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Niagara (continued Chapters 53-60)

Chapter 53.

Katie-Girl spent, on-the-spot. Her screams pierced the early morning grace of the cataracts.


Again. His finger tips.


“Oh, God! Oh, God! God! God! God! Please!!! Henri!!!!!!”

Papa granted mercy and did not go a third time. He reached, but, pulled back at the last instant.

“Assez…pour maintenant. “

“Qui, papa. Please. I need it so bad.

Papa, please, I do. ” Her tone weighted heavily with pleadings.

“Prochainement, mademoiselle. “

“Merci, Henri, I belong only to you now. ” ‘Huh?’

“Il doit y avoir aucune autre façon. “

“Mon seul amour. ” Her.

Henri carefully retracted his digit from her bottom hole. It left her body with the slightest pop. With his left hand, Henri opened the nightstand drawer once again and this time removed a long plastic tube.

Using his left thumb and index finger he unscrewed the cap, pushed a line of clear lubricant out of the tube and onto his right index finger and one onto his middle finger. He set the open tube on the bed atop his robe (Girl’s white cotton panties were getting buried) and comprehensively coated the two referenced fingers, stacked them atop one another and returned to Katie’s deep crevice. He gently pried apart her buns with his left hand then introduced the prepared duo to her bottom opening.

“Papa, please, I need to cum again. Now. Papa. ” A lilt of demand in her tone.

“Another deep breath first, mon cherie, then papa will take care of you. Je vous le promets. ” She instantly obeyed.

“Laissez-la doucement, angel. ” He slid both fingers deep into Katie’s fanny.

“OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh, papa, yes, yes, yes, yes. ” She turned her head again to my side and this time she did not turn back.

Granted her eyes were closed tight. Frankly, I’d never seen Girl more beautiful. Completely naked and totally vulnerable. Under the command and control of a man not her husband. It was an astounding thought and jarring reality and sight. And I don’t know if I could have handled such a scenario in a set up, or, one night stand arrangement with just some guy. The mere thought sickened me. I still could not believe our good fortune.

‘What the Hell were the chances? A million to one. ‘

Papa concentrated now on giving Katie’s bottom hole a sound workout. His strokes began slow, yet he bottomed out on each one. Only the speed differed as Henri picked up RPM on each circuit. Girl had turned her head again, this time resting her forehead upon her pillow. She held perfectly still and took what was given to her: a thorough butt pounding.

“Maintenant, les enfants?”

“Oui, papa, maintenant. Merci. “

He steadied and then held still.

“Katie-girllllllllllllllll. ” Henri hissed then dipped once more below her bottom hole and sc****d her clitoris.

“Goooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Katie screamed through her release.

“Oh, yes, papa, just like that. You’re so good, papa. Please, do it again, papa. I want it!” I thought for a moment she might start snapping at him again, but, he did not give her the opportunity.

Instead, papa rose from the bed and removed his boxer shorts. His cock was long and thick, but, held no stiffness.

“Papa, what are you doing?” Katie had become aware when he moved off the bed and now she’d opened her eyes and watched as he took the tube of lubricant and generously squirted a portion into his right palm.

“Je vais prendre votre virginité, sweetheart. “

“Qui, papa, do it in my butt.

” She watched as Henri worked the lubricant up and down the length of his cock. And at once his penis began to harden. Indeed it was an intimate sight watching him prepare his manhood for sexual relations with my wife. He didn’t make a production of it. No. He never looked at me, or, away from me. He finished by wiping his hands on his discarded boxers and then prepared to mount my wife.

“Oui, papa, filmez vos trucs dans mon butt. Je veux que vous. “

He nestled in close behind, fit himself and entered her a slight measure without prep nor parlay.

“Papa! No. Not there. In my butt, papa. I want your stuff in my butt. ” Girl, with her usual aplomb.

His laughter warm and loving in response. “Oh, my Katie-Girl, you are so adorable.

What shall I do with you? Am I not the monsieur and you the mademoiselle? Am I not your trusted lover, your most desired paramour?”

“Papa. ” Her exaggerated wail was quite adorable.

“Repas, mon petit doe. Votre papa obéit. ” His dramatized capitulation equally adorable.

“Merci, papa. ” Katie rewarded Henri by lifting her fanny into the air another measure and burying her face back in her pillow.

