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Night at the Dentist

I was a frustrated teenager in the 1970’s and ’80’s, before the internet
provided such easy access to fulfill one’s fantasies. And one of those
fantasies was getting it on with an older man.

I had been seeing my dentist regularly from an early age. Bad teeth in
the family, so a lot of concern on the part of my mother to make sure I
didn’t have to suffer the same fate as her–a lifetime of painful visits
in the dentist’s chair.

And I loved my dentist, a man in his 40’s, whose practice, common in a
downtown, was on the first floor of a his townhouse, which was a short
walk from our own townhome. So even when I went off to college in
another city eight hours away, I didn’t switch dentists. Even though not
seeing someone else meant I had to make my appointments to see Dr.
Tolbert during the short breaks when I came home from school.

fortunately, he always seemed to be able to squeeze me in, despite
the doublebookings and his very busy practice.

Sophomore year I turned 19 right before Christmas break. I was due to
come home for a week or two, and my mom suggested she try to make an
appointment with Dr. Tolbert while I was in town. He told her that in
fact he was booked solid, but since his practice was inside his house,
and it was so convenient for him, he would be glad to see me over the

I was returning home on a Saturday, and so Mom set it up for me
to go over that late December Sunday afternoon.

His front door was always unlocked when he had office hours, and that
afternoon was no different. I walked in, shouted out, and heard Dr.
Tolbert reply that he was on the phone, would be right down, and to make
myself comfortable in the waiting room,

Doctor Tolbert always had great magazines on hand.

Unlike most doctors,
he didn’t just take the freebies he was sent and then lay them out to
read after he and his brother and his mother had read them first, so that
you were reading some obsolete issue from nine months back. In fact, I
always looked forward to waiting because he had all the current sports
magazines and so many other interesting titles.

I sat down on the leather couch, which was set up almost like a living
room, and bent over the coffee table to pick up a magazine from the

There was some auto magazine on top. None of my friends drove
cars or grew up caring much about them in the big city, so no one really
read such mags. I went to the next one, and boy did my eyes open up

There before me were a couple of porn magazines! Well, being the
hotblooded newly minted 20-year old I was, I started going through them.
Even though there was no door to the waiting room, just a door frame
outside of which were the stairs to the upper floors and the vestibule, I
knew it was Sunday, and no one else would be coming in, so started
looking at them intently.

Of course, that no one else was expected was confirmed by the fact that
the magazines were even there in the first place, obviously put there by
my friend the doctor for me to discover. And discover I did. I noticed
right away these were gay magazines, which definitely titillated me
further–and started me thinking. Dr. Tolbert lived in the townhome
alone and while he was not effeminate in the least, speculation had
always crossed my mind.

It especially crossed my mind whenever I was in the dentist chair tilted
back at crotch level to him and often noticed quite a bulge.

I was so engrossed that I did not hear Dr. Tolbert quietly come down the
stairs. From the middle steps he could look right into the waiting
room. He was able to see me engrossed in the literature he had laid out,
and from his higher position on the steps could also, I am sure, see a
large bulge in my own pants forming.

I mean I was all but drooling!

“Ah,” he said, “I see you have found something interesting there. “

Startled, I dropped the magazine in my lap, and didn’t respond as much as
just sputtered for a while.

“That’s okay, Dave. I wouldn’t have put them there if I didn’t think you
would enjoy them. You are enjoying what you are seeing, aren’t you? Let
me take a look with you.

With that, Dr. Tolbert came down the rest of the stairs, quickly flipped
the lock on the front door, and sat down next to me on the couch. He got
real close to me. I could feel his breath, then he started to rub my
manhood, formerly just a few years ago my boyhood, through my pants.

“Would you like to see what that feels like?” he asked, as I looked at a
page with one of the guys getting a blowjob from his partner.

I didn’t give much of an answer, just a nod, and Dr. Tolbert immediately
unzipped my fly. My cock burst right out of my pants, hard as a rock
already. He stroked it. Then he pulled my pants down, got down on his
knees in front of me and took me in his mouth, sucking and licking my

Hearing my soft groans of pleasure, he suggested we take our activities
upstairs, where after all these years, I had never been, adding to the

My heart was pounding, as I followed him, my eyes glued to
his ass bounding up the stairs, looking forward to what would transpire

We walked right into his room. “Let’s get undressed, Dave” he said
quietly. And we did.

Dr. Tolbert, he told me to call him Bernie, was a specimen. Six feet
tall, blond hair, built, but not overly muscular, with a huge cock. We
embraced. And we kissed each other, before rolling onto his bed, where
we deep kissed each other for what seemed forever, as we grabbed each
others’ cocks and then let go and grinded each others’ bodies.

I rolled on top of Bernie, and we got into a hot 69. Then he told me to
sit up, still straddling him. He pulled my ass toward his face and
buried his tongue into my beckoning rectum. I leaned over slightly and
grabbed his dick and fondled it while I made the gutteral noises that
told him I was on a new plateau.

I then bent all the way down, flipped around, and started to suck him

Instead, Bernie lifted his legs up, his cock fell out of my
mouth, and said, “Fuck me, please, Dave. You are so hot, please fuck me
right now. “

He pointed to some lub on the bedstand. I globbed it on his asshole and
my dick, and then made love to this gorgeous man. I grabbed his
legs, licked and sucked his big feet while I was fucking him, and then
unloaded it all his asshole.

And then he returned the favor, deflowering
me with his big cock and then leaning down to lick and kiss me all over.

Darkness had falled, but it was the dawn of a new day.

To be continued…. I make friends with my summer roommate, and Bernie
comes to visit us with his 45 year old friend, for an unbelievable

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