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Niagara (continued)

Chapter 14.

“Permit an old man a great favor, children. ” We’d been standing quietly enjoying the majestic beauty of the cataracts for several minutes when Henri made his pronouncement.

He turned Girl in his arms. “Such a beautiful child. Mon cherie. “

“Tell us the favor, papa. ” Her eyes were glistening once more as she smiled over his shoulder to me.

“You will stay, you will stay with Henri, here, with him on your trip.

My children. Our family, qui? For me, veuillez, veuillez? My little doe, my only son, qui?”

I was shocked, but, spoke first as Katie was rendered speechless. “Well, we’d not planned on leaving until very early Wednes. “

“Very early Saturday morning, Henri. ” Girl had interrupted and over ruled me. “We’d love nothing more than to stay here with our papa. ” I nodded my agreement.

“Yes, next Saturday morning, Henri.

” My voice strong and certain.

“A week, I, I. I am…” Henri’s voice broke as he took Katie into his arms. ‘Thank you. ‘ She pantomimed over his shoulder to me.

I blew her a kiss. “

“A toast my little ones. We’ll celebrate our family, qui?”

“Qui, papa. Let me pour, Henri. Please, I want to pour. I want to do it like you, papa.


His laughter was loud and contagious. “Qui, mon ami, you may pour, my little one. ” He smiled broadly at us both as Katie filled our glasses and handed them about.

We followed Henri’s lead and held them aloft, a small horseshoe in front of the cataracts. “To Canada, to France, to the United States of America and to my children who have come to me from there. To us.

“To us. ” The echoes of our family.

Chapter 15,

Girl took Henri’s empty flute and handed it to me along with her own. “Watch and listen, monsieur, your mademoiselle is going to finish what she started in the elevator. Qui?” Her wink was wicked and hot.

“I need you, papa. I besoin you nuit. Vous ne me laissez pas?” She was still looking at me, but, speaking to our host.

I took immediate note of Girl’s usage of the term “papa” for Henri as they prepared to couple. How could I judge her. ? I’d not but a short time earlier been driven to orgasmic delights by Girl assuming the alias “mama. ” We’d not only crossed an international border, but, a border that seemed too surreal to identify with any certitude. I had no intention, absolutely none of jumping back across either of the two borders.

And neither did my wife.

“Pas pour un instant, bebe. Je promets. ”

She abruptly did an about face-tugged on Henri’s robe-it came open-then dropped to the floor.

“Il est le mein?” She gripped him tightly with both hands, her attitude adjusted, her voice firm and directed.

Henri raised up on his toes. “Qui, cherie. C’est le votre. “

“Cully, sit and be so still.

Maintenant. ” I’d been warned, in French no less.

I opened my mouth to agree–shut it–steadied my collection of fine crystal flutes–and obeyed.

“Je vais maintenant terminer ce que j’ai commencé dans l’ascenseur. “

“Oui, mon petit doe. “

Katie dropped to her knees liked she’d been shot then hissed like a rattlesnake, “Sssshhhh, monsieur, and be so still. “

This time Girl was active with her tongue and mouth.

Must have been the subsequent issues from “Cosmo” that enabled her.

I had a perfect angle, they were back lit by systematic lighting directed into the cataracts. The illusion was incredible.

“Méchant fille. ” He defied her dictate with his own hiss. She released him from her mouth. Her giggle with a clarity that made my cock twitch and begin to take on bleed.

The rattler hissed again: “Regardez Cully, watch and be ever so still.

She reached around and aligned her finger tips, no, just the razor sharp pink shell colored nails and separated him where he’d separated her in the elevator.

“Mechant fille. ” Henri muttered, his effervescent jocularity now fleeing thru the night. “Mechant! Mechant!” Henri implored her.

She held Henri’s cheeks far apart. She’d never held my che……..’ah, never mind. Forget I said anything. ‘

Girl released Henri’s left butt cheek–put the first two finger tips of her right hand into her mouth–pulled his right butt cheek even further toward me–took the now moistened finger tips from her mouth–and–initiated a search thru the dark shadows for Henri’s cleft.

“Ici, mon amour?” The rattler’s whisper query.

