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One of my fantasies come true

My partner and I share a fantasy about me watching her have sex with another man more me than her at this point. She is seriously the best partner in the world and has started to have a seriously sexual side to her more so now than when we first met, we decided that we would go for it even tho she was still abit unsure about it…i joined a online dating site and made her profile pic to one where she was all done up ready to go out with her short blonde hair and I tight short blk dress, it wasn’t long until we found a guy called mark for her to date.

Colette went on a couple of nights out, telling him that you was a bored married women just looking for some fun behind her husband’s back so to spk and things were starting to look good for me to have my fantasy fulfilled…
One afternoon I was near the house around lunch time so I decided to grab some lunch at home. When I got to my house there was a strange car blocking the drive, this was abit unusual so I parked around the corner out the way.

When I got in the house I went straight up stairs to go the toilet And on my way back down, I heard voices outside I paused, confused at first, I could hear Colette’s voice, and a man’s voice.. I turned round and went back to the top of the stairs as quietly as possible listening intensely. Colette only worked a short distance away about 15 mins away from home but normally worked 2 til 8.

What she be doing back home with another man in the middle of the day? I felt a jolt of excitement as I realized the other voice was could be the new guy she had been on a few dates with mark…Turned out you hadn’t been to work at all that day but had taken the day off to meet up with mark..heard the walk through the house below and the distinct sound of Colette’s flirty giggle…
A door opened and they came into the hall, and I glanced down and saw Colette with her arms wrapped around her new man… Why don’t we go up to your bed room and make out like teenagers?’ he asked he grinning
‘I asked you here for some lunch she said not to fool around (even tho she really wanted to fuck him there and then) she replied.

I knew that she was just playing hard to get while still being abit unsure about sleeping with another man apart from myself and she smiled as I watched her reach up to kiss him passionately on the lips, to contradict what she had just said. You looked gorgeous today with a very nice right fitting maxi dress on wht heels. Her hair was so shiny and straight with a splash of make up on and he also looked smart in a blue shirt, and blue jeans…
I realized that they did not know I was in the house because my car was parked round the corner out the way and I didn’t want that to change so I slowly slipped quietly into our bedroom, grabbed my phone and stepped into the wardrobe, which was a floor-to-ceiling sliding style, it had plenty of room from me to step in and behind the clothes while leaving the door open just a tad so I had a view of the room and of the double bed.

My heart was beating so hard I was sure that they would hear it and find me in my hiding place lol..
You do know we’re not going to have time to eat at this rate colette said as she walked into the room with the new guy trailing her as they held hands. He pulled her hand back and twisted her round into his arms I’m not sure I’m hungry anyway mark said after they had shared another passionate kiss…
From the angle I was in I could see his hand sliding from down your back and grasping your arse while he was Slowly kissing your neck before running his tongue up to your ear..
You let out a short high gasp that turned me on instantly in my dark hiding place.

could see his cock was a good size and already half hard.
You move fast… My wife said giggling again you moved back towards him, eyes locked with this and he slowly caressed your hand down his front, before unzipping his pants and revealing his cock which I could see mark had a good size cock about 8 inch long and 6 inch thick.. You wrapped your fingers around his throbbing cock, and gently began to rub it up and down While still kissing mark, this time more slowly and deeply… He reached around your back of your dress lifting it up slowly over your bottom to reveal a sexy smooth arse where his hands was caressing your arse cheeks.. What a view I was getting hiding away in the wardrobe…at the same time your still caressing his rather large hard manhood now thinking to yourself what this is going to feel like deep inside your pussy as you’ve never experienced another mans cock before and excitement started to take over, at this point mark slowly lifted your right dress over your head and let it fall to the floor, which revealed her white silky satin thong and bra.

