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On the Farm Part 1: The Scarecrow

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Mabel knew she had to give in, as Chester grew impatient. It had been a couple of months. Long enough for anyone to connect them so she figured they were safe once again. They were over fifty miles from the nearest town, twenty miles from the nearest neighbor. And they weren’t the hospitable type so no one ever dropped in to visit them.

They had been out here for over twenty years and they liked being recluses. They had no use for electricity, a generator is all they needed. Water was from the well and the septic tank took care of anything else. They grew or slaughtered most of what was needed. What they couldn’t provide they would buy in town on their once a month trips. Chester was growing older, turning sixty this year, Mabel fifty-five.

They had no c***dren, never wanting the bother of raising k**s. They had a simple life, or most would suspect. But Chester had an addiction that Mabel allowed him to indulge in. He loved young girls, but he was rough on them so they didn’t last long. It was better that he used them harshly then her, so she allowed him his hobby.

Chester walked in from the fields after working all day.

His shiny, bald head glistened with sweat when he took his hat off. His face was drawn, as he grew older, thin from working all the time. Today was Friday, the day Mabel said he could find a new girl.
“I made you some sandwiches in case you had to wait. ” She had packed him a lunch. He would stake out his latest victim before he struck.
“Yes, I get hungry sometimes.

I’m going farther away, Josephville. ” He hoped one hundred miles would be far enough. It would take a while to get there and back, but he wanted to put a lot of distance between the town and him once he got his prey.
“That’s smart, Chester. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. ”
“Don’t worry, I’m real careful. I’ll be home in a day or so. I need to get a new scarecrow out in the corn field before they eat it all.

Chester parked the green pickup truck near the school. The town was poor, so no one noticed another rusted pickup. It didn’t take him long to find his prey. A group of young girls were out practicing and he saw her first. She had brown hair and a pretty face, but it was her body that drew his eyes. She was built nicely and had a look of innocence in her face. He waited for over four hours until practice was over and the girls took showers.

They started to come out and he was glad that she seemed to be the last one. It was his good luck. No one came to pick her up, so she started walking down the road.

He let her get away from the school when he made his move. He pulled his truck up a ways in front of her, parking it by the side of the road so she would have to walk by it.

She came strutting down the road in her pink top, plaid skirt and sneakers. The top was pulled tightly over a fine set of tits and her long legs were revealed beneath the short skirt. She was too innocent or she thought that Chester looked harmless and that was her downfall. Chester put the dirty rag of c********* over her body and she went limp in his arms in seconds. He tied her up and through her in the bed of the pickup and raced out of town.

It wasn’t long before he was on the road, a two-lane ribbon of tar that was in the middle of nowhere and went nowhere. She would be waking up soon enough, but she wasn’t going anywhere. He had bound her tight.

April woke up, her head hurt and her mouth was dry. She was hot, lying in the back of a dirty truck as the sun beat down on her. Her legs were pulled up behind her and she was shocked that she could move them.

Then it hit her, her ankles were bound. Her arms were behind her and bound at the wrists. When she pulled on them, her legs bent up higher, her arms tied to her legs. She didn’t know what happened. The last thing she remembered was walking home and was walking past an old pickup truck. She had thought it was abandoned.
The truck turned off the highway and the dust kicked up as it bounced along the dirt road.

April had no idea where she was, but she couldn’t see anything from the bed of the truck. She screamed, but the truck didn’t stop. She couldn’t turn over; her legs behind her prevented her. She finally had to put her head back down on the floor of the truck; her neck ached from keeping it up. The truck vibrated and bounced as it continued to move over the dirt road.
It must have been hours before the truck pulled through an old wooden gate.

It looked like it had been there for a century. She could see buildings now, a barn and a house. She hoped that she would be saved now. Her mouth was parched, barely able to say a word. All of her screaming did little good. A man came around to the back of the truck. He was old and bald, an evil grin on his face. He untied her wrists from her ankles, but that was all.

He picked her up like a baby and carried her.
“Who are you? What do you want?” Her hoarse voice trembled as she said it. She was afraid of the answer. “You can call me Master. ” He carried her over to the barn, Mabel waited for him.
April thought she was saved when she saw the woman. She wouldn’t let anything happen to her. “Help me!”
“She’s a pretty one, Chester.

You know how to pick them. ” Chester put her down between them. “You hold still unless you want Chester to beat on you. He can get carried away with himself so be careful. ”
April stood between them, but her ankles were still bound and her wrists were bound behind her back. She couldn’t have run even if she wanted to.
“Let’s see what I got. ” It didn’t take Chester more than a few seconds to unbutton the skirt and pull down the zipper.

It fell to her feet without any provocation. The girl screamed when she saw her skirt fall away.
“You keep that mouth shut or I’ll stuff if shut,” he warned her.
A chair was pulled out and she was pushed into it. Her legs were tied wide open to the edges so she couldn’t close her legs. She never felt so exposed, her legs spread obscenely, afraid of what the man wanted from her.

