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Party at Peter: 1500 spanks -1

To celebrate my 1500 naughty nights here, I invited many of my best female friends for my party!
Spanks are on offer for pleasure: one for each day. How many hotties will share this wealth of welts?

0. Great Guests
First of all is pretty Petra, my granddod – very well educated by me in all those sexy matters
Guest of honour is Jennifer – she introduced me into the art of spanking for sexual satisfaction
Jenny brings along her best friend from teen times Alex – a shy boyish looking blonde beauty
Also Lea learned the pleasure of spanking in her teen times, during her bare ballet exercises
All the way from Poland is Penelopa – as an early arriver she gets first chance to seduce me
Lisje is a sweet sexy submissive blonde beauty, slighty sluttish sometimes in her dirty dreams

Kate and Kris are lovers, just back from a hot holiday in Croatia, a week of 50 big O’s each
Freshly from the airport BOOBy beauties Linda and Camila – mom and dod, who saved my life once
Kitty Kate and sexy Sarah come from London, young lovers – also on camera – and both bi-sexual
My former lovers and still great girlfriends Stella Maris and Marina also show up together
I introduced spanking to them during a week long role play on a hot holiday in Spain, both only 20
Finally, the special show is the spanking of Dutch daring Dana who can handle the hardest hits


Princess Penelopa
Pretty Penelope is the first to arrive, show off her cuties, offer her beautiful bums across my lap
Penny is a slim sweet shy student, a blonde beauty with nice firm little boobies, no need for a bra
Penny soon wears only her sexy shorts, cut-off jeans – she poses in front of me, legs wide as I like
Penny sees me peeking at the small tuff of her blonde bush popping up from underneath her hotpants
Penny sports a small tummy – slowly she unbottons her yummy jeans and turns around to slide it off

Penny bends over my lap and obiediently offers her wrists behind her back for me to grab and hold
Penny feels my first dozen spanks, six at each side to turn her bottom to a deeper shade of pink
Penny feels how I now caress her hot ass cheeks to ease the sting of it a bit and feel her slit
Penny feels how it easily slides down there until her clit almost – for sure she is getting wet
Penny feels the next dozen, a bit harder now – slowly her burning bottom starts to turn red hot

Penny enjoys again the caresses and single finger sliding down her slit and deep into her pussy
Penny moans – it feels so good – till another dozen smacks hit her hard – it really hurts her
Penny relaxes from the caresses and longs for more fingers to slide down her snatch deep inside
Penny enjoys the firm grip and a thumb down her dripping pussy, fingers near her throbbing clit
Penny is amazed she feels the next dozen with the spanking hand still at her hot hairy wet cunt

Penny listens to his demand: I want you to come on my order at the 50th spank, you are almost done
Penny hears him count out loud and new guests count along – she had not noticed their arrival
Penny has tears in her eyes but she is so terribly hot now – she longs to explode so very much
Penny hears him announce the last two will be the toughest smacks, which sends her over the edge
Penny comes loud and long she shakes across my lap, her face turns red as she hears her applause

Penny needs some time to regain her breath.

Such a sexy show she is. Is she in for another round?
Penny nods, yes please spankingmaster Peter – the girls gasp, wanting to have their turn at my lap
Penny feels light as I lift her, spread her legs at my both sides, lay her face down along my legs
Penny offers a sexy sight to me as I can watch her snatch contract at every smack at her hot bottom
Penny feels how underneath her belly my manhood slowly comes to stand to attention for this session

Penny loves she gets two of my fingers inside her wet twat when I caress her ass after first dozen
Penny hips rock along in the rymth of the next dozen, humping her clit along my growing tool of love
Penny keeps grinding her slit in my groin during the break between the dozens spanks getting so horny
Penny moans as she suddenly feels my member inside during the fouth dozen hitting her heated bums
Penny moans from disppointment as I slide now out of her, grab her hips, lift her up for the final dozen

Penny lands with her legs across my shoulders, her snatch open for my mouth to eat her out now
Penny feels how I pull at her hairs to position her mouth over my wooden manhood and push it down
Penny deepthroats me, almost imposible to breath for her, as I spank each cheek six times real hard
Penny hears how our audience count out loud along to the last two smacks to make her orgasm again
Penny squirts into my mouth as I shoot my load directly into her stomach – we both almost collaps

We wake up immediately from the cheers of our audience – we look around us, many are in embraces
Stella Maris and Marina whistle at their fingers – their other hands at each others hairy snatches
Kate and Kris are hotly kissing – slapping each other ass cheeks to applaude along with my guests
Camila and Laura rub their big beautiful breasts together – Kitty Kate and Sarah join the concert
Dana and Lisje watch with a smile, like Alex who sits between Jenny’s legs looks at all that love

Petra serves me a glas of cool sparkling wine – Cool granddad, I liked that! – Who will be next?
Alex looks anxiously at me with her big eyes full of excitement for what might just happen to her
Alex let me invite you and properly introduce you to my other guests – come and sit at my lap, love
Alex blushes from the honour, the sudden attention of all eyes on her – Jenny kisses her for courage
Alex walks up to me dressed with simple elegance: all in white, her top, short skirt and leggings