Papa’s voice took on sudden stoic tones. “Girl, you must promise papa that I’ll be one…the only one. “

Chapter 54.

“Quoi, papa?” She’d taken notice and raised her head. I’d done likewise.

“I must remain the only one, Katie-Girl. You requested I take your virginity. I agreed and you’ve entrusted the taking of that virginity with papa. I must insist on exclusivity. ” Henri’s entire manner and voice were firm.

My stomach knot rekindled.

“But, Cully would be permitted, right, papa?”

With no pause for reflection or consideration Henri followed in. “No. There will be no one after me. It is clear. No other. I must insist. “

I wanted to protest, but, my anger had risen too quick. I’d say something we’d all regret. I just slumped back in my seat. And I quickly figured I wasn’t losing anything I didn’t already not have.

And probably was never going to get anyway. Nonetheless I felt ill and wanted to flee to “my” bedroom, close and lock the door and masturbate until there wasn’t a drop left in me. But, I couldn’t, or, wouldn’t. It’d be too embarrassing to storm out. This was already humiliating enough.

“Qui, papa. I guarantee your exclusivity, now and forever. Je promets, papa. ” Didn’t even raise a small ruckus-just caved in.

‘Sure, she’s getting everything she wants. Nothing lost for him or her. ‘ I caught myself clenching my hands into fists and willed myself to release them. Neither one would even glance my way. To stomp off now would go against what I was trying to do: accomplish a renewal of myself. I could not show my ass and I knew it. Hell, they knew it too. He probably banked on it. I’d just have to take it and the worst part? I’d have to portend to like it.

Once again I’d fisted up. This time I just let ’em be.

“Si cela fait mal à tous vous dira papa. Ne pas être brave petite. Papa vous ferait pas de tort pour tous le thé en Chine. repas?” Henri’s tone had mutated to loving and kind once more.

‘Talk about “exclusivity. ” Them and their fucking French. ‘

“Je promets, papa. “

‘What a fool you have been, Cully.

The sacrifice of Girl’s anal virginity took place then. The act was a blur. I saw it as one sees the television picture screen when the horizontal and vertical holds aren’t functioning properly=haywire. She screamed again and again. He grunted and unleashed his load inside Katie’s ass. And then it was over. He dismounted and fell on the near side of the bed next to her. His great hair covered barrel chest rising and falling from his labors.

She did not budge from her station, her face remained buried in that Goddamn pillow.

Her voice twisted twixt sweet and beguiling. “Papa, again. Please, papa, fill my fanny again with your seed. “

I came this||close to hysterically laughing. Then caught myself. ‘I can’t take anymore. ‘

His laugh rich and hearty. ‘Mocking me. ‘ “Ah, my little one, no, papa is too old to repeat so quickly.

Please forgive me, my precious child. My son, though. Cully, yes, my only son he is fresh and willing. Qui, Cully? Is your fine husband suitable, mon cheri?”

“Oh-my-God. ” ‘No. Yes. ‘ “Oh-my-God. “

She lifted her face, rolled back onto her right side and in unison they tracked me down. “Cully-Boy, Girl is waiting. ” She crooked her right index finger in my direction.


” My whine barely audible. His face with ear to ear smile.

“Girl. ” My whine barely audible. Her giggles filling their bedroom.

“Oh, this is the absolute living end. You two. ” I shook my finger at them as papa’s laughter erupted with gusto.

“Oh, my son, he is a good boy. But, a better man, I know not of. “

“C’mon, cowboy.

Come here, Cully. Katie-Girl loves her Cully-Boy. “

“How can I?” I sheepishly half accused. “It’ll take me an hour to get my hard on again. “

“Sacre bleu!” Papa exclaimed.

They were both pointing at me, or, below me. I looked down. Somebody else’s cock was attached to my groin, and it was almost a foot long.

Chapter 55.

“Oh-my-God!” Me.

For the third time.

Papa rolled off the bed. “Cully, I would hug you tightly, but, I do not want to get stabbed. ” He deadpanned. Instead he settled for a pinch of my cheek. Hardest.

“Papa will provide his little ones a time for themselves while he shaves and showers. “

Both Katie and I initiated a joint resistance to his going, but, papa held up his hand and we fell immediately silent.