“Qui, diable fille, qui. ” His voice sounded like Katie’s. ‘Yeah, how do you like it?’

The two fingers moved, a measure.

“Terminer, belle enfant, je supplie yo. S’il vous plaît!”

“Bientôt, mon amour, prochainement,” She attacked his bag with her lips, teeth and tongue.

“Diable femme!”

She released Henri’s right butt cheek effectively trapping her fingers at some depth in his rectum, fisted his cock with her left hand and took just the head of his penis into her mouth.

A gentle jacking motion was then activated with her fist as she affectively swabbed his cock head with a circular motion of her head.

Henri ignited in anguished silence. He threw his head back his mouth opening wide, but, no sound was emitted for some time before he physically shuttered thru his release. Girl, like a woman possessed made it her life’s mission to capture and swallow every drop Henri ejaculated into her mouth.

I don’t have to tell you that mission was indeed accomplished.

At the end Henri’s knees buckled and I was afraid he might topple, but, he steadied himself momentarily by holding lightly, but, securely to the top of Girl’s head with both his hands.

His firm hold soon became a gentle stroking of Girl’s hair as I could see in the shafts of light thru the glass tears had come once more to Henri’s eyes.

Girl withdrew him from her mouth and gently slipped her fingers from his body then placed her cheek close to his groin and closed her eyes, releasing the tears that had been at the brim.

Chapter 16.

“Encore une fois, Henri, je vous en prie. ” Girl’s voice once again freighted in emotional f***e and physical need.

“Non, cherie, Henri doit prendre de son peu doe, est-ce que ce n’est pas vrai, mon fils.

Cully, repas?”

“Papa?” With a genuine clarity that took me by surprise. I’d only recognized my sir name, but, I felt comfortable responding with inquisition just the same. Henri was known to me and to wife as well. I could not explain the phenomenon but I knew it to be the absolute truth.

Henri brought Girl to her feet and enveloped her with his strong arms. Her tears had abated but not stopped altogether.

She needed sleep and rest, but had been promised an endless night and she’d settle for nothing less. “My son, Henri must grant upon his little doe what she has bestowed upon Henri, qui, my son?”

“Qui, papa, most definitely. ” Katie had not released yet. Even thru 2 wooden doors and one of frosted glass I’d have heard. Henri was in for a blast, literally. It crossed my mind I should warn him as he picked Katie up in his arms, but, it really was not my place.

Her screams at orgasm could wake the dead. I could only imagine the decibel level that she would achieve after the rituals she’d been thru since, well, in truth since Tussauds. It was going to be absolutely stunning.

He held her in his arms, her face buried in the crook of his neck. She was hiding again. Henri had frozen in motion–his arms holding pure love–he now stared off at the Falls.

There was no rush. There were many tomorrows before us. Too many to count? Never that many. Ever.

Katie whispered into Henri’s ear then buried her face once again. Girl had prompted him. I had to chuckle, she was truly adorable.

“Qui, cherie, ma belle enfant. ” Henri turned and brought Girl to the bed then carefully set her down.

Henri began at Girl’s feet rubbing them gently with his hands he then kissed each of her toes before softly suckling them one by each.

“I need this so badly, Henri. Faites-moi donc très lent, papa. ” Her voice sweet and innocent, the rattle snake nowhere in sight.

“Repas bébé, papa va prendre soin de son petit doe maintenant. “

Henri swiftly made his way up Girl’s slender legs crossing between them, kissing and licking her flesh with a softness that had Katie strumming tenderly, her body gently vibrating as she prepared to orgasm.

“Cully, please cradle my head, darling. Est-ce que ce serait bon, papa?”

Henri lifted his face, now flushed and we met eye. “Your beautiful wife awaits, Cully. Come, come join our family. Qui, Cully, qui?” I pole vaulted over on my 4 foot cock.

Katie had closed her eyes. I was able to successfully move us about and get her head situated on a pillow in my lap without any trouble.

Henri watched the entire process with adoration in his eyes.

“Continue, papa. Your beautiful petite doe awaits. ” I returned my attention to Girl as she opened her eyes. “I love you, Cully. I love you, Cully. I love you, Cully. ” My heart soared. My cock soared another measure as well, even though it was trapped under Katie’s little noggin and my dress shirt.

