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Old Nurse and a bleed Test

This happened in 1995

I needed a routine bleed test so I contacted my Doctors Surgery and they made me an appointment for 8:30am the following week. Thursday arrived quite quickly so I made my way to the Surgery giving myself plenty of time in case there was a queue. When I arrived the surgery was pratically empty which suprised me.

I was waiting maybe two minutes when I was called through to a room at the back of the surgery.

As I sat there this battleaxe of a woman came into the room, she looked around 60, short and dumpy probably around 18 stone, short grey hair wearing a blue nurses uniform, she spoke with an authoritive voice.

As I sat in the chair with my arm strapped up she was finding it difficult to find a vein, after trying for a few minutes she said “I’ll give it a couple of minutes to settle down as we’re not busy”, as I sat there I couldn’t stop looking at her I don’t know why but I presumed as she wasn’t wearing any rings she was without.

A few minutes later she strapped my arm up again and tried to find a vein, I could feel my cock straining and knew she was turning me on. As she couldn’t find my vein she said “Do you have a problem with your bleed flow”, I said “Not usually but it could be something else”, she looked at me and smiled saying “What do you mean”, I stood up and she said “Oh I see”.

She ran her hand on me and said “We need to get this down first”, she went to the door and locked it. As she came towards me I turned her around and she put her hands on the couch as she didn’t want to fall, as she did I grabbed her massive tits from behind gently feeling them, as she turned to face me I kissed her roughly and she responded.

“We haven’t got long” she said. As I pushed her back so she was half sitting half standing against the couch, I lifted up her skirt and opened her legs, as she sat there I put my hand up her thigh and straight onto the front of her knickers, rubbing them quite quickly she started to moan. “It’s been ages, years even” she said.

As I laid her down I spread her thighs and put my face into her pussy licking her through her big blue knickers, running my tongue onto her clit she pulled her knickers to one side as the musky smell of her old cunt wafted up my nose, licking her was so easy as she was so wet, slipping a finger inside she groaned.

Only a few minutes had gone by when she said “God that’s it” and with her hand on the back of my head she grinded my face into her cunt. Standing up i took my pants down and getting on the couch I pushed my chunky cock into her gaping hole. As I shagged her hard and rough she said “No-one has done this to me for ten years”, as I banged her.

Five minutes of intense shagging I knew I was coming, I pulled out and pulled her up so she was sat on the end of the couch I grabbed her and waved my cock at her, she grabbed me and started to pull me off, “Put it in your mouth” I said, she half heartedly did so as I was coming as she wanked me I shot a steady stream of spunk that missed her mouth and dribbled on the floor.

As I went soft she bent down and kissed me. I got dressed and she tidied herself up, sitting down she managed to get a vein no problem, she took my bleed and as I was leaving she said “Seriously you’re the first person I’ve had for around ten years Thankyou”, I replied “Anytime”, and with that I was gone.

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