He was old and ugly, afraid of what he would f***e her to do. A bag was placed over her head and she couldn’t see anything any longer. The darkness made her more fearful. What didn’t they want me to see? Was he going to kill me?
His hands ran over her soft thighs, feeling her muscles try to clench her legs shut, but they had bound her well. “It’ll get a lot worse if you keep yelling like that.

No one can hear you. We’re miles from the nearest neighbors and out here, we keep to ourselves. Nod your head if you’re going to behave?”
She didn’t have a choice, his cold, clammy hand moved over her thighs as if they were lovers and it moved closer to her pussy. The thong barely covered anything and she feared what he would do to her. She nodded her head, surrendering.
She was untied from the chair, but they tied her ankles and wrists together and stood her up.

The woman was as bad as the man; both of them began to work on her top. They worked on the shoulder straps, April knew that she would be stripped of it soon enough. They pushed the top off her body, tearing it when needed until she was stripped to her bra and thong. She hated that she wore such sexy lingerie. Would they strip the last of her clothes from me? She trembled half-naked between the two people.

Never in her life could she have fathomed such a thing like this happening to her.
The man moved away, but when he came back, she grew more frightened. He carried over a large wooden beam. The only thing she could think of was that it was a cross. There was a large crosspiece that connected the upright.
They untied her wrists but then each of them grabbed one of her wrists and pulled it to the far end of the crosspiece.

With new rope, they tied her wrists to the rough wooden beam.
“What are you doing?” She cried out. Then they tied her ankles to the bottom post, tighter then needed. She didn’t know what was happening when the whole thing was lifted up by the two of them. They carried her to the front of the barn. They placed it below a big pulley that hung down from a beam, from the front of the barn.

They attached the rope from the pulley to the top of the cross and April found herself drawn up high into the air. She hung there, half-naked and strung up on a cross.
They left her that way as darkness began to fall. April grew cold but she couldn’t do anything, shamed to be half-naked and hung.
She thought he came back to let her down, but he only brought her body to the ground.

He quickly stripped off her bra and thong, April fearing that he would take her intimately. Then the woman came and they untied her, April thankful for that. But it wasn’t to let her loose. It was so they could bind her naked body to the cross, this time in a crueler position. Her arms were wound around the top crosspiece with chains to secure them. A gag was shoved into her mouth and bound around her head.

It was a hard piece of wood that split her lips and filled her mouth. Her legs were pulled up behind her, bent at the knees and tied at her ankles. But what was worse was the rope that ran from around her neck and down her front. They pulled her pussy lips apart and ran the thick, rough rope through the soft, inner lips of her pussy and out the back to run up her crack until it tied to the top of the cross piece.

When they yanked her back up into the air again, all of her weight was center on her crotch, painfully splitting her up the middle like a sharp knife.

They left her again, shivering naked and cold, her crotch ached as if she sat on a knife between her legs. It was hours before they came back, April fearful when she saw the dark clouds in the sky. It looked like rain.

They hauled her back down again, but they didn’t release her. They dragged her but didn’t release her from the cross. The man picked her and the cross up as if she didn’t weigh a thing. He took her out into the middle of a cornfield and set the post into the ground. They put the bag over her head again, and then they left her. The breeze picked up, colder now. The sky lit up with lightening in the background and it was only minutes before it began to rain.

It started off lightly, but within an hour, it was pouring and the water ran off her naked body.
It rained for hours and then the night grew colder. April was thankful for morning, though she could only see the brightness shine through the bag that covered her head.

April was exhausted when he threw her into a dark room, barely big enough to contain her, more of a box then a room.

She was still naked, but at least the rope that split her crotch was gone, though it still ached from being shoved so harshly between her soft pussy lips. Her hands were bound with leather in front of her and her ankles were bound, f***ed to kneel in the small room. Her eyes pleaded with him, but the door closed and she was thrust into darkness.
Exhausted, she fell into a fitful sl**p, the slightest noise woke her up, shivering in the cold room, but anything was better than hanging outside like a scarecrow in the rain and night air.

Her only hope was that he wouldn’t put her back out into the fields, but she also feared what else he had in store for her. Naked and bound, she would be unable to stop him from doing anything to her and his wife was as bad or worse than he was. She didn’t know whether it was day or night when the door opened. It looked like she was in a basement, not a drop of light shone in except from the bare light bulbs.

He helped her out of the small room. Next to the door, he had her bra, panties, socks and a white blouse.
“Put them on, but leave the blouse open. ” He untied her wrists and ankles so she could dress. He watched her dress, covering up her lovely body, but his cock only grew harder at the expectations of what he would do to her.
She didn’t know why he wanted her dressed, even in the skimpy garments he gave her, but she didn’t care.

It gave her a chance to cover at least part of her body. She tried not to stare at the bulge in his pants, but she knew it was there and she had caused it. Would he take me with it? Then she saw the chains and leather cuffs in his hands. She kneeled on the cold cement floor while he put the leather cuffs on her hands. The chain connected them to the cuffs on her ankles, pulled behind her back as she kneeled up for him.

Then she felt him put the tape over her mouth, thankful that his cock wouldn’t go in her mouth, but fearful as to why he gagged her. Did he want to silence my screams?