“It would mean so much to papa if you’d agree. Qui?”

“Qui, papa. ” Us.

“I will see you soon. ” He closed the door after him.

“Come here, you. ”

I slid in next to Girl, then melded into her form, her arms capturing me and holding my quaking body.

“I want you to fill my butt, Cully. “


” I started a confession that she silenced as fast as I’d begun. “

“Come, Cully-Boy, come fill mama’s butt with your stuff, baby. ” She turned me loose, rolled back over, put her butt back high in the air and her face back in her pillow. My confession would wait.

“What should I do, Girl?” I was so lost and upset I didn’t know up from down.

But, my boner would not relent.

“Just enjoy yourself, angel. “

I remembered the tube of lubricant. I copied papa’s example and lubed my foot long. Jesus H. Christ, I was hung like John Holmes.

I finished the lube job and cleaned my hands on papa’s boxers. Why not, we were family.

“Katie, I don’t want to hurt you, honey-bun. “

“You won’t hurt, mama, Cully-baby.

Just do your business, Cully. You’re still mama’s little Cully-Boy, aren’t you?”

“God, yes, Katie, but, please don’t say anything about that to papa. “

“Je promets, bébé. Mais, seulement si vous donner mama un bon vissant dans son butt. Deal?”

I understood less than half of the deal Girl just proposed, but, I signed off on the entire enchilada. “Qui, mademoiselle. “

“Merci, bébé. ” She’d increased her French accent to an imponderable state.

I heard the shower start to run. ‘Thank you, God. ‘

As soon as I pierced her bottom I knew I’d never last 60 seconds. The incredible tightness of Katie’s sphincter and anus had trapped papa’s jam within the chute. I charged directly into the stoppage and came to a halt. More than half of what I’d grown remained outside her rectum.

“Here, Cully-Boy, mama will help her little boy.

” Baby-talk in the imponderable French accent cannot be described. It must be experienced.

This Girl from Hell barged back thru her legs–grabbed hold of my scrotum–and squeezed with as much f***e as she could muster and I could stand. And truth be told I could not stand it. No. I injected everything I had into her rectum where it blended with Henri’s everything. I tried not to scream like a girl, but, truth be told I screamed like a girl, papa’s adorable little doe giggling and squeezing thru my entire rapture.

“Sweet Jesus, Girl, I, I,,,,,,” I fell to silence. I’d dismounted and we were side by side under the sheet, her studying me with brow adorably furrowed.

“Would you like to have it while it’s all still warm, Cully?” Her. Inquisitive.

“Girl, no. ” Me. Embarrassingly intrigued.

“Okay, pumpkin, I just thought as long as we’re alone and the shower is still running you might enjoy yourself.

” A temptress.

“Katie, you wouldn’t tell on me would you?” Me. Guardedly tempted.

“Of course not, Cully. That is our secret. I like keeping your secrets. I’ve never told a secret you’ve trusted me with, have I?” ‘Only about every single one from the dawn of time until we graduated high school. Plus a gaggle more in the interim. ‘

“No. ” Me, telling a whopper.

“See. I won’t tell. I promise. Go ahead, Cully. When the shower stops I’ll tap your wrist so you’ll know. ” Her. With that darned brow.

“You don’t mind? Seriously?” Me. Convinced.

“Of course not. I want you to have fun too. C’mon, baby, mama won’t tell. I promise. ” Her. Giggling.

Girl once again put her fanny in the air and her face in her pillow.

I fed until Girl tapped.

Chapter 56.

Henri returned with a grand proposal.

“Let papa put forth an idea which I believe his children will be agreeable to. We’ll shower, hop into our pajamas, etc. , and meet in the living room where a hearty breakfast will be served. Afterward we’ll sleep the day away and then rise after the sun sets and the moon rises like vampires and we’ll walk the endless night.

One for all. “

Girl beat me to it.

“All for one. Papa that is a grand idea indeed. And we’ll sleep together, you and I, right papa? I like sleeping with you. “

“Oui, bébé, papa vous tiendra étroitement pendant que vous dormez. Je promets, darling girl. “

“C’est tellement beau, papa. Vous êtes beau papa. Je t’aime. “

They’d already commenced the mating ritual. Me? I was looking forward to mating with “hearty breakfast.

