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New years eve party

This is a true story that i still regularly think about as it is so hot.

Back in 2001 i was 18 and my girlfriend was 17, I’ve tried to upload a pic of her but i don’t think it worked.

She was about 5,6 was not slim but not chubby either and pretty big tits for her age. Size 10 UK. Frizzy Blond hair.

I had been going out with her for a good 6 months and she was my first proper girlfriend and i her first boyfriend.

She was incredibly naive as she attended an all girls school in Redhill and as I’ve discovered with experience, their reputation ‘sluts on the slope’ ‘whores on the hill’ isn’t entirely untrue.

I had been fucking her since the first date and she happily gave head and swallowed so as a horny 18 year old i was in heaven. I rarely bothered with condoms but preferred to pull out and cum on her belly or in her mouth, although she didn’t really like to swallow because of he naivety she seemed to want to please me and was enjoying her new found sexuality.

This is the story of what happened at a new years eve party in Southampton that we went to as she had some friends down there from when she used to live there. I agreed to go even though i would know no one.

It was fancy dress and she decided to go as Britney Spears from the schoolgirl video baby one more time. She looked nothing like Britney Spears but it was incredibly hot when i saw her in a short black mini skirt with black stockings and her hair in bunches and her white shirt unbuttoned but tied in a knot displaying her ample cleavage and midriff.

High heel’s and red lipstick with plenty of makeup finished the look. She looked like a total slut and i couldn’t wait to fuck her.

I made a half arse attempt to look like Noel Gallager from Oasis. I wore stupid shades a checked shirt, jeans and using some camouflage cream from my army cadet days drew a crap goaty beard and tash. – I looked like a right twat!

Anyway the party was fairly good.

Everyone was getting smashed my girlfriend in particular was drinking heavily. I was disappointed to find all her friends were total dogs and either had bad spots or were just plain ugly so there was a serious lack of good looking girls there. Her friends parents were there and some other male adults including the weird old guy who was dressed as this character from a 70’s sitcom – Spencer something – catchphrase ‘um Betty’ for those of you who know it.

To me he looked like a stereotypical Frenchman – well he had a beret and stripy top.

There were plenty of guys there, all around our age and a few younger ones maybe 15-16 and everyone was drinking.

The girls were all dancing and i was dancing with them some of the other guys were dancing to. I noticed that Fiona was getting a lot of glances and looks mainly because of her outfit and possibly because she was getting hammered and was starting to stumble about.

We went outside for some air and i took my opportunity to give her a big snog and feel her up. She was proper pissed as she is always quite shy in public but see enjoyed the attention and my hand roamed her body, feeling her breasts through her shirt and making their way down under her skirt and panties to finger her slit. She squirmed as i fingered her whilst we kissed.

She pulled away and i told her how hot she looked. She smiled and turned to go back into the house when she saw some other lads walking down the road, with her new found confidence and sexiness she decided to talk to them loudly in the street. One of the guys stopped as the other two carried on walking laughing and drinking as they went. She was clearly hammered and with me so i don’t think they were going to waste there time.

She d***kenly and loudly made small talk and then abruptly took a few steps back and shouted “who am i? Guess who i am?” Stumbling d***kenly with her shirt all messed up from where i was groping her tits and her skirt slightly hitched over her bum. The guy was unsure as she did just look like a tart but he was enjoying the view. ” I’m Britney Spears” she shouted and then stumbled back to me.

The guy just laughed and walked off. Fiona clearly was looking for some attention as she came back and started kissing me and groping me through my jeans. I was a bit pissed off that she just walked up to strangers like that and i told her she looked like a prostitute when she did that. She got in a huff and stormed back to the party.

I was a bit jealous at that age but i was also incredibly turned on whist watching her talking to that guy.

I went back to the party to watch her dancing and getting more d***k. We saw in the new year and everyone danced and kissed each other. I noticed some of the older lads were taking an interest in her when we all hugged and kissed and I’m sure i saw someone give her arse a grope when everyone was hugging. Fiona gave me a big kiss as she clearly now was horny and had forgotten about earlier i led her upstairs to the bathroom and locked the door.