That’s when I knew that this was finally going to happen..I could not believe my eyes or my luck..He put his hand inside her your panties and caressed your smooth shaven pussy. There stood in the middle of the room, was my wife only in her heels and underwear stroking the cock of another man. This was shaping up to be the realization of my greatest fanaticises, but I still wasn’t sure know how far you would go with this, Mark then sat on the side of the bed, and brought you closer to him, and kissed your Boobs down to your stomach while running his hands across her back, and I started to hear you moan with excitement at this point he gently pulled down your thong With his kisses trailed down to the pit of ya stomach…‘Stop’ you said with wavering words I’m not sure I can do this.

Not now, at least. You turned your body away from him with your thong still around your heels…
Just relax… He reassured you putting his hands on ya hips, and sitting you down on the bed between his legs.
and started to kiss your back of your neck passionately all the way down your back where you once again start to fill with excitement and had butterfly’s in your stomach…
He whispers What could be more right than this here and now me and you, He then unclasped your bra at the back and you let it fall down her arms, with his left hand he cupped her ample breast, and started slowly caressing and squeezing your now hard nipples while kissing your neck again hmm you said with a moan, leaning your neck into the caress of his lips.

From my angle I could see marks right hand on your leg, and watched as he gently pulled your legs open and ran his hand up to your pussy and, slowly at first, started to rub your now soaking wet pussy And turned your head to the right and kissed him hard…I could see your tongue darting in and out of his mouth. He slid two fingers into your wet pussy, and made you gasp loudly and smile like the Cheshire Cat with the next kiss u playfully bit his lower lip and I knew all thoughts of being scared to be with another man were over and you could not stop now if you wanted to… Now my cock was rock hard in the dark my hiding place and I had to let it out of my pants…Lie back you whispered softly as you slowly disentangled yourself from his embrace.

You reached down and stepped out of your thong and crawled on the bed towards him, with your wht heels still on. You slowly pulled his top off to reveal marks we’ll toned stomach and immediately started to kiss his stomach all over upto his chest teasing his nipples before slowly working your way back down his chest to his ever so large manhood and grasped marks cock with your right hand jerking him off with slow moments until you couldn’t resist anymore at the size off this thing… It was like all your dreams come true…you just had to have it in your mouth so you took his cock in your mouth slowly licking and sucking the tip off his knob til he started to groan which turned you on even more from what I could see and hear, you worked it for a few minutes before sucking his big balls which sent him over the edge to the point where he said I’m gonna cum and you replied cum baby all in my mouth…seconds later he shot his load straight into your mouth where you to my surprise took the lot while licking you lips after.

It was wonderful to see you so willing to please another man, and so erotic to see u suck his cock, as your head bobbing up and down…but it wasn’t finished there it was his turn now and he whipped you over on you back and caressed your whole body with his tung from top to bottom teasing you to the point you couldn’t keep quiet any longer, I’ve never heard you make them noises like you did just by being kissed, he then moved all the way down to your sweet but very wet pussy without anytime and started to give you the best licking and sucking you’ve ever had before, within seconds of mark doing so you had your first orgasm moaning and groaning and panting so loud you cum all over his face with your following juices that just pumped out of you with U saying slow slow slow ummm yeah yeah, that was the best orgasm you ever had from what I could see ever even with me wasn’t a patch on that..mark continued to make you cum another two times before you said I won’t your big cock inside me now and let me fuck you senseless to which he did not then moved up to straddle him, pushing his cock flat to rub against your clit.

You leaned up to kiss his lips before moving up to put your boobs onto his face, he cupped them eagerly with his hands and licked at your visibly erect nipples at this point You moaned loudly as you moved back and forwards grinding your wetness against his hard dick. After a few minutes you moved forwards and with a hand guided his thick member inside your wet pussy And sat up on his throbbing cock while to my surprise holding your own tits, and riding on top of her new guy.

