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Niagara (continued Chapters 69-77))

Chapter 69.

“Come, my husbands, come be with your wife. ” I lifted my face from her breasts. Henri continued to feed.

“You love my breasts, don’t you, papa?” She spoke with him quietly, the edges of her nails running slowly thru his hair making contact with his scalp. The ceremony had had quite an affect on Henri, on each of us. We’d made a pact with this man.

Our words and vows were not idle, nor would they be taken lightly by Henri. I pondered the future, and my knot did not tighten, but, had released. There would not be a finite number of tomorrows. Nor an infinite number, but, a number designated by Henri as he led our family into the future. The enormity of his responsibility seemed impossible, but, this all seemed impossible, but, was taking place because of his dedication and leadership.

I sat back down, this time on the bedroom door side of the bed and watched as Henri continued to suckle Girl’s breast. She’d begun to sing in French the lullaby he had taught her. She kept her eyes on him and did not betray papa’s vulnerability to the other soul there. And I did not crack wise in countenance, words or pantomime. This is what I’d wanted to watch. And what I’d wanted to hear.

Girl was midway thru the third rendition of their song when Henri raised his face from her chest. His eyes were watery, his face wet from the ministrations at Girl’s breast.

“He’s there, papa. “

He found me then in a shadow, the candles not touching my spot.

“You are my son, Cully. You must always take care of yourself and Girl when papa is not there.

And then when our family is whole again papa will take the reigns of the task from you both. Promise papa, Cully. It is important. “

“Papa, don’t worry. I will always take care of Girl. I have since the day she was born. I shall never stop. Je promets, papa. I swear it. “

“Merci, Cully, my only son. ”

“Papa. “

Chapter 70.

“Et maintenant, mon beau petit doe, papa prennent vous au lit.

” Henri scooped up Girl amidst her gentle giggles and laughter.

“Now, papa, you speak French and I’ll speak mostly English so Cully knows what is being said. Oui, papa?”

“Oui, mon beau petit enfant. ” The journey was but a few steps and then Henri laid Girl tenderly upon their bed.

“I like being your beautiful little girl, papa. But only yours. Are you going to fill my pussy, papa?”

Girl had not used that vernacular since we’d met Henri.

Our familiarity was asserting itself.

“Oui, Katie-Girl. Votre chatte est tellement belle et délicate comme vos seins. “

“Cully likes my small breasts too, papa. “

“Ils sont parfaits, Katie. “

“They’re perfect, but, only for you, papa. You’re my husband, papa. I want to please and excite only you. Lift my nightgown, papa, I want you to see me there. To see my pussy. It’s yours now, papa.

You’re my husband forever. “

I deftly removed my underwear. I’d have to masturbate and soon. I was pleased I’d dropped into a seat that was in a rare shadow. If I were quiet I could pull it off without being noticed.

“Vous ne voulez pas prendre votre chemise, Katie-Girl ? Il est tellement belle. “

“Papa, I want you to make all the decisions tonight. I am your wife, now.

I will do exactly as you say. Well, at least for tonight, Henri. ” Her soft laughter joined with his. “Please, papa, take me tonight. I want you to. I want to give you pleasure endlessly. Use me for your pleasure and I will find my excitement there. For your little girl, papa? Qui?” Her voice. That tone. I resisted the urge to commence my jerk. There was going to be so much more.

“Je veux vous nue, jeune fille. Totalement nue jusqu’à demain. “

“Qui, papa. However you want me. I will obey your every want and desire. I will deny you nothing on our wedding night, Henri. Papa, before you make me naked, please hold me tightly. I love you, papa. I love only you and Cully. Please, papa, always love me as I love you. “

“Katie. ” He froze above her, his voice catching.

I too was affected. I eased forward in my chair, wanting to go there and forge our family, but, I resisted the urge.

He lifted her from the bed to his position and brought her to his great chest. “

“Qui, papa, like this. This is how you hold your little girl. I’ll always be your little girl, and your wife. Always. ” Her eyes pierced the shadows over his left shoulder where I was stationed.

“Oui, ma darling petite fille, dire papa. Il est à l’écoute de son plus précieux enfant. “

“I know, papa. I know what my husbands need. ” She’d used the plural tense. My heart soared. “I will deny my husbands nothing, papa. I want to feed their souls and their bodies. I am a strong girl, papa. And a strong woman. And a good mother. You will see, papa. I love laying with you, and sleeping with you.

You keep me warm and safe like Cully has since the day I was born. And I’m going to sleep with you later tonight after we’ve exhausted ourselves. “

“Katie, I, I, I,……” His voice failed.

“Such a sweet man is my Henri, my papa. Make me naked, papa. Make me nude, papa. Make me yours, Henri. I am Cully’s. I want to be yours. ” She gripped and entangled his hair again-both hands-pulled back-hissed into his ear and past to my shadows.

“Baiser votre petite fille, Henri. ” Whatever it was she’d hissed into the man’s ear in the French, it triggered the a****l in him. He released and dropped her to the bed then ripped Girl’s white nightgown to shreds in the matter of a few seconds.

“Yes!” Girl provoked him.

“Vous êtes tout, jeune fille. “

“Everything?” Girl teased him.

Girl’s panties were nothing more than a wisp of white satin.

Henri moved his hand and they disappeared with a violent tear that caused my hand to commence the stroke.

“Yes!” Girl cocked her right palm.

Henri caught it at the initial back swing and pinned it above her head.

“Vous êtes ma fille. “

“And have been since Tussauds. “

“Pourquoi avez-vous insister sur essaie de le toucher papa?”

Girl just giggled and voluntarily set her left hand upon his left hand.

He quickly trapped it atop her right hand.

“Si je peux me libérer vos mains va vous promettre de ne pas faire grève papa à nouveau, enfant?”

“Non, papa, non!”

