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Open your mouth

Our usual morning routine just wasn’t enough for me this morning.

I started the day as usual. I finally got up after hitting snooze a few times on the alarm. After taking a few minutes to get my brain started I got up and walked to the kitchen to be greeted by overly friendly and hungry a****ls. I let the dogs out first and feed them. Next, I opened a can of cat food to feed them.

Even the most hateful cat is friendly when there’s canned cat food around. I make my way back to our room to get in a few minutes of cuddling and maybe a bit more, but that’s just not enough for me today.

You hear me walk in the room, so as usual you roll onto your side and we begin going through the motions. First, we spoon while I softly caress the contours of your body.

You start to wake, and you press your body tightly against mine. Second, my hands get more adventurous and bold. Their caress turns harder into a grip as they find their way down your gentle curves to your natural handles, your hips. Third, while still clothed we rub our bodies against each other. I can already feel an uncomfortable hardness pressed between us trying to be freed. My hands continue to explore, this time under your clothes and into forbidden places.

As the hardness continues, your hands come to the rescue to free it, to release it. Fourth, in unison we separate for a moment then return both of us nude. With the constructions removed, I can finally get my day started out right. We pause for a moment. You already know what is next. My fingers find you and I slip inside of you. Fifth, we fuck. All this should be enough but its not.

As we ride the waves of pleasure, you moan and writhe in the ecstasy of our passion. I can tell that you have cheated again and already reached orgasm once or twice. But it’s nothing out of the norm, it’s all part of the routine, the morning ritual. Well, today I do mind. I’m tired of the routine, the usual.

So, I stop. You peer back at me. I attempt to move you where I want you but its not part of our usual morning routine.

You try to help me, but that’s not where I want you. The moment is slipping away, fast. I grab you and put you on your knees. You go to work sucking and rubbing me. You seem so pleased, it comes so natural to you. I must have just wanted a slight change. Only a momentary mix up, now things are back to normal. Although I am appreciative for your willingness to comply with the change to the norm, that’s not why I put you on your knees in front of me.

I was ready to cum. I put you there so I can use you for my own pleasure, not for you or your sense of accomplishment to make me cum.

You look so content, just doing your job. You are so pleased with yourself. You are sitting on back on your feet with your knees together. One hand placed neatly on you leg the other gripped gently on the lower part of my butt for leverage.

Your lips wrapped around me, moving at a steady and even tempo. It almost appears that you are smiling. Well that just won’t do. I softly reach my hands around your head and entangle them in your hair, the morning routine is not going to be so usual this morning.

With a good grip around your head, fingers twisted and wrapped in your hair, I thrust my cock in your pretty mouth and down your throat.

Your perfect posture is immediately broken as you are now trying to push me off of you. What once was a gentle grip is now both of your hands with full contact on my hips. You push me away to gasp for air, with your mouth open I fuck your mouth. I can feel your teeth scr****g against me with each movement but I keep going. Then finally I stop. You look up at me and I say to you, “open your mouth”.

With one hand on the back of your head to hold you in position, the other hand is working. I can feel it building. You can see that I am close. Your smile returns. With your mouth open and ready, I cum. I move your head to catch some of my cum. While some I purposely miss and cum on your face and chest. You are for my pleasure. You are mine and I own you.

I will do with you whatever I want.

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