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OHGirl & Velvet: Home Again

The girls were sleeping and Mikey and I were lying naked in bed, after a long round of intense sex. He was rubbing my gargantuan belly, with a special cream to prevent stretch marks, while I was rubbing the cream on my swollen breasts, pulling and pinching on my long, thick, erect nipples. I was still horny and my sexual addiction was running high with my surging hormones. I was now two weeks past 7 months pregnant with triplets and my doctor said that they could arrive at any time.

Our daughter, Velvet, had been in Vegas and LA for the last 2 weeks, pursuing her porn career, while Mikey and I had been together, reaffirming our love and commitment to one another as we spent most of our days alone with my baby daughter and my granddaughter. We had slipped apart over the last couple of years as my addiction raged and I had spent most of my time working as an e****t and porn, web cam performer.

I had taken on many lovers and had binged on d**gs and sex just as I had when I was younger. My years as a stripper and prostitute had flashed back as I had taken up the role once again. During that period our marriage had drifted as I made hasty decision and had decided to have another child, late in life, with one of my young lovers. Mikey had also drifted as he and our daughter had become lovers and she had become pregnant with his child.

After we had both given birth, our lives seemed to be moving back toward our norm, which was far from most people’s norm, but good for us.
My newest hasty decision, an in-vitro pregnancy with Mikey, had led to my current condition, but had also brought us close once again. My stomach was enormous, as I neared term and my breasts were now a full double J cup, filled with milk from feeding my two younglings in the house and prepared to care for the three new mouths that I was to give birth to soon.

I had been tapering my breast feeding with my nearly one year old daughter and granddaughter as they grew older and would soon be busy with my newest babies. I had turned 50 years old nearly a year ago and here I was, pregnant with three more children, for a total of 9 kids in my lifetime. I had become pregnant on numerous occasions, when I was hooking as a younger girl, and had given birth to 5 children before I had turned thirty.

Even though some of them were born illegitimately, to a handful of my unknown customers, I was still aware whom the fathers were for two of them. My indiscriminate, unsafe sex with multiple men, over 12 thousand during my lifetime, had brought about many of my problems and predicaments, but Mikey had always been there. Now that I knew the true identities of my current children’s fathers, things seemed much more controlled and Mikey was still here with me.

I loved him and hoped that we would be together forever.
I looked at myself in the mirror, after we had showered, and was amazed at how the human body could take so much abuse. Most of my new weight was centered in my abdomen and my breasts now hung swollen from my chest, resting upon my stomach, their large, round and dark areolas staring back at me. I couldn’t see my pussy but I knew that it had gone through its share of abuse over the years too.

I had been fucked by so many men over my lifetime, sometimes in large group. My horny, wet cunt had taken on multiple men in one day, in proportions most women would have never imagined doing during 10 lifetimes. I had been a whore all of my life and here I was, pregnant again, staring at a body that had endured sexual abuse, d**g abuse and multiple child births, but somehow, for my age, I still looked better than many women who had never come close to my sexual accolades.

I pulled my robe around me and made my way down to the kitchen to have breakfast with my hubby and afterward, maybe I could talk him into stuffing his big white cock into my moist hole once again. I was still extremely horny and since he was the only lover I had been with for the last two weeks, he was going to have to satisfy my lust. That is, until I gave birth and was physically able to punish my body once again, with all of the different cocks that were still out there waiting to find their way into one of my more than willing holes.

Two weeks filming, then a week at home with Mikey and our daughter, back and forth I went, fucking multiple men in sex scenes on a nearly daily basis as a busy porn star. During my last return to Vegas, my lover, Nelson, from New Zealand, had finally arrived and he was now staying with me at my condo. We had met on the set of my Australian porn version of the Wizard of Oz.

He had played the extremely well hung, Scarecrow, and after pounding my pussy with his giant pole, had become one of my regular lovers. He had been a well-known adult actor down under and wanted to take on the porn industry in the US, so I had invited him back to stay with me and had introduced him to my agent. Now we were both fairly busy with our different films, but we had each other when we weren’t working.

Of course, Nelson wasn’t my only lover, and I was reminded of that while my legs were held up into the air and my 65 year old agent rammed his erection deep into my wet pussy.
My agent, Rudy, had been a porn star back in the 70’s and had been fucking me since I had signed a contract to work with his production company. In the last 2 years, as one of his top performers, I had shot nearly 140 different films and well over 50 different web scenes.