“What am I going to do with this child, Cully? She is always trying to hit her papa. ” I was taken aback, but, quit my slow stroke and recovered nicely.

“Just love her, papa. She is so beautiful and good.

She is our wife. “

“True, but, a petulant child such as this one needs discipline. Perhaps even craves such modification. Have you ever disciplined Girl, Cully?”

“Never. ” Only her mother held that privilege and rarely if ever exercised it. Girl had grown quiet and pensive-their eyes tracking one another.

“Are you going to spank my bottom, papa?”

“Will you cease trying to hit papa?” He was baiting her.

“No, papa, I will not stop. ” Her voice with a mild plead to it.

“Then it is my duty and responsibility as papa to discipline my little girl. “

“Qui, papa. I understand. I’ve been a bad little girl. I was like that sometimes when Cully and I were small. I’d tease him, papa. It’s just that I loved him so much. Even as a small boy he was so adorable and kind to me.

He watched over me all the time. “

“Then it is proper that Cully be present as I apply your discipline, child. “

“Qui, papa. It is only right. Cully, please come closer, papa is going to spank my bottom for hitting him and teasing you. “

Foot long and all I moved kit and caboodle to within a yard of their bedside. Thank goodness they never took their eyes from one another.

I was hoping Girl knew what she was getting into. Though she’d been asking for it since the start here.

“Over my knees, child. ” Henri released her and scooted out of the way.

“Are you going to hurt me, papa?”

“Katie-Girl, do not defy papa. You’re going to receive your discipline regardless. After it has been administered we will see at that point whether you’ve learned your lesson on how to treat your papa and husband.

Come child, lay over papa’s knees and present your bottom. Papa will be thorough in his application. This I promise you, child. “

“Uh, oh. ” She sounded adorable. She was playing coy with him. Though I had a feeling Henri was not. He knew what Girl needed and how to apply it. The fact that he did not mix hi jinx with this role play was very admirable of him. He never looked my way, or grinned at her.

There was no conspiracy anywhere in the room. He played it straight. He knew. Yes, he knew she wanted to be spanked by her father figure. To be taken in hand and disciplined. And Henri would grant her this in a way that brought her happiness and contentment, not jocularity and near miss.

“Cully, if you will get some of my socks there in the top drawer of my dresser papa would appreciate it.

It will serve us all if Girl is tied and unable to move about too much. “

“Qui, papa. ” I moved and damn quick. I retrieved 4 pairs of black dress socks.

“Are you going to hurt me, papa?”

“That is up to you, child. You must be made to learn your lessons. Papa will not be disobeyed. Come now, angel, lay across papa’s knees and I will begin.

“I’m scared, papa. “

“Then I will grant you a last chance before disciplining you, Katie. If you will promise not to hit papa again and to not tease Cully anymore then they’ll be no need to discipline you. Just the promise of such will have succeeded in curbing your behavior. Katie-Girl?”

“No, papa. I won’t stop doing that. No. It’s fun teasing Cully and smacking you. I don’t mean any real harm.

It’s just tha…”

He grabbed her up so quick I jumped back in my chair. The man was exceedingly strong and nimble. Henri set her across his knees and trapped her upper legs with his right leg.

Her bottom was absolutely gorgeous. Pink, white and so proud. I was actually giddy at the prospect of watching Girl get her rump lit.

“Cully, tie Girl’s wrists together tightly. I will hold her in place.

“Papa, don’t. I changed my mind. You must not hit me. No, no, stop. ” I froze, socks in hand. “I’m not hurting anyone. It’s just teasing and a light smack. No. I won’t stop. No. ” She was petulant, decidedly so.

“Cully, proceed please. ” I obeyed. I was a Boy Scout and a darn good one so I knew my knots and quickly tied a fine one.

“Now Girl’s feet, Cully.

“Do you still love your little girl, papa? Do you still love me?” She knew the answer but wanted to hear it anew.

“Of course papa still loves his little girl. That is why he must discipline her. After your tears have subsided and backside cools you will thank papa for correcting you, little one. “

“Say it then, papa. Say you love me.

” I knew it. Another perfect knot achieved.

“Katie, you are stalling, youngster. ” He sighed deeply, his eyes filled with love and lust for this child of his. Resigned, he gave in. “I love you, angel. You will be my little girl forever. “

“I love you too, papa. Just don’t spank me. I won’t hit you too hard next time and I won’t tease Cully as much.

I swear it, papa. ” And as serious as he took the gamesmanship she was every bit his equal. I could not have done this. I would have been skittish and comedic and it would have turned into slapstick, or, worse.

“You are not talking your way out of this young lady. No. You are well advised to not provoke papa further. You will be a much better little girl for what is about to transpire.

” He hesitated and she hung on the pause. She raised her head a small measure, her mouth open, her breath coming quickly.

“Do you trust papa?” He’d turned the tables on Girl once again.

“Qui, papa. “

“Do you love papa?” This was what she wanted as well. A Q and A session.

“Qui, papa, more than you can know, or, even imagine.

“And Katie, papa loves you exactly in the same order. Precisely so. That is why he must be strong and discipline his most precious child. Do you understand, Katie-Girl?” He leaned forward and lightly brushed those twin dimples above her crevice with the surface of his lips.

“I understand, papa. ” Girl’s voice held her resignation. She hung her head a portion and raised her bottom in surrender, the slightest squeal escaping at the last.

Chapter 71.

Henri gave it to Girl in a systematic beating of her behind. He concentrated fully to his business and was about his work. I watched and I listened, but, he did not consult me with either his eyes nor his voice. I kept absolutely silent and still. He was alone with the girl and worked her splendidly. And she took it. She protested, yes. She screamed, yes.

She begged, yes. And finally she cried. But, Girl never braved an escape attempt, nor threatened him or cajoled him with bribe. At the last she collapsed and took it in silence. Just the sound of papa’s hand on her bare behind could be heard. One cheek then the other, then both at the same strike. I thought about stopping it then, but, he knew what he was doing and what Girl needed and most of all what Girl wanted.

