse showed us both into the exam
room and said that he’d be with us soon. Dr Banks joined us a few minutes
later and we all sat down at his desk in the corner of the exam room.

was in his mid-thirties and it looked like he worked out. He asked us each
some routine questions and filled out new patient paperwork. He asked who
wanted to go first and I volunteered. He said we could both strip down to
our underwear and he’d be back in a few minutes. He left the room and I
looked at Paul and said “I guess it’s going to be a group physical”. Paul
smiled and said, “no big deal, that’s the way we did it in high school”.

both stripped down to our boxers and Paul sat down in a chair near the head
of the exam table.

Dr Banks came back a few minutes later and asked me to step onto the scales
and he recorded my weight as 180 and my height as 6’1″. He asked me to have
a seat on the exam table and he listened to my chest and back, and took my
bleed pressure.

He checked my ears, eyes, nose and throat. He then asked me
to lie down on the exam table and he started examining my body. He started
at my neck and worked his way down checking my shoulders, arms and hands.
His fingers poked and prodded my chest and stomach. When he got down to my
navel, he asked me to remove my boxers. I lifted my hips off the table,
slid them down and off and dropped them on the floor.

I laid flat on my
back and his fingers continued to examine me from the navel down to the
base of my cock. He picked up my cock and examined my shaft. He placed his
thumb and forefinger on either side of my shaft just behind my knob and
pulled my foreskin back. The sensation of the tight band of skin being
pulled across my knob sent a shiver down my spine and caused my cock to
start swelling.

The doctor examined my shaft and knob and then used his
thumb and forefinger to spread my piss slit. He examined my balls one at a
time and rolled them around in is fingers. By now I had a semi-hardon and
my cock was thickening and twitching. He continued his examination down my
legs to my feet.

He asked me to step down and face him so he could perform the hernia

He examined my balls and then asked me to cough a couple of times
while he held them in his hand. He then asked me to turn around and bend
over the table for the prostate exam. I spread my legs, bent over and put
my hands on the exam table. The doctor asked me to bend my knees a bit more
which caused my ass to stick out and my ass crack to spread even more.

cock was getting harder and my foreskin was still pulled back behind the
knob which put more pressure on my knob as it swelled. The doctor smeared
some cold lube on my hole and said I should relax. I’d had this procedure
done before and it always got me worked up. From where Paul was sitting, he
had a side view of this part of the exam. The fact that Paul was in the
room watching made me feel self-conscious about my hardening cock.

The tip
of the doctor’s finger pushed against my hole and as I tensed and relaxed
(a trick another doctor had taught me), it slipped in easily.

He paused for a moment before pushing in the full length of his finger.
When he touched my prostate, I let out a grunt and my hole clamped down on
his finger. My cock was now fully hard and I looked down and watched it
twitch and throb as the doctor examined my prostate.

My balls were swaying
between my legs and it wasn’t long before my dick was leaking precum. I
looked over at Paul and his eyes were focused on my cock which was sticking
out from between my legs. A couple of minutes passed and the doctor was
applying more pressure now and that was causing more stimulation of my
prostate. My balls were no longer swinging as freely and were drawing up
closer to the base of my cock.

The doctor continued his exam, which could
really be better described as a prostate massage. I felt a tightening deep
inside me and I realized that I might actually shoot my load if he kept
this up for much longer. I looked over at Paul and made eye contact. He
gave me a smile and then lowered his gaze back to my cock. My precum
continued to flow and drip onto the floor. Less than a minute later the
doctor’s finger finally hit my trigger and my asshole clamped down as I
shot my load.

Three wads of cum shot out of my cock and hit the side of the
exam table. The doctor pulled his finger out and said “everything appears
to be fine with your prostate, you can get dressed now”.

He looked over at Paul, smiled and said ‘your turn’. Paul stood up and it
looked like he was semi-hard in his boxers. He went over to the scales
where the doctor weighed him in at 161 and measured his height as 5’8″.

picked up my boxers from the floor and wiped my cum off the side of the
exam table and where it had dripped on the floor. I rolled up my wet boxers
and put them in my knapsack and pulled on my gym shorts and t-shirt and
took a seat where Paul had been sitting. Paul sat down on the exam table
and the doctor checked his bleed pressure and checked his eyes, ears, nose
and throat.

