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passion towards mom part

Before starting the story, let me introduce my family and I am Anand, 21 years and doing my MBA from a reputed college in Delhi and also helping my Mom in her business. My Mom Vibha is 42 now her Fig is 36 30 38. She is fair in colour and 5 feet 4 inches in height. My Father Ashok Jaiswal died in 2008 due to high Diabetes and he left his business for us

And a good amount of money but his death was a shock for us and also my mom was not capable of handling business at that time.

So after his death we faced lot of troubles and during this time and I came very close to my Mom and there were two hotels and one guest house which needs to be managed and mom was alone so she asked me to help her in the business. I stated going to office in the evening time after the college.

I sue to stay in the hotel/office till late nights and mom use to leave by 8 PM so after all the work and I use to surf net and one day incidentally I opened ISS and read many stories they were interesting but the one which caught my attention as i****t mom and son stories.

I read almost 10 stories on first day while reading the stories my mom’s face was coming in my again and again and was enjoying it.

I did not notice that while reading the stories and I started masturbating thinking of my mom and was taking her name Vibha and I love you please come to me when I came in front of the screen and the monster in my mind got silent and had a big guilt feeling.

I slapped my own forehead thinking what the fuck I was doing how can I think so badly about my Mom. I came back home and the moment mom opened the door

And I again lost the senses and started staring at her body and she was wearing a nighty black in colour her figure was looking amazing in that mom asked me what happened Anand why are you looking thrilled I told her nothing Mom just headache need some rest and I straightaway went to my room and again shagged thinking her in my arms.

My mom wears mordent outfits while in office or parties or even at home.

All her night gowns were designer and transparent. Till today I never noticed this but today was the first day when is saw her tummy from night whole night she was in my Dreams. Next Day she woke me up and said beta are you all right now you did not came for dinner yesterday and was locked inside the room and is everything all right and I told her Mom nothing to worry just headache and mom kissed me on my cheeks

And said Okays you are working very hard now a day’s need some rest and why don’t you take some days leave from office.

I got scared as taking leaves means staying way from mom. And now I wanted to be with her 24 hours. I told her no mom you don’t worry college is closing for summer vacations so now I have all the time for office and can stay in office for whole day as well. She was in the same night gown her cleavage and tummy was clearly visible and my eyes were fixed on that while talking to her.

She then said ok now get reedy we need to go to office for a urgent meeting. She left the room while going her ass was moving and was totally exited looking at her ass. We got ready mom was in business suit, her ass was protruding from the trousers and I was not able to control my feelings. I was driving the car and she was sitting beside me and my heart was pounding and though it was not the first time that I was driving the car and mom was sitting beside me but today was special.

I was trying my level best to touch her and while changing the gears of the car I was touching her thighs. Till now mom was not at all noticing all these things. We reached office and worked for the whole day in between I touched her many a times showing as if it was a mistake but I was totally blank in terms of how to approach her as mealy touching cannot help me to get her and I was in deep love with her for her and the days passed in the same way.

The only difference which i noticed was that mom was friendlier with me as i was almost with her for the whole day helped her in everything from office to kitchen and I started many new things to win her heart like I stated making breakfast for her in the morning. She noticed the change and told me what the plan Anand you are impressing me what do you want and I said nothing mom just your love.

And she hugged me and said my love is always with you beta and you are my strength. The plan was working also I was reading the i****t stories everyday to find new things which I can try to get closer to her and now I was looking forward for a way to see her nude body once and I tried many things like trying to see her through bathroom door tried to see her while changing but every technique was failed and then one day.

I was reading a story on ISS and there the guy shared how he got a camera installed in the bathroom to see his mother while bathing and that idea impressed me and I went to Nehru place that day itself and enquired at many shops for such cameras but every shop keeper said no suddenly one pimp came to me and said I can help you in getting a high quality camera and will suit very purpose.

I told him I want for setting it up in someone’s washroom and want to see the live image at my system.

He said he will do but charges are high. I told him you don’t worry and I will give you whatever you want. He took me to a shop at the backside of the market and gave me a box and also the instruction how to install it a very small camera and water proof.

I installed it in the shower panel of the bath tub and checked it was giving the perfect clear view of washroom and now I was just waiting her to come back. She came back at 8 30 and went to her room after a good hug from me.

I was aroused by the thought that I will see her precious body today. I was in front of my system but I once again taste the failure as mom didn’t take bath and she just changed her clothes.

Webcam was installed in the bath tub area and she didn’t even open the curtain of bathtub area. She called me and that time I cam e to know she is already out but I did not lose the hope and we had dinner together and I was staring at her body continuously.

She for the first time noticed as if everything today turned against me and she said Anand what happened now a day you stare me lot is everything all right.

I was shocked to hear that and somehow managed to speak and said mom nothing it’s just you are very beautiful and I thought of taking a step forward in this discussion only.

Mom: You are mad and I am 39 and you are saying that I am beautiful
Me: Mom I am serious. You are awesome and you look like a 30 year women in hotel I don’t think so we have anyone who can stand in front of you
Mom: Shut up kyun itni tareef kar raha hai kya chaiye tujhe
Me: Mom ek hug de do mast wala

Mom: Laughed loudly and said beta you should take hugs from your girlfriends not from me
Me: Mom I don’t have anyone as no one is like you
Mom: Ohh Beta just stop it now.

