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Our First Time

I sat with his sister on the bed thinking about how to make this disgusting wine taste better, when I thought of something. What if we played a horny teenage past time? I Suggested my brilliant plan to her and her brother who eagerly said yes to truth or dare. I was first and every time someone would truth or dare me, I would do a shot of that nasty shit. Soon enough, she asks me to do something I was hoping she’d ask.

She told me to kiss her brother. I looked at him and he looked at me. I thought he didn’t want to kiss me, so I took the shot for his sake. After a few more rounds, she passes out. He didn’t drink anything. He was too good at the game to lose. I told him I want to go to the nearby park to swing. I love swinging. He said that he would take me.

We walked to the park and sat on the swing. I looked up at the almost full moon thinking about how awesome an opportunity to kiss him this would be when he calls me a coward. I look at him astonished. I ask him how he thought I was a coward. He said that I didn’t kiss him in the truth or dare. I blush and look away quickly. ‘Why does he have to be right while being so cute?’ I look back at him and tell him that I’m not a coward.

As I stand and walk towards him, he tells me I am. I lean into him and kiss him lightly. I say,” See?” He looks at me with a smile on his face and I know that I’ve been played into kissing him. I smile back and kiss him again. He carries my, what seem like, 60 inch heels back home for me. We walk into the house and see his sister on the couch.

I get an idea. I walk him to his bedroom and start roughly kissing him. He grabs my waist and I almost squeal with excitement. I take his shirt off and lay him on the bed. He tells me to take my clothes off and I obey him while almost falling to the floor. I giggle while watching him try to take his shoes off with his feet. He gets everything off and throws me onto the bed under him.

I had never really been with a guy before and it was definitely my first time drinking. I slurred my words as my hands trail along my body. He watches and quickly pulls a condom onto his hard cock. I tell him to be careful. He abides, until he feels how tight my pussy is and rams into me. I scream and he covers my mouth tightly saying that the neighbors would call the cops.

But, I couldn’t understand. The pain was overwhelming. He wrapped his hand over my mouth and kept it there. While he’s fucking me, I can feel tears roll off of my cheek. It love the way his cocks feels. I orgasm so many times, I can’t tell whether he’s still on me or not. He lets my mouth go and wraps his arm around my neck. I can feel my throat collapse under his bulging arm.

He holds his flexed arm around. I try to fight him back, but he’s not letting go. He grabs my hair in his other hand and yanks it. I feel my hair separate from scalp. As I’m writhing in pain and trying to squirm my way out from beneath his body, he tells me that he likes that. He fucks me harder. I can tell that he’s about to cum since he doesn’t care if I’m about to pass out from lack if oxygen or not.

I feel my face tighten and warm. ‘He’s really going to do it. ‘ I think to myself, ‘I’m going to die here. ‘. He quickly pulls out of me, let’s go of my body, pulls the condom off and cums onto my back. He looks down at me as I turn around. He smiles and lays next to me. We lay there for a while, until our eyes close and it’s morning.
His sister walks in.


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