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Nick’s Roast

The invitation sat in the other room. It said long pig roast, starting at 6 PM. He wondered
what was meant by longpig? Some special type of pork perhaps? Nick finished his shower, stepping out onto the bath mat. He toweled himself dry thinking of anticipation of the party he would be attending tomorrow. Alicia had told him this would be a special party.

Anything with Alicia was special as far as Nick was concerned.

He’d met Alicia
just six months ago. Six months that had drastically changed his life. Before Alicia he had been a fitness fanatic. She’d changed that, showing him that though fitness had a place, life was to be lived. Now instead of playing racquetball daily he played perhaps once a week. He still power walked every morning and occasionally worked out, but he was no longer a fanatic about it. He’d even gained a bit of weight and it wasn’t the end of the world.

She’d shown him that being in shape, in good health and being totally rock hard were not the same things. He was well muscled now, but he was not muscle bound. He was in good shape, but with a certain amount of softness to him. Alicia preferred him
that way. He’d gained a little weight and gained a whole new life.

He felt himself excited, his member stiffening at the thought of Alicia.

Alicia, 5’6″ with curly auburn hair, green eyes, some freckles. Alicia was simply like no other woman he’d ever met. She said she had something special to show him at the party, that she wanted to show him how she truly felt about him. Nick left the bathroom sans deodorant. Alicia had weaned him from using artificial deodorants and most artificial products. He wondered if he should bring anything to the party. He’d asked Alicia but she told him if he could just come the night before.

They could spend the night, sl**p in her bed and he could help her set things up the next day. Alicia was even picking him up to drive him over to the party, how thoughtful of her.

She picked him up at 5 PM and brought him to her house, she was dressed casually in a blouse that showed her cleavage. A slight bounce with each step as she opened the door to her place.

“Come on in Nick, hey let’s have some fun first, in the kitchen” she said winking at him. “Any place special” he asked laughing? “The kitchen table, let’s do it there” she said lowering her voice to a sexy pitch. He quickly threw his clothing off, still nice and clean from the shower, the hair on his chest felt a slight breeze from an open window. “Lie down” she commanded imitating a dominatrix. He lied down on the table as she straddled him, her legs wrapping around his.

“Ride em cowgirl” he yelled with joy as she rode him up and down. He guessed his shower would have to be repeated before tomorrow, so he wouldn’t smell of musk and sex. God Alicia was good, how had he lived before meeting her? As they finished they lay quietly together for a few minutes.

“Um, let me get you a beer she said” as she got off him. He sat up accepting the beer when she returned.

She popped the top off the bottle handing it to him. Good sex, good beer, a loving girl friend, what more can one ask he felt. Then he felt his limbs going slack, he was falling back on the table. Alicia caught him and leaned him back down onto the table, taking the beer from him. She left him on the table unable to move, but he cold talk. It was like treading through quicksand but he managed to talk.

“Whaaaat” he managed with difficulty. She turned looking at him with a smile, taking a bottle of beer from the refrigerator she popped the lid on it and drank deeply.

“I d**gged the bottle I gave you with some muscle relaxant,” putting the lid back on it afterwards. “There’s a lot of preparation to get you ready for the dinner guests tomorrow. “

“You said you had neeewws” he said struggling with the words.

“Oh yes, you’re a father, congratulations. See Nick I really do like you, but my f****y believes men have only so many uses. Men are for giving woman babies and pleasure. You’ve given me babies, plural. The tests reveal two c***dren, you’ve given me great pleasure and will do so again before you die. Your final gift will be to give me, my f****y and friends the pleasure of consuming your delicious meat.

” Her smile was wide, purposefully showing her teeth for him. He couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want to believe it.

“Well, we have to start getting your ready Nick. There’s a lot to do before we actually start to roast you. ” She had a tray of things on wheels. She wheeled the tray over and sat down at one of the chairs to the kitchen table. “You’re just in the perfect place to start preparing you” she said playfully pinching the flesh of his lips.

From the tray she took what
looked like soap. She soaped him up and started to shave the hair from his chest, then his arms, legs, head, his entire body. She took out a sponge and gave him a sponge bath.
He saw what looked like tubing and some disposable plastic bags. She attached the tubing to the sink, he found himself wanting to be else where, wanting to deny this was happening as she started to work the tubing up his ass.