Towel wrapped around his waist Henri lifted Girl from her station next to me and brought her, tangled in the sheet to his chest. The strength of this man was astounding.

“It’s okay, papa, Katie-Girl is here. ” She whispered as he held her in his arms. “I will hold you too papa as you sleep. We’ll be so cozy. “

His eyes had welled.

“It’s okay, papa.

It’s okay, papa. It’s okay, papa…” Again, and again, and again…

Girl insisted Henri carry her, sheet and all to the bidet.

“Cully, I will be right back and I’ll soak while you shower in the ice water and shave. Yes, my son?”

“Absolutely, papa. ”

“You guys are crazy with that ice plunge every morning. ” ‘Henri must tell her everything. ‘

I thought perhaps once alone in the bathroom the mating ritual would take precedent and I’d be left to shower and soak alone, but, Henri returned quickly.

The shower and ice plunge did feel exquisite. Henri sang the French national anthem, not once, but twice. Loud both times.

“Oh, Lord, papa, this hot tube feels so darn good. “

“Ah, Cully, a glorious morning. ” I braced myself. And took my pinching like a man.

The door opened momentarily and Barnaby appeared.

“Mr. Cully, good morning to you. “

“To you as well, Barnaby.

” We exchanged nods.

“Monsieur, the repast is on it’s way. I’ll have it set up at once. “

“En suspens, Barnaby. Merci. And please let the mademoiselle know as well. “

“It shall be done, monsieur. ” Barnaby once again bowed slightly to me before leaving.

“Cully, the sleep will do us all good. Especially my little one, she is exhausted. “

“Thank you, papa.

You take such good care of us. “

“It is my greatest charge and pleasure. ”

He softly chuckled. “Cully, she is the light. “

Papa lent me some fresh boxers and a silk robe from his stash of silk robes in the spa room. I had a nice deep burgundy colored one. I was admiring my reflection in the mirrored wall when papa stepped aside me. “Qui, a fine looking specimen of male beauty.

And you, my son, how do they say there across the Falls? Oh, yes, a chip off the old block. ” His laughter filling the spa with echoed joy. “Qui, Cully, is papa correct?”

We heard them as soon as we stepped into the hallway. Katie’s excited voice and laughter. Barnaby’s as well.

“Ah, Cully, the light, it beckons us. “

Chapter 57.

Girl had donned her dark blue cotton pajamas.

The ones with footies. A wedding gift from her parents she’d treasured since that day. “I will keep them as long as I live, Cully. “

Her and Barnaby were setting up the breakfast and having a fine time doing so.

“Hi, papa! We have it just about ready. Right, Barnaby?”

“Qui, the mademoiselle, she is such a great help, monsieur. “

“Barnaby, you’ll eat with us, won’t you?” Katie did not understand the protocol of guest and servant.

Papa swiftly pulled her to him and held her tightly about the waist. Her hands immediately intertwining with his.

Barnaby’s smile was sincere. “No, I must be off on my rounds, but, you are most kind, mademoiselle. Thank you, for asking. Please, enjoy your meal. “

A quick bow to us and Barnaby disappeared down the hall as we took our places at the table, papa helping Girl into her seat.

“Papa, how come Barnaby can’t eat with us?” I knew she wouldn’t let it go.

“Katie, he does not mind, child. He is my trusted friend, but, he is also in my employ. It would not be proper for him to be seated with us. My son, help papa out here, qui?”

“Girl, eat your breakfast. ” I couldn’t resist.

“Cully. ” Henri admonished me.

“No, papa, don’t scold Cully. I understand. I just thought it would be nice to make an exception. There is one to every rule you know, papa. ”

The food was simply scrumptious. Toast in the style of papa’s sovereign. Bacon in the style of the country we were seated in and butter in the style of Land O’ Lakes. And hand prepared hash brown potatoes. I was in heaven.

Our regimen quickly took hold as Girl and papa started up in the French. They both loved to talk. And both enjoyed listening as well. It was fun just watching them. They were genuinely lost in one another. I’d commandeered my seat to begin with so I’d have a view of the Falls. And there was cantaloupe that came close to blowing papa’s boxers right off me. It was that fresh, ripe and tasty.

