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Old lady next door

This storie happen to me 2weeks ago I was just sitting out side one morninn just enjoying the little bit of sun we got until winter is here cold I was alone in the back garden in my shorts no t shirt and next door was a lady doing here flowers I could hear her sing harming doing stuff in here back garden she didn’t know I was there cause she alway has a storie or two is she find someone to talk to plus she is not like most older ladie her body scream fuck me but I never get any chance because she was older than me I didn’t talk to here that much she lived alone sometime she goes to see here grand kids or on holiday
I wa sitting out side phone ring she answer the phone she was so happy I over hear here talking she was going on holiday to Spain and she was planning to fuck some young men in Spain
As I was trying to get closer and here some gossip the chair I was sitting on made funny noise she hung up her phone and said who hello I got up and said hii
She said have you been sitting there all this time
I said from your harming I think I was zzzzzzzz to sleep
She said so you didn’t hear me on the phone
I heard Spain that’s all
Ohh I mite be of for holiday to Spain I just act like I didn’t hear here talk about young men
He was looking at me butting here lips I knew what she wanted but as someone who was acting like didn’t hear the phone convasation she started talking about how she goes to Spain every year with here friend and party for a month she even has a villa in Spain I was invited if I ever want to get away I can go there we talk for couple hours
I went in left for bath heard town came back I she finished what she was doing she was all dresses hair done shitting out side I could see here from my bedroom window I my head I was thinking I have to I have to
She wave at me I wave back she said come on down I went down
She said looking at people is not good
This time I jump the fence ask here why so dressed was she going somewhere she said just having my tea she said she was going in to watch some tele I could if I wanted I ask I could what she said you heard me
I saw you checking me out she said it was ok it turns her on knowing a young fella checking me out I love young fella she explains that phone convasation she started asking if I have a a girlfriend and she even told me it’s been long since she heard me making a girl scream I was shocked didn’t think anyone can hear she said you fuck good
Sometimes she can just not sleep just enjoying the sound of me fucking
Sun is down let’s heard in side are you coming yes went my house lock front door jump the fence back to her house she had a nice house she made me cuppa tea came a sat next to me few sips in she put her hand on my thigh she started moving she said you are cute she moving me close to her and she said I want you to fuck me she took of me tshirt I we started kissing and she was into it I started going to her body kissing her all over her sweet body took of all here cloths she said wait lets go up stairs went I was hard for her started eating her pussy she made a scream fuck I lick her even more she started moving up down holding my head screaming I started kissing her around her pussy I took my shorts of and lay my hard cock in side her she made a moan and started getting louder and louder as we fuck for the next 3hrs we fuck midnight she still wanted it even more she even let me lay down and she fuck me all night morning sex and I left and we been doing this everyday she is on holiday text me she can wait to get back and fuck more.

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