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Our upset neighbour

Donna and I were watching a movie one Saturday night, when there was a knock on the door, I answered it to find our neighbour, a young pretty Asian girl, crying and obviously in some distress, I invited her in and she came into the lounge, I told her to sit on the sofa, where my wife was sitting, she was crying and we put our arms around her and she told us the problem.

Her husband had been screwing her sister, and she’d just found out, it had been going on for a couple of years, she was really upset, after around twenty minutes she seemed to calm down a little, when my wife said she was going to the toilet, I had my arms around and she had her head on my shoulder, as my wife went upstairs, she turned her head and kissed me.

To be honest I’d admired her from a far for a while because she was so pretty. We were kissing and I brushed her breast and she sighed, as I did this I noticed she had a white bra on, knowing that if a woman is wearing a white bra then she more than likely wearing white panties, and I was dying to get my hands in her knickers. Suddenly she pulled away from me and Donna came in the room.

God my cock was hard and I felt awful as if I’d taken advantage of her distress. Donna put her hands around her to calm her down and she kissed my wife, Donna turned her head away from her and she started to kiss Donna’s neck, I was watching this with a massive erection. As she carried on kissing my wife’s neck she also had her hand on her breast, gently carressing her nipple.

I stood up and came round to where Donna was sighing and started to kiss her on the lips, she hungrily kissed me back, the neighbour had pulled up her top and was feeling her tits as I was kissing her, between us we motioned for Donna to sit up, as she did the neighbour lifted up her top and slipped it off, I unclipped her bra and her 42DD tits dropped out.

She kissed down her neck and latched on to Donna’s tits, I came behind her and I was feeling the neighbours tits thru her sari, she did something to it and it came away and I was cupping her small tits thru her white bra, which I unclipped and rolled her nipples between my fingers, she was moaning as was Donna as she licked her nipples.

I went back rond to where Donna was half sat half slumped in her seat with another woman licking her nipples, as I started to kiss Donna she grabbed hold of my rock hard cock and proceeded to rub me, after around five minutes she let out a loud sigh, as I looked I could see our neighbour, lifting up Donna’s skirt and rubbing her pussy thru her panties, I almost came immediatly.

My wife was moaning as our neighbour was rubbing her thru her panties, Donna opened her legs, as the neighbour rubbed her more quickly, then she pushed her thighs wide apart and started to lick her pussy through her panties, I came up behind her and pulling her sari completly out of the way I started to rub her pussy through her white panties, and now both girls were moaning.

Then she pulled my wife’s panties down, spread her chubby thighs and licked my wife’s cunt to the point of her achieving a massive orgasm, I pulled our neighbour off her as Donna laid there breathless, I pulled down her panties and spread her legs and licked her off to an orgasm she said she’d never had before.

I pulled Donna onto the floor and got her in the doggy position, I fed my hard cock into her wet pussy and the neighbour slid underneath her and continued to lick her again as I was shagging her, to my amazement Donna was rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt, after another few minutes I knew I was close to coming and so was Donna, as it happened so was our neighbour.

I fucked my wife as she came with another massive orgasm, I poured my spunk into her wet cunt as our neighbour licked her off as Donna was bringing her off with her fingers, we all came together.
I slotted out and the neighbour carried on licking Donna’s pussy, I was getting hard again when my wife told me to shag her, I got between her legs, in the missionary position and started to fuck her.

She was moaning like mad, she was also licking Donna’s asshole as she fingered her pussy, I was banging her in a way she’s never had sex before, I pulled out and turned her over as I pushed my cock inside her she gasped, I had my hand around her and was rubbing her clit and she was coming real hard, shouting, moaning and crying. Donna was also coming as she was frantically rubbing her.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, then Donna screamed out another orgasm, and our neighbour started coming as she was squirting juices all over the floor and I pulled my cock out and she grabbed it and wanked me off, I came all down her tits. We were all sat there shattered. After we’d got dressed and were talking our neighbour said she’d never come before during sex.


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