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PartyPlanning Chp1. Pt1.


“This feels great. The sun is not to hot on my skin but it’s a bright clear day, the ladies are running like clockwork and so am I. Ten, I think ten moms have strolled by, just like yesterday. I’m so glad I decided to workout in my garage. Chicks love to see a man workout, especially a single guy like me. Last minute of my work out and this new workout DVD “Get Slim 4 Fem” Has me in top shape.

And the host, Princess!, her highness. What a bitch but if I could fuck her I’d never stop. Last minute gotta focus…

10 minutes after my workout and like clockwork my roomate announces her departure of the day. “Jay I’m going to get Sarah, she wants to come over and sit in the pool. ” I thought about what she said and realized she was talking about her Pool Party she’d been planning all week.

Jean, 20 years old, 36C Tits, 20in Waste and about a 30 in the ass. I didnt find her or she found me, we found each other on a rainy night a long time ago. She needed a room and I needed a roomate. My other roomate is here too but he’s a splitting image of me. Hes a lonewolf and has my personality, Jean does not. I dont even know her real last name.

“You remember Sarah dont you, Kinda pale chubby, Pink nails, Sissy haircut and cant hear her talk hahaha” I thought you liked her hair and shes your friend, you sound like a Frenemy. “No Jay, Sissy isnt an inslult anymore, She’s just different, shy but she says alot of funny things. We have alot in common and I want to see her open up more. I’ve got to go she’s waiting for me to come now.

Dont forget my friends are coming over too. Let them do what they want in my rooom, everything is ready and the girls know what their roles are. ” Roles? and do what they want? Is this my same Jean? You have made me proud and alot of progress so fast. The psychologists advice is obviously working. He’s worth every penny. “yea he really trained my mind and body at the same time to accept what I am and where I will decide I do me”.

Do You! I replied, our little thing. “Ok gotta run be back in a lil while. “

Her ass was phat! Phat like video model. Any man would be lucky to have her. Good thing she has me to watch over her. Her heels made her look much older and she covered her body well. A lady should always stay covered. Not showing too little, and not too much, but juuuuussss— “Jayyyyyyyyy!!! What’s happenin my brotha!! Mike is the kind of guy any neighbor could have I could trust him with my life.

“Is that Jean? My she’s looking great since rehab. Hey can I borrow your tool? My wife and I are laying capret. That rug situation just didnt work out, so we decided to trim the whole thing and start from scratch. ” Suure…Anytime… BROTHA. lol we laughed that was our little thing. White people have little things like that, especially with blacks. Blacks and Whites were made to go together. Speaking of white that made me think of Sarah.

She wore as much black as she could but if not black, she would be showing off her affinity for Pink and pink things. Using black was her way of compensating for her pale skin. You would barely notice if she was in the room she’s so quiet but she was no small fry. She was chubby and shy. Always crossing her legs and folded arms under her breast with that tat—— “Jaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!! HELLOOOOOO!! AHAHAHAH Earth to Jay u ok b*o you got a lil drool there, Im gonna go take off, Thanks again See You Next Tuesday” Whata duechebag, always borrowing my things.. one day Im gonna borrow something of his….

…. To Be Continued.

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