She put soap in a compartment attached to the tubing apparatus and he started to feel the water go up his anus and into him.
He felt pressure in his bowls which became worse as Alicia put her hands over his stomach and pressed down. Dirty water poured out another tube and into the adjacent sink. The bags on the floor, he realized where in case the tubing might develop a leak. She repeated the process again and again till the water ran clear.

He had never felt so empty inside, his
stomach and intestines were now totally emptied. She took a bottle of something white and put it into the next enema she gave him. The effect was to cause his stomach and intestines to feel so very strange.

“It’s to put your digestive system to sl**p Nick. I don’t want you digesting the stuffing your stuffed with or make yourself unappetizing with waste in you.

” She laughed as if she had made a joke.

She wheeled the cart away, he felt chilled as the earlier breeze from the window now fell upon his hairless and wet body, laying like meat on the kitchen table. He still couldn’t believe it, Alicia, love of his life had announced to him he was a father and she didn’t want to marry him,she wanted to eat him. She was going to cook and serve him at a party to celebrate her pregnancy tomorrow.

He realized now why she’d picked him up and drove him here. He’d just disappear, his car left at home, his stuff would collect dust. Police would find everything as he left it, no clue as to where he went…wait the invitation in the other room. They’d find that and question Alicia and her friends, maybe there was hope. His hope disappeared as he noticed Alicia’s purse by the sink. By the purse was the invitation, his invitation.

Alicia noticed what he was looking at, laughing she looked him in the eye.

“You didn’t think I’d leave behind any evidence did you?” She wheeled the tray over again, this time there was nothing on it. Once by the kitchen table she moved him onto the tray, wheeling out to the back yard. There was a big pit dug, a large mechanism was on either side of it, with horror he realized a spit would go in it and it would rotate over the pit.

“You’re not ready for roasting yet Nick, have to marinate you for a while first, overnight actually. Tomorrow I’ll put the coals in the pit and light them to get it ready to roast
you over. Cheer up Nick, you will be spending the night with me, it’s just you’ll be marinating. I wanted you to see the pit, thought you might like to think about it overnight. Let’s get you back inside and in the tub shall we?”

She wheeled him back in and to the bathroom.

She had a huge bath tub, it was already half filled with some type of brown fluid. He could smell spices and realized it was the brown fluid in the tub. She lowered him with some effort into the tub. The fluid came up almost to his chest. She put tubes into his nostrils and mouth, he realized it was so he could breath as he marinated. She left taking the wheeled tray with her, returning with
several jugs of similar brown liquid.

The liquid was cold at first, he felt his penis shrinking from the cold, felt the fluid seeming to seep into his bodies crevices. Alicia opened the first jug and poured it over him. If he could have moved he would have jerked as the cold fluid was poured over him. She then poured another jug and another till the fluid now totally covered him. He could no longer see her, he closed his eyes as the fluid was stinging them.

The tubes allowed him to breath, he could hear nothing as the fluid started to flow
into his ears.

How does one determined time? By external stimuli in most cases. He could no longer see, keeping his eyes closed to prevent stinging pain of the fluid if it flowed into his eyes again. He couldn’t hear as the fluid prevented sound from coming to him. He felt no vibrations, after a while the fluid no longer felt cold, for this he was thankful.

A new sensation assaulted his senses, his body was starting to feel stinging sensations all over. The fluid was marinating him, seeping into the pores of his skin, adding flavor, spices, perhaps tenderizing him as well. At some point he fell asl**p, awakening only when he felt a slight vibration and heard, heard something at last. He heard what sounded like a lever being pulled. He felt the liquid seeming to move in a downward direction, his body was starting to be uncovered, he could feel air again on his eyes.

It must have been the lever to the bathroom tub to empty the marinade down the tub drain. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to feel the stinging sensation again. He could hear Alicia’s voice singing “Whose Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf”.

He felt the sensation of a soft towel upon his face, she was dabbing him dry. He at last opened his eyes. Alicia stood over him in a kitchen apron, wearing rubber gloves.

“Ah, you’re awake, good you don’t want to miss all the preparations. You’re one of the reasons for the party after all, you being a father and the main course. ” She laughed at her own joke, one he did not share the humor of for obvious reasons.

She slowly worked him out of the tub and onto the wheeled tray she brought back in with her. He was toweled again on his back side and wheeled into the kitchen.

In the kitchen were some other women he’d never met before. One of them was in her sixties, the others were only slightly older then Alicia.

“So this is the meat is it Alicia?” one them laughed.

“Mom, Susan, Marie, this is Nick the father of my c***dren and main course for this evening” she told them. They laughed, then all started to poke and prod him with their fingers, making comments about the quality of his meat.