“Ah, mes enfants.

” Henri resumed his ravishment of Katie-Girl.

He’d bowed his head and was attending to her upper inner thigh area when she spread those thighs generously then brought her knees back.

“Euh, la fleur s’ouvre. Henri. ” Henri voice cloaked in fresh need. His cock had quickly recovered and now was at full mast once more.

“Cully, please hold me, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to take this.

Please, darling. “

“I have you, baby. Nothing will happen. Papa is just making his little doe feel good. I’m right here, sweetheart. ” Our eyes locked for several seconds. We’d connected on a different level, on a plain we’d not met on in many months.

“Kiss me, Cully, kiss me until I come. I love you, Cully. ” Her eyes had crested with tears.

I lowered my lips to hers.

Her lips immediately yielded and her tongue sought mine. I instantly complied and found her tongue sweet and warm. She squealed. The end was approaching. I’d have to be cognizant in order to allow her to manifest her release in familiarity and comfort. I lightly stroked the very tips of her nipples. It was a favorite of ours and had always intensified her pleasure. She squealed again, much louder as we released our lips.

“Oh, mon Dieu, merci papa. “

Henri lifted his face and pushed back with his left shoulder. Girl’s legs were splayed high and then wide.

“Oh, God, papa, don’t stop. I’m so close. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!” Her voice full of panic now.

Henri ignored her pleas and took notice of what had been exposed by his lifting and separating. “Ah, there is the other flower-it too has blossomed.

Such beautiful flowers. “

“Veuillez, papa, maintenant, maintenant, maintenant, maintenant, maintenant, maintenant, maintenant!!!”

I watched as he dedicated a finger, the middle one. Then I saw it move lower then out of sight at the same time his face disappeared into the abyss below.

Girl’s screams cut the tension like a knife through butter. She’d crested, but, she was not finished. “Plus profondément, papa, plus rapide, papa, plus profonde et plus rapide.

My butt, papa, plus profond, plus rapide, plus profond, faste…”

A second tide of orgasm ripped thru her, once again her screams were incredibly raw and a****listic. I gently squeezed her nipples as my ear drums ached from the ferocity of the decibel. Henri hopped to his knees in one incredible motion, removing his face and God only knows how many digits from her body then gripped her ankles with his hand and lifted her from the bed.

“Scream angel, de crier. Crier dans les cieux. Je veux vous entendre crier, bebe. Scream pour papa. Venu pour papa, bebe!”

He lowered his face once more and this time for the last time.

Girl’s screams in our endless night were boundless.

Chapter 17.

The screams finally ended as Katie recovered quickly though the tears lightly began. I was somehow dislodged from my station as Henri lowered Girl back to the bed then covered her with his body.

I almost got knocked off the darn bed.

“Qui little one, Henri is here. ” He showered her face with butterfly kisses devouring her tears as he’d devoured her flower(s).

“Oh, papa, it felt so good. She wrapped her arms around his neck and squealed her delight into his right ear. I could at once see where this was headed. A quick glance as he’d mounted her told me that Henri was ready once again for sexual intercourse.

I made a split second decision and one that was as wise and cogent as I’d ever made.

“Guys, I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but, I’m going to crash somewhere. I’m just completely exhausted. “

They instantly froze in unison. I think they’d honestly forgotten I was even there. It was a genuinely funny moment and one that Katie and I never forgot.

“Cully, I am so sorry, my son.

” Him.

“Cully, I’m so sorry, sweetheart. ” Her.

They separated and sat up, Henri modestly dr****g Katie-girl with the white top sheet.

“No, you two. I’m not angry, I’m really not. It’s okay, please don’t be upset. Katie moved out of Henri’s hug and quickly shifted next to me.

“I’ll come to bed with you, Cully. Where can we sleep, papa?” Her pitch genuine.

My heart filled with love and relief.

“No, Katie, no way. This bed will be where you’ll sleep while we’re here. And I mean it. That is the way it should be. Qui?” I smiled at both of them in turn. Their faces etched in genuine concern. “You and Henri together. And I mean it, you two. That is the way I want it to be. Now, papa where do I crash? I am worn to a nub.