We’d mostly finished and pushed our chairs back, just enjoying our coffee. Girl finally gave up the ghost and was starting to wind down quickly. She’d taken root on papa’s lap and was now playing her hand games with his as he reveled us, well, me anyway with stories of the old days and people going over the Falls in different ways and contraptions. He knew them all and could tell the greatest stories.

“Papa, can we go to bed now? I’m tired. ” She furrowed her brow at me but resisted the urge to stick her tongue out.

“Katie, shush–soon, baby. ” As Henri returned to his story telling. It was amazing how our relationship had evolved. Just crazy.

She finally settled down and fell fast asleep with her head on his chest, him holding her securely as he spoke to me.

I thought if the families could see us now. ‘Oh, Lord. ‘

Just then Barnaby unobtrusively crossed the corridor going the opposite way toward the spa room end. He had an armful of sheets.

It was nice and peaceful sitting there listening to Henri, Girl out like a light. Henri’s voice on low describing this event, or that one. Girl out like a light.

When Henri recounted his stories I was there in spirit.

I could transport myself via his words. I loved it. I finally felt like my link with Niagara Falls was enriched, if not complete. It had come full circle and I belonged to it’s heritage. Sure, it was by papa’s proxy, but, I felt part of it.

“Uh, Cully, papa must get this child to bed, we will talk of the old days again, soon. “

“Papa, carry me. I don’t want to walk.

” Katie had wakened groggy.

“Papa has you, angel. ” He pressed her in close, her body molding into the cradle his arms provided.

“I love you, Cully-Boy. Good night. “

“Good night, baby. sleep tight. “

“Cully, not too long. You need your sleep as well. “

“Qui, papa, just a little more nibbling and a look down into it. “

“Qui, Cully.

The Falls, she never grows old. Good night, my son. “

“Night, papa. sleep well. “

Chapter 58.

After making sure the coast was clear I finished everyone else’s hash browns and cantaloupe, then crept down past my bedroom and took a peek into “the mirror. ” Fast asleep, Henri’s arms holding Girl tightly against him in a near perfect cocoon he’d fashioned out of his body. I executed a nifty back pedal, made sure the cataracts were still there, then climbed into my sack and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

There were no screams of orgiastic delight, but dreams of days past. Of the families strolling Clifton Hill, Girl and I leading the way. Girl refusing to step foot in a wax museum. “Guys in the dark, mama, guys in the dark!” Dreams of standing next to the Horseshoe waiting forever as Girl hogged the gigantic binocular machine. “I’m not done yet, Cully. You’ll have to wait your turn. ” Our fathers smoking their Camel’s and talking about work, always about work while keeping one eye on one of us, and the other eye on the one left over.

Our mothers gossiping non stop while making sure they were always stationed between us and that dark brown painted iron fence.

I awoke to discover I’d slept 6 straight hours. I felt refreshed. I used the bathroom, then ventured out to see what was happening. I didn’t bother peeking in “their” mirror. Just centered up in “their” door jamb and found Henri still asleep, he’d barely moved though his inventive cocoon was vacant, their bathroom darkened.

‘Where is she at and what is she up to?’

I was passing by the elevator on my way to the spa when Girl startled me. “Cully! Over here. ” She was sitting on the couch drinking out of a coffee mug, still in her pajamas.

“There you are. What’s going on?”

“Barnaby brewed me a fresh pot of coffee and there are mugs for you and papa.

It’s so good, Cully. C’mon, I’ll pour you some. “

And it did hit the spot. Girl was refreshed as well and lit higher than a kite. I wanted to place my open palm over her mouth, but, she had a lot to say. She’d called her mother, and luckily my parents were over for a cookout and to share Jack, their grandson.

“Cully, I arranged for us to stay an additional 3 days here with papa.

“Girl, you should have talked to me first. Did you even clear it with Henri first?”

“Of course I cleared it with papa, don’t be silly. I asked him last night after he carried me into bed. ” Katie always did things in reverse order like this. Her mother taught her how to do that. That way nobody could tell either one of them ‘no. ‘ “Cully, papa was so thrilled.

I thought he might cry. He’s so sweet. Though he wouldn’t do it to me. ” She lowered her voice to a whisper there in the last part. “He made me close my eyes and as soon as I did that I fell totally asleep. ” I’d have to try that method. “I told the folks we decided to spend the entire time here in Niagara Falls and skip New York City.