“Can we play with the meat while you get the spices ready?” the older woman, Alicia’s own mother asked.

“Sure, go for it” she said turning her back as she went to get spices from the kitchen cabinets.

Alicia’s mother undressed then put him onto the kitchen table from the cart. She started fondling his testis first “Um, some good sized man oysters you have there Nick. ” “Alicia by tradition gets one of them and your penis, the other gets to go to the lucky winner of that piece in the drawing.

He could feel himself stirring, pleasure coming despite what awaited him or perhaps because of it.

“Pleasse don’t” he begged her.

She laughed, “relax Nick and enjoy the experience. After all you’re just meat now, soon you’ll be roasting meat, then digesting in our stomachs. ” She started to stroke his penis then, starting from the base and working upward till he was stiff. She mounted him then, moving up and down on him till she was satisfied.

Alicia’s s****rs did the same, working him up to stiffness, using him and then dressing. They chatted as if he wasn’t there, he was just something they’d used for their pleasure, now they were done. His only use now as far as they were concerned would be as food for this evenings party.

Alicia came back with a armful of spices and other things he guessed she was planning on working into him.

“I might as well have you one last time” she told him. She removed her apron, then clothing. She moved over to him, his legs splayed wide, she started to play with his testicles first. She fondled them in her hands, stroking, massaging his balls as he moaned. She moved up to stroking his penis, taking her time, she playfully teased him a few times before finally stroking him fully erect. She positioned herself, riding him slowly,
he thought with much more care, longer then her mother or s****rs had.

“Now we’ll turn you over and work some spices and sauces into your skin. She dressed again, then her s****rs and mother helped her turn him on the table. He could feel them working spices into his skin from their hands. They worked the spices, kneading them deeply into him. It felt good, like a nice massage. They turned him face up again, working the spices on the other side of his body as they had on his backside.

They turned him face down again on the table.
“Marie, will you go put the coals in the pit and light them?” he heard Alicia ask.

“Sure s*s, want them nice and ready to roast him don’t we?”

“Is the stuffin mix ready mom?” Alicia called out to her mother.

“Sure is honey, just the recipe I always use for this type of roast. ”

“Um, I just love your stuffing mix mom, I can’t seem to get it right when I do it.

Thanks for making it for me mom”.

“Oh it’s all right honey, do you want help stuffing him?”

“No that’s all right mom, I’ll do it, just sit a spell and enjoy. You know how much you like watching the expression on their faces as they’re stuffed. ”

He couldn’t believe the woman he loved was saying this about him, he didn’t want to believe any of this was real.

It had to be a bad dream, he’d wake up and call Alicia, she’d laugh about it with him. He felt her fingers parting the skin of his anus. She inserted something in his anus slowly, little by little.

“I’m inserting something to open you up Nick. It has an opening for me to stuff the stuffing right up your ass. It expands as your anus expands, then I’ll use some prods to move the stuffing up through your intestines and into your stomach till your properly stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey.

” He could only lay there staring ahead, his vision showing him Alicia’s mother in a chair leisurely sipping a beer, watching with pleasure at his discomfort.

“Please don’t do this” it was easier to speak now he realized.

“Ah some of the muscle relaxant is wearing off I see” she said looking into his eyes. “Not enough though Nick, you’ll be able to talk, beg, plead and scream of course, but that’s about it for at least thirty more minutes.

By that time you’ll be on the spit for your initial
basting. ” She laughed as Alicia now started stuffing him, he could feel the stuffing enter his intestines, it was colder than the temperature of his body. He could feel the texture of what felt like some slippery stuff – mushrooms perhaps mixed with onions, he could smell sage and he was certain cornbread. He heard Alicia pick something up and then felt the stuffing mix being moved upwards.

She was using something to prod the stuffing up a little, then she carefully stuffed more stuffing into him and repeated the procedure. She
continued this till he felt he uncomfortably full.

“Onion Alicia” her mother said smiling at Nick.

“My God you can’t really mean this, a joke is a joke but this has gone to far” he pleaded.
Alicia’s mother threw a medium sized onion to her, he heard her catch it in her hand.

“It always amuses me that they deny the reality of the situation. ” Alicia’s mother smiled at him, her teeth looked disturbingly white and sharp like those of a predator. “You’re bald, hairless, did you notice your toe and fingernails had dissolved as you marinated
in the tub? Alicia has rubbed spices thoroughly into the pores of your body, she’s stuffed stuffing mix up your as and will now plug your anus with an onion.

