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Perfect finish

Finding the right pussy in your life is like finding a needle in a hay stack, for up until you cum twice in the pussy it becomes a nice hole. The best pussy have not been found yet… Ladies should throw the best piece at the right time, the first time instead of screw up every time, all the time sometimes…Short and sweet, long and pleased or studded saddle along??? Ladies have you ever, be truly real…Are there any teens or virgins saving it for me? Good stuff.

You need a lesson I am more than glad and here to assist you in making that orgasm memorable… 242-533-8292 or 242-373-7741 Lil Chris Hi, need more followers? I recommend this (only copy paste for security) I get new followers.
Take care Glad to be back in LA!! Let me just let you “so called friends” know something! If I send you a friend request, that’s just what it is; to be my friend, unless I specify otherwise.

There is only one woman on Tagged who i am interested in so if you can’t take it…. That’s on your body!!! Marriage ties the knot. Now with that being said, if you except the request and think you too much to speak, Im’ma delete your ass!! OUT DA GATE I ain’t ga lie more woman does be in da number house then man. And ya wonder why da chirren lost. If ya can’t depend on da pa and da ma spinnin all day and night what da hell you expect from the chirren.

Da chirren home hungry and da man out with he sweetheart. I does wanna get a tamarind switch and go to every number house and just tear up dey ass Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have and realizing how blessed you are to have it! I’m blessed, thank you Lord!! Rise daily,pray daily, believe daily,plan daily,work daily,learn daily,improve daily,grow and excel day it won’t be an effort but a hobby.

Repeated actions becomes a habit. Be consistent in doing what is right. Start now,may God help you. it’s so sicking how u say your not looking for sex jus friends or whatever and the men jus wanna degrade you cause you won’t so sad lol yal self esteem that low lmao lmfao “beast Mood”Brains aren’t designed to get result; they go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set your own directions.

If you don’t, then someone else will.
Good morning Heat fans are such soar losers i ain’t no spurs but am glad heat lost lol half a yal ain’t even real heat fans yal Lebron fans he ain’t loyal an neither are yal… #laker4life #thankspurs do people still have relationships…. 2014…. is that still happening …..cause I am an proactive member of the friends with benefits club…where am not only a client ….

but also the president…..I find relationships to be to much of a stressful activity to carry out……I love women, but a long term thing stresses me out…..lets keep it casual…..ya no…. like a hand shake Every man is not a Father and every father may not live up to his manhood. But to all men that are fathers and live up to that, then to you who teach our boys to be men, to you I wish a very Happy Fathers day.

Enjoy and keep doing what you do. May God bless all fathers.
Dad only if you put your best foot forward, it doesn’t matter if you pick up the tab —you’re still a hero to your partner & kids. Respect, you don’t miss a good thing tell its gone !!! Nothing’s promise but a grave yard, can’t see myself dying broke (Ray Charles) I don’t worry about yesterday for it is already gone, its tomorrow I look forward too.. Real Talk some girls get off on the drop pants singlet or bareback locks or plaited up fitted cap clothes way to big or too small but its something about seeing a clean cut man in suit n tie that blows my mind every time.


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