And she wanted this. There was absolutely no doubt about that. She wanted to be dominated, to be taken, to be spanked. To be beaten. So I remained silent and still.

And I remembered the time I’d been beaten because I’d pushed her down. We were in the backyard playing croquet and I’d gotten mad because she’d bounced me pretty good. Knocked my bright blue wooden ball almost into the next door neighbor’s yard.

Then laughed and stuck her tongue out at me. “There, how do you like that one, Cully?”

I saw red-pushed her and she’d fallen on her shoulder. She was just 7. She ran into the house crying and the fathers came out, hauled me down into the basement and took turns beating my butt. Well, my father took his turn. I think Mr. Davis just wanted to get back upstairs to the ball games.

“Culburn, it’s okay. She’ll drive you to it. ” My father was angry though. “No, Jack, he knows better than this. Don’t you ever touch that girl again. She worships the ground you walk on, Cully. ” By the time I got back outside Girl had taken a fit with the mothers. “They’re hurting, Cully. No mama, make them stop. Mrs. Clarke, make his daddy stop. No, mama, no mama. ” It was horrible.

She wouldn’t stop screaming and crying. The neighborhood thought we were killing each other. In the end the fathers apologized to me in front of her. It was either that, or, she’d still be crying out there.

“Okay, c’mon, Cully, we’ll play jacks inside by the TV. C’mon, Cully, it’s alright now. They won’t hurt you anymore. “

We loved playing jacks together and were a great match doing so. It would go on for hours, the parents talking above us from the couch and easy chairs.

That night we finally fell asleep, side-by-side, hand-in-hand on the hardwood floor, the floor fan cooling us as we slumbered. When we crossed our street to go home, my father carried me in his arms. “Daddy, I’m sorry I pushed Girl and made trouble. I’ll never hurt her again as long as I live. “

“I know that, boy. And I am sorry I spanked you. Girl was right. We were wrong. You’re a good boy, Cully.

Mama and daddy love you. ” As I looked back at the Davis house over my father’s shoulder I could see Girl still laying on her floor fast asleep among the jacks and red rubber balls.

“Have you learned your lesson, Katie-Girl?” Henri’s voice was stern and direct.

“Qui, papa. I have. I promise. “

“Should I untie her, papa?”

“No, Cully, I am not finished with Girl yet.

“Qui, papa. ” I eased back down.

Girl’s bottom was a bright red, but, she was not bruised and I was grateful for that. She was sniffling a little, but, acted no worse for the wear.

In another display of brute strength Henri arranged her on all fours as if she weighed nothing. The man’s strength was just incredible. “You may move your head about, but, do not break contact with the bed.

Do you understand, angel?”

“Qui, papa. ” Both Katie and I were so relieved to hear papa’s endearment.

She turned her face toward me and smiled. “I love you, Cully. “

“I love you, Girl. “

“Papa, are you going to put it inside me now?”

“Qui, child, I am. Papa needs you now, baby. “

“You can have me, papa. Do with me what you desire.

I am yours. “

He squared himself between her legs and drew her bottom back toward his erection. It was a precise match. Her ankles being tethered gave him a natural oval at the apex of her bottom cheeks in which to gain access to her nest.

“God, yes, papa. There. Right there. “


“Yes, baby?”

“Can Cully masturbate now? He’s needs to cum too, papa.

“Katie!” I lightly admonished her.

“I should say so. ” He never looked my way. He did not want to embarrass me. “Cully, Girl wants to watch you. My son. “

I didn’t care. It was right. It felt correct, without a single doubt. I commenced the stroke, very slowly. I wanted to enjoy the sight before me.

“You’re so handsome and beautiful Cully. I love you, Cully.

You’re my boyfriend and my husband. “

Henri was languid in his movements, though exact. He was not using all he had, but, just giving Girl enough. His sack was heavy and pendulous.

“Cully, will you take Katie-Girl to be your wife? To have and to hold, forsaking all others, until there are no more tomorrows?” His voice cut thru the night.

I tried to speak, but, immediately choked up.

But, I went on. I had to. “You are a great man, papa. ” My eyes met hers. “I do. “

“My son. ” It was a directive. And I heard right.

“Henri, will you take Katie-Girl to be your wife? To have and to hold, forsaking all others, until there are no more tomorrows?”

“I do. “

Neither of us had stopped stroking. Our gait was steady and sure.

There was time. There was no rush.


“Papa. I. Papa, please. “

“Katie-Girl, will you take Cully and Henri to be your husbands. To have and to hold, forsaking all others, until there are no more tomorrows?”

“I will never stop, papa. Cully, my sweet boy. ” We’d still not broken eye contact. Me stroking my foot long, Katie taking papa’s erection. Henri concentrating on our marriage vows, his calm and clarity a miracle of sorts.

“I do. ”

Henri gave her a generous portion more. “My God, papa, you’re so big. Right there, papa. Don’t stop, papa, please, all night long. I need it, papa. I need you now. Don’t stop it. Is there more, Henri?”

Henri did not answer her. But, there was more.

“Cully, does it feel good, baby? I like watching you, Cully. You’re so beautiful. Does it feel good, Cully?”

“Yes, Girl, it does.

I need it so badly, honey. I do. I need it, Katie. “

“I know, baby. You look so handsome doing it like that. Your balls are so big. You must have a lot of stuff in there. I’ll watch it come out when it’s time. Okay, Cully, may I? I love you, baby-boy. “

“Yes, I want you to see, Katie. I will tell you when it starts. I want you to cum too, Katie.

Is papa going to touch you?”

“Yes, papa will do me. Won’t you, papa?”