They’re just so happy to have a few more days with the baby. And he’s just fine. Did I do good, Cully, did I?”

“Yes, you did good. ” I wanted to scold her for not going thru me first, but, why break precedent. “We’ll have to drive straight thru though. Just stop long enough to grab Jack, use the bathroom and say goodbye to the folks. “

“Oh, that’ll be fine.

No bid deal. ” Scoffed it off. Usually it took her and her mother an hour to say goodbye and a quart of tears spilled between them. Now, she was giving up 3 days and the standard Hollywood “goodbye scene” for Henri. I was not surprised.

“Cully, I’m so relieved now. I can relax again. ” She came close then and we hugged tightly. She was warm and soft and smelled like girl.

She was so adorably cute in her footie pajamas I was tempted to ask for a quickie, but, I knew I’d be shot down in an instant.

“Girl, do you think we could do something real qui…. “

“Ah, my children, they are up and at it. ” Henri made his entrance.

“Papa! Papa, we weren’t doing anything, I swear it, Just hugging. ” She feigned shock and giggled to cover her serious intent.

Girl twisted away from me, hustled over to papa and gave him the hugging treatment.

“Je suis tellement heureux, papa, un extra 3 jours avec vous. Pincez-moi serré, papa. “

“And I thought it just a dream. ” He was genuinely relieved and pleased.

“No, papa, it is true. We’ll be together for a long time. C’mon, Cully, come hug with us. ” How could I resist?

Chapter 59.

We decided to get ready and go down for dinner. It was about that time. Afterward we’d go for a drive and see what trouble we could get into. “Another adventure, children. ” And another opportunity to get behind the wheel of the M1. ‘Hot damn!’

“Papa, would it be appropriate for me to wear my jeans tonight?” Katie was beaming.

“Anything your heart desires little one is fine with Henri.

Off with you now, we meet back here in an hour. Cully, you will shower and scrub with papa?”

‘The brush!’ “Most definitely, papa. “

“Cully, thank you so much for staying the additional time. I realize this will cause your visit with your parents to be shortened even more. I am most grateful, my son. ” He tenderly touched my cheek as we’d finished shaving, showering and scrubbing and were now taking a quick soak before dressing.

“Papa, I am just relieved that we’re not intruding, or, overstaying our visit. Girl can be a little overwhelming at times, but, she is just so taken with you and our adventure. I am thrilled to be able to stay longer. Thank you, Henri for your generous hospitality. It’s been such a great time. “

Once more Henri and I took root at the window overlooking the Falls as we waited Girl’s appearance.

She was near 30 minutes tardy already.

“She was barricaded in the bathroom, Cully. ” The first crack in Henri’s reserve of patience.

“Oh, papa, she will be here soon. And she’ll be worth the wait, I bet. “

“Qui, my son. More and more the teacher. Cully, look at our country’s shared treasure. “
He covered his heart.

“Papa, it is my favorite spot in the world.

” I covered my own.

“You two and those Falls. You both love it so much. ” Girl was simply astonishing. She’d sewn herself into her jeans, but, they fit perfectly. Her white cotton top with pink piping accentuated her hair style. She’d used her curling iron on her tresses. Not to an extreme. No, just to the point of ravishing beauty. Girl had applied the black to her eyes a slight measure more intense, and the effect was mind bending.

My shoulders slumped. I was floored.

“Puis-je veuillez vous, Henri?” Girl slowly pirouetted. Her bottom so round and proud my pulse raced.

“Katie, veuillez venir à papa. “

“Henri. ” She acknowledged him. ‘Henri?’ What happened to “papa?” She approached him ever so slowly, stopped just before making body contact with him and looked up into his eyes. I’d seen this look, rarely, but, I’d seen it.

Couldn’t recite the actual date, but, I’d seen it, or, perhaps just imagined and fantasized of it.

“You may look, Henri, but, you mustn’t touch. ” She gently shook her head back and forth. “I do not please the monsieur?” And Girl was braless. You couldn’t see anything, but, just the assurance that those delicate tea cups and exquisite tips were free and rubbing against that soft cotton top made my mouth water.

“Katie. ” He tried to answer her queries, but, Girl was having none of it.

“Sssshhhh, Henri. ” I wasn’t even there-again-and I was hungry.