“Thank you, Cully. Your gesture has touched my heart. I, I, don’t know what to…”

“No, papa don’t cry. ” Katie once again shifted position, back to her “papa. ” I felt badly for her then. She had the unenviable task of being required to provide intimate comfort and security for two men. “I know Cully, papa, and he is being honest. I can tell, papa, he is so sweet.

Thank, you, darling, I do want to sleep here with Henri. I really do. Thank you, honey. ” Our eyes met then and the reconnect from earlier was further strengthened.

“Fine, my little ones, but, if you Cully, should change your mind you will tell your papa, Qui? Promise me, Cully, you too little one. ” He hugged Katie to him tightly and she molded right in there like they were made for one another.

It was incredible.

“Qui, papa. I promise. ” Her. Her eyes watching me for any hesitation.

“I promise, papa. ” Me. No hesitation whatsoever.

“Then come, we’ll go as a family and tuck our Cully in for the night. Qui?”

“Qui, papa. ” Girl and I in chorus.

“You will be two doors down, Cully. ” The entourage turned left out of the bedroom.

Katie was holding on tightly to Henri who once more had donned his robe. Girl looked adorable ensconced in the white bed sheet. Thankfully my tumescence had shrunken to normal levels.

“Pardon, mon amour. ” He tried to separate from Katie in order to open the door down one from their bedroom. “

“No, Henri, please just hold me. Don’t turn me loose. Cully can get the door. Cully, please.

” Her tone serious. She wasn’t kidding.

“Qui mademoiselle. ” Me.

Henri lightly chuckled then pulled Katie in closer. “This is just a storage room of sorts. As you can see it is filled with all sorts of things. The light from the hallway lit the shadows a bit.

“Now, the next room will be yours, Cully. Come. ” The room was a mirror image of their bedroom.

Same exact layout and furniture for that matter. The curtains had been drawn, but, the Falls waited on the other side, I was certain.

“The bathroom opens on this side instead of like in the other room. Same bathroom, shower, bidet. You will be comfortable here, Cully?”

“Qui, papa. ” I sat down heavily on the edge of the bed.

“I still don’t know about this little ones, but, we shall see.

Now I will leave you two to yourselves to say your goodnights. “

I spoke quickly. “No, papa, I want you to stay. I can say goodnight to you both. Please, papa, for me. ” Katie came quickly then and sat down next to me and clutched my right hand.

I could tell they still felt badly about this. Their faces were long, their eyes dull. “This is going to be fine, Girl, papa, I promise.

Don’t be concerned or sad. If you don’t leave me with happiness and love then I will be sad. ” Henri came then and sat down next to me on the other side.

“Cully, you are right. The son teaches the father. This is good. Qui. ” Color returned to Henri’s face and his eyes were once more lit. “Good night, my son. My Cully. You are my only son.

” He leaned in and kissed my left cheek.

“Goodnight, Henri, thank you for understanding and for a wonderful evening and night, and for your kind invitation. You are my papa. “

Together we tracked back to Girl. Bless her heart, she’d begun softly crying again, overcome with emotion and in dire need of sleep and rest.

“No more tears, Girl, and I mean it, youngster. ” I leaned over and kissed her forehead.

“Good night, baby girl. I love you Katie. sleep tight angel. “

“Good night, Cully. And if you change your mind, I’m right around the corner there. ” She pointed at the door for emphasis. “Just come and wake me. “Henri will understand, won’t you, papa?”

“Qui, bebe. C’mon, beautiful child, come with your papa and let your husband get his sleep. “Venir angel. ” They walked to the doorway together arm-in-arm, then Henri turned the couple.

“Just one rule, qui? No closed doors. That way we love, our family will love until there are no tomorrows. Yes, Cully, mon cheri?”

“Qui papa. ” Girl and I in chorus.

She waved to me, her brave little smile at the very last.

I stretched out on my back beneath the blankets and closed my eyes. I went out like a light.

I was sleeping peacefully, dreamlessly when Katie’s patented shrill scream filled the night once again.

I rolled over and smiled toward the darkened doorway and sleep came again. There were additional screams that endless night. And each time I’d waken, smile, and return to dreamless slumber.