“Yes, my children. Papa will take care of Girl. Papa will always take care of his children. Do you understand this, Cully? I will never stop. Ever. Cully?”

“Yes, papa. We fight now side-by-side, until there are no more tomorrows. “

“That’s my son. My only son. ” His pace quickened as he gave Girl the rest of it.

“Papa, please. Yes, papa, yes. God, it’s so big. Please, papa, don’t stop. I’m so close now. I need it like Cully. I need to cum, papa. “

“Girl, Katie-Girl, I am yours now as you are mine. And no one else’s. You’ll never reach for papa and find me not there. Do you understand this, Girl? I will never stop. Ever. Girl?”

“I am yours, papa. And no one else’s.

When you reach for Girl, you’ll find me every time. Oh, God, papa, I’m on fire. My pussy is throbbing. It needs you, papa. It needs you to touch it. I’ll do anything, papa. Just touch me now. Cully? Please, Cully, make papa finish me. Please. “

“Yes, Katie, I’m there. I, I, I,…. ” I slowed the stroke and staved off the inevitable.

Henri was intractable. He had not changed facial position in many minutes.

He just kept jack hammering Katie’s pussy. His ball sack had tightened just a bit and was now battering Girl’s inner thighs, his hips moving like chain lightning.

She tried to speak again, but, it was garbled and incoherent, or, I too had lost my mind and was hearing it that way. I felt light headed, though my hand was moving at an incredible speed. I’d never jacked off like this. No way.

I’d have remembered. I watched my hand as if it were another’s persons.

“Cully, I led us here, now it is to you, Girl’s first, always first to erupt. Then I’ll end this, this child, this angel from heaven and myself. Cully. ” I’d been called.

He pressed his left hand upon those dimples and reached beneath where he was conducting the fucking of our wife.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Cullyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

” Her voice was unworldly. And then my crisis struck thru me. I squeezed my own sack and screamed Girl’s name. Henri lifted Girl with his right palm where his cock would inseminate Girl and invaded her nest with his fingers.

Katie’s screams were as a wild a****l. She tried to break free, but, my Boy Scout knots and Henri’s great strength forbade it. He kept her in the exact place he’d set and pounded her body with measured v******e I could not believe.

She took it like she’d taken the beating, and watched me ejaculate. Her eyes wide and in shock. I was like a fountain. It came in long, thick ropes of white, like Pepsodent out of the long tube.

Henri granting Katie no mercy, took his left thumb and penetrated her rectum without warning, or, lubrication. He lifted her higher with his right hand and fluttered those fingers one last time.

I swear she barked like a dog.

It was crazy and it was sublime. Girl turned her head and tried to bite Henri. He just hammered away, his thumb disappeared into her butt as she tried to shake it, enticing him further.

Chapter 72.

I saw the a****l in Henri briefly surface as he gently extracted his thumb from Girl’s behind and quickly brought it to his nose.

“Comment est mon petit ange?”

“J’ai besoin de vous, papa, et que vous y étiez.

C’était merveilleux. Je t’aime, papa. “

“I love you too, baby-girl. “

“Cully, did it feel good, sweetheart?”

“It was excellent. I needed it. My God, you two are so beautiful together. “

“We, Cully, (we) are beautiful together. ” Henri with kindness corrected me.

“Papa is correct, Cully. We’re one. ”

Henri swiftly untied Girl, wrapped her in the sheet and effortlessly brought her to his chest.

I quickly cleaned up my chest where I’d shot my sizeable load. The damp bar towel had come in handy.

“My goodness, papa, you’re so strong. ” Her smile radiant as she glowed in the aftermath of their intense coupling.

“This one here, Cully, is there a more precious child on earth. “

“No, papa, there is not. “

“Thank you, papa, for my spanking. “

“It is what you wanted, Katie?”

“Oh, yes, papa, it was exactly how I’d envisioned it would be with you.


“What, baby?”

“What would have happened had we not met at the wax museum?” Katie always had to examine the other side of the coin.

“We were destined to meet, child. “

“Tell us, papa, tell Cully and I about us. Now would be the best time. This is our wedding night. “

“So it shall be. Papa will start, but, then you must contribute. This is a good idea.

A fine idea, Katie-Girl. “

“Now hold me tight while we talk, then maybe afterward, you know we could, perhaps start again. Qui, papa? Okay?”

“Of course, angel. Papa will be recovered by then. You have made a young man out of papa, Girl And Cully too. He has assisted. “

“Cully, you were so beautiful when you were masturbating. Come here, Cully. ” She crooked her finger at me.

I dropped and knelt next to them. “I love you, Cully. You are my husband and I will love you forever. ” Girl’s eyes crested then as we kissed, her cocooned in the sheet and Henri’s strong arms. Her tongue was warm and sweet. As the kiss lingered papa gently tousled my hair.

“My children. I love them so. “

I backed him. “We love you too papa.

Always and forever. ” I retrenched in my chair.

“Papa, do you still masturbate?” Katie-Girl.

“Katie, you shouldn’t ask papa that?” She giggled in response.

“No, Cully, my children may ask papa any question. Qui, Girl, I still masturbate. “

“See, Cully, papa still does it. Have you done it since we met?” That girl.

“Yes. ” Henri gently rocked her in his arms, his smile capturing the room.

“Who were you thinking about, papa?” She smiled at me.

“You my little doe. I was thinking of Girl and how wonderful you are. “

“Tell us, papa, tell us what I was doing in your fantasy. Please, papa, I want to hear. It’s okay, right, papa? Cully, you want to hear, don’t you?”

Of course I did. “If papa would like to share. “

His laugh was strong and honest.

“Oh, my little one here, she is too much. And my son. You have brought such light into papa’s life. ” He reached across and pinched my cheek using the thumb he’d just extracted from Girl’s butt and sniffed. I didn’t care. I loved this man. I just did.

