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obedient white woman

I wake up at 7am like the damn insominac that I am. I got a few good winks in for 4 hours our so. So I burned one and put on some clothes and went to the store to get some food and other much needed for the month. I get to the store and about 9am or so and I see this sexy ass white girl walking into the store. I get a buggy and get what I need I see her coming up by the frozen foods, I say good morning to her and she says the same.

So I pay for my th?ngs and go to out and I see her speed walking to me. She tells me that she thinks Im cute and all this other and gives me her number to call. So I call a few days later and we get to know each other. The thing that I hate about some white women is they try to be down and say the wrong word she says nigga one night telling me about a damn white boy.

So I get her right and tell her its not cool no matter how much Tom Cruse pool place on BET. She ask me how can she make it up. Tell her to shut the fuck up and dont say a word and it was done. So one day she ?nv?te over her place and we chilled and she was on me like hell saying that I made her horny and she wanted to fuck.

I was still kinda hot about the nigga thing and told her no. She told me she would do what ever it takes to be with me, so I tell her to get naked she does so. I tell her to get on her knees and dont move and keep her head done while I talk. This bitch does it without thought, " Now tell me why you used the word nigga? She says I dont know, my friends use it.

I tell her that with never happen again will it. No sir She says. I can tell this girl is all with this submissive thing cuz she is breathing hard as hell while I walk around her. I grab a hand full of her hair and she sucks her teeth hard, Bitch sit you dumb ass on the floor by me and dont say shit. She says Yes sir. I watch a little T.

V. and she is just doing as told, so I ask her why is she smiling and she says That Im being a good bitch for my master. Now Im tripping in my mind cuz I love to control. What do you mean Master? She says I will do what you say so you are the master. So you my slave then. I say. Yes sir. She says. I tell her too get on her back and play with that pussy tell I tell you other wise.

She does just that and she is freaking herself off like hell. Saying all kind of shit. I will do what you tell me Master. Ooooooooooooo! Im about to cum. She says. She squirts on my floor. This bitch is on fire. So I tell her to go to the bed room and I tie her up. I take off my belt and whip her across the back. She moans and says yes. I say Who your Master bitch.

Crack sounds the belt that now is my Whip. You are my Master. I crack the belt four more times and she is moaning with every whip and she yells and says IM CUMMING and I hear a gush and she comes everyhere. I untie her and tell her to swallow this dick bitch. And she gets to it, this bitch is sucking and I do mean sucking. Her mouth is hot and wet and she not gonna let this dick go.

She takes the it with two hands and is doing tricks on the tip. She lets go of her hands and swallow it whole. I feel it cumming but I can tell its a big one cuz my dickhead feels like its about to blow up. She keeps sucking and it cums, three hot shots in her mouth. She is moaning swallowing every drop. I put her on her knees and fuck her hard and fast.

She is yell yes master fuck this slave. She squirts two times while Im in the pussy. So I pull out and slide it in her ass. She says No please master dont do me like this I do listen, I fuck her in her ass anyway. Play with that pussy bitch Yrs sir. she says. So I fuck her in the ass tell she is saking and making the loudest noise I have heard a women make and she yes O shit.

I put out and she cums, the cum just pours out as she plays with the clit. She falls on the bed face red as hell saking. I say you love this dont you. she says yes. And I put this did in her mouth and face fuck her. Her mouth is the truth and I cum in three mins. right in her face. I get up and go to the shower and she is right the.

No let me. She washs me and cooks and cleans the mess and sits right back where I told her to sit in the first place. Good Slave!

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