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By the time it happened to me, I had read so many stories and seen a few
porn videos about it. You know the story, two buddies go out looking for
girls, get d***k stagger home falling all over each other.

They end up in the same bed and one touches the other who’s passed out
and keeps going until the two are having sex.

Well, three of us were out drinking, not really looking for girls.

just had pizza and beer until our trips to the bathroom out numbered the
slices of pizza left. Tad, Bernie and I took a chance and drove home.
Tad was driving and he did pretty well. Bernie and I weren’t worried even
though we did slide through a couple of stop signs. Fortunately there was
not traffic or any cops.

The guys decided to crash at my place which wasn’t unusual.

I lived alone
and they still lived with their parents. So they could crash and sober up
by the morning.

We each grabbed another beer and turned on the tv. I’m not sure if we
really wanted to watch anything in particular. It was just something to

And each of us did our trips to the john. Tad left the door open, he
always did. I think he wanted us to see him holding his cock and pissing.

I wasn’t sure about Bernie, but I watched. He had a nice cock.

I had always wanted to touch it, maybe suck it. But we didn’t do any of
that stuff. The three of us had known each other for three years or so
since working at the beach. Bernie was a bit more conservative but
returned from the bathroom wrapped in a wet towel. The lump on his crotch
was clearly visable.

But this wasn’t unusal, I had seen the guys bareass before. That night
wasn’t the first time they crashed at my place d***k or otherwise.

We told jokes, watched tv, drank more beer, ate some sandwiches and
horsed around a little on my bed.

I decided it was my turn and I told the guys I was out of it and needed
to crash. I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up, drained my bladder
and took a shower.

I had an idea and decided why not.

“You ok in there?” Bernie asked when hearing some noises I had made. I
opened the door and staggered back to the bed more d***k then when I had

“Yea just too far gone” I purposly slurred. I was naked and hard. I
didn’t care. I got into bed and turned out the light passing out..or at
least acting that way.

I heard them laugh at me, and talk awhile. My erection made a nice tent
of the sheet.

I heard them whispering and then felt a hand on my cock. It outlined the
boner I had and then squeezed it a bit. I mummbled and the hand froze
then I moved a bit and settled down figuring this was the way a d***k guy
would act.

I felt the cool breeze as they pulled the sheet back.

“jesus, he’s huge” Bernie said “How big?” Tad asked and soon I felt
something pressed against my cock. They were measureing it.

“Shit nobody could swallow that” Tad said. “How do you know?” Bernie
asked. “maybe if they were d***k enough”.

“I’d like to see you try” Tad laughed and then I felt the warm mouth
covering my cock and sliding down on my cock.

“Shit man I knew you couldn’t do it, here let me” Tad said.

He moved over me his legs positioning themselves inbetween mine. His
mouth went on the tip of my cock and then he backed off.

“Nice cockhead too. ” then his mouth moved down and down until they
touched my pubic hair. Now I didn’t have an exceptionally large cock. It
was seven or so, a little larger then average I’m told by one or two guys
that had done to me what Tad was doing now.

Then suddenly he pulled away and started moving. “Hey Bern work on me
while I work on his” Tad

“fuck you” Bernie said

“Come on, it’ll feel good and I’ll do yours later” Tad said.

I felt the warm lips on my cock again. The room was full of their
slupring sounds and a little moaning. I felt the vibrations or Tad’s
moans as he worked on my cock.

I took a chance and opened one eye to see Bernie twisted around so he
could suck Tad’s cock.

There we were one passed out dude and two buddies sucking each other and
him. I wanted to wake up..but decided to let this go on for a bit.

My hands moved to Tad’s bare shoulders and stroked. He knew I was awake,
perhaps knew it all along.

I moved a bit so I could reach Bernie and began to lick his cock.

moved closer so I could suck it entirely. And the three of us gave each
other pleasure and felt each other’s sperm all over our faces and chests

We passed a wet rag around afterwards saying that was fantastic and thank
god we were d***k cause we wouldn’t have done it otherwise and stuff.

To our credit none of us said “boy was I d***k, I don’t remember a

“Hey guys let me lay in the middle. I think you two will like what I have
in mind” I offered and moved to the bed. Tad lay on one side and I
greased his butt and then mine. I greased my cock adn then Bernies.

Nobody talked, they knew waht was going on and after I entered Tad,
Bernie got inside me and the three of us fucked.

“Let’s turn over” Tad said at one point and his cock was soon where
Bernies had been and mine was inside Bernie.

We kept moving around each other after that, finding new ways to get and
give pleasure to each other. I’m not sure how long it lasted but
eventually we lay there pressed together, naked and indeed sleeping off
the booze we had d***k and hadn’t yet pissed away.

The morning was even better cause none of us bothered to dress as we
showered, made breakfast and lay around talking about our headaches.

didn’t discuss the night before.

We wrestled and jacked each other off then shared a hot shower before
heading back out to the beach where we roller bladed until late

Tad took off saying he’d call me later. Bernie had to go to work. So I
went home and lay on the bed, once again naked and once again hard as
hell thinking about what I did the night before pretending to be so

And I waited for Tad to call.

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