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Not a sex story, just one bad experience (would lo

As i am a crossdresser on the closet, the most common place to look for sex meetings is on internet sites and forums. One of the main problems on that type of “researh” has to do with the posted pictures. Most of them are fake resulting not so happy experiences. Usually i do not judge people from their looks and i consider attractive most of them. Some have nice bodies, others are funny and/or clever.

But when you chat with someone and arrange to meet you expect that the data he is providing you would be the real ones, after all what’s the point of hiding them one day before meeting?
Imagine me saying to someone that i am slim, tall with a big long cock…. how would he feel when he actually sees me?

Some time ago i was chatting with someone who sounded interesting, he was making clever comments, really funny jokes and was not interested only in sex chat.

This went on for some days when i proposed to meet him in a hotel. I was straight forward to him regarding our meeting, it would be in a hotel room because i do not go out dressed and it may lead to sex.
I got some pictures of him, not face ones which is fine by me as i too avoid to send face shots. Average type of body with a few body hair and a slim cock above average.

I arrived at the hotel a few hours before our meeting to make all preparations (make up, dressing etc). We were to meet at 7:00PM, he got there on time. I had left the door open and i was sitting in the sofa while the lights were off. He opened the door and the first thing i noticed was this big round shape. I decided not to let that to spoil my mood, after all he did sound interesting.

All the information regarding his description were not true so far, he was short, fat and bold. Based on what i saw on his hands i was expecting a really hairy body too. As mentioned above i do not have a favorite body type. I have been with several men of different types and i had good times with most of them.

We talked for a few minutes and things did start to go well, so i decided to get closer and move to the next step.

I leaned towards him to kiss him, we were kissing for a while but he didn’t make any kind of move, i guessed that he was shy. I understood that i had to be the one leading him.

I took his pants off, felt on my kness and start to lick him above his underpants. Well, remember the description of his cock? it was not there. It was small, so small that was hidden from the hair.

And i got the hairy body guess right too!!!! Since we were at the hotel i decided not to let the night go, it was going to be sex after all and i wanted it.

I was blowing him (based on his size i can easily say i was deep throating) when he grabbed my hand and pushed me down to his ass. I did lick him a bit and tried to move back to his cock but he didn’t let me.

I continued licking his ass when he asked me to stand up, i did so. He dressed me off and start to give me a blow job, not a bad one to be honest.

During all that time we were at the sofa, we moved to the bed and he took one of the condoms i left there. He opened it and i lied down asking him if he wanted me to bend over.

He said no. I spreaded my legs, splitted my hand and fingered my ass to loose up a bit. And then he leaned there and put the condom on me…..

I was surprised, we had those long chats where i was pretty clear that when i am dressed i am passive, totally passive. And there he was putting the condom on me.

I was prepared for a night of good passive sex and here i was fucking a fat, hairy guy who was moaning like a girl.

To his enjoyment it took me so long to cum as the whole situation was depressive for me. Still i had hopes. After several minutes (that looked like hours to me) i came inside him. I leaned on the bed next to him and move my hand to his cock, it was not hard so i started playing with it, he then pulled my hand away saying that he didn’t want to and that was it.

I was so dissapointed and angry. He got up, got dressed and left the room.

I still cannot understand it, i am not macho, i am a fat crossdresser with a cock i consider small (ok to be honest when hard is average). He knew it all, he has seen it all before meeting me. What kind of enjoy did he get?.

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