I had filmed in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and had won a handful of adult actress awards in the US and Europe. I had become the porn star that I had always dreamed of and it helped tremendously to satiate my sexual addiction, which I had inherited from my mother. Of course, I still needed more and that is why I still fucked other men and worked as an e****t during my free time.

I hoped that Nelson would be comfortable with my habits because I truly enjoyed his company as my new boyfriend. He was a porn actor too, so he would understand. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen me fuck multiple men since we had been together and he had even shared me with a few dozen as we both took part in a couple of orgies. It was nice to have someone who had something in common with you.

I felt Rudy bust his nut deep in my vagina and soon his sticky spunk was pouring from my gaping hole as he slid his prick out of my just fucked slit.
I was back in Vegas, after shooting for three days in LA, and I had gone out shopping to stock up on some food when I had gotten a call from some old friends. Nelson was shooting in New York and wouldn’t be back for another couple of days, so I decided to hook up with my Latino gang members for a fun party.

It had been nearly six months since I had seen Big Poppy and Luiz, whom had recruited me for their local gang and had made me their gang whore, when I had first moved out west to pursue my career. I had fucked them regularly at one time, before becoming a porn star, and now they enjoyed passing me around and bragging about being able to fuck a famous girl. I was fairly well known in the adult movie industry and had made the tabloids by having torrid affairs with well-known rappers and actors, but to them I was a chance for an ex-felon to fuck a rich and famous actress.

During my initiation into the group, almost 65 hardcore, Latino members had gangbanged me and I had been used by the group on a few other occasions, so when I received their call, I was wet with anticipation of what to expect. I was ready to party for some reason and the urge to go on a binge had hit me hard. It was time to have fun for a couple of days and my fellow gang members knew how to turn out their favorite porn star.

An hour had passed before I had initiated sex with my son James. Mikey had taken the kids to the store while I sat at home and relaxed on a lovely Sunday morning. I had made love to my husband twice that day and since I had given up smoking a couple of weeks before, I still had the urge to have a cigarette or something in my mouth. My son James had stopped by to visit and after catching up with our family news and making small talk, I had aggressively made my move on him.

It still seemed strange to have sex with him, but my mind reeled in ecstasy when we did. He was also a sex addict and our mutual needs had led to our frequent copulation after our first experience. My son had turned into an excellent lover and his well-endowed stature, which he had inherited from his biological father and one of my former lovers, was something that always made me horny. He sat on our couch as I knelt between his open legs, my mouth working the long, iron-hard, shaft of his enormous cock.

My head bobbed up and down as I took him deep in my throat and after blowing him for nearly 15 minutes, he had bent me over and buried his ebony tool deep in my wet twat. My mind reeled as I gushed with an intense orgasm, feeling his erection deep inside of my welcoming vagina. I had experienced so many cocks in my lifetime and felt the stream of the ejaculations fill me with spunk, but when James finally unloaded deep in my gaping hole, I screamed out loud, begging for him to keep pounding me with his inexhaustible prick.

He kept sliding it in and out, while his cum ran down my inner thighs and I trembled with sexual glee.
James pulled out and fed me his cum covered cock and I tasted my fresh fucked pussy and a mixture of his jizz while I stroked his throbbing tool. His explosion caught me off guard and the first blast shot across my face before my lips could wrap themselves around his pulsating head and suck forth the remainder of his creamy ejaculation.

I kept sucking him until he was empty and then licked his cock and balls clean. I loved his cock and worshipped it as I remained on my knees between his muscular thighs, keeping it hard for one more ride. It was during his initial incursion between my butt cheeks when I felt my babies’ kick. James slid his lubricated penis all the way into my asshole and had begun to fuck me anally when I went into labor.

The quick onset nearly jolted me off of his long pole, but he had held onto my hips and continued to slam his pelvis into my buttocks while he drove his stiff cock in and out of my asshole with enthusiasm. I was moaning in both excitement and pain, so when I asked him to stop, he just kept on fucking me even harder. I tried to move forward, but my large belly kept me from being very mobile as I rested on all fours, bent over on the couch.