Chapter 18.

I’d begun to dream, I hadn’t retreated in the bathroom last evening. I’d not take refuge in the shower stall. No, I’d been brave. I wanted to hear them, hear them talk without me, mate without me, and yes, love without me.

I cautiously approached the shut door, the wall of wood and eased my left ear tightly against it.

“Cully! Wake up, my son. Cully!” Somebody was calling to me and jostling my body. I opened my eyes, or, at least tried to.

Henri was standing before me, naked, his grin animated and true.

“Papa, what, wha, is every thing all righ, is Girl okay, papa? Wha…”

“Yes, everything is beautiful.

Your wife sleeps like an angel. And a good thing, your papa could use the rest. ” His laughter deep and resonant. “Father and son share the morning, qui?”

“Oh, papa, no, I need more sleep. “

“No, no more sleep. We all, all men will have time for sleep when there are no more tomorrows. Up!” He tossed back the blankets and sheet. I was at once cold, my staff at half mast due to the dream of the “The Door” as I’d now christened the event.

Henri took no notice of my aroused condition. “We shower, we shave, we eat some breakfast and soak in the hot tub. I will tell you about Niagara Falls. Come, Cully, come son. “

“Hot tub?”

Henri led the way. “Follow me, Cully. ” His place was incredible. The corridor seemed to stretch forever. We passed by the elevator access. It seemed like days ago that we’d trod this area. ‘How can the man be so awake after all that wine, woman and song?’

It was a large tiled room, like a locker room area.

There were showers along one wall, toilets and bidets along another, sinks along still another. A hot tub rested in the middle. There was a ramp and a ladder to access it. The same floor to ceiling windows existed as well, the cataracts still pouring forth.

“Showers first, Cully. Come. ” As Henri adjusted the water temperature I removed my shirt.

“Warm first, Cully, then cold. Qui?” His laughter so boisterous.

“Oh, my, papa, not cold. ” I stepped under the warm spray as Henri stepped under the shower head next to me.

“Indeed Cully. That will waken you, get our day started. I start every day here like this. I have to scrub my own back, but, today I have my son to scrub it. ” He pointed to the brush hanging on the tiled wall. It looked like one of the barbeque steel brushes I had back home.

“And I in turn I will scrub his. ” No, it wasn’t like that. It was not a homosexual ruse. And that thought never crossed my mind.

He tossed me a bar of soap, which I promptly dropped, bent, picked it up, then chuckled aloud at the inference and lathered up.

He started singing his French national anthem, which I matched with my national anthem, our laughter coming in great guffaws.

“Oh, Cully, you are a good man. You make an old man feel young again. My only son. Now scrub hard, make your papa sing again. ” He handed me the brush, turned and presented his back side to me. “

I ventured forth.

“Harder, Cully!”

“Qui, papa. “

“Harder, Cully!”

“Qui, papa!”

Under Henri’s supervision I finally found the correct pressure modality.

“Qui, there it is, my finest friend.

Scrub now with vigor!” He sang anew in French. I turned his back a bright red.

“Enough, Cully. Now, it is my turn. I will take pity on your this morning, my son, but, subsequent mornings you must toe the line. Qui?” His laughter infectious.

“Qui papa. ” I turned to my back to Henri and braced myself.

I failed to note much of a difference in the pressure come to bear.

“Papa, if this is mercy I fail to see such. ” His laughter filling the room with joyous love and caring.

“Now, our cold plunge. This morning I will turn the faucet for you. But, tomorrow, you must not hide. You, Cully, must be brave and plunge yourself. “

“I will try, papa. I will try. “

“Close your eyes and prepare thyself. You are about to be frozen solid, my son.

He straightened me around to face the spray. His touch firm and sure. “Papa, I don’t know about this……”

?,4,3,2,1. “

My screams could never match Katie’s, but, I made an honest effort. I wanted to flee away from the spray but this wise man had anticipated such a retreat. And he held fast to my waist with both hands forcing me to remain in the breach. My strength no match for his own, I slowly, and I mean ever so slowly felt the shudders that were racking my body begin to lessen and then cease altogether and I was able to think clearly once again.