I am your mom not your girlfriend whom you are trying to impress
Me: I wish you could have been my Girlfriend mom. I can do anything for you

Mom: Again laughed not knowing my intention she kissed on face and hugged me and said chalo its too late lets sleep. I said good night to her and the hug was enough for me to shag also today was special as during the time and I was installing the webcam and I got some of her used panties in my room so that night and I shagged with her panties.

It was such heavenly feeling I can’t describe and I don’t know when I went to sleep.

I woke up with the alarm call striking 5. 30 for me this was the day which I was waiting from last three months today for the first time I am going to see what I have always imagined and I came out of my room to check moms bedroom and she was still sleeping.

I came back to my room started my system after half an hour the lights of washroom were switched on and I was eagerly waiting for her to come in the bath tub area.

It took almost 20 more for her to take shower. She was nude in front of the webcam. I almost lost my senses as she was far more beautiful than my imagination also. A Perfect blend of body and colour with right amount of flesh wherever required.

She was standing in front of the webcam and only front portion s available and her boobs was firm and pure white in colour with pink nipples and they were shining in the light.

My Lund got erected as soon as I saw her boobs. She was wearing a golden chain which was hanging in between the boobs making them more exiting. She started the shower and with water flowing down on her boobs making those more striking.

My lund was in my hand and I was masturbating. She moves a bit and her lower portion was also visible. The only thing not visible was her face. There was not a single hair present ion her body. She was so fair and her tummy was flat with little paunch in the navel area.

I was just thinking about her pussy lips only the front area was visible but that day god was with me and she lift her one leg and placed it on the outer side of the bath tub and started applying soap and her pussy was shaved and was pinkish in colour and the outer lips were bit opened she applied soap and start washing it with the hand shower for the first time and I saw her clean shaved pussy I was getting mad and the only thing going in my mind is to how to get inside that beautiful pussy.

Then mom turned up and her ass was visible it was one after the other surprise for me and boobs were the perfect, but pussy was better and now a perfect shaped ass in front of me fair ass wide in shape she applied soap in the ass crack and start washing it too. The whole event was happening as if mom knows I am watching her and she is giving me a show.

She was there for almost 15 minutes

And l shagged at least 5 times looking at her beauty after that I went to kitchen prepared the breakfast for mom and went to her room she was in night gown. We had our breakfast in her room suddenly she said Anand yesterday did you came into my room and I was silent as if someone has caught me red-handed. I said why mom and I were there to search the directory.

She said ok it’s strange some of my clothes are missing from the washroom

And I got scared as her panties were in my room and I used them for masturbating but I collected all my courage and asked her mom what all is missing and she said nothing just some of the clothes. Then she said ok leave it might be I have misplaced them. I got some relive after listening this.

She said ok let’s get ready for office beta. I said ok Maa and I kissed her on her cheeks and said I love you maa.

She said I too and I said and where is my hug and she smiled and said here it is she hugged me and this time I grabbed her very tightly and slowly in her ear I said mom I love you. She said even I love you beta now can we get ready for office.

We reached office and the day was high on energy in afternoon Mom called me inside her cabin to tell me that we are going out for lunch and she needs to shop some clothes and other household things so we will be going home from there.

I said ok mom and we left for Lajpat Nagar the moment mom sat in car and I started flirting with her.
Me: you are looking awesome today
Mom: beta fir tum chalu ho gaye kya hua tujhe what do you want tell me and I will get you.

Me: Mom believe me you look so young no one can say you are 42. You look like 30 year old
Mom: I am impressed now can you tell me what you want.
Me: just your love mom and told you earlier also
Mom: My love is always with you my love bus ab makhan mat laga mujhe

Me: I wish makhan laga sakta aapko mom and this was the first double meaning sentenced used by me
Mom: shut up tu bhaut jyada bolne laga hai

Me: kya karoon aapke saamne maa meri tounge fisal jati hai agar mein kisi ko yeah na batyun ki aap meri maa ho then I am sure they will think that you are my girlfriend
Mom: oho acha chal aaj dekhte hain and I have to buy one saree let’s see what shopkeeper think.

I said done mom but tell me if you lose then, mom says whatever you say beta, then mom asked and what if you lose, I said mom whatever you will ask. We reached lajpat nagar and had our lunch then we went to a saree shop and we dint disclose our identity.

Mom took me to a new shop so that no one knows us. We entered and the shopkeeper asked mam how I can help you.

I answered we need a designer saree and he made us to sit and started showing sarees and we were selecting and I said Vibha I think this red saree will look amazing on you.

Mom was shocked and looked at my face to which I winked and very softly said I can’t say mom deal is on. She smiled and said you are so naughty and I again asked her what you think vibha.

She was quiet but for my help shopkeeper said mam

Sir is saying right this saree will suit you your friend choice is too good mam please try this once. Mom was smiling and shocked I winked my eye shopkeeper saw me winking my eye at her and he misunderstood us as young lovers so as a special service he came very close to us

And said mam why don’t you try this in our special trail room and sir can accompany you.