“Papa will share. You and I were here in bed together preparing for intercourse. And Cully was sitting there by the window so he could keep watch on both spectacles.

” He stopped again to laugh as we joined him.

“Oh, papa, you are so wonderful. Tell more, papa, tell us. I want to hear, papa. ” She’d begun to once again play hand games with Henri’s fingers. She saw me see her and pursed her lips. I winked in response.

“Yes, papa will tell all. I laid you upon the bed and began to undress you. Papa was gentle and did not hurry.

He did not want to scare you, Girl, nor Cully. So beautiful, Girl. You took papa’s breath away. I did not remove your white satin panties. I then undressed myself. You were both so quiet, papa was afraid you’d change your minds. But, then Girl whispered, in French, ‘Please hurry, Henri, I want to see it. ‘

Girl giggled. No restraint. I wanted to crown her. But, papa beat me to it and lightly admonished her.

“Girl, papa is talking. Shush. “

“Qui, papa. ” I tried to catch her eye to roust her, but she closed them and laid her head into the bed of black curls upon his chest.

“When I removed my underwear Girl whispered again, ‘Take mine off now, Henri. Please?’ I had a feeling Henri was embellishing the telling of the story, but, it was still great fun.

“You assisted papa by raising your butt a little and I skimmed your panties down and off.

They were a little damp in the gusset so I became aware you were genuinely excited. ” Now I almost giggled, but, had the restraint.

“Just the beginnings of evening had fallen, though there was still enough light to see clearly. Your eyes were so beautiful, Girl. You were watching papa ready himself to mount you. “

I knew where this was headed. I just hoped that A. I’d get to hear at least most of the story.

And B. I’d be able to masturbate again to culmination.

“You surprised Henri at this point, child. ” His voice took on a stronger tone. “I was going to penetrate you in the missionary position. You had your own plans. ” Girl opened eyes again, but, they were vacant and cloudy. I just prayed she would let the story go on before she attacked him, or, I attacked her. Henri’s story-telling acumen was incredible.

He’d speak and move his attention to each of us in turn. It was truly enthralling.

“‘I want to be on top, Henri. ‘ Instead of passive, you’d become the aggressor, Girl. Qui. Now remember my children this was all in French. Cully did not know what was being said. I even looked to him at this point for, I do not know, direction? But, you were in a shadow there, Cully, and you were not fluid in the French.

” That bit of comedy released some of the sexual tension and I was grateful for it. I wanted so badly to hear all of this story. And something told me Katie did as well. Girl’s smile pierced thru the sexual longing that was mounting and enveloping her.

“I think papa is just so wonderful, Cully. “

“Girl is right, papa. You are absolutely the greatest. “

“Go on, papa.

What happened next?” She snuggled in closer, her fingers busy with his.

“I was instantly captivated by her, well, by you both. ‘Qui, mademoiselle, as you wish. ‘ Girl rolled deftly toward your side Cully and I reclined where she’d been. I was incredibly aroused, thick and terribly straight. She was active at once and straddled Henri instantly. Your eyes, Katie-Girl, your eyes were entering papa’s very soul. I was lost in that moment.

The hunter had become the hunted. But, there was no remorse, nor resentment. Rien du tout. “

“None at all, Cully. ” A quick translation by the adorable Katie-Girl.

“Thank you, child. ” Papa just as adorable. “It was right. Papa felt safe between you two. You above me, Girl, Cully there at the window keeping guard over our shared treasure. ” This man. This glorious man insinuating the cataracts and our precious girl.

“Your breasts, Girl. They are so delicate, so very feminine. Your eyes tracked mine there. ‘You may, Henri. My husband wants you to. And I desire it as well. Come, I will hold you to my breasts. ‘ “In a zombie state I raised, my back stock straight until I was within reach of this girl, no, of this woman who then supported Henri and permitted me to suckle there. ” ‘Watch, Cully, watch Henri.

He is nursing as you have nursed. ‘

“My penis was straight against Girl’s back. She had settled atop my groin, exerting pressure upon my swollen scrotum. The pressure was exquisite. The rapture of pain can be that way. She guided me between her breasts. Girl was gentle as she changed my feeding place, but, she was firm as well. She guided me by my hair, the roots. Qui, a firm gentleness to her guidance.

And it was wonderful to cede control to this woman. You were so still my son. And so handsome there in the shadows. So quiet and respective. Henri was at ease. There was no worry. No consternation. No fear. No concern of danger. Just a f***e of such femininity ruled by strength and the combination of boy and man present there in your shadows. One must not be sure in such circumstances the intent of those concerned.

Yes? But, Henri was sure. Ces enfants étaient bien sûr. “

“We were sure, Cully. You and I, sweetheart. ” Girl again with the timely translation.

“Merci, Girl. ” His voice serious-his eyes full of sparkle and mischief.

“Continue, papa. It is so nice of you, papa. ” I wanted to second Girl’s salutation, but, I was afraid my voice would break. I stayed silent and shared a smile with Katie.

“Your nails dug into my scalp and it radiated to my erection enflaming my desire, my need to enter you, child. My cock head seemed to rattle against your lower back. You whispered something into my left ear in the French but I could not make it out clearly. There was a buzzing there now. “

Girl was ready, full of the devilment. “J’ai murmuré quelque chose que je voulais mate avec vous, Henri.

“Qui, now that you refresh papa’s memory, Girl is correct, Cully. She told me that she desired to mate with papa, with Henri. I was still Henri at that time. ” Katie-Girl was all giggles now. Though she settled down at once as papa in earnest continued.

Chapter 73.

“Girl stilled the vibration of my cock head by taking firm hold of it, raising her hips and lodging it at the entrance to her la chatte.

“My nest, Cully. ” Girl whispered across to me.

“Oh, this child, Cully, what shall we do with her?” Papa laughed uproariously as he hugged Girl tightly.

“I just love you, papa. And Cully loves you too, don’t you, Cully?”