“Cully, you will remain? You will not retreat, you will not run away?”

“Qui, papa, I will stand fast. ” He released his touch.

“Yes, my Cully is stronger than he thinks. My son!” His voice rapturous, glorious. I’d fallen in love with this man in the course of a night and night turned to day. The ice water bringing with it’s f***e and might a keen sense of awareness of what had happened since Tussauds.

Not why yet, no, but, most definitely the beginnings of what.

He shifted over, twisted his own faucet and bellowed his own epitaphs, all in language of his heritage.

Chapter 19.

We’d accomplished our respective shaves and were about to climb into the hot tube ‘bless you God’ when the bath house door opened slowly. A small man came forth pushing a steel cart.

“Ah, good morning, Barnaby.

It is a glorious morning indeed, is it not?”

“Qui, monsieur Reid. “

“Barnaby, this is our house guest. This is Cully. Cully this is my Number 1, Barnaby. “

I made a move to cross over Henri and shake the man’s hand, but, a quick glance in the mirror’s reflection to Henri told me not to. I obeyed.

Barnaby bowed a small measure. “It is my pleasure, Mr.

Cully. Anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable please let me know and it shall be done at once. “

I met eye and nodded firmly. He smile in response kind and warm.

“There is another houseguest, Barnaby. She is…”

Barnaby was on the ball. “Indeed, monsieur, I saw the mademoiselle, she is sleeping soundly. I was ever so quiet so as to not disturb her slumber.

“Yes, Barnaby, thank you, she is Katie-Girl, Cully’s dearest wife. Please make sure her every wish is granted. “

“Qui, monsieur, it shall be done. And I have accomplished your earlier directive. You may expect……”

“Thank you, Barnaby. ” Henri cut him off there. Something was up.

“We’ll be going down for supper this evening and then out afterward. Have the car at the front entrance by eight.

We’ll arrive back here quite late so that will allow you time to put things away in, how do you say in your country, Cully, apple pie order? Yes, that is it. ” He clasped me on the bare back where I’d been scrubbed briskly, but, by miraculous intervention not raw. “You’ll collect the children’s clothes though and make sure they’re cleaned and pressed. Qui, Barnaby?”

“It shall be done, monsieur Reid.

To..the..letter. Barnaby came forward then, took my dress shirt that I’d hung on a hook, bowed to me once again, turned and left.

“He’s been with me for years, since the old days, Cully, a fine man. Now, into the hot tub with us. First though if you would be so kind as to prepare your papa a cup of coffee and a croissant as well. ” He nodded to the metal cart that Barnaby had wheeled in.

“A nice one, Cully, please choose a nice croissant for Henri. Qui? I shall meet you in the warm water, my son. ”

“Cream and sugar, papa?” I called out to this man who a day ago I hadn’t even met. Now I was addressing him as “papa” and it seemed as natural and right as breathing.

“Just a little cream. ” The croissants all looked the same, but, I tried to discern some difference and picked one I’d hoped was a winner.

There was juice as well, but, I just took two coffees and a croissant a piece and made my way back to the hot tub as carefully as I could. Henri was so considerate. He made sure to sit with his back to me so as to not make me nervous. I simply could not get the hang of this man.

I set the food and drink on the ledge edging of the hot tub and climbed the slight ramp.

“Yes, Cully, it is nice and warm and will toast your body, heal your aches and pains. Come my son. “

Running around naked in front of Henri and now his Number 1 was second nature. I didn’t think about it, at all.

“Oh, papa, that feels so good. ” It was just the right temperature. My body needed a good soaking.

“Here, join me for our repast.

” I quickly moved next to Henri and heeded his command. The croissant was absolutely mouth watering.

“Yes, Cully has chosen wisely. My croissant is scrumptious. Cully, we’ll toast to our first full day. Our little doe is excused, but, no reason why we cannot initiate the day. ” He raised his coffee cup.

“To a day and a night which will rival what has come before, but, only by miraculous endeavor.

For it is impossible to improve upon perfection. Cully, to the three of us. All for one……. “

We tapped cups. “……One for all. “

Henri’s laughter filled the room and my heart. “Ah, Cully, he never fails his papa. “.

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