I was in seventh heaven. He showed us the way, it was separate trial room. He was with us he opened the door and said mam these are some more saree in red color, try them out.

And then while leaving he said you can take your time and smiled. We both were blushing like newlywed couple leaving for honeymoon and we entered the trail room. Mom said know what to do how I should change in front of you.

I said mom it’s okay leave the trail first congratulate me on wining the bet.

She said ok you were right, now what. I said now my gift and she said what you want mom not now will tell you on the right time. She was confused as to how to do the trial of saree. I sensed that and told her don’t worry I am going out. I came out and after some time mom also came out in the saree.

The saree was transparent she was looking awesome, I put my hand on my heart and said mom you are killing me, I wish I can hug you and kiss you. You are looking like angel mom. Mom said Anand can we be serious. I said mom I am serious always when it comes to your beauty or love.

If you don’t trust me let’s ask the shopkeeper and have bet in that as well.

She said no I trust you so we are finalizing this saree. I said yes but mom I wish I could hug you now in this saree and she smiled and said ok come inside and hug me.

We entered the room again and I hugged her very tightly and I whispered in her ear mom you don’t know how beautiful you are and I kissed on her neck. She said beta even I love you and she put her hand on my head.

I put my lips on her neck and again kissed her.

Mom said is it done can we go out and smiled and things were moving but not very strongly though these were the sign that we are coming close to each other but not that strong as it could be innocent love of a mom towards her son. I was in double mind how to go ahead and propose her and when we were coming back I did full on flirting with her.

I said I am your man mom as per the shopkeeper. How are you feeling and she was blushing on my comments and just said you are very naughty Anand you are so crazy I never knew. I said mom this is nothing, you haven’t seen my craziness just give me a chance and I will show you how much I love you. This was a daring comment from me and I was waiting for her reply.

But things were not easy and her reply was a stamp proving that target is very far. She said anand it’s done now, and please it’s a joke take it as a joke don’t forget you are my son and should know your limits and after this and I said sorry mom and we reached home.

Mom was tired and said i am going to take shower Anand and need to try all my clothes also.

I said ok and went to my room to use the golden opportunity. I opened my system and her mom was nude in front of webcam and taking shower her body was shining like marble and she was applying soap.

After washing and she placed her leg on the bath tub corner and start massaging her cunt that was new for me I was excited and my lund was fully erect. She started fingering herself and I was stroking myself and my bad luck was that only a portion of my mom body was visible through that cam and I was missing her face and boobs during this.

I wanted to see the facial expression but anyways that was in my imagination and I was watching the live show where my own mom was fingering and her fingers were going in and out of her chut and I was becoming mad looking at that my strokes were becoming harder and I ejaculated a huge amount of cum.

That was the life’s best masturbation I had and the moment I shot the loads of sperm within seconds even mom got satisfied and she cleaned herself with the towel.

I closed my system and went to kitchen to prepare tea for mom. The Life was moving at the same speed, same touching here and there, watching live show of mom while taking bath and flirting.

I was getting restless and making plans everyday to make my mom mine forever. Finally I thought of breaking the wall. The day was mom birthday and I planned everything and I bought a bridal dress for mom and Mangalsutra.

I wanted to marry her and my love was flooding in my heart. I came home early from office decorated her room with flowers and placed a cake. I was waiting for mom to come now. My heart was beating like the rail engine. Finally Mom came and she was shocked to see the surprised.

She hugged me, kissed me on my forehead and said thanks beta for such a wonderful surprise.

We cut the cake in my mind was to put the cake on her fair body , on her boobs which were awesome with pink nipples and to eat cake from those boobs.

I wish I could have put the cake on her chut and gaand and the eat with the taste of love juice but it was normal birthday celebration but real bomb was still not exploded after that I handed over the gift to her and I knew it today could be the worst day of my life or it could be the best day no middle way.

I said mom this is for you, but before you open it, I need to talk with you. It’s about your and my life. Mom said ok beta tell me what happened. Maa I want to be very straight from so many days I am trying to concentrate on anything. Beta kya hua hai are you not feeling well. I said Mom it’s not like that. I am in love with you and please listen me first before you react or say anything.

Me : Mom it’s been months now that I am in deep love with you and I am not able to concentrate on anything. Every time every second it’s your face ,body your voice is in front of me. It’s like I am under some hallucination. I just can’t think anything beyond you. I wanted to tell you this but I was afraid.

Mom: Slapped me and said how dare you Anand tum pagal ho gaye ho kya.

Koi apni maa se aisi baat akrta hai and she slapped me again. I was standing like a pillar no moment in me eyes down and she shook me and said are you listening me

Do you know what shit you are talking and I said maa I know what I am saying and I mean it and no one can change my love for you? I love you from the core of my heart and will do that for my whole life and there was one more slap on my face and she started shouting on the top of her voice.

You want to love you maa and one more slap.

