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A night in oakwood with Karolina

I picked Karolina up at 7pm, she looked stunning as alway’s, she had a tight black dress on, one that showed her figures off beautifully. Every wonderful curve on display, it stopped just before her knee’s, probably for easy access to her. She looked amazing anyway, no wonder all my friends wanted to fuck her. “Where we going” ? She asked “I’ve found a restaurant I would like to try, it’s a new one in oakwood forest ” That was […]

Lilith the 8mm Shemale Queen

(This was written after viewing Lilith’s (fetishmy) video “A Rapid Cumshot. the way it is shot it looks like an 8mm film you would see in the old-time smut booths of a dirty bookstore) I have an interest in the XXX world from the 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s. Porn back then was not easily of accessed like today from the internet. the difficulty to get ahold of a dirty picture, magazine or film made it a prized possession. Today there […]