“Katie-Girl is going to grant you a choice, monsieur. You may have me now. Or, you may have me later. But, you cannot have me now and later. Monsieur?”

This had become truly surreal and so quickly.

Trying to recover papa used his patented boisterous tone.

Well, he tried, God bless him. Didn’t get far. At all.

“My son, wha…”

Girl stopped him in his tracks with the international signal for stop, her upraised right palm. “No, monsieur, I am speaking to you, not my husband. Cully will not be part of this endless night. No. He will be there, qui. And I want him there. I like when he watches, but, he will not touch me.

And I will insist that he masturbate to release in front of us each time you, Henri release inside each of my 3 receptors, but, he will not touch his wife. Is that understood, Mr. Clarke?”

‘Who? That’s you, dummy. ‘

“Uh, uh, uh, yes, uh, Girl. ” ‘I have to masturbate every single time? 3 receptors?’

“Last chance, Henri. Choose, or, I assure you, monsieur, you will lose.

Your endless night will indeed have an end and it will be immediate. 5, 4, 3, 2…”

Girl initiated a countdown. ‘What a bitch. ‘

“Plus tard!” Papa made it just under the wire. I didn’t know French, but, I figured he’d chosen “later. “

“There, we’re all set now. ” She bobbed papa’s nose and viola she was his little doe again.

The ride down in the elevator took place in silence.

I tried to fathom Girl’s mood and intent, though she’d spelled her intent out mostly in plain English. Henri kept looking at the ceiling. He was so lost. Girl stared at Henri. Never took her eyes from the man. And frankly I couldn’t wait to masturbate in front of her. She wouldn’t let me at home. “No, that’s for when you’re by yourself, Cully. Go on into the bedroom, I promise I won’t peek.

But, I’d wanted her to peek, to see me doing it, and to comment.

Just before we landed on Canadian soil she addressed Henri.

“I look very beautiful, don’t I papa?” Girl was staring at her reflection in the mirrored walls when she launched this query.

“Absolument magnifique, mademoiselle. ” It didn’t even sound like papa.

“Qui, monsieur. ” Or, my wife.

Chapter 60.

Henri requested a nice red wine instead of another vintage of champagne. After it was served and the waiter had departed Henri initiated a toast, or, attempted to. Girl stopped him.

“I’d like to do the initial toast this evening. Would that be okay with you both? We quickly agreed. Seemed prudent after she’d laid the law down during the elevator descent.

“To Katie-Girl’s endless night. Qui, Cully?” Her eyes and voice had softened.

She was appealing to me for acceptance that this night be her own creation.

“Yes, darling-girl. ” We touched glasses.

She turned her attention to Henri. “Qui, papa? S’il vous plaît?”

“The children teach the father. It is a very good way. To Katie-Girl’s endless night. ” They touched glasses and we sealed the deal.

After that it was business as usual. Henri ordered for us then engaged Girl with conversation of course in the French.

Girl was so gorgeous I could not take my eyes off her. She noticed after a little while and smiled lovingly at me then granted me a slight wink before returning her attention to Henri. It was going to be a fun night. I was restricted to just the one glass of wine and it was an outstanding vintage. I craved another, but, I knew better. We decided to forego dessert and just relaxed with our coffee.

It felt good to mellow out, secure in the knowledge that ribald antics were not far on the horizon.

Katie had returned to her old self and that settled both papa and I. I could feel the tension release as the excellent food and wine took affect.

“Tomorrow night we will dine elsewhere. Too much of one thing is not an endearing habit. Perhaps an Italian restaurant, or, a hamburger joint would be a wise choice.

You children think about it and decide. Now, let us board our magic carpet for the night and cruise the darkness. Cully, you of course will act as chauffer if that is acceptable?”

“Papa, your M1 is made for your only son. “

The M1 was waiting for us. It looked so impressive sitting there under the portico’s intense lighting. I was giddy, actually giddy.

“children, a suggestion. Would you care to make our way down and enjoy the Horseshoe?” ‘Drive down that grassy knoll? In our M1? Are you nuts?’

“Oh, papa, could we? How far is it from here?”

“A little less than a mile.

It is a splendid walk. Cully?” ‘Walk?’

I was about to protest, but, didn’t want to seem petty and small.