Awesome Alex
How long is it ago awesome Alex your last spanking by me – you surely remember your first, don’t you?
Exactly ten years back today dear Pete immediately in my first week at home with you and Jenny then
As instant great girlfriends Jenny confided all with me, also her spanking for sent home from school
The idea strangely excited me – although I didn’t have a clue why – we were barely twelve back then
So I misbehaved on purpose out of innocent curiousity why being hit at bare bums seemed so hot to me

Well you got very hot indeed, as I spanked you for punishment you were not allowed to come that time
Later you learned that spanking can be a reward – foreplay for a long lasting sexy shaking explosion
Last time is too long ago love, show us all your cute beauties and let me inspect your private parts
Alex gets up to stand in front of me – looks deep into my eyes as she pulls the top over her head
Alex still has those wonderful little firm titties – her nipples look like longing for my long kisses

Freeze please, Alex stops her movement, her faced covered by her top – feels my hands at her breasts
I take my time to fondle them – slowly roll her nipples between two fingers to make them stand out
I start to suck at her hard nipples while my hands slide underneath her skirt to caress her bare bums
Alex breathing deepens – she moans softly through her top – she loves to be taken carefully care of
Still half dressed I can already smell she is getting wet and ready for more action across my lap!

Please undress forther for us, cute beauty – Alex rolls down her leggings to reveal her muscular legs
Alex long slim fingers unbutton her skirt showing me her blonde furry – her boyish bums to the girls
Please inspect me Pete – Alex spreads her legs and steps up very close to me – her love lips shine
Alex it looks like you are hot for some spanks, sweetie – welcome to come across my longing lap love
Alex bends over – wriggles her hips a bit to find proper position for my member to rub with her belly

Alex has firm bums, almost too small for my long hands – soon as pink as her pussy with first dozen
Alex tries to keep my hand at her wet snatch after my caresses – only to turn her bums red next dozen
Alex feels how I pull her burning bums apart for a good look from her tight sphinxter down her slit
Alex longs for my finger to reach all the way down to her clit – snd indeed I rub it now for her a bit
Alex gets as hot as hell as I administer the middle dozen smacks, turn all of her hips red as her bum

Alex blonde bush and wet twat stick to my hand – she heaves her hips, her snatch slides at my fingers
Alex feels my thumb slide inside her as I tighten my grip at her private parts for the final finest series
Alex rocks her hips to meet my hard hand – she intuitively increases the impact of her tough spanking
Alex breathes deep in the same rythm – her legs start to tremble, indicating the approach of her big O
Alex yells Ooh, ooh, OOOOOOOOH in her sexy spasms of a long lasting orgasm as guest at my lap

I grab Alex at her hips and lift her up, she parts her legs for me to hold my head between her thighs
I lick her hot swollen blonde honeypot – You taste like honey, honey – I munch with my mouth full
I feel how Alex eagerly immediately grabs for my shaft lick alongside it and fills her hungry mouth
I love it how slutty submissive she can get from my proper tasty treatment of her longing love lips
I pull her hot bums apart to open her up more for my probing tongue, the tip of my nose at her rose

I do like her musky smell and the salty taste of her twat – I feel like having her right there now
I lower her holding her hips to my loins – I easily slide inside her hot wet snatch – and I rock her
I spank her – Alex automatically contracts her bums and pretty pussy at every smack of my hot hands
I spank her by both – Alex strong muscles milk my member – she continues with her cunt as I caress
I tease her at her sphinxter – her ‘forbidden territory’ of love, spreading it a bit by two thumbs

I notice we get help in pleasuring Alex as Penny, curled up next to my legs, reaches for Alex slit
I spread my legs a bit more to make place for Jenny to lay between my feet, her legs up and wide
I smile at her as we both remember how hot Alex is to eat out Jenny’s juicy pussy – now in public!
I know Alex lost all interest in coming on order – she is simply too high now to care for such courtesies
I love how the waves wash all across Alex in another awesome orgasm after a few sets of spanks

We all love to sexy success of this foxy formula for four – we try to repeat it as Jenny longs to come
We all are amazed how well it works for both young yummy dedicated lesbian lovers from teen times
We all love their simultanic sexplosions as Alex and Jenny come together from only a dozen
We all want to know now if they can continue to come at a pace like this – and I add another dozen
We all hear the cheers for their second sexy simultaneous satisfying success coming together

I lift Alex up again for our grand finale – immediately she starts pole dancing with her lips
I hold her hips in my hands – I attack her salty fishy foxy blonde beaver with my long longing tongue
I face fuck her furry as her hot lips try to milk my member for a fresh shot of proteines to feed her
I deliver her final dozen – at last two slaps I shoot my load into her throat – and she surprises me:
I feel how hot Alex comes in my face in short shots of her golden shower to tribute my efforts

We two need a break and a sexy shower together – please excuse my beloved Alex and me for a moment
We offer the floor for fresh public performers – which of our hot couples want to steal the show now?
We will find out when we come back – if we come back in time – not to miss any of my guests action
We walk off hand in hand, looking forward for some more fun in my bath together without any spectators
We know we will not miss any of the fun my guests will have, as Petra records everything on camera!.

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