James kept pressing forward, slamming his cock ever harder in an attempt to pleasure me, thinking that my reaction was one of orgasmic excitement.
I didn’t want James to stop either, since his long cock always felt good inside of me, but I felt my contractions strongly and I knew that I would go into labor quickly. I had never had multiple births before, but having had 6 previous children, I knew what it felt like and given my history, these three babies would probably be born fairly quickly.

My birth canal had been used for many incoming organs over the years and also as an exit for my 6 kids, so it was an easy route for them to take and they’d probably be visiting much quicker than they would with a normal female in the same predicament. I felt James cum in my asshole just as I was asking him to stop for the second time and that is when my water broke, running down my legs and gushing onto the couch.

James thought that I was having a squirting orgasm and just kept on fucking me until I screamed out to him that I was in labor. He stopped immediately and pulled his black hose from my gaping, cum filled rectum. He helped me up from the couch and then put my robe around me as he dressed and then took me to the hospital.

I sent a text to my pediatrician and then to Mikey while my son drove me the nearest emergency room.

I was crowning with one of the babies as they wheeled me in and luckily my doctor had arrived at the same time. I gave birth to one of my babies, a small girl, before we made it to the room. Once I was on the table, my second child arrived and I was greeted with another little girl. My doctor told me that the third was coming at about the same time that my husband was led into the room and he witnessed the birth of our first little boy together.

I had never thought that it would have been so easy a birth and I was so glad to have it over with. I was brought to my private room and once the babies were cleaned up, they were each brought in to feed for the first time. They were smaller than any of my other children, when they were born, and all three just weighed over 3. 5 pounds each. When we were alone, I explained to Mikey how I had gone into labor and since sex was always a factor in my other births, he wasn’t surprised.

James came in to visit his newest siblings and we took a family photo, courtesy of my nurse, and sent the message to my other children. I was so happy and now we were going to have our hands full taking care of 5 kids, all under the age of 1 year old. I wasn’t sure if I could continue my current lifestyle and I would have to rethink my choices. I had given up being a hooker when I was raising my 5 previous kids and I might just do the same in order to provide a stable upbringing.

I spent two whole days partying with my Latino boyfriends, Luiz and Big Poppy, as they passed me from one member to another. In a d***ken and d**gged up haze, I had fucked and sucked off nearly 50 different men. I was a true whore and loved every minute of attention, regardless of whom it was from. They each took turns using my body for their own pleasure and I let them empty their hot, sticky cum into my mouth, pussy and ass during the wild orgy that waged on in their member’s warehouse.

My cunt was sore and I was worn out when I finally had Luiz drop me off at my condo. Nelson would be landing back in Vegas in another day and I needed my rest to recuperate and regain my senses from the recent d**g and alcohol binge. I took a nice long shower and soaked in the tub before I fell into bed and slept for nearly 12 hours. When I awoke, I noticed a message on my cell phone and checked out the photos of my new brother and two sisters.

My mom had finally given birth to triplets and I arranged to head back home to see my family. Nelson would have to wait until I returned and I left him a note, explaining the event.
I landed in Columbus, Ohio later that night and James picked me up at the airport. On the drive home, he explained how my mom had gone into labor during their intense sexual intercourse and how he had rushed her to the hospital just in time.

I knew exactly how she had felt, since my own pregnancy had occurred while having sex with one of my lovers. My mom was now at home and James took the long route back, looking deviously at me when I inquired about why he was taking us home via the back roads. He was just like me and my mom and I soon had his cock in my mouth as I sucked him while he drove.

We pulled over, into the long driveway of an old, abandoned farmhouse and I had lifted my skirt and bent over the trunk of the car while James entered me from behind. His stiff, black cock felt wonderful as he slid into me with his entire length and my loud squeals and moaning scared away any wild a****ls I’m sure. James finally came inside of my wet tunnel and pulled his giant missile out before rubbing it on my ass cheeks and pressing the still hard tip of his cock against my anal sphincter.

I relaxed and soon he was sliding into my back door. I grunted with each thrust as my breasts rubbed against the cold metal of the car and after quite some time, I felt my brother explode in me once again.
I squatted in the weeds next to the car to drain my ass and pussy of his cum and then lit up a cigarette to calm down from the rush of our outdoor sexual encounter.

James leaned against the car, his cock just hanging there for me to see and soon I was on my knees and sucking him between inhalations of my long cigarette. I blew smoke on his smooth scrotum and licked his pussy covered cock as my tongue made its way to his big balls to lick and suck. He groaned while I filled my mouth with one testicle after the other, sucking it and rolling it in my mouth while I stroked his slippery shaft.

