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Nika.Sluchay lakeside

My name is Veronica, I’m 19. Good figure, 4 breast size, rather large butt, height 155, long black hair. It was the beginning of the summer, we decided to celebrate with friends and went to the end of the session to the cottage to one of them, Lena. There were seven of us and we all met at a forum devoted to mysticism. Often met for that would try to hold on what may be a ritual, but every such meeting ends revelry and orgies.

This time it promised to be exactly the same. Lena Cottage located in a quiet hamlet on the shore of a deserted lake. The last resident of this community died 20 years ago, and now only the relatives of the deceased came here from time to time that would remove the graves.

Arriving we unpack and immediately decided to take a swim, the water was perfectly clean, as the boys were not there, we decided to swim naked.

Here I digress, and I note that of the girls just me and my neighbor were tselochku Angela.

Day came to an end, and we decided to fry the kebabs, and begin to drink wine. So we beat the sunset pretty d***k, and Kate, the oldest of us suggested:

– And let’s fuck Nick Angela. How much can a virgin walk.

– Maybe the way they fucked each other.

Replied her friend girl Tanya.

– Well, do not remain the same and our side, let’s do a ritual. Said a third, Natasha.

We agreed. Girls drew a pentagram on the floor, while until Natasha and her girlfriend Jeanne drew on nashil naked bodies what that character. When it was over, the girls sat on the top, and began masturbating read what that invented spell.

Entourage, cooking, coming petting and sex, all wildly excited us, and going to the center of the pentagram, and kissed.

Angela fingers greedily crushes my buttocks, and I just greedily crumpling her breasts. Then she lay down on the floor, legs spread wide. I immediately sat on her face and ran her fingers over the wet pussy. Her tongue gently caressed my clitoris, I reciprocated. Parted fingers labia I licked her clit, then plunged it deeper, and touched the hymen. Angela trembled, and did so well at this moment one of the girls moaned loudly and finished right on my back hot jet.

This sparked my desire with new vigor. I soaked finger with saliva and immerse it in the ass mistress, Angela relaxed sphincter, so that he entered easily, I also underwent this procedure. At this time there are three girls over and watered us warm jets of juice. It seems we both want to give your partner cum first, and only then to tear hymen, but the orgasm would not visit us, the time of the last girl also peaked, and her womb we watered juice.

Wet and sticky, we strongly clung to one another trying to get to cum violently tugged clits teeth, slapping on the buttocks, I finally broke down and picking up a small dildo drove it into the flesh of his mistress. Angela screamed, her body trembled, and set off from pussy trickle of bleed. Each of her friends had already finished three times, and as soon as the last of them, exhausted fell to the floor, all sweaty and happy, our bodies are paralyzed paralysis.

The contours of the pentagram broke and our bodies up stories about sex in the air. All crammed horror, but the body is not allowed to publish and sound, only incoherent bellowing through his teeth. It seemed to me that this is a bad dream, or rather like that would have been so, or that would have gone crazy, and it was my hallucination. I tried to remember the prayers that do not know, trying to ask for forgiveness, but then suddenly broke girls body bright green flame, the house was filled with heart-rending cries and the smell of burning flesh.

Just as suddenly as it had appeared, paralysis left my body and I fell to the floor. Rising to his knees, I turned back to see what would happen with that Anezheloy, but a huge wall of flame to divide us. Turning, I saw it, demoness. She had long legs with three toes, each of which had huge claws, a long thin tail, gorgeous slim figure, 2 pairs of breasts, arms was 4 fingers which also ended in claws, face demonessy was perfect, lush lips, small nose, on forehead pair of horns bent back, and long hair.

Leather demonessy was ashen, and behind there was a pair of small wings. She smiled looking into my eyes with his black deprived pupils of the eyes. I again took to the air, so that our faces were on the same level, and she kissed me, her tongue was probably 40 inches in length so as soon penetrated deep into me with one hand she squeezed my breasts, I was both painful and nice, apparently she felt it and just squeezed my buttocks.

I again began to be excited. Then the demoness took my hand and put in one of her breasts. Perfect to the touch, soft and tender so I liked her crush, but as soon as I started to enjoy it, I fell. Demonessy laughter filled the room.

Laughed she sat on the floor in front of me and spread her legs wide. After spending the tail on the chin she beckoned me to her pussy.

Forgetting about the hell that is happening around, forgetting about girlfriends and everything in the world, I began to lick her pussy. The taste was incredible, a bit tart, but sweet at the same time, I could not tear myself away, I wanted more and more. I tried to stick a finger in the ass, but instead of the anus, there were still some labia. A couple of times with his finger there, I licked it, it was just as tasty.

So I continued to caress her tongue in the front and rear finger tail demonissy fondled my breasts, and when I was playing with her clitoris, and she played with my nipples. Pussy wildly itched, and as soon as I touched her, he immediately came. The sudden orgasm, I lowered her head and put her mouth right in the pussy. Demoness growled and also finished. Thick, hot juice, immediately filled my mouth open, incredibly tasty, he even stronger kindled my desire.

– You like it? said a voice in my head.

– Yes, I replied.

– Then ask me to fuck you.

– Fuck me.

– No, not right. You should say: Fuck me, madam, your slave begs you.

I repeated her words.

– You agree to be my slave?

– Yes, just please fuck me. My pussy warmed with desire, and his body was paralyzed again, so that I was left standing on all fours, with his ass to the top.

Fuck me like a bitch, dirty maid, I was ready for anything, just please, fuck, I want you.

At this point the clitoris demonessy began to increase in size.

– My name is Leriiela not befitting a slave to contact Mrs not named.

Her clit meanwhile had reached thirty centimeters in length and five in width. Mrs. juice served on all sides, making it even more appetizing than it was.

Leriiela got up and walked up behind me, down to the crotch she licked the juice covered the pussy, and kissed him on the right buttock. Her kiss wildly sick, like a burn. In my eyes filled with tears. Meanwhile e handlebars gently cupped my ass and buttocks apart, Mrs. thrust his huge and hard clit into my anus. I howled in pain, and she just laughed, luckily it was covered in grease demonessy and easily slid between my buns.

gradually gave way to pleasure pain and ponytail she caressed my pussy incidentally, helped me finish. After me and my mistress had finished by removing the clitoris from the anus, she spread her supple sphincter four fingers, and filled my ass juice.

Then she turned me and we were face to face. Our lips have merged in a kiss and a long tongue Leriiely again seized me, in that moment I realized that such an orgasm from oral sex.

Saliva demonessy was as tasty as juice. My hands caressed by turns all four of her breasts, her nipples are periodically burst of something akin to grease, which I then rubbed on their own. Sharp claws hostess squeezing my nipples, so markedly in two minutes, I again came, irrigating huge clit Leriiel its juice. In response, she smiled and moved apart my legs, stabbed him in the pussy, I moaned clenched teeth, in response, she just laughed.

Twenty minutes later, she too came, as well as the last time I filled juice. During this time I managed to finish a dozen times, and just lay on the floor in a pool of his own bleed and juice, enjoying the mistress as a lubricant fills my cunt, and from there enters the uterus. I imagined that this sperm, and in the morning I will be pregnant, and the thought had finished again.

– And you’re good for the human female, not in vain, I chose you.

Then I fell asleep. I dreamed I again entreat her to become my mistress as she fucks me as I finish. And then I woke up in the woods, naked and dirty.

Walked rain, and judging by the trees was the end of September, coming to himself, I looked around, there was not a house or a lake, or the machine on which we have come a dirt road could be seen ahead.


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