“Yes, most definitely. But, please papa keep going. I want to hear. I know, but, I want to hear you tell it. Please, Katie, make papa tell the rest.

“Pour nous, papa, dire Cully et I. Nous vous aimons donc, papa. “

“Agreed, my beautiful children. ” He patted Girl on the top of the head and went on. “Katie rotated her round bottom and took some of my manhood inside her body. She was extremely tight, warm and very wet. I tried to move, to initiate a course of activity that would allow me to ejaculate inside of Girl.

But, alas, she would permit no such activity. ‘No, Henri, I will move, you will remain beneath me and absolutely still. ‘ Her speech was coarse and direct, my son. There was no mistaking the intent. I was undone. Who was this girl I asked myself. Of course I had no definitive answer. She had not been dropped from the sky by divine intervention, or, have they?” Papa kissed Girl’s forehead, then reached for me and touched my cheek.

“I had no choice but to obey her command and still myself. ” ‘That’s better. I will do all the work. We’ll each reap the benefits. ‘ This girl, this woman nodded towards your shadows, Cully. Yes, it is the truth. My son, I queried her then. ‘Vous êtes venus pour Henri, mademoisselle?'”

Girl was set and went. “Non, Henri, no. Nous, Cully et je suis venu pour vous.

Cully, I corrected Henri and informed him that both of us, you and I had come for him. “

“Girl is correct once more, my son. I was intrigued and wished to see where you both would take Henri. “

I softly chuckled as their timing was exquisite and impeccable. A great team. I beamed at them both.

Girl hugged him even tighter as he continued on. “As soon as I relented Girl became active, moving slowly up and down effortlessly though indifferently as if she could take Henri, or leave Henri.

Sacre bleu!” Girl caught my eye and beamed back. Papa quickly buried his nose and sniffed her hair.

“I was at once perplexed and so very enamored of this creature. At the end of each circuit she would twist her pelvic region causing a cork screw action to take place within her body, in essence twisting my cock and increasing the pressure and pleasure I was receiving, my son. Do you understand, Cully?”

“Qui, papa.

I can easily visualize your dilemma. “

“She placed both of her hands flat on papa’s chest and lodged another gear. She bent and brushed my lips with hers. I tried to capture her mouth but she was much too quick. I stood no chance. She slowed the action again and sat back straightening her torso and causing me to grip the sheets in order to retard my ejaculation. I was successful though and caught her smile.

She spoke in the French, Cully. ” ‘Monsier,’ Katie cut him off then, her voice rasped and with a formality, ‘Monsieur Reid, c’est votre tour, qu’est-ce que c’est, monsieur, qu’est-ce la plupart vous désir du mademoiselle?’ “I informed the monsieur it was his turn. I asked the monsieur what was his most ardent desire. I beseeched him what he most wanted from the mademoiselle. Is that not right, Henri?”

“Girl is correct, Cully.

She is most accurate. I,,,”

I was ready this time and interrupted papa. “It was your turn, Henri, your most ardent desire, your most acute want of the mademoiselle. What, Henri, what did you choose?”


It was Girl’s turn and she cut him off again. “Henri m’a avoué qu’il veulent baiser mes fesses. Tell him, Henri. Report to Cully your confession, your most ardent desire, your most acute want of the mademoiselle.

What Henri, what exactly did I say you chose”? Girl’s voice was close as she’d separated from Henri’s chest, her lips next to his ear. Her urgent hisses egging him on.

“Exactly?” His voice laced with faux incredulity. We were one with the game. A well oiled machine.

“Qui, monsieur. Exactly. ” Girl dared papa, the tip of her tongue mixing with her lips at his right ear.

“Henri confessed to the mademoiselle that he wanted to fuck her ass. ” His voice had plummeted to near whispers.

“Qui, Cully, the monsieur is correct. His most fervent desire was to take the mademoiselle’s anal virginity. “

“The girl, Cully. Our wife, my son. She tells the truth. ” His great hair covered chest had begun to heave in earnest.

“Cully, my darling. ” She was still pouring forth into Henri’s ear, but, directed at me.

“Katie-Girl’s dearest sweetheart please fetch the lubricant then take your seat in the shadows. Je t’aime, Cully. “

I obeyed. It was in the drawer, along with 2 unopened tubes. Barnaby? I set the opened tube on the bed within arm’s reach and headed for the shadows, taking my trusty bar towel with me.

Chapter 74.

“Is that what you want, Henri? To do your business in Girl’s butt again? Lay back, Henri and let Katie-Girl get you ready.

” Girl lowered Henri’s torso to the bed, his legs still hung over the side, his feet flat on the floor.

“It is not too soon, my little doe? I do not want to hurt you. “

“What did I tell you about myself, Henri?”

“That you’re a strong girl?”

“Qui, Henri. I will not break. You could never hurt your most precious child. “


You are right, Girl, I would never hurt my children. “

“We’ll use our tongues for the initial preparation, then the lubricant. Do you understand, Henri?”

“I, I, I,…”

“Your tongue, Henri. Your tongue. ” She straddled his face then and seated herself on his mouth. “Your tongue. “

The man had no choice. It was either lick, or, suffocate. He licked. And he bucked, but, she held his thighs tight to the bed and attacked him with her mouth.

He finally found a niche by taking his hands and gently prying Girl’s buns apart. He relaxed a little then as his oxygen intact was no longer as restricted. Girl was a woman possessed. I could not see much, with her body blocking my view, but, she was extremely active, tossing her hair as she moved about. It was like listening as coyotes feed upon a snared rabbit. She was actually growling, or, he was.

It could have even been me I was hearing. I’d recovered, my erection straight and like iron. I thought about joining them, finding a place somewhere in the scrum, but, I’d granted on them to begin with and didn’t want to renege now and intrude. I’d just masturbate again and was grateful for that privilege.