He grabbed my hair and soon his cock was down my throat as I took him in all the way. My porn star skills eventually led to another ejaculation that he sprayed all over my face and onto my hair. That wasn’t the outcome I was looking for, especially since I was soon to be seeing my mom and dad for the first time in over two weeks. I missed them all, especially my little girl and my lover, Mikey.

James’ cum was still in my hair when we arrived at my parent’s home and it was impossible to hide it when they brought my daughter to meet me at the door. “Someone has been busy I see. ” My mom joked as she handed me my daughter to hug and kiss. After giving my little girl her much needed attention, she led me down to the nursery to meet my new siblings.

It was just so weird knowing that my mom had given birth to triplets at her age and for me to have another brother and two sisters whom were still infants and nearly 22 years younger than me. Of course, nothing in our family seemed normal to most outsiders, so I tried not to dwell on it as I went to shower and clean up from my long flight and my recent fuck session with my brother.

I spent the evening hanging out with my family and helping my mom with the three new additions. It was amazing to see her breast feeding them and then putting them to bed. Although I was happy to be home with my family and to be spending time with them, I longed for Mikey’s touch so badly. It seemed like he was once again my father figure as he sat with my mom and their three children, enjoying the time and barely looking at me as he once did, less than a year ago.

I guess I shouldn’t have been too upset, since I had been away for most of the last 6 months, filming porn movies and sleeping with other men and clients, who paid me for my sexual services. I was getting horny just thinking about it and decided to go outside to smoke while they all put the kids to bed. It was a very nice night out and the stars were shining brightly as I blew my smoke into the air.

I felt a set of arms wrap around me and I knew it was Mikey as I spun around to kiss him deeply on the mouth. Our tongues intertwined and I whispered in his ear that I wanted to make love to him. We went down the steps of the deck and entered the basement as we made our way to the guest room. Our clothes were off in a matter of seconds as we stripped each other down and fell onto the bed.

I was already extremely wet and didn’t need much stimulation, so I guided his hard, white cock into my wide gash and let him pump me as I begged him to fuck me hard.
Time passed by slowly as we made love and we reconnected with one another during our encounter. I screamed and moaned out while we fucked and came three times before he filled me with his hot spunk. I was so glad to be back home and this special time with my lover was well worth the trip.

I didn’t awake until nearly noon the next day and Mikey had already been awake for quite some time, as he and my mom took care of the five children that filled the house, one of them mine. I showered and then joined my family once again as we spent the next week dealing with my newest siblings and my own daughter. I loved her so much, but was missing out on watching her grow up while I worked.

Maybe I should rethink my career goals and stay at home with my daughter and lover. It would be nice to spend more time with them both, including my mom and the rest of my family also, but being back with all of the babies made me rethink the possibility of having more children with Mikey. I wasn’t really sure, but as the week passed and I spent more quality time with both my daughter and lover, I began to be lured deeper into being a housewife and mother.

I was still young and could always resume my porn career at a later date. As I began my menses later that week, I decided that I would once again discontinue my birth control and see if Mikey and I could have another child. I called my agent and told him that I would be taking a month off to stay at home with my daughter and to cancel or reschedule any planned shoots.

I was extremely busy with all four of my young children. Who would have thought that I’d be starting a new family at my age. I had given birth to a little girl almost a year ago, with one of my young lovers, and I had just given birth to triplets with my husband. Modern science had made all four of my recent children possible, since I had my tubes tied after my 5th child, James, was born.

I had been home from the hospital for just a couple of days when Velvet had returned home to be with her child and to help me with my current situation. She and Mikey had been spending much time together, when all three of us weren’t with the children and she had once again taken up my spot in our bedroom as my husband’s current lover. I didn’t brood, since the doctors had told me to wait for at least 4 weeks before I could engage in intercourse once again, but I still had my urges and I had plans of joining in their love making soon enough, if at least to provide oral gratification, to them and myself.

The kids were definitely a handful and I came to the realization that I wasn’t going to be able to return to my profession of being an e****t or take part in my website cam shows. It wasn’t as if we needed the money anyways, but my time was definitely taken up with 4 children under one year old. I loved all of them dearly and wanted them to grow up with a mother that was there for them, just as I had with my previous five older children.