” He felt the apparatus removed from his anus. Before his anus had time to go back to it’s normal size he felt Alicia stuff the onion in, plugging his anus shut despite his efforts to expel it. He had more minor muscle control, his anus could move slightly, but he couldn’t dislodge the onion.
Alicia and her mother turned him face up.

“What happens now?” he asked almost afraid of the answer.

They laughed saying it was a surprise. Alicia cleaned his penis, he felt drained as she moved her hands over his penis again, stroking him erect. This time when he became stiff he felt her hands grabbing and
holding him, preventing his member from relaxing. With expertise of long practice she put something into the tip of his penis and down, down till his penis was fully stretched. It was as if his penis was now a hotdog on a stick, standing fully up.

She took a bowl of fruit, placing rings of pineapple, orange, papaya on his penis one after another. At his penis’s tip she put a red cherry to laughter of her mother and s****rs. She took out some fruit he didn’t recognize, cutting an opening in each fruit, he felt her put his testicles into the fruit then she lightly tied the fruit closed and with gentleness tied the end to his penis.

“We don’t want your balls being damaged by jiggling as you turn on the spit do we now Nick?” She looked at her s****rs and mother “Who wants to help me put him on the spit?” They took a thin rod of what looked to be a very strong metal.

The rod had what looked to be adjustable straps. They turned him face down on the table and lay the rod against his back. He felt the cold metal against his skin, they pushed it on his flesh, parting his butt checks, the onion in his anus further wedging itself into him. He tried to struggle, finding he could move a little in his hands and legs. They firmly bound his wrists forward over his head to the spit, They bound his ankles, bound his forehead to the bar and a bond around his chest.

He could feel them tightening the bonds.

“Let’s do the initial basting of the meat now” it was Alicia’s voice. He could smell a sweet zesty smell and felt something sticky being put on his back side with a brush. If it wasn’t
so terrifying he might have found the experience pleasant. To his surprise he was now lifted off the table with a grunt, Alicia’s s****rs each held an end of the spit as they lifted him from the table.

They carried him outside to two Y shaped sticks obviously put out to rest the spit on. To his side was the pit with coals, he could see them, they were six feet
down in the pit, white hot. He wondered if it was just that they were being sadistic in
letting him see where the spit would go next, then realized they hadn’t basted his front side yet. They turned him face up, his slightly bloated belly stood up from the rest of him, as did his erect fruit covered penis, his testicles inside fruit that were kept unmoving with string tied to his penis.

He tried to scream hoping the neighbors would hear him and investigate. Alicia’s fences were over twelve feet high around her yard but perhaps if he screamed someone would call the police. His scream was cut off as an apple was firmly stuffed into his mouth.

“Now little piggy we don’t want you to scream at this time. Save that for later when your weaker and your screams are drowned out by the sound of the party.

” Alicia’s mom,
her gray hair perfectly coiled looked down with delight at the huge apple she’d stuffed into his mouth. Alicia picked a long handled basting brush and began to leisurely baste him from the front. He found the experience pleasurable, even with his member fully erect on a stick of some kind, even through the discomfort of not being able to retract his penis, he felt turned on. Somehow, for some reason he realized there was a part of him that was turned on with what was happening to him.

Sex and death he guessed, the excitement of it turned him on despite or because of the fear and horror of his predicament.

“Mom, Marie can you two fix his toes and fingers while I move all the sauces and spices over to the pit and get set up to tend him?”

“Do you want anyone to help you tend the meat honey” her mom asked.

“No, Nick was mine, I want to personally tend him, you understand don’t you mom?”

“Yes dear, it will be a nice touch for you and you alone to tend to his cooking, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

” As Alicia moved over the sauces, spices, basting brushes and some drinks to a table and chair set only a few feet from the pit, he realized they were putting small onions on each of his fingers. He tried to wriggle his fingers, he could do so but it in no way
dislodged the onions that were firmly covering each finger. They did the same to each toe.

“Okay, were ready to set the meat to cook now, ready Alicia?”

“All set up over here, let’s get the spit in the apparatus so I can turn him for a slow simmering roast” Alicia said smiling.

He wanted her to meet his eyes and she did, they set the spit so his head faced her. She set her self up so that the long basting
brushes could easily basted up and down his entire body as he slowly turned on the spit.

