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One Night Only (Part One)

Some people have this chemistry between them that can never be explained. It’s like their souls have met in a past life and if in the right time in the right moment they can get a chance to relive the past their souls share. You can think or assume you know someone pretty well but how they treat you, how they feel when with you, how comfortable they naturally are with you intimately is something that is a true measure of the bond shared.

This is the story of two friends let’s call them Fatty D and Lil Kitty, who never knew how deep their connection was until things escalated.
Fatty and Kitty always shared a good connection they never truly got to spend time together because of distance and schedules, but they always kept in contact no matter what. For whatever reason they couldn’t leave each other alone.

Kitty has a man and it’s serious, while Fatty went through his share of ladies and failed relationships. Well one day Kitty finds herself without her man who is gone and won’y be back for days and being in the house losing her mind is not something she plans to do so she hits up her old buddy Fatty D and sees what he is doing.

Kitty: Hey Fat Man, WYD?
Fatty: Same thing I’m always doin Pinky….

Not shit.
Kitty: Well do you have any gas, no where to be tomorrow, and possibly some weed?
Fatty: Yes to all. Why whats up?
Kitty: God you are dense sometimes. I was wondering if you could drive down and see me. I got an empty house and my sanity is slowly slipping away.
Fatty: Since when do you have sanity?
Kitty: Nigga you comin to see me or not?
Fatty: lol text me the address I will take a shower and be on my way.

Some hours later Fatter knocks on her door with an over night bag and an 12 case of Sam Adams. The night goes very platonic as planned. They finish the last beer and the second blunt for the night after talking over movies that came on TV. It’s late so they change into night attire. He changes to a tee and some basket ball shorts and she followed suit.

She brings him a blanket and pillows and can’t help but notice when he stands up that has FAT DICK imprint in his shorts and is obviously not wearing underwear. She cant really talk she knows her big plump ass swallows basketball shorts. She’s still staring completely out of character just reaches to touch it. “I’m sorry I just had to see if I was trippin or if it was really fat as it looks…… oh shit it’s growin”.

Fatty replies “Well what do you expect? I’m high, tipsy, and I was hopin you’d just pull it out when i saw you reaching. “. They both pause and realize they never thought this moment would ever happen. She smacks the pitched tent he has going on now to break the silence thinking to herself “Oh god that kinda hurt my hand…”. He just goes for it and lets his shorts drop letting her see all his stiff thick veiny glory.

She instinctively just reaches to grab it. Noticing her hand barely fits around it and how hard and heavy it feels in her hand. In all senses of what she loves about dick its damn near perfect. While she’s admiring his meat he just pulls her close and starts sucking on her neck, reaching his hand into her shorts to see if that ass is soft as it looks. All the while she hasnt stropped stroking his dick.

“hey I lost my bottom you gotta lose yours” he says. Her reply “I’ve kinda got my hands full here. ” So done with talking and visibly ready for action.
He pulls her shirt over her head and pulls her shorts down as he bends down to suck on her titties he now realizes they are much bigger without a shirt. Smothers his face into them and lick and suck on her nipples real hard out of sheer a****l magnetism alone.

He lies her down right there on the carpet in the middle of the living room and give that pussy a tongue lashing. All kinds of slurping and popping and spitting going on. At one point he tosses her legs back and lets her plump ass rest against his chest while he feasts on her pussy which is sloppy wet at this point. He has pussy juice all in his beard and on his chin and neck.

She’s been moaning for the past 10 minutes and he knows shes about to cum cause shes getting louder so he works the tongue double time to push her over the edge and she creams like she never came from head before 5 minutes straight. She’s out of breath she came so hard. But with level of determination and hunger and lust in her eyes she sits up and pushes him to his back and revels are the thick veiny work of art before she pounces like a wild jaguar.

Hey pussy is already growling for it. Between weed, alcohol, and her love of fat dicks nothing prepared Fatty for what was about to happen.
She positioned her mouth over his dick but when she opened her mouth she didnt dive in she let her spit drool out all over. She made sure it was nice and shiny. Glazing his dick over as she looked up at him to make sure he was watching.

She smack it on her tongue to test its heftiness. Got a good grip on the base then proceeded to slurp up on side, suckle and flick her tongue on the head, then slurp down the other side. She squeezed it in her hand real hard and stroked up to squeeze some pre cum out as slurped it up with her tongue. She was very much playing with her food while she mentally prepared herself cause it had been many years since she had something so nice and meaty.

Then she pounced and showed him how a woman is supposed to suck dick. In and out repetitively letting her saliva flow. Manipulating his dick head with her lips. slurping and popping sounds as he moaned and cursed at her. She had his leg jumping then she went double time. Had him crawling on his ass cheeks to back away he was trying to hold that nut in but he back himself into the couch right where she needed him.

She wrapped her arms around his legs like she does when she eats her pretty pussy victims when she gets in one of those moods then proceeded to gobble that fat dick down her throat like an anaconda. One hard gag then she got it all down in one go. She gave the dick the long throat stroke for all of 2 minutes before he was ready to explode. At the last second she pulled it out her mouth to jerk and smack it on her lips.

not knowing he came so heavily. She felt 3 spurts hit her face, felt one land on her upper back, she couldn’t see it but she had 2 globs all across the top of her head leading. She still sucked for a few strokes cleaning the cum off his dick before going to get cleaned up.
He walked her to the bathroom since she couldn’t open her eyes and helped clean her up get the cum out her hair.

He’s standing behind her dick still stiff and poking against her cheeks. She didn’t hesitate to bend forward on the bathroom counter and spread her cheeks. He eased it in slowly simply because he had no other choice. The fit so so snug that by the time he got it all in he was f***ed to cum in her. He didnt have to tell her she felt it throbbing and shooting all up in her.

She put her hands on the mirror in front of her pushed back on him to help get a little deeper and proceeded to moan and gasp. She was reminded by every stroke why she loved thick dick so much. He was filling her up and hitting spots that were making the nut she knew was cumming easier to reach every time she felt his balls tap her pussy lips. Not afraid to cum in her any more he sped up and f***ed it deeper.

Spreading her cheeks just cause it felt better as her snug lil pussy had such a slippery wet grip. Every time she came it would build up and be such a big exhausting explosion. The mirror was fogging up around her titties as she was breathing so heavy. Every nut she bust sucked a little bit of the life out of her. She had never came this heard before but she was no where near ready to stop cumming.

Not if this is what he had been missing out on during all these years of friendship. He felt her reaching what was the 3rd orgasm so he spiced it up and put his foot on the counter. All that thickness got deeper and was pressing so hard against her g-spot. She new a nut was cumming fast and it was going to be a big one. Then he grabbed a handful of her hair and went double time on her ass.

“You know you fucked up right? This pussy too good. I might not ever stop. Nut on that dick for me, it feel so good when you do. ” Before she could give him a nasty reply about how that fat dick feel diggin in her stomach she was clenching up and screaming if the mirror wasn’t fogged up the veins in her forehead were probably visible. As he is pounding this nut out of her and s(creams) in pleasure.

Every few audible strokes you hard spraying, more skin slapping, another hard splash sprays, more skin slapping, lots of trickling wetness on the bathroom tiles. She had gave his balls a very hard hard pussy shower. 4 very strong gushes that let him know just how good she feels to have him in her.

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