I would just have to subdue my sexual urges and learn to handle them as I once had. Of course, I had fucked other men during that time too, but it was done secretively and with more discretion than my current relapse had been handled. Over the last three to four years I had been nearly as promiscuous as I had been when I was younger and my sex life had become public domain on the internet, where millions of people had seen me fucked in every way possible.

Thinking about it made me horny and I tried to keep myself emerged in my day to day activities to prevent my impulsive behavior from leading me down the road once again. I had even given up smoking, which had always calmed me when I had my urges or after I had satiated them, so my cravings for a cock or a cigarette were just going to have to pass normally.
I was changing my babies after they finished feeding and was preparing them for their noon time nap when I heard my daughter screaming from our bedroom.

She had always been a loud lover and her inability to contain her pleasure now put me in a predicament where I had to listen to her and my husband having wild sex. It had been over a week since I had given birth and I had listened to this sound since Velvet had come back home. She was spending quite a bit of time with her daughter too, but when she had free time, she seemed to always be having sex with her father.

I saw her seducing him constantly and watching it didn’t help my cause. I wanted him too, but I was going to have to wait. I had rushed into sex after the birth of my daughter nearly a year ago and had to be rushed to the hospital because of my impulsive behavior. I had learned my lesson and now I had to bide my time. It was difficult though, but my busy day with four little babies made it much easier than I had imagined.

I had been home for just a week and I was actually loving it. Spending quality time with my daughter and her father was wonderful and even though I did spend some time helping my mother out with her 4 babies, I was able to spend so much time with my lover, Mikey. We had been sleeping together each night and our love making was unbelievable. I still thought about my career and how I would make it fit in and I still fantasized about my other lovers, especially Nelson, since he was still staying at my condo in Vegas and sexting me whenever possible.

Every time I opened a text with a photo of his giant cock, I would just quench my desire with Mikey. I knew that I would have to return to Vegas and LA to get my business in order, but I told Rudy that I would be at home with my little girl for the next three weeks. He was a bit upset, but he knew that my family came first. Being a porn star and a young mother at the age of almost 22 didn’t always work out the way you wanted it to.

To top it off, here I was, planning on getting pregnant again.
My sisters and brothers came to visit my mom and dad with their new set of triplets. They had all flown into town for a week-long visit and stayed at our home during the time. They had all been aware of the secrets of our family, but even though they didn’t approve, they still remained my siblings. They were all quite surprised when my mom had gotten pregnant by her 20 year old lover, Hondo, when they had run off together to South America, but they had really been thrown for a loop when they had found out that I had become pregnant by my father.

None of them knew that Mikey wasn’t my biological father, so they still harbored some ill will about our relationship. They had even looked into other rumors about our very non-traditional family values and found videos of my mom and I having sex with each other and a multitude of other men, but when they saw the videos of my mom and I with my brother and her son, James, they had pretty much just turned a blind eye to our activities and tried to focus on being a family.

They stayed for a long weekend and we kept our relationships under wraps as I returned to my own bedroom and my mom and dad returned to their master suite. My siblings knew that I was in porn and had most likely seen my work to pique their curiosity. I wasn’t ashamed of what I did and I truly loved my profession, so they made very few comments about my career, unless it came up in conversation.

Our family was not typical in any manner and since they knew that their mom had been a prostitute for most of her life and that all of them had been born illegitimately to a handful of the thousands of men that she had fucked, they didn’t pass judgment. We all had our secrets and we kept them that way as we went through life trying to appear normal. Of course, sometimes that was made much more difficult when their mom, their little sister and younger brother were all sex addicts.

My older daughter had brought her long-time boyfriend with her when she had come to visit with the rest of the family. She obviously had never found out that he and I had engaged in sex on a number of occasions in the past. By his subtle glances, I could tell that he was interested in another round. I was being good though and it had only been three weeks since I had given birth, so I tried my best to contain myself and refrain from seducing him again.

I was sleeping in bed with Mikey once again, so I had satiated some of my cravings by sucking his long, white cock each night and savoring my first taste of cum since giving birth. The feel of his cock throbbing in my mouth and the warmth and flavor of his sticky spunk had made me so horny. I wanted him so badly and on the second night together I welcomed his hard prick into my asshole.