“Don’t worry Nick, it’s a very slow process, at first there won’t be any pain, just discomfort. Some say if it’s done just right that as you slowly cook your body will adjust and by the time it would be painful most of your pain centers will be burned out.

” “Sorry about that Nick, we want a little life and fight left in you when we eat you. So you WILL FEEL a certain amount of pain as you roast for the next six hours. ”

The spit was set firmly in the mechanism as she told him this, looking firmly into his eyes. He desperately tried to struggle, the thin metal spit didn’t even bend, didn’t even shake, the spit turned slowly, evenly without pause.

He felt the heat from the pit six feet below him hit abruptly, it wasn’t unpleasant, YET! He started to slowly, ever so slowly turn on the spit, apparently it was an automatic self turning spit. He actually admired the workmanship of the mechanism, if only he were not the meat being roasted. He kept trying to desperately struggle to no effect. After a while he stopped and just rested.

“That’s good nick, save your strength honey, just allow yourself to slow roast nice and proper.

It’ll still be a while before you feel any pain. ” She was looking into his eyes as she started to use a long handled ladle spoon to slowly and evenly ladle beer over his entire body as he turned on the spit.

“Be brave now Nick, I want to tell our little daughter how brave her daddy was. I want our son to know too. You need to set a good example for him for when it’s his turn after he’s reproduced.

” His SON!!!! Oh my God, two c***dren she had said, one a daughter, the other a son. One day his son would do his duty, impregnate a woman with at least two c***dren, maybe they’d even preserve some of his sperm to sell and thus increase his ability as breeding stock. But after that they’d eat him, they’d cook and eat him alive just
as they planned, no were doing even now to Nick!!!!

He settled down again, despairing at his fate, then perhaps accepting it, even being bored for a while.

He was starting to sweat now as he turned, starting to even enjoy the sensation of being basted every now and then. He was shaken out of his complacency as he felt a sharp poke in his left thigh. Alicia had poked him with a two pronged meat fork to test his meat’s cooking. He was a shade or two darker. Other then the meat fork being stuck into him, he hadn’t felt pain.

“You’re just getting to the real beginning of the cooking now Nick” Alicia said basting him with sauce again. He started feeling a light sting at different parts of his body at first. The sting became worse and now was all over his body. He tried to struggle again, making noise through the apple stuffed into his mouth. There was no response to his pain, to his struggles, to his muffled pleas through the apple as he continued to turn, slowly over the hot coals.

The heat continued, the spit continued to turn slowly, allowing him to cook evenly. He felt the onion stuffed up his anus seemed to slightly soften, he realized it was
starting to cook. The onions on his fingers and toes were getting slightly moist as they cooked on him. The pain continued to increase as he slow cooked, the only response from his beloved Alicia was to bast him now and then. At first as she continued to baste him the sauce gave a temporary relief to the heat and pain.

Then the sauce only made the pain
worse as the salt and spices in the sauce aggravated the pain of his cooking flesh. Like putting salt on an open wound, he would have been screaming in intense agony if there wasn’t an apple firmly stuffed in his mouth.

At some point he seemed to become two people, to disassociate from himself. He was in pain, making sounds of agony as he roasted and yet he was also now somewhere else in his mind.

It was the only escape he had and his mind took it. He continued this for several more hours, only vaguely aware that the sky had grown dark and people were arriving. Vaguely he heard people talking, they sometimes referred to the meat cooking on the spit, how much they looked forward to eating it. A slight awakening to reality occurred again as he realized he was the meat being discussed. c***dren played Frisbee in the back of Alicia’s yard, little girls and little boys.

Did the little boys realize that one day they would end up like this?

Women, or some women anyway, really didn’t need men to raise the c***dren. Like praying mantis’s, Alicia’s f****y and friends mated, had k**s then ate their mates. As far as any of them were concerned he had fulfilled his role in life and this is were he now belonged.

A table was being set up for people, another table with dishes, potato salad, coleslaw.

There was a huge tray set to one end, he realized it was for him and wondered how long it would be before he would rest on the tray. The tray had restraints, they really would eat him alive he realized. He felt another jab of something sharp, this time in his right buttocks.

“Mm, he’s ready for eating, someone help me remove him from the spit and put him on the platter for eating” Alicia stated.

The spit was lifted from over the pit and carried over to the table. They undid the restraints and laid him out on the tray face up, then moved his legs spread up like a Thanksgiving turkey so they could easily get to the meat on his rump, thighs and legs while still being able to get the meat of his crotch, his stomach, ribs and face.

