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On the Farm (Summer of 61)

Since I can remember me and my cousin Devon had been playing with each
others little penises, and I don’t recall ever feeling any guilt, fear, or regret.
We seemed always to be fascinated with each others cocks and balls, and our
bodies, and more than anything, had a lot of fun.
Dev was born and lived in Abilene Kansas, his mother divorced, they both
lived with my Great Aunt, (his Grandmother) on her farm directly north of

By the age of 4 or 5 I was spending my summers there, and he would be in
Colorado for Christmas. The summer of 1961 we were both 8 years old, and
completely comfortable with each other, no shame, but by this time had learned
to be discreet, and keep our little adventures out of sight for the most
part. We never did get into fucking, or anything anal, it was all absolute
fascination with our cocks, our nipples, feet, balls.

Dev’s penis was entirely different from mine. It’s difficult to say
whether he was average size for that age, but, he was a little shorter than mine.
It was narrow, a very ivory white, and his foreskin was (is) thin, silky, and
a little tight. When his skin was retracted, especially when hard, his
glans was always this cherry red, smooth with little flare, and shaped like the
nub of a bullet.

His slit had this little gathering of skin in the cleavage,
kind of bunched up, and a tight frenulem, and when hard, sort of bent
downward from the end, like a little faucet.
Mine, on the other hand, (!) was just a little longer, a little thicker,
darker, and my foreskin was, by that time, a lot looser than his. My glans is
pinker, and my skin when retracted is very pink on the inside, and very moist.

This was always one of the advantages, because we thought we had invented
docking, and it was a lot easier for him to slide inside my skin than it was
for me to get inside his.
Just a little background.
This was probably in the middle of July of that year. It was very hot,
dusty, and we had been playing, (really playing with our pants on) around the

We had gone inside to get out of the sun, and were fooling around, a
little wiped out from the sun, and just laying in some straw. The barn doors
were open a little, and we could see the farm house, and to the right, where one
of the doors was opened wider was a shed. There was kind of a wall of baled
straw between the barn and the shed.

Dev wanted to go inside to get something cold to drink, and we were just
about out of the barn when we heard one of the farm hands talking. Still on our
way out, we heard him say, `stay here, gonna check it out. ‘ Then heard a
woman’s voice say “OK”. Dev motioned for me to stay out of sight, and then
whispered in my ear that “he’s gonna fuck her.

” That was new to me, I knew
what fucking was, but had no idea what it looked like. The farm hand
apparently tried to open the shed door, but it was locked. By this time my cousin had
taken my hand and we snuck very quietly behind the straw bales.
This put us about 12 feet from where they were standing, We had a nice view
of their profile, cause he pushed her up against the wall of the shed and
pulled her dress up and started fingering her pussy.

Something else I had never
seen. He let go of her, while she held up her skirt, pulled her panties
down, and unbuttoned his fly. His dick was already hard and looked really nice.
First adult boner I had ever seen, it was circumcised, and bounced when his
balls came out. Then he did something that I wasn’t expecting. He tore
open a little package and pulled out this whitish thing and unrolled it over his
arched up hard on.

Dev had his hand in my crotch, feeling my stiff one,
already with a big wet spot, (I’ve always been a dripper, even before I started
to cum), and we both had eyes glued to that guys cock.
He slid it inside her. She moaned and said something in Spanish. Watching
him shoving his cock back and forth, grunting, I remember seeing the sweat
dripping in his face, even though they were in the shade of the building.

took only 3 or 4 minutes, and he groaned once more, fell against her panting,
I remember she had let go of her skirt, and had both hands on either side of
her, palms against the wall.
He stayed that way a few minutes, pushed himself upright, dick glistening
with the sheen of the rubber, and hanging heavy. With both hands, he pulled
the rubber off holding the base with one, and the tip with the other and threw
it against the shed where it fell into a bush.

His cock looked wonderful,
but the show was short, he used the tail of his shirt to wipe it off, and
before we both knew it, he was buttoned up and gone. The Mexican girl fluffing
herself up, poofing her hair, stayed for a few seconds, then walked the other
way. Hardly anything said between the two of them.
After they were gone, Dev had his hand in my fly and I had been feeling his
rigid dick under his pants, he giggled, and showed me the wet hand from the
stuff oozing from my cock.

We still kept very quiet, massaging each others
dicks, when he said, in a whisper again, `lets go get the bag..’ I wasn’t
sure what he meant, until he started to creep over to the bush where the guy
had thrown it. I followed, not quite ready, but Dev picked it off one of
the branches holding it by the opening, held it for me to see, and then motioned
for us to go back to the barn.