He fucked me so hard that I nearly screamed out loud, not unlike my daughter, every time that they made love. I couldn’t have him in my wet cunt, but feeling him ejaculate deep in my ass made me feel just as good.
I had wanted a cigarette so badly after we had made love that I went out onto the deck that night and stood with an unlit Winston in my mouth, just looking up at the stars.

I didn’t light it though and felt good about the fact that I had held my composure and remained smoke free for nearly two months. I had quit smoking when I had given up hooking, after giving birth to my son James, and I had rarely smoked during the 17 years that I had taken off to raise my children. Now I was attempting to return to my non-addictive ways and even though it was difficult, I was slowly making progress.

I put the cigarette back into its pack and turned around to return to the house. It was nearly 3am and everyone was now asleep in bed except for me and my daughter’s boyfriend, who was standing at the doorway to the deck, staring at me as I stood their nude with my pack of cigarettes. “Seems that I’m not the only one who couldn’t sleep. ” He said as he walked toward me.

He had seen me naked quite a few times and had fucked me a few more, so he wasn’t surprised at seeing me nude on my deck at night. “Just getting a little fresh air. ” I told him as he moved up and put his hands on my arms, rubbing away the outdoor chill. My nipples were hard and erect from the cool air and he didn’t hesitate to lean over and take my thick, erect flesh between his lips and begin sucking on it.

I was still lactating and his mouth filled with my milk as he squeezed and pulled on my breasts with his mouth. “They’re so much bigger than they were the last time I saw you. It’s amazing at how great you look after just having triplets. My cock grew instantly when I saw your naked outline in the moonlight and it’s been yearning for you since my last visit. ” He said, as he pulled my free hand to his groin and placed it on his erection.

He was just wearing a pair of boxers and his large erection was standing out for me to see and feel as my fingers wrapped around the shaft of his black pole.
My mouth was salivating as I stood there, another man’s hard penis in my hand, his lips sucking on my sensitive nipples and my pussy beginning to run down my inner thigh as my juices began to flow. I thought that my will power was getting stronger as I controlled my sexual urges and my smoking addiction, but it had yet to be tested like this.

I slid my hand into his boxers and felt his smooth, warm skin in my hands and began to stroke him while he licked and sucked on my swollen, breasts. He looked up and his face moved in to kiss me on the lips and soon our tongues were darting into one another’s mouth. His bouncing prick pressed against my stomach as he pulled me closer while we kissed and his hand moved down to feel the wetness of my swollen labia and open slit.

My mind was tingling and so was my body as I tried to regain control, but I couldn’t move as he led me over to the table and lifted me onto it. He parted my legs and moved slowly between them, his cock rubbing against my moist lips as I arched my back and purred. I was so horny and I had just been fucked in the ass not more than an hour ago and now my daughter’s long-time boyfriend was about to shove his cock deep into my hungry cunt.

I felt the thick, fleshy head of his prick press against my opening and my legs wrapped around his back and pulled him deep inside of me. He slid in with ease, the full length of his ebony tool plunging into my gaping wet hole. I had been fucked so many times in my life that it didn’t take much effort to enter my vagina, as its moist, slippery walls and parted lips were always ready for any incursion.

He began to fuck me slowly and then picked up the pace as his cock rammed my yearning hole and his pelvis slammed into mine. My control had wavered and in a matter of seconds I was being used by another man once again and I was loving it.
I felt his semen fill my vagina after about twenty minutes of rapid thrusting. My clit was erect and protruding as his groin grinded against mine.

A sheen of sweat covered our bodies as he fell upon mine, his muscular and hairy chest pressing against my humongous breasts. I let out a long sigh of satisfaction and felt his cock slip from my well used crack. He smiled at me and walked back into the house, his cock hanging and glistening from my wet snatch. His spunk dripped from my pussy and ran down my asshole as I inserted a finger into my vagina and then tasted his cum.

My fingers fumbled with the pack of cigarettes lying on the table next to me and soon I had one between my lips as I reached for the lighter, stuffed inside of it. A quick flick of the Bic and I was inhaling deeply on my first smoke in nearly two months. I had failed once again, but I quivered in excitement as I lay looking up at the stars and blowing smoke toward them, my clit tingling and erect as I rubbed it and took another puff.

Would I ever be able to quit being a whore, especially when I enjoyed it so much? I doubted it very much I thought as I tasted more of his cum on my fingers.

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