Do you know what it means and you are my bleed and now you have grown so much that you wanted to meake me your love and it is Sin yeah paap hai Anand tere dimaag mein kya kya chal raha hai mujhe agar pata hota toh mein kabhi itni liberty deti nahin tujhe.

You were going with me for shopping and everywhere thinking I am your girlfriend.

You know I am your mother and her face was red and she was breathing hard in anger her face was looking very cute and her boobs was coming up and down with ever breath she was taking my eyes was fixed on her face and boobs.

She saw my eyes and lost her temper again and slapped me 4th time and she hold me from shoulder and shook me and said you bastard are you listening to me or just standing here.

I was numb no reaction just standing in front of her.

She again slapped me and said Anand your silence is killing me tell me it’s all a joke and you don’t have any intention to do what you are saying. I was stone silent didn’t reply as a result of which I got one more slap my cheeks were paining now.

But I remain calm and silent and she then shouted bloody you want to fuck me and slapped me listening this and I got angry and I hold her hand.

Maa do you think I want to fuck you do you think that I lust for your body. Mom make it very clear in your mind my love is pure and yes as a part of my love if care is priority then making love is also there.

I have you ever thought when all boys of my age are enjoying their life either in vacation or with their girlfriends. I was the one who was giving everything to you and your business after college my friends you to ask me to go with them for movies, or to party but I always make sure that.

I should be in office after college to help you when boys and age doesn’t know what all things are required to make tea. I am getting up at 5 am in the morning to make breakfast for you is it lust is it what make you think and I want to fuck you.

Mom if want to **** you I can do right now but I am standing here and getting slaps from you because I love you and I can die to prove that.

You cut me into pieces and every peace will shout only one thing that every cell of my body loves you and as every love is also related to physical needs.

My love also does but not facefully and I will wait for my whole life for your love maa you don’t worry and if you want I will leave this home right now , or I will live here only but will not do anything which will hurt you , will remain same child of yours till the time you will not value my love.

I will wait for you maa and tears were coming out of my eyes and moms eyes too. We both were crying. Maa just last thing please don’t open this packet till you believe in my love and I am promising you that you will never ever face any problem like this but yes this does not mean that I will stop loving you.

My love will increase day by day and you cannot stop with this and I left the room and went to my room.

This was the longest night of my life a day which was meant for enjoying mom’s birthday turned out to be the worst day of my life and my all plans failed badly and I was blank.

Mom’s Pictures were moving in my mind at times in saree at time the moment we use to enjoy while shopping while dinner those small things were coming to my mind and I was crying.

I was just dreaming those live shows where.

I sue to see her nude her boobs pure white color with pink nipples firm that flat tummy fingering her chut massaging her ass and I was getting mad thinking I have lost all. I knew mom will never be comfortable with me and there were only two things left for me.

One to leave all this and start a fresh life or to continue my endeavour to get her love and I select the second way.

I collected all my courage again and once again I was firm.
She may never think about me as a lovely and caring son, only thing she will be remerging is a son full of lust. That night was the toughest night of my life as I was ashamed of me and my behavior. What have I done? I should have enjoyed that courtship only that was better then what I have to face now.

I was ashamed of my love was it love or lust. Whole night I was just figuring out the answers and crying. I don’t know when my alarm start ringing and it was 5 am in the morning. I woke up and decided to prove my love for her. The day starts as usual I knew it that it will be very difficult day but I was firm and once again I started my journey of love for Vishay my own Mom.

I went to kitchen made mom favorite Breakfast Stuffed pannier parathas and Tea; to make it special I put a sorry note on in the tray and knocked my mom room. She woke and said replied in very rough tone what happened, don’t talk to me.

Me: Mom I know you are angry and you have all the right to be angry. The only thing I can say is sorry, the words are not enough for the action I did yesterday.

You take your time I am not going to put you in difficult situation. Just wanted to give you a reminder we have important meeting lined up at 9 am with investors, and your breakfast is ready I am keeping at the door you can take it.

Mom: I know that and I don’t want anything to eat so take it back.
Me: You can through it in the dustbin, but I know my duties also and you can’t stop.

I put the tray in front of her room and went to my room to get ready.

After getting my room I opened my laptop to see how mom through the camera fixed in her washroom is. She came there and I can clearly see her eyes red and swelled. she was taking bath but the body language was very dull and first time I was not focusing on her nude body.

Rather my focus was on what I have done to her. A happy go lucky woman is so sad because of her son whom she loved most.

I was waiting in the car for her, she came out dressed in Business suit, her trousers were skin fit and her coat was till Waist. It was very easy to figure out her magnificent curves in this dress. She was wearing a white shirt and he Bra was visible through it.

She looked at me and sat in the car. I was in between looking at her today she was sitting very conservatively in one corner , unlike other times where her legs use to be very close to the gear lever , today it was far to touch. She was looking scared of me. We dint speak a single word. We reached office before leaving the car the only thing she said was

Mom: Anand I don’t want people should come to know about the drift in our relation.

So behave normally and try to be far from me.
Me : Mom mujhe pata hai mujhse galti hui hai. Iski itni badi saza mat do maa.
Mom: Don’t call me MAA. tumhare Mouth se yeah shabd ganda lagta hai ab.
Me: I was shocked to hear this and could not defend on this. I just nodded my head.