“Êtes-vous ma femme?”

“Qui, monsieur. Toujours et pour toujours. “

“Come here, Katie-Girl. ” His voice firm, but, filled with love for Girl.

“Uh, oh. ” She giggled, then neatly somersaulted over Henri’s prone countenance and landed on her feet. Henri was ready though, reached for her and wrestled her back onto the bed face down.

“Save me, Cully, papa has gone mad. Help!” Our laughter filling the wedding night bed chamber.

“What shall I do with this youngster, Cully?” He spoke into the shadows.

Now I was ready.

“Exactly what you chose to do, papa. “

“Does papa need to tether you, child, or, will you submit?”

“You are man. I am woman. You are my husband. I am your wife. I am yours. I submit to you. Take me, papa. “

“My God, child. ” His voice barely audible as he released her. She coyly bobbed and kissed his nose then scampered into position-secured her pillow-set it in the very middle of the bed-placed her face upon it-and raised her bottom high in the air.

“Do it, papa. Do your business in my butt. Cully will watch. “

Chapter 75.

Papa generously coated his erection with the lubricant then eased in behind Girl.

“Cully, come baby, come hold my hands while papa does it in my butt. Please, Cully, for me, sweetheart. “

I did not believe this was a masturbatory prop in papa’s fantasy, but, I obeyed and fairly launched out of the shadows.

I knelt on the floor next to the bedside and grasped Katie’s hands. They were soft and warm like a girl’s.

“Go ahead, papa, I’m ready, darling. ” Henri caught my eye and winked. I nodded slightly in response.

“Do you like it when papa does it in your butt, Girl?” He parted her buns and nestled closer to it.

“Qui, papa. Cully, hold my hands tighter.

” I obeyed.

“Your fanny is so beautiful, Girl. ” He whispered to us both.

“I only want it to be beautiful to you, papa. To you and to Cully. You are my husbands. Only to you two. Do me, papa. Do me in the butt. ” She wiggled-giggled-and tightened her grip with me.

“My God, child, you are tight. ” Henri had gained entrance.

“Cum deeply in it, papa. I want you deep. ” He caught my eye again and tenderly shook his head. I nodded in agreement. He would only go to a certain depth and no more.

“Cully, come closer, baby. “

Papa twitched. “Yes, papa, it’s so easy. ” She wiggled it again. “Take your time, papa, your son is going to join us. “

“As it should be, my wife, my only son.

” He twitched again. This time firmer.

“Yes, yes, yes, papa. I feel you in my butt, papa. Baby, I want you to sit upright in front of Katie-Girl. Do you understand, Cully-Boy?” The twist between baiting him and baby talking me was astounding. But, I understood.

I obeyed. My cock now bobbed in front of Girl’s face, my thighs parted enough to grant access.

“Now, lay back flat, Cully, and bring your knees back as far as they’ll comfortably go.

Papa, pass Girl the lubricant.

I was splayed wide, and could not have cared less. I saw Henri above me moving very slowly-very carefully, his rapt attention between Girl’s split buns. I thought Girl was going to jack me off using the lubricant.

I was wrong.

Chapter 76.

Her tongue tried to snake around my sack but, it had retreated and was now sealed to my body, the release of it’s content imminent.

Instead she nibbled my pubis, pulling them with the edges of her teeth. The pain was excruciatingly exquisite.

“Pull your knees back a little more, Cully. ” I obliged. “That’s it. ” Her tongue stiffened and attacked my butt hole.

“Oh, my God, Katie!”

Her giggle drove me close to the end, but, I gritted my teeth and held forth to what was still in my possession.

Henri uttered a sound, a grunt, a gasp perhaps. “Papa, don’t wait for Girl, I will enjoy myself and scream this boy’s name later when we lay together and before we sleep in each other’s arms. Comprenez-vous, papa?”

“Comme vous le souhaitez, ma belle femme. “

Hoping to get lost in the shuffle of their intimate repartee I reached to choke my cock. I was immediately stymied.

“No, Cully!” Girl smacked my hand away.

I will end this, not you. Understood, Cully?

“Yes. I just need to release so badly. “

“I know that. But, Henri goes first. Do you like to watch papa deep in my fanny?”

“Yes. I love to watch you two love one another. It’s so beautiful. “

“Tell him. Tell papa you love to watch him and tell him to release his semen into my butt. Go on, sweetheart.

Bless his heart, Henri kept his eyes into the deep ravine provided by Girl’s bottom cheeks, and where he was conducting his business.

“I do, papa, I love to watch you with Girl, making love with her and loving one another. It’s everyth…”

Before I could finish up, Girl slipped her middle right finger deep into my rectum.

“AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Katieeeeeeeeeeee. “

No giggle, just deliberate laughter as she stroked me, bumping my prostate at the bottom of each dive.

“You will be my wife forever. ” After that crystal clear declaration Henri roared like the MGM Lion.

“That’s it, papa, deep in your wife’s butt. Don’t stop, papa, give me all of your semen. “

Another round of electricity hit him full and he roared again, then quickly came to and begged Girl to turn him loose. “Please, Katie, papa, pain, I…………. ” A pitiful mewling followed as she’d granted mercy and released his sack.

He told me the next day how she’d taken her free hand-reached thru her legs and strangled his ejaculating scrotum.

“My son, I saw such stars. I thought your papa was going to die then. ” He was dead serious, or, portending such for affect. In turn we tracked Girl who sitting akimbo on the floor prepping for her morning stretch routine and laughing to beat the band. “You’re exaggerating, papa.

It was my turn now. “Now it is your turn, Cully. “

“Do you want Girl to jack it, or, swallow it?

“You’d really swallow my load, Katie?” I was nonplussed.

“Of course, sweetheart. It is our wedding night. ” Henri had bowed his head and unbeknownst to Girl was sniffing her down low. He then tenderly kissed the small of her back, where those dimples were.