In the back of the barn, the light wasn’t so good, just narrow shafts that
came through the boards of the walls, but good enough to see the treasure we
had just found. We both examined it, it was very thin, and the end was
filled with the hands jizz. Dev asked me if I wanted to feel it, but I told him
to go first, which he did, sticking his index finger inside just touching the
surface of the pool inside.

“Its warm!”, and then he took his finger out and
put it to his nose to smell. (We were very into the smells of our cocks).
He gave it to me, and I did the same thing, and remember the slick feeling
inside, and the warm cum. Dev had his cock out, and was on his knees in
front of me, said, “I want to try it on” so I handed it to him, got on my knees,
and undid my fly and pulled my aching hard on out, and it was aching.

he said, `you put it on me’, and gave it back to me, and so with both hands,
literally shaking, I carefully placed the opening over the nipple of his
skin, his cock hard and standing parallel with his belly, the rubber dangling
heavy with the weight of the fluid, and very slowly eased it down over his
cock, at one point taking it in my left hand and holding it so it was straight
out, and the jizz wouldn’t leak.

It was like putting a size 13 shoe on a size 6. It hung off his cock like
an oversized overcoat, but looked hotter than hell, and when I squeezed his
stiff dick inside the rubber, I felt the cum slosh over his shaft, and felt it
jerk. That did it.
I wanted him to do the same with me, so I carefully took it off his now
slimy cock and he took it and repeated the same on mine.

The feel of that rubber
sliding down my shaft, and his hands holding it close so no cum dripped out
was indescribable. It was tighter on my dick, but not much, and the feel of
the cum on my skin was beautiful. Seeing Dev’s dirty hand holding my
sheathed boner, and his rigid dick bobbing up and down, his skin puckered like it
was trying to kiss someone was pretty amazing.

We got a little braver with the rubber, he got his index finger between it
and my shaft, and worked his way to the end. There was no reservoir, just a
blunt tip, and I watched his finger probe in the jizz, and then stick his
finger inside my skin, getting the cum around my glans. I did the same with him,
except it was a little harder cause I couldn’t get my finger under his skin,
it was too snug, so I took the rubber off, and pulled his skin back, kind of
snapping over the ridge, he was so hard, and then pulled the rubber back on,
bathing his dick in the cum
Both of us up to then weren’t physically able to shoot a load, but we
pretended that that cum was ours, still getting the feeling of a climax, over and

We jacked off the rest of the afternoon, well in to the night, and for the
next two days played with that used condom until it literally fell apart.
Later that summer, now knowing what a rubber was, Dev was able to steal a
couple from that same farm hand, and sure enough, a week before I had to go
home to Colorado, I was jerking him off in one of the rubbers, (still too big
for him) when he grabbed my hand tight with his hand, both of us gripping his
rubbered boner, when he threw his head back, squealed, and I felt the warm
gush of his very first semen, felt it blow up the end of the bag, and felt his
body shudder.

I kept hold, him collapsing on his back from the kneeling position we always
seemed to take. My cock throbbing. He giggled, I giggled, I slid it off
his still stiff dick, put it to my nose, smelled the amazingly clean sweet
smell, feeling a little jealous, but very close to him at that minute. He sat
up, took it and looked at it real close, looked at his cock which was getting a
little soft, and the last drop of his jizz just showing from the rosebud
skin nip.

He felt his wet cock, and it jerked, took the drop from the end of
his skin and stuck it inside mine, and then slid his used rubber over my
I wanted to cum so bad, just like him, I leaned back, hands behind me and
let him jack me off with his cum and used rubber, and then, after about 20
minutes, I felt my dick start to edge to that wonderful itch, that intense
tickle, his cock, revived, hard and sticky in my hand, watching him move that sudsy
rubber up and down my shaft, my skin wet with his jizz, and like a cork
popping from a champagne bottle, my dick took over my brain, body, and universe,
feeling every spurt vibrating through the middle of my penis, splashing
against the blunt end of the rubber, and spilling over my glans, dripping out the
end on my balls, and Dev’s still pumping hand.

This actually happened. It couldn’t have been better. Both of us reaching
that point in our bodies that signaled a monumental change. That wasn’t the
end of the fun that night, or, in fact, for the next 20 years, but it added a
whole world of dimension to the fun and adventure we had with each other
and each others cocks, discovering the tastes, the smells, the sensations our
two cocks together shared.

This is one little chapter. Got more.
Thanks for reading this.

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