This went on for a month. Even office people came to know that there is some fight between us.

We were only living together in the same house but neither were we talking nor knows what happening in our life. Even I have taken out the camera from her washroom. The situation was becoming worst day by day. Now even the office staffs use to ask me Anand , kya hua hai Mam aajkal bahut tension mein rehti hain tum log ek saath lunch bhi nahin karte. I use to say nothing some office tension and investment tension hai toh hum dono hi busy hai.

Ghar pe bhi mein roz subah breakfast bana ke mom ke room ke samne rakh deta tha aur roz shaam ko usko dustbin mein dalta tha. Dinner ka bhi same haal hota tha. But my path was firm so I was doing this everyday withoutthinking where will this end.

Finally after two months I went to her room and knocked. She said please leave me alone. I was pissed off with this.

I said Mom we need to talk. I know you did not eat for the whole day. Please don’t do this to me. Can we talk maa Please I beg you. She finally opened the door.

Me : Maa kya hua hai kyun itna gussa ho.
Mom : Tum ab bhi yeah pooch rahe ho tumhe nahin pata tumne kya kiya hai. You wanted to sleep with your mom.
Me : Maa please dont say this.

Please mere pyaar ko lust ka naam mat do.
Maa: Love my foot Anand , tumne jo kiya voh kya pyaar tha

Me : Maa meine bahut kucth kaha tha aapne shayad aadha hi suna. Agar mujhe aapki body chaiye hoti toh mein facefully bhi le sakta tha. Mein 21 saal ka hoon mujhe bahar bhi yeah sab mil sakta hai maa. But i love you no one else come in dreams its only you.

Meri ismein kya galti hai
Mom : Please chup ho ja , tu fir se wahi baat kar raha hai
Me: ok maa , i will not talk anything about this in future , i just need one promise , aap pane aapko happy rakhogi , khana time pe khyogi and hamara jo nomral relation tha woh vaise hi chalega.

Maa: Anand normal relation kabhi vapis nahin aa sakta. Give me some time.

Me : maa kitna time aur kya jab tak aap isi mood mein rahoge.
Maa: mujhe nahin pata I just dont wanna see you anand.

I was not able to make it out , how to control this situation and left the room I was so frustrated and was not able to control my emotions , I took a knife from kitchen went to her room and said MOM mujhse galti hui aur galti yeah nahin ki mein aapse pyaar karta hoon , but galti thi ki meine aapko bataya and because I love you I cannot see you suffering so I am ending my life and with this I took the knife and cut my wrist , bleed start oozing out of my wrist.

It happened so fast that mom was not able to see what i am doing. The moment bleed started coming out of my wrist she ran towards me and hold my wrist and said

Mom: Beta (after two months first time she said beta ) pagal ho gaya hai kya tu.

Me : Maa mujhe aapko prove karna hai ki mein aapse pyaar karta hoon , iske liye meri jaan bhi chali jaye mujhe parvah nahin.

And meine apna haath unke haat se chuda liya

Mom : beta please aisa mat kar she hold me and said we will talk everything first lets go to doctor.

She took me to the doctor (on my way I was thinking A mother remain a mother and no one can take her place, this increased my love for her). I was getting u*********s. Then when my eyes opened I was in a hospital Mom was sitting on the bed.

The moment my eyes opened I saw a smile on her face and she shouted Doctor please come fast his eyes are opened. Doctor came and saw checked my pulses and many other things. I was in a private room. Doctor started talking to Maa.

she asked kya hua tha isko. Isne aisa kyun kiya. Mom was answerless so she just said vahi aajkal ke ladke aur unki love stories doctor. Doctor also smiled and saw me and commented

Doc : So dude kaun hai voh angel jiske liye haath kaat liya tumne apna.

Vakai stupid ladki hai jot um jaise deewane ko manna kar diya. Agar mein hoti toh turant haan kar deti. Aajkal ki life mein kahan aise pyaar karne wale milte hain. Then she told mom that your son is strong varna jitna bleed nikal tha uske baad life thodi risky ho jati. Aur Vibha us ladki ko ja ke bolo ki uske pyaar mein kya kiya hai tumhare bête ne. Shayd usko akal aa jaye.

Mom was shying as she knew that it as her , she looked at me and smiled once again and told doctor. meine us ladki ko bata diya hai aur usko akal aa gayi hai. She also loves him now.

Doc : waah Anand tumhara to set ho gaya love. Now don’t do anything like this. Just stay in hospital for one 3 days and you will be rocking after that.

With this she left the room , it was me and mom left alone. For first few seconds there was a pin drop silence. Mom was in saree looking like a angel (doctor rightly said that I love a angel ). Our eyes met and were looking at each other. This was not normal looking , it seems our eyes were talking and we said all with our eyes.

For some time there was not a single word we spoke and we were just looking in each other eyes.

Finally Mom this time took the initiative and said Beta I am sorry. I dint realized that you love me so much. Please forgive me and promise me you will never ever do this. Mein baht khush tha jaise cheezein ek dum settle hoti ja rahi thi. meine kaha maa aapko sorry kehne ki jaroorat nahin hai. You ar my mother , my frind my love everything. aaj se jaise aap kahoge vaisa hoga just be with me.