He planted small butterfly kisses to her back, taking his time, paying our activity no never mind, leaving us to ourselves so as not to intrude, but, yet still be accounted for.

“Cully?” Katie fucked me out of my daydreaming.

I recovered quickly. “Please swallow, Katie. “

“So it shall be, darling. Close your eyes, Cully. “

I obeyed.

“You make me feel so safe, papa.

Your body is so warm and safe. “

“That is papa’s job, to keep his children safe. Both children. You and Cully, Girl. “

She fisted my erection, squeezed it tight, like a baseball bat, then put her index finger deep inside my rectum where it lodged atop her middle finger.

“Here we go, sweetheart. Now, if you need to scream it’s okay, baby. You go ahead and scream. Mama is right here.

” Girl was not supposed to use that vernacular in front of Henri, but, at that point I didn’t care. It initiated my launch.

She moved her fist slowly. Immediately the pump primed. I brought both knees back as far as they’d go. She giggled one last time and buried a 3rd finger, then attempted to tie all 3 in a tight knot. I tried to scream, but, nothing came out.

I felt the heavy water boil up and over somewhere deep in the center of my body. I was vaguely aware that she’d clamped her mouth over the first 3 inches of my cock. Her tongued twisted over the head as she released her fist and somehow isolated and pinned my two balls together with her fingers. After that it got pretty crazy in our wedding bed and boudoir. My head had slid back toward the window and off the side of the bed.

I was instantly disoriented. She was merciful and released the finger hold on my nuts, but, then double crossed me and gave them a solid and swift swat with the back of her hand. I can’t account for much after that. Just the maniacal ravings of a lunatic.

Chapter 77.

“Cully, son, are you okay? It is papa, boy. “

“Make sure he didn’t swallow his tongue, Henri.

Should we call Barnaby, papa?”

“No, he’s breathing fine, Girl. Are you okay, Girl?”

“I’m fine, papa. Are you okay?”

“I am fine, angel. “

I opened my eyes to find them both bent over me. “Me three, I’m fine. ” I’d been playing possum.

“Oh, Cully, you scared us!” Girl sat back as papa burst out in applause and laughter.

“My son, he is so tricky.

“I’m sorry, Girl. Come here and hug your Cully-Boy. “

“Oh, you’re so terrible. ” But, she hugged me tightly. “I can’t kiss you, Cully, your stuff is still in my mouth a little. “

“Papa, will you take a shower with me? I’m all icky. “

“Qui, papa is as you say icky as well. “

“Carry me, papa. Okay? You’re so strong. ” Girl had recovered nicely from the mild scare I’d given her.

Though I think she knew I was faking, but, I didn’t let on.

“Cully, would you like to come with us? I don’t want to exclude you. “

“No, I’m fine. I’m going to rest here, then tidy up a bit and head for my own shower, then hit the hay. “

Papa broke out in fresh laughter.

“Cully, no. I don’t want you going to sleep until I tuck you in.

“I want to tuck you in as well, Cully. You’re my son, it is only right and proper. ” Papa leaned in and pinched. Hard.

“Papa is right, Cully. We’ll shower and meet you in your bedroom. You can get into your pj’s and hop into bed, but, regardless we’ll be over even if we have to wake you to say our good nights. Is that agreeable everyone?”

Papa was ready.

“One for all. “

Girl and I finished it together. “And all for one. “

“C’mon, papa, carry me. Hurry, papa, I have to go to the bathroom too. “

“Our little baby, Cully. ” I watched as she scrambled into his embrace and he picked her up as if she weighed a single feather. Her deeply pink bottom so adorable.

“Wait, papa. ” He obeyed.

“Cully, are you okay, sweetheart? I do not want to take advantage.

” Papa chimed in then as well. “My son, our wife is correct. “

“No, sweetheart, I am fine. You two go and have a warm shower. I love you both. Papa, truly I am fine. Just a little worn out. How you two can keep going is beyond me. “

“We’ll be over in just a little bit, Cully. We love you very much. “

Papa touched his heart, and I followed suit.

They were no more around the corner inside the bathroom when French broke out, both of them talking a mile a minute. And I was genuinely grateful that they had that language in common. I worried a bit about how they’d be once the passion decreased, or, when we became regular, if we even got that far. And I felt guilty for thinking that way on our wedding night. It was a big deal to Henri, of that there was no doubt.

And Girl too. She was serious about making herself a good wife for us both. I could ruminate with the best of them and I felt myself heading in that direction and cut it off at the skin line. Instead I got up, found some clean sheets and remade the bed. I was a house husband back in Omaha and nanny to Jack. I was also a fairly successful, though still struggling writer with a half of a half dozen books to my credit, and in the process of finishing my fourth and getting it to the publishers by the end of the year.

I enjoyed making the bed for them, getting back to my roots as it were. It would be a nice treat for Girl and papa. The sound of the shower gave me a feeling of aloneness which was appealing. I did not need to be “on. ” And I looked forward to rest and sleep. I quickly straightened the boudoir and at the last rearranged the candles and made sure they were each lit.

I’d left them an idyllic setting if I did say so myself. I paused for a moment in the doorway and listened to them chatter in French and share their playful laughter thru the doors they’d made sure to leave open. They were so considerate of my place in our family and of my feelings. If only for a moment I regressed in the rumination department and imagined a relationship like ours without the love and consideration that ours held in firm possession.

A shiver fell thru me. It would be untenable.

After a quick shower I crawled into bed. I thought about peeking in on them using my trusty mirror, but, was dog tired and a bit ashamed of myself for utilizing that mirror in such a dastardly manner. I remember the cool of the pillow and then nothing until her screams what seemed like hours later caused me to waken and once again consider stealthily making my way to their doorway.

Once again I resisted this shameless act, rolled over and sleep took me again.

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