“Ah, my son, we will depart upon our return. ” He patted my back. I thought about requesting that I drive down and pick them up in about 2 hours, but, I didn’t want to get into trouble and miss jacking off three times in front of her.

“Qui, papa.

Let’s do it. ” ‘Walk down?’

The valet attendants had gathered about the M1 as they believed we were approaching to leave.

“I’m going to take the children down for a look. Is Jacob about?” Henri spoke quietly to the head valet.

“It is Jennifer tonight, Monsieur. ” He spoke quickly into his two way radio. “She’s two minutes off, sir. “

“We’ll wait. “


Though the wind had picked up. It felt good to me, but, Girl hugged Henri for warmth.

“Ah, the little one-she is chilly, Cully. Would you be so kind as to go back up and retrieve her jacket?”

“Qui, papa. “

“Thank you, darling. I am little cold. But, I want to walk down there. I don’t want to miss it. ” She was so beautiful.

I was about to turn and scoot, when I was waylaid.

“Mr. Reid, sir, it is my duty and would be my pleasure if the young lady would accept my jacket. ” A young valet, just a k** had moved from the M1 passenger door to my side facing Girl and papa.

He quickly removed his jacket and held it at bay.

“Jeffrey. ” Henri knew him by name.

“That is so kind of you. Qui, that will save us much trouble. Merci, Jeffrey. “

Jeffrey handed me the jacket. ‘Why me? I’m not the one who’s cold. ‘ Papa, once more quickly and deftly stepped into the breach.

“Cully, if you would be so kind as to assist Girl. ” ‘Oh, yeah!’ I took the jacket from this ruddy faced boy-held it open as Katie-Girl turned 180 degrees and laced her arms thru then held it closed around her.

Fit like a glove. Like it was made for her.

“Oh, papa, it’s real leather. ” She held the lapels to her nose.. “Oh, papa, it’s so very warm and cozy. “

“Remercie le jeune homme, Katie-Girl. “

“Qui, papa. ” She turned from Henri and faced us (me and this k**).

“Thank you, so much, you have been so kind. I will return it as soon as we get back.

We are going down to the Falls. ” Like the k** couldn’t understand English.

“Oh, no, please, Miss. You must keep it. It is a gift from me. Well, from all of us. And it looks so nice on you. It was made for you. ” See?

“No, that wouldn’t be right for me to kee…”

Henri laid his hand softly on Girl’s shoulder, well on the leather jacket covering her shoulder.

“Jeune fille, tout droit. On peut le conserver. Par tous les moyens. Son nom est Jeffrey. “

“Qui papa. “

“Thank you, Jeffrey. It is so beautiful. I shall treasure it forever. Merci. ” She stepped forward and hugged him briefly. Jeffrey furiously blushed right thru the ruddiness and so did Cully Clarke. ‘I like boys. ‘ Immediately flashed thru my mind.

“You are most welcome, Miss. ” He backed slowly away to the M1.

“Papa, look, it’s so nice. Papa, I have my own leather flight jacket. And it’s brown leather just like Cully has back home. ” She’d turned back to Henri and was now hopping up and down ever so slightly.

“Repas, mon petit doe. Vous regardez splendides. “

“Merci, papa, for letting me keep it. I have my very own genuine leather flight jacket. And it’s so warm. I’m toasty now, papa.

“Ah, Cully, this Girl of ours, eh, my son?” At least he’d not forgotten about me.

“Absolutely, papa. “

“children, how about a cup of hot chocolate to fortify us on the walk down? Qui?”

“Yes, papa, I’d love some. ” Then as she reflected on her recent good fortune: “My own leather jacket. ” ‘Help-me-Lord!’

Though the hot chocolate sounded delicious. We’d skipped dessert and I’d regretted doing so ever since.

“Yes, a very fine idea. Michael, would that be possible?” The head valet stepped forward from wherever he’d disappeared to once “The Leather Jacket” caper commenced.

“Immediately, monsieur Reid. “

“And for everyone Michael, if you’d be so kind. For all the young men. And a nice selection of Jacque’s delectable cookies would be a treat for the men as well. Yes?”

“It shall be done, monsieur Reid.

At once. ” He stepped away, pulled the two way radio from his pocket and spoke into it.

“Papa, feel it. Go ahead, feel it. It’s so soft. I can’t believe I have my very own genuine leat………”.

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