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Nice Nina and Awesome Aisha #1

Nice Nina desires awesome Aisha from the moment she sees her move her hips in the right rythm

Nice Nina is a slender sensual sexy ski-instructor from Sweden seducing her schools great gals
Nice Nina sees the talent of awesome athletic Aisha from first moment she slides down on skis

Nina follows the swing of her hot hips down the slope Wow this blonde beauty can dance well
Nina follows both her hormones and her intuition I want her to share my bed from first night!

Aisha appears back uphill with bluhes on her cheeks, a big smile, sparkles in her eyes from the ride
Aisha appears not to notice how hot her sexy instructor looks at her in between teaching the others

Aisha is a dancer indeed so she knows how to move to the rythm and keep balance even at high speeds
Aisha is a dancer with her girlfriend at festivals in Europe in Summer and in East-Asia during Winters

Nina seeks support at athletic Aisha for a female private party at her apartment for them five

Nina makes sure to sit right across Aisha at the ‘apres-ski’ and at dinner with only a few females
Nina plays her favourite feminist trump-card, complaining about Tirol’s lack of girls-only dancings

Nina makes musical preferences an issue as she is pretty sure she can accomodate the taste of Aisha
Nina seeks support at Aisha who is a few years her senior as of the other two sexy students with them

Aisha glorifies in her role as the leader of the gang, so she asks if Nina can host them all in her room?
Aisha proposes a quick break to shower and re-dress as they all have rooms in the same small hostel

Aisha is wrapped in a big towel and on slippers when she knocks as first at the door of Nina’s room
Aisha hands Nina a bottle of some liquor from Holland, which looks like Jägermeister by its colour

Nina lets Aisha take over the lead for the rest of the evening as she trusts the tasty lovely lady

Nina reads Beerenburg, Aisha explains: No mountains in Holland, but we do love Winter sports!
Nina laughs and asks Did you grow up ice skating Aisha? – Not really, but this is the after-skate

Nina decides to be blunt and use the short moment they are still undisturbed by the others coming
Nina embraces Aisha and whispers in her ear I want you Aisha, I want you without them three!

Aisha answers her kiss quickly and smiles … when they hear the three girls giggle in the corridor
Aisha opens the door to them as soon as they knock, all three look tasty in their short sexy skirts

Aisha and Nina invite them in and Nina offers them to sit all three together at her small couch
Aisha takes their bottles of ‘bubbles’ to the table and asks Nina if he has five flutes for them

Nina longs for some private quality time with Aisha, so she hotly hopes Aisha got her clue!

Nina gets glasses for the fine white wine which the three brought with them and some ice-cubes
Nina gives an eye-wink to Aisha, nods her head a bit towards the bathroom smiling seductively

Nina pretends to be disappointed that those three dressed up, whereas Aisha wears only a towel
Nina challenges Do you wear anything underneath Aisha, do we dance or do you want to shower?

Aisha plays with her public Do you hope I’m nude underneath to dance for you here in private?
Aisha takes off the towel to show off This is the baby-doll of my mom as a teen in the sixties

Aisha takes the lead, tells Nina which music to play for her and starts to sexy dance for them four
Aisha takes some sips of wine as well, exchanges glances with Nina wondering how to get her alone?

Nina happily and hotly shows Aisha the way to the bathroom as she hopes for a quality quickie!

Nina is glad when Aisha asks her for the bathroom Come along, I show you, need to be there as well!
Nice, Nina, by belly dancing on white wine I need to relieve, please show me the way dear teacher

Nina grabs her hand, she drags Aisha along to the bathroom, sits her down, kisses her and fondles
Nina plays with the love lips of Aisha during that golden shower from that tasty twat already so wet

Aisha loves it and lets Nina make love to her fondling her boobs under the top of the baby-doll dress
Aisha loves it how hot Nina is for her so she does not hold back, squirts hard within a few minutes!

Aisha whispers Thank you my nice Nina, I will pay you back as soon as we can, best in private!
Aisha assures her We’ll be nice to them, but postpone to take them three till later this week dear.

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