He listed to Paul’s heart and lungs and then asked him to lie
down on his back. Paul’s semi-hard cock was making a tent in his boxers.
The doctor examined his body and poked and prodded his chest and stomach.
He continued past his boxes and worked his way down his legs to his feet.

When he was done he asked Paul to stand up beside the table and take off
his boxers.

I had a side view of Paul’s body and when Paul pulled his
shorts down his hard cock sprang out. It pointed out with a bit of a
downward curve. I had seen Paul naked before but never with a hardon. Like
me, he was uncut but his cock head was larger and clearly outlined in his
tight foreskin. The doctor reached between his legs and examined his balls.
He asked him to cough when he checked for hernia.

He then examined the
shaft of Paul’s cock and pulled his foreskin back. Paul’s knob was even
more impressive when the skin was pulled back. It was dark purple, shiny
and wet with precum. The doctor examined it carefully and used his fingers
to spread his piss slit and look inside. When he was done, he left Paul’s
skin pulled back. He asked Paul to turn around, bend over and put his hands
on the exam table.

As Paul was turning I got a quick look at his low
hanging balls. Paul got into position and from my vantage point I had a
clear view of his exposed knob and a couple of inches of his shaft sticking
out from between his legs.

The doctor put on gloves and applied a big gob of KY to his finger and
smeared it into Paul’s crack. He put more lube on his finger and then it
looked like he was trying to enter Paul’s hole.

Paul was making a grimace
and the doctor asked him to try and relax and then he made another attempt.
I watched as the doctor’s hand moved deeper into Paul’s crack. Paul’s cock
twitched and throbbed as the doctor’s finger examined him. A drop of precum
oozed out of Paul’s piss slit and got larger before it dripped to the
floor. About two minutes into the exam, the phone on the doctor’s desk
buzzed and the nurse’s voice announced that the hospital was calling about
one of his patients.

The doctor said, “sorry, I have to take that. I’ll be
back in a few minutes and we’ll continue the exam”. He pulled his finger
out, removed his gloves and left the room. Paul stood up straight and
turned to face me. His cock remained hard and I noticed that his balls had
drawn up tight to the base of his cock. Paul smiled and said he was glad
for the interruption as the doctor’s finger had been causing some intense

I looked down at his hard cock and saw that he was still
oozing precum. Paul followed my gaze and took his thumb and forefinger and
squeezed his cock head. A considerable about of precum oozed out and he
smeared it on his knob so that it was slick and shiny. He then pulled his
foreskin forward so that it completely covered his knob.

The doctor came back a few minutes later and apologized for the

Paul got back into position and the doctor put on gloves and
applied more lube to Paul’s crack. His finger reentered his hole and
continued the exam. Watching Paul’s exam had got my cock hard again and
there was a wet spot on my shorts where the head of my cock was pressed
against the fabric. Paul’s cock continued to throb and leak precum which
dripped onto the floor. A couple minutes later the doctor removed his
finger and said “everything appears to be fine with your prostate”.

He told
Paul he could get dressed. The doctor went over to his desk and started
making notes in our files. Paul picked up his boxers from the floor and
stood up. He came over to where I was sitting, his dick was still hard and
he pulled on his boxers over his hard cock. Paul put on his shorts and
t-shirt and his cock made a tent in his shorts.

We sat down at the doctor’s desk and he said that we both appeared to be in
fine shape and that we should come and see him anytime we felt the need.

asked if we were going to participate in any sports at university this
fall. I told him that I was on the wrestling team at my last university but
that I was not signing up here right away. Paul told him that he had also
been on the wrestling team last year and that he was going to sign up again
this year. Dr Banks told us that he also did Sports physicals if our
university required that for any of its athletic programs.

He gave us forms
to get some bleed work done at the lab downstairs and said he’d call if any
of the results were abnormal. We stopped at the lab, gave bleed and then
left the office. When we were in my car on the way home, I said “well, that
was an interesting experience”. Paul laughed and said “yes it was”. We
didn’t discuss the exam again and when Dad asked how it went, I said “good,
we both got a clean bill of health”.


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