Mom ki eyes mein aansoo the , pata nahin ek dums e kya hua she came near me and huged me tightly and said nahin neta aaj se jaisa hum dono chahenge vaisa hoga. We are one from today and she kissed my forehead. I also hugged her with one hand and treid to put the other one also but it was paining so mom said wait for three days beta then you can put your other hand also and winked at me.

We both smiled.

I was not aware that a marvelous surprise is waiting for me at home after three days. Mom took care of me during the three days she use to be in the hospital for first two day and on third day she said beta aj mujhe bahut sare kaam hai isiliye mein nahin aayungi sham ko tum discharge hoke seedhe ghar aajna. Meine doctor KO bol diya hai she waill arrange a cab for you.

I was also full recovered she came near to me and hugged me and this time I also hold her with both my arms. This was the best hug ever she was crushing her body in my arms. I can felt the warm air from her lips. I could not control and kissed on her neck she moaned then I kissed on her ear, she again moaned and said Anand wait for some time.

And left me. She said bye beta and come home soon. Your Mom is waiting for you.

I reached home around 7 Pm and knocked the door. I have never thought about the surprise which I will be getting once the door is opened. Mom opened the door she was in the same bridal dress which I gifted her. It was a red lehnga and choli (a North Indian bridal dress). I have selected the one which was not very traditional and heavy.

The Lehnga was like a skirt which had cuts from the lower thighs till thighs it was tightly fit like a mini skirt. The choli or blouse was deep neck backless. Mom was looking like a goddess of love. The red color was looking very hot on her.

Her cleavage was clearly visible under the transparent dupatta (a piece of cloth which women use to cover the blouse or the Neck in case of suits).

Mom has added many things in the dress to make it more exiting. She was wearing red stalking under the lehnga and matching Red high heels. She was fully ready like a bride. I was shocked to see and she said beta come inside koi dekh lega. I closed the door and looked mom properly. She was also standing as if she is giving me a pose to see her beauty. Her 36 boobs were looking awesome in the choli , mein dekh k eek dum mast ho gaya tha.

Unki flat tummy aur navel was adding starts to her beauty. Navel ke neeche unhone lehnga pehna tha which was very seductively tied up. Her ass was protruding from the lehnga. her thighs in stalking were looking like a marble covered with silk.

The innocence on her face was making it a perfect mix of beauty. I was just starting her and moved forward to hug her. She stopped me and said no not so soon beta.

I want to make this moment a perfect moment. In these three days I have learnt a lot about you by exploring your system. I was shocked as her videos while taking bath was also stored in that. She said I know what you like and what you dislike. So leave it on me. Go to washroom and get ready. I went to washroom there I found a fresh pair of clothes and bottle of Perfume.

I took bath in hurry and when I was leaving I thought to shave my pubic hair also. I did that thinking mom also keeps her clean so should be the same. I was not at all aware how my life going to change after this , what all is there for me today night. I was keeping my mind normal and away from thoughts. I Came out and saw mom waiting for me.

She said itni der lagti hai kya I said sorry mom. She said it’s ok beta now come to your room We have some ritual to do. I was as happy as it was like a dream come true.

I entered my room it was well decorated and in between was arrangement for the pooja. She light the fire and started the music system which was playing some mantras it was all ins Sanskrit.

We sat together and pour Ghee in the fire with the end of every mantra. Then she told me to stand up and we exchanged the rose garlands. The she said Beta what we are doing is not a normal thing. I am going to accept you as my husband from today please keep the respect of this relation. I have lost your father and I cannot take one more loss in my life.

After this we are going to take seven rounds of fire which means that you will be my husband and I will be your wife. It’s a sin for society but I can’t deny your love for me that is the reason I am taking this step. After these even rounds I will be yours totally. Tan, Man dhan se mein tumhari hoongi. And as we have one more relation which is also one of the purest relation of being Mom and son.

So you have to balance in between.

We took the rounds and all the oaths after that mom touched my feet and handed over the mangal sutra to me saying make me yours from today. I tied the mangal sutra and kissed her forehead and said mom thanks for understanding my love. From today I am the man of the house and I will take care of you. My love is always for you.

She touched my feet again and said I love you Anand that was the first time she said these magical words. And better then that was when she said jaan I am all yours from today.

Then I said mom my room is changed into pooja roome where will I sleep.

Mom : its no more your room or my room beta its our bedroom. So lets move to our bedroom.

Meine mom ko apne hathon mein utha liya and said lets go together mom. I took her to our bedroom (earlier mom room ) It was also well decorated. On the side table my brand of cigarette and beer was kept. I was shocked to see I said Mom how did you know that I Smoke. Mom said Beta mujhe bahut pehle se pata hai , tum duniya ko ullu bana sakte ho apni maa ko nahin.

I kissed her forhead once more and said you are truly great mom.