You moaned but tryed to bite your lip to silence yourself. Which didn’t work at all because you wanted his cock so bad and couldn’t hold back anymore
‘ooooouuuuhhhhhhhhnnnnnnffffff’ Yes yes fuck me harder harder you said,
‘You’re so sexy, baby’ he gasped ‘fuck me! Again you said moaning and groaning then again you cum all over his throbbing cock again and again( I’ve never seen you like this before even when your ridding me wasn’t so intense like it was with mark) he says
‘I am fucking you, ride my big cock like you’ve never done which you did… You said then ‘I want you to fuck me hard, and make me cum again baby She whispered in a low sexy voice.

He took charge and turned you onto your back you pulled your knees up and put your hands around his neck as Mark began to pound you hard, and you responded by moaning and groaning with each stroke. You put your hand down and rubbed your clit as he fucked you harder and harder, I could tell that you was genuinely getting off on this and your pale skin starting to get flushed.

‘yes, yes, yes!’ Fuck me fuck me you exclaimed ‘I’m going to cum’ harder harder then all I heard was yeah yeah yeah I’m coming I’m coming with such excitement come again all over his big cock and was panting so bad it was like all hell broke loose.. At this point mark could not hold back any longer and shot his cum all inside you moaning as he did for the second time.. I was shocked and turned on by the idea of you fucking and ridding another mans dick so much I precum straight away! You both lay closed tightly on the bed for a few minutes with some passionate kissing before I could see him and you getting aroused again I was loosing count at this point and couldn’t believe mark could be so hard again so quick, where at this point you grabbed his throbbing cock and I could not wait to see if you sallow his jizz again… I watched as you moved down to take him in your mouth again.

He put his hands on either side of her head and fucked your face for a few pumps before orgasming hard, and emptying his load into your mouth yet again. After a moment you lifted you head and gasped, his cum shiny on your lips and face…you lay next to him, both out of breath panting and naked.
‘That was great you said grinning I’ve never new that could feel so amazing and good I’ve never felt that way before ever.. ‘Yeah you were.

You’re amazing Mark said rolled on his side and kissed you tenderly on her neck and breasts, and nipples as you lay panting. His hand moving back and rubbed her wet pussy you pulled up your legs and put your right leg over him, to let him know that this what you wanted again, I couldn’t believe my eyes to the fact you was going to go at it again so quick after the second time, I was seeing something I never thought I’d see in a million years which was to see you get fucked again and again and you love it so much.. Soon you was moaning again as mark slipped his throbbing cock back inside while he used his fingers to pleasure you where You climaxed quickly and arched her back as you orgasmed so loudly you could hear you down the street..
You both continued to cuddle and kissing after this for a more few minutes, while caressing and touching each other passionately which you added that was so amazing and you’ve never felt like that before and wished you done it sooner but never thought you could feel that way being with another man and having the feel off another cock inside you.. You then got up and said he would have to leave now before your husband came home before giving him on final kiss before getting up.

You both dressed quickly, my as your wiggling back into the same discarded dress with a conservative high neck line. You had kept your heels on throughout the whole off that love making session and tried to sort out your messy sweaty hair, but could do nothing for your tell-tale blushed checks. You exchanged one last kiss before he said best get gone and they went downstairs together and left the house. Once I heard the front door close I came out of my hiding place and glanced out the window to see them jump in the same car that had blocked me from getting on the driveway.

Later I would realize that was the luckiest thing that had ever happened to me, and my fantasy had come true.. but if I had parked on the drive, they would have known I was home. I could not control myself any longer and wanked myself off on the still warm bed that still smelled of their fucking and her pussy. I had the strongest and best orgasm of my life and added my cum to the bed.

I then also had to leave and get back to work. Later on that evening as we lay in our bed together you told me about fucking her other man on our bed at lunchtime. You said she knew that I wanted to watch them together, but that didn’t think a rehearsal wouldn’t hurt. We had amazing sex together that night while she told me every little detail, but I never told you that I had secretly been there the whole time.

The next time that you fucked her new boyfriend I watched again, this time with her knowledge, but that is another story….

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