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Not Your Average Delivery Boy Story

An unusual cold snap brought an even more unusual snowfall to our small beach town. We decided to have an evening in, making some poor delivery boy drive through the snow, while we lay curled up in each others arms on our bedroom floor in a cascade of pillows and blankets.
Headlights streaked across the walls through small slits in the blinds. “Food’s here,” he said excitedly.
“Thank you for calling it in and getting up to answer the door, you’re so sweet.

” He added affectionately.
“Aww,” I said, grinning from ear to ear, “You’re welcome, honey. ”
“I just want to make sure that you know how much I appreciate all that you do. I could give you a proper thanking, if you’d like. ” He said, raising an eyebrow, with a look that I knew and loved.
“Bring that naughty bottom over here. ” He motioned over his outstretched legs.
We heard a car door slam, so I quickly crawled over his legs, staying on all fours though, so I could easily jump up for the door.

He didn’t hesitate or hold back. SMACK. He brought his hand down full f***e on my right butt cheek. The crack rang out loudly and the impact radiated deeply, and he didn’t stop. He struck the same spot again and again with firm stinging swats. I briefly thought of the delivery person, walking past our bedroom, and up the long walk to the front door. SMACK. I breathed in sharply as another shocking swat landed over the dying embers of the last one.

SMACK. ‘Oh, he has to be hearing this. ’ I thought. SMACK. I flushed as I wondered if he knew what we were doing by the sound alone, or if the idea would ever occur to him. I wondered how many other couples were tucked away tonight, warm and toasty, enjoying unspeakable acts of passion and pleasure.
SMACK. I struggled to hold back the yelps and squeals that desperately fought to escape my tightly closed lips.

I didn’t want to make it any more obvious that someone was spanking my ass for the pure fun of it.
“Oh!” His hand fell again and again, the deep burning approached intolerable.
“Aaaah!” I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oooww!” The heavy swats came faster, quickly increasing the sweet, but searing pain, leaving me squirming and weak and aching for more. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through my abdomen and down my legs, relaxing my body and drawing my entire being into the sensations of his firm hand on my burning bottom.

I held my breath waiting for the doorbell to ring, sinking my bottom lower and lower away from his hand. I quickly pushed back into position, surrendering to him, trusting him, and knowing I could take even more, wanting him to push me past that point. The pain felt wonderful, powerful, and raw. It pulled me down into the experience of the moment, a meditation, an all-encompassing silence of the mind.
The knock at the door made me jump.

I was slightly relieved as I was dangling over the edge of pleasure to pain. I quickly leapt up, almost, but not quite fast enough. He flicked his hand one last time, with greater f***e still, managing to land directly on target once again, despite the distance I had gained in that solitary moment. I let out a final yelp as I practically danced to the door, feeling sexy and silly and satisfied, wearing a wicked grin and absolutely savoring the blazing red patch on my bottom.

I tried to slow my bleed, taking light careful steps, but my ass prickled and pulsed with each and every one. I slid back the dead-bolt and turned the knob, delighting in a raw throb of pain that squeezed around well-spanked flesh. A great ripple of pleasure rushed through my body, followed by a fit of laughter as I realized I was about to open the door to some poor delivery boy who had no possible idea of the fun that goes on in our house, not even an inkling.

I stood tall and flung open the door, laughing uncontrollably as I signed my name and took our food. It was one of the most exhilarating and erotic spankings of my life. So far, that is. :).

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