Meine Maa ko bed pe litya aur night bulb on kar diya. Uske baad mein Maa ke paas aake baith gaya aur unki eyes mein dekhne laga. I could cleary see the love for me. I went close to Mom and for the first time I kissed her on her lips. Suddenly she opened her mouth and meri tounge unke mouth ke andar unka slaiva taste kar rahi thi.

Hum dono ne ek doosre ko hug kar rakha tha aur bina kutch bole sirf smooch kiye ja rahe the. Mere haath maa ke back pe the slowly meine apne haath maa ki ass pe le gaya aur usko dawane laga. it was so soft. Fir mon ne mere lips ko suck karna start kiya. It was a amzing feeling. I was smooching my own mom. and she was now biting her own son lips.

She was moaning loudly now. Mere haath mein mom ke lehnge ka zip aa gaya aur mein usko khol diya. Uske baad meine mom ki blose bhi khlo diya. We were not atking but passionately smooching each other in the mean while I removed mom choli and lehnga.

She was only in her bra and panty and stalking. She was looking mind blowing. He bra was silk red colur with net and red colour thiongs which was very small to cover her.

Humne apni kiss band kiya mom realsied that she is nude by now. Meine bhi apne kapde utaar diye. aur sirf inners mein reh gaya. Uske baad meine mom ko khada hone ke liye kha aur hug kar liya uske baad meine mom ke neck pe chusna chalu kiya mom ke haath mere sir pe the aur she was breathing hard , meine neck se mom ke cleavge ko chusna chalu kiya. Mom said Anand I love you please make me feel you today.

Meine kaha maa aap chinta mat karo aaj aapko voh sab dooga jiske liye aap inte time se tadap rahe ho. Meine mom ki bra utaar di. She was bit shy but was exited also. I took her left boob in my mouth. (till this time I always saw maa as very educated and well mannered women who always speak very descent language , but this belief of mine was also broken ).

Maa mere samne sirf panty meine kahdi thi and that panty was itself not too much to cover her.

I remover her thongs also to see her nude for the first time in front of me. She was shining like anything. Her chut was clean shaved and was wet by this time. Mom came closer to me and said apni biwi ko nanag kar diya khud kab hoge mere patidev and with that she removed my inners. Mere lund puri tarah se khada ho chukka tha. Mom ne dekha aur bola not bad.

Yeah toh bahut bada ho gaya hai and winked at me. I said mom its 7 inches I don’t know its small or big. To which she said its perfect for me beta. Now talk less and show your love. this is our suhag raat not talk raat. I smiled.

Meine mom ko bed pe litya aur unke pure badan ko chusne laga pehle meine unke boobs chuse its was very soft , meine pagal hota jar aha tha aur meine unke boobs bite karna chalu akr diye.

, mere luv bites unke gore gore boobs pe saaf dikhayi de rahe the , Se was also enjoying it , beta aur bite kar inhe , mujhe bahut maza aa rah hai mere nipples ko bite kar. mein bhi maa ki baatein suntan jar aha tha aur folowo karta jar aha tha , fir mein dheere dhhere unke tummy kochusna chalu kiya mom mere head ko press kar rahi thi mere finger mom ki chut pe meine rakh di , voh puri geeli ho rakhi thi.

Meine mom ki chut ko massage karna chlau kiya apni fingers se.

Mom was enjyong all this , in between hse use to say anand I love u. Then I moved bit lower and for the first time I saw her chut so closely. It was the same chut where my father enetered , from where I came out in this world and today the same chut will be mine. I start licking it like a mad dog.

I likce dit for almost 20 minutes and suddenly I could feel that mom grip was becoming stronger and her body was rigid. She was jumping on my mouth. beta chus aur chus ise.

Till today no one has licked me. Its you only you who showed me the fun of being licked. Out your tounge inside yes beta more I want more from you. It was becoming difficult for me to control so put my hand over her tummy to stop her from jumping and I start biting her outer lips.

She was crying in pain , she forgot the whole world suddenly , and said anand common apni maa ki chut ko aaj shant akr de , Yeah tadap rahi hai tere liye. listening all these words make me more aggressive in my actions and insereted my fingers also in her chut. I was out of breath by continuous licking. I put all f***e on her chut and felt some juices on my mouth.

It was such a great Taste. Mom become silent for some time her grip got loose. I also lied on top of her stomach.

Mom : beta itna acha mujhe kabhi nahin laga tune kahan se sikha yeah sab. Maa its my love for you. we both were nude and talking to each other I was caressing her boobs. For 5 minutes we just talked then mom stood still her staking and sandles on.

She said you like girls with stalking and sandles while doing sex right. I said ya mom. She said then enjoy me with this she sat on the floor and took my lund in her hand. within seconds she was sucking it like a whore. And her words also proves the same.

Anand ise pura mere moonh mein dall de. Mein khada ho gaya and I took mon head in my hands and started mouth fucking her.

She was doing it like a professional. She was pressing my ass in between she use to take my lund out and licks my baals and ass. I was about to come and told maa I cant control she said come inside my mouth beta , if you can drink all my juices then I can also. I came in her mouth and she took all in he mouth. It was a scene just shown in porn movies some of my cum was on her lips which she wiped with her tongue.