“c***dren first” a voice he recognized as his beloved Alicia, he saw her standing over him with a carving knife and meat fork.

She poked his left buttocks with the meat fork and started to carve off slowly a slice of meat. He tried to struggle as the pain hit him, he saw
her take a slice of his rump, put it on a plate and give it to a little girl who was no older then seven. She did this again and again for each c***d. He saw a little boy no more then five look directly into his eyes as Alicia carved off a slice of Nick’s rump for him.

“I love the rump roast best” he said looking at Nick then at Alicia. “Will I taste as good as him when I grow up?” he asked Alicia.

She laughed and said “I’m sure you will dear. ”

The little boy looked at Nick again “Thank you for being so delicious” he said to Nick, then left with the plate that had a slice of Nick’s rump roast on it.

“Okay everyone, all the k**s have theirs now?” Alicia asked. Every c***d had a piece of Nick’s rump apparently. “Okay then, the traditional part of the start of the feast then” he heard laughter. Alicia moved over close to him, she reached down to his penis, with one hand held the bass of his shaft and the other she took the stick out of his penis shaft. She leaned down with her lips as if to kiss him, someone took the apple out of his mouth.

He begged her, “please Alicia no” she fastened her mouth around the tip of his penis
where the cherry was. People began chanting “Eat him, eat him, eat him” as she started slowly to nibble and chew on the cherry and the tip of his penis. He screamed, his screams drowned out by the chanting, the neighbors would simply think it was aloud back yard party. She continued to chew and swallow bits of his penis meat.

She stopped once or twice, took a sip of a beer someone handed her then went back to eating his penis.
He screamed and struggled in his restraints the entire time, relieved when she was done till he felt the string that had been tied to his penis, that secured his balls. He remembered being told Alicia would get one of his balls, that the other was a prize and he’d be alive through much of it.

He felt Alicia removing the bag from his scrotum, felt her remove the fruit from his right ball, felt her lips, her teeth as she daintily nibbled and ate him. He
screamed as best he could, the screams were weak and the sound of people laughing and conversing covered his screams. The only response to his screams were people saying was how beautiful a voice he had, how musical his screams were.

He felt someone taking his other ball and looked up to see Alicia’s gray haired mother start to eat his other one.

Her lips resting on his flesh briefly, her tongue licking, then her teeth as she bit and chewed, every bit as sharp as he had imagined them to be in the kitchen
when she’d smiled at him. After that Alicia still did the honors of carving meat off from
him, he moaned and made small sounds of pain as he was weakening, seeing bits of his partially cooked flesh like medium rare meat on plates, as people went by.

Once or twice he felt teeth as someone would ask to eat au natural.

He was starting to have trouble focusing his eyes, things were fuzzy as he heard Alicia say “anyone for the tender stomach meat and STUFFING?”. He heard a large positive assent from those gathered as he felt a Alicia skillfully start to carve off sections of his stomach flesh. As she served the stuffing from his stomach and intestines, sometimes taking a bit of stomach and intestine tissue with the stuffing mix as he was being served to the diners.

He whimpered weakly, wondering how much longer he could possibly remain alive, much less aware of what was occurring to him? At some point his vision briefly cleared and he saw that from his stomach down he was nothing but gleaming white bone that reflected off the fire of torches in the yard. He couldn’t last that long surely, Alicia was slicing meat from his arms now in between eating part of him herself.

“UMMM” she said eating “You came out very well Nick. I think my massaging
of your thighs and buttocks made that rump roast exquisite and your thighs are truly tender. Think I’ll have a slice of meat from your upper arms and some meat off one of your
ribs. You know how much I always liked your chest Nick. ” She sliced a slice for herself off his upper left arm and one of his ribs.

“Don’t worry Nick, it’s almost over, once we eat your lungs your heart and brain will starve for oxygen. It was hard enough keeping you alive this long, but once the lungs are gone we haven’t found a way to keep the meat alive
and fresh…. yet!”

He felt a sharp pain later, how long he was no longer certain, but his left lung deflated, his awareness started to fade. He knew no more, finally being granted the peace of death.

Later that night Alicia claimed as was her right the heart, his bones, his head. She’d make some nice soup she thought from his bones. She pulverize them and eat the bones later
for needed calcium…an expectant mother needs lot’s of calcium. The heart she would put in a meat pie, Nick’s brain she thought would make a wonderful pate. The flesh
his face and his eyes she’d eat for Sunday dinner, with the apple put back in his mouth.

He looked decorative that way!.

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