Bound as she was, she couldn’t stop him as he took liberties with her body. With her arms pulled behind her back, it thrust out her breasts and he took advantage of it. The frilly, white bra barely contained her breasts and the opened blouse only accented her half-naked breasts.

His hands were calloused and clammy as they squeezed her breasts as though they were ripe fruit. He pushed them almost free of her bra by the sheer power of his clenching hands. She groaned into the gag, but could do little as he mauled her youthful breasts. She kneeled up higher when his hand slid down her belly, but it passed quickly over her panty-covered mound to seek out her thighs. He began to slap them, first softly, but then harder when she didn’t respond.

It took her a moment before she realized what he wanted, but it was still difficult to spread her legs wider, her knees rubbed raw on the hard, rough concrete as she spread her legs for him. Even when she did it, he didn’t stop. It only gave him more of her soft, silky flesh to beat with his hands. April felt the sting on her flesh, but she feared the slaps when he moved high up her thighs and so close to her pussy.

He suddenly grabbed her crotch like a man would a large ball, his fingers curled into her flesh painfully as she rose up higher on her knees as if she could escape the cruel touch. She only got so much higher before the chains connecting her arms and legs stopped her, forcing her to suffer as his fingers bruised her tender sex.

She hated when he pushed down on her back and it f***ed her head to the cold concrete, her ass rose up and met the blow from his hand on her buttocks.

Her muscles quivered in pain, but he cared little except to slap the other cheek. He must have spanked her a dozen times before he stopped, April whimpered in her gag. He took the chain off her ankles and pulled her up with one hand. He dragged her off to another room close by, her bound ankles dragged on the floor by the sheer strength of the man. She saw it in the center of the room, far worse than the cross that he put her on in the field.

Two chains hung down from the ceiling, worn leather cuffs dangled from them. He made short work of taking off the cuffs on her wrists and yanking her arms up and securing them in each of the cuffs. When he was finished, her arms were yanked up high in the air, spread to the sides. Then he secured her ankles with short chains that were bolted to the floor. She looked up when she heard the sound of the chains clanking, the man had turned some cranks and her wrists were pulled up higher.

She moaned loudly in the gag, but he didn’t stop until she was perched precariously on her toes. Then he closed the door and left her in darkness.

He left her stretched out until her muscles ached for hours. Then she heard the door rattle and it opened. She saw him stand in the doorway. He was naked, his cock fisted in his hand as he stroked it and his evil eyes scanned her body.

He was going to take her body and she couldn’t do anything about. He was old, but his cock looked virile, hard, big and growing bigger as he stroked it. He moved in front of her until she felt his cock touch her belly. She couldn’t move away, the chain on her ankles kept her within his reach. His hands ran up her sides until they found her breasts. She felt his cock jerk in pleasure against her when he squeezed her breasts.

His hips began to dry fuck her with his cock on her belly as he mauled her breasts. It wasn’t long before her bra was pushed up and her breasts were naked. His cruel fingers pinched and yanked on her nipples, not to pleasure her, but to excite his cock with her muffles cries of pain. Even with her ankles tied together, he ripped off her panties. Then she felt his hands around her back and she was pulled up against him.

He used one hand to slide his cock up and down her dry slit. He had to crotch down to get the right height, but then she screamed into the gag when he tore into her dry pussy with a painful thrust. She never felt anything so big and hard. It f***ed her muscles into submission by the sheer power. April never felt anything like it before. It was as if he shoved a spear inside her.

His hips never stopped moving, fucking her deeper and harder as she bounced around on the chains, unable to escape the cruel penetrations. She didn’t know how long she could stand this, but he seemed insatiable, fucking her like a machine. She prayed that he would cum in her and end her misery.
She was so tight, his cock so hard, that he had trouble shoving all the way inside her. But he succeeded, the head of his cock slammed into her cervix and he was rewarded with a muffled cry of pain.

Painful clenching of her pussy muscles that felt so good on his cock. He tore his cock in and out of her, sweating against her young, lean body, her tits rubbed on his chest until the nipples were f***ed erect by the rubbing of his hairy chest on them. Chester was reminded why it was worth all the danger to capture her as her tight pussy clenched and unclenched on his cock with such delight.

He had masturbated only hours ago, wanting to fuck her for a long time before he came in her. He pounded her young, tight pussy for over ten minutes before his lust could no longer be contained.
She felt his fingers dig into her buttocks like steel talons and the head of his cock crashed harshly into her cervix as if he was trying to drive it into her womb. He pulled out, but was back with a vengeance, his cock bigger as the head swelled up.

She knew he was ready to cum, but when he did, she could never have expected so much cum fill her. She was sure that he would make her pregnant; her only hope is that at his age, he wasn’t as fertile as he once was. It felt like gallons of cum that filled her, the salty juices burned her abraded flesh from his brutal fucking. He pulled her up onto his cock until he finished unloading inside her, leaving her as quickly as he came.

The room was thrown into pitch black as she hung there, cum leaking out of her pussy to stain her thighs.

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