We both have already cum once. Then I took one cigarette and mom took the lighter to light it. It was more then a suhag raat. We bother were aggressive. i was smoking and mom was licking my lund. Then she said beta ab control nahin ho raha ise mere chut mein daal de.

Yeah sunte hi mein bhi exited ho gaya aur bola kya baat hai us din toh tahppad pe tahppad aur aaj mere lund ko chodne ka naam nahin maa.

Teen din mein itna change. Maa boli us din ek maa thi aaj ek patni hai jiski chut bhukhi hai. Meine maa ko wall ke share khada kiya aur apna lund unki chut mein daal diya. Mera lund ek hi jhatke mein mom ke anadar the. Mom ke moonh se pehli baar mein gali suni. Mom boli uff haramjade itna tez nahin. Meine kaha chudwana bhi hai aur dard bhi nahin yeah kaise ho skata hai aur yeah kahete hi meine mom ko apne lap mein utha liya she was in air , her legs were around my waist mere lund unki chut meine tha.

Meine jhatke nahin de pa raha tha to meine unhe bed pe dala ke unke legs ko apne shoulder pe rakh diya. Ab mere lund perfect position mein tha.

Meine fir tezis e jhatke dene laga. Mom har jahtake ke saath maze le rahi thi and she was making me exited by saying aur tez jaanu aur tez. Mein bhi pur f***e ke sath mom ki chut meien jhatke maar raha tha.

hum dono hi strong then aura b mom bhi jump karne lagi. I was also lost and forcing my lund in her chut like a iron rod , lo maa maza aa raha hai na is lund se. Aur tez maru tumhari chut. Kasam se maa tumahri jaise chut meine kabhi nahin dekhi , sab Indian ki kali hoti hai tumahri pink kaise. aur yeah sab baat akrte karte karte mein unki chut mein apna lund pele jar aha tha.

Kafir der isi position mein rehne ke baad mom ne mujhe lita diya and she came over me in on the top position. an she was thrusting her chut over my lund and I was pressing her boobs. After some time I said mom I am about to come she said yeas my darling I am also. come inside my chut only ise tere jusice se hi shnati milegi. and once again I came inside her chut.

It was so much that her chut was dripping with my juices. Mom also cam at the same time.

She took my lund in her mouth to clean it up. she licked all the jucies while she was doing this I made her in 69 position to clean her chut , and we again licked each other for some time. it was already three hours since we started fucking , we both were tired.

Hum dono kab so gai pata hi nahin chala. I woke up in night around 2 am and saw mom was in deep sleep nude the whole bad was messed up our clothes were on the floor. Mom was still in stalking and high heels. meine mom ke boobs ko kiss kiya and chusna chalu kiya fir se mom mere is action se jag gayi aur boli uff u want more.

I said I want everytime maa.

Is rasli chut ka maza hi alag hai bus mood karta hai kha jayun. she said beta teri hi hai kha jai se and she took my lund he her hand and strat stroking it. I sadi mom mujhe doggy style bahut pasand hai. she said ven she like that and immediately she was in front of me in doggy position. meine peeche se unki chut mein lund dala aur ek baar fir se chodna start kiya.

I was holding her from her waist , her managl sutra was hanging and moving with every push of mine.

She was just moaning and saying yes chod mujhe doggy position mein mere jaan , For the first time I also got courage to use some bad language , and said haan aaj se tu meri kutiya hai jab bhi maan akrega mein aponi kutiya ko chodunga. Mom boli haan beta mein aaj se teri maa ke saath saath biwi , kutiya and sab kutch hoon , and the she grind her ass against my lund , I got the hint tht now she wants the control and she was perfect in pushing her chut over my lund in this position , I started slping her ass , with each slap her push become faster , in few minutes her ass become red and I can see my finger imprint on her ass , she was enjoying this beating.

I told her mom this time I want you to drink my cum in this position only and I took my lund out of chut and inserted in her mouth she stayed in the same position and licked my lund , I was playing with her ass and in between I put my finger in her ass. she cried in pain and chew my lund we both were enjoying this pain. Finally I cumed in her mouth and once again she took all in her mouth.

Then I suck her up till the orgasm. Finally after two rounds we slept. I have never thought that my mom will be like this on bed. It was a surprise for me.

I woke at around 11 am in the morning , made breakfast like always. By the time I came to bedroom with breakfast mom was also awake , she was very happy , still nude. we both had breakfast and saw the room , it was all messed up , cigarette buds m clothes bed sheet was stained with our juices.

We smiled and I said mom it was a wonderful suhag raat for us. She said beta if your love is with me then you will see many other nights much better then this and we hugged each other. Then we took bath together and once again I fucked her in the washroom. then we went to office. In office we stayed normal but on sms we were teasing each other. In one of the sms I wrote mom your chut is awesome , u r boobs are mind-blowing , but one thing which I don’t know is about your gaand.

is it also rasili like your chut. She replied , you should know it beetr kal finger kiya tha , tab pata nahin chala kya , vaise you have option to taste it with your lovely lund also. I told you many more nights and it could be one of those for you.

Then for the whole day we played through messages.

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