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A little background about this story before hand: this was my entry into a contest that saw you writing a scene for a porn shoot with Desiree De Luca. Hence the stage and film directions. I won.

Play final frames from previous clip.
Fade out to white.

Fade in to Desiree masturbating.

Rubbing clit with one hand. Attending to tits with the other.

Still working clit, other hand gets two fingers in pussy.

works to getting a finger in her ass while fingering pussy as well.

PA walks into frame.

PA: “Ooops. Sorry Ms. De Luca. “

Desiree: ” Oh, no problem. Just warming up for my scene with a fan. “

PA: “Actually, that is why I am here. “

Desiree: “I know give me another five minutes. “

Starts masturbating more vigorously.

PA: “You see, um, you can take as long as you need…”

Desiree climaxes and cool down after glow.

PA: “He canceled. “

Eyes bolt open and sits up.

Desiree: “What? Why?”

PA: “Well, he said with measure b in effect he might as well just fuck a rubber glove. “

Desiree: “What about backup talent?”

PA: “Everybody is booked or does not have a current test available. I am sorry but we have to shut down the shoot. “

Desiree now visibly upset.

Desiree: “No, no, no! This location is rented for the day and I have been prepping my tight ass for cock. You have any idea the looks you get at a convenience store at 3am buying hygenie products and a pound and a half of gummibears?”

PA: “I have worked for (insert name of friend of Desiree in adult or just Alexis Amore). “

Desiree: “Oh. Well anyway I need a cock and I need one now.

PA: “I am telling you there is no one. I checked everyone. “

Slight pause. Desiree forms a devious smirk.

Desiree: “As a matter of safety you get checked right?”

PA: “Well yeah. You know, safety first”

Desiree works herself closer to PA.

Desiree: “You passed, right?”

PA: “Yeah but wait oh no, no, no. “

Desiree is now very close to PA.

Desiree: “You are the production assistant right?”

PA nervously attempts to inch away.

PA: “Yes”

Desiree: “Well, this production needs some assistance. “

Desiree starts rubbing PA’s leg and moves to rubbing the crotch of his pants.

PA: “I do not think my wife would be okay with me staring. “

Desiree now stroking his cock through the pants and rubbing her pussy.

Desiree: “I do not remember offering you a staring role.

Desiree unzips fly and undoes button.

Desiree: “I have to audition you first. “

Desiree pulls him in and presses his face against her tits.

Desiree: adlib something about big tits and pay some attention to nipples.

PA licking and sucking nipples. Desiree continues to rub clit.

Desiree: adlib encouragement

Desiree now grabs the back of PA’s head and slowly guides him down to pussy.

Desiree: adlib command to eat pussy

PA eats pussy. Desiree plays with tits and spreads lips for PA.

Desiree: “Eat out my tight asshole. “

Desiree pushes PA a little further down and spreads ass.

Desiree: “Enough. Lets see if you can fuck. “

Gets up and positions for doggystyle. Inserts PA’s cock herself. PA humps slow and steady.

Desiree: adlib about how it feels and commentary about her pussy.

Desiree: adlib to fuck her harder.

PA speeds up.

Desiree: adlib about better, you like that, now harder.

PA gets a firm grip on Desiree’s hip and a fist full of hair and pounds on it.

Desiree: adlib(?) an orgasm. Tells PA to slow it down.

Desiree has PA pull out and sit down.

Desiree: adlib about wanting to suck  her pussy off his cock.

Desiree performs blowjob.

Desiree gets on top cowgirl.

Desiree: adlib

Desiree dismounts. Turns around.

Desiree: adlib about her tight ass needing a cock.

Reverse cowgirl anal.

Then Desiree lays on her back, anal.

Desiree: adlib begging for cum on her massive tits.

Pop shot face and tits.

Fade to white.

Smash cut to Desiree’s face.

PA: “Ms. De Luca?”

Desiree: “Hmmm?”

PA: “Did you hear me? The fan is here and ready for the shoot. “

Desiree: “Oh… Okay. “

Desiree gets up from couch, crosses infront of PA, stops beat and smiles, and walks out of frame.

Cut to first several frames of previous clip.

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