I told her how sexy she looked and she dropped to her knees, hastily unzipping my flies to release my rapidly hardening cock. She wrapped her lips around it and began to expertly suck me off whilst wanking my shaft with both her hands. I reached down to grope her tits as she sucked my rod, unbuttoning her shirt and unhooking her bra to get a good feel on her 17 year old breasts.

I thought back to when she was outside looking like a whore and for some reason i blurted out “I bet you wanted to suck that guy you met outside didn’t you?” She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and nodded. I grabbed her head with both my hands and pushed her down on me hard and began to roughly fuck her face. “you dirty little slut”.

I pulled out of her mouth, pulled her to her feet, spun her around and pushed her over the sink.

Using my left hand pushing her face into the bowl of the sink i reached up her skirt to grab her panties and yank them down to her ankles. Hitching her skirt up i facefully pushed my cock inside her and bagan to thrust. Her yelps of pleasure added to mine as i felt my self cuming so quickly. A couple more thrusts and i pulled out and came over her bum.

She dropped to the floor quivering but she hadn’t yet cum.

I tidied my self up and so did she, however she was to d***k to know what she was doing and forgot to put her panties back on and i helped her with her shirt and bra. I said that she would look really sexy if she left her bra off and just had the shirt tied off at the bottom. She did this and omg it was amazing her little nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt.

We went back down to the party and danced some more most of the adults had gone now and the ones that remained had passed out in chairs including the parents of her friends who’s party it was. Most of her friends also had gone up to bed after a while.

I noticed most of the lads my age were also missing and i when to find them in the garage jamming with one guys guitar.

The older weird looking guy in the beret and stripped shirt was also passed out in the corner. I hung out with these guys for a while until Fiona found me and came in to join us. She sat down next to me on the couch and began to kiss me. I slipped my hand under her skirt to touch her bare pussy. Everyone in this room was still drinking or passed out.

There were the two younger boys both passed out on the floor in a corner. The older lad with the guitar two other Lads and the old weird guy passed out on a chair. Because i was dressed as oasis we all sang some oasis songs whilst i cuddled Fiona who was clearly very d***k now hardly able to string a coherent sentence together. The guys commented that she was going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow.

I agreed, Fiona just smiled at them. The guy with the guitar commented that she was hot and that i was a lucky guy. I nodded and said thanks. They then asked why she was dressed like that. Fiona perked up and before i could tell them said “cant you guess?” and stood up and gave a twirl. This was a bad idea as she was too pissed and promptly fell back down over the arm of the sofa.

Her skirt rode up displaying her cunt for a brief moment before she sorted herself out and sat back down next to me laughing. The guys laughed to and gave me knowing winks and nods. I told them she was Britney Spears from the Video when she’s dressed as a schoolgirl. They commented some more on her outfit and told her she looked incredibly sexy. Fiona blushed and held me closer, her breasts pressing against my arm as i turned to her to kiss her and grope her breast.

I could tell she was horny still from earlier but still was unsure of the situation. She spun round on the sofa and lay on her back with her head on my lap “hmm this is ni migh resss a bit” she mumbled and closed her eyes. The guys went back to jamming and i also fell asleep.

I awoke i don’t know how long later to hear whispering and sniggering. I glanced to my right to see the youngsters lifting up Fiona’s skirt to peep at her pussy.

The older boys were no longer there and the weird bloke was still passed out in the corner. I don’t know why but the thought of these two youngsters ogling my girlfriend got me going. So whilst pretending to be asleep i slowly moved my hand down Fiona’s shirt to grope her tits. The boys saw this and stopped what they were doing, probably expecting to be busted but instead seeing me still ‘asleep’.

I don’t know if they believed i was asleep because it seems pretty stupid now writing this but maybe they thought i was having a horny dream or something. Anyway the became bolder knowing i was not going to wake up and began to touch Fiona’s pussy as i undid some of the buttons on her tied off shirt.

Fiona began to writhe with the attention and slowly opened her legs as the boys fingered her wet slit.

They were kissing her legs as the touched her cunt and one of them walked over in front of me and bold as brass bent down to kiss her as her head lay in my lap. Fiona’s eyes opened and the lad pulled back as she sat up and composed herself as she realised what was going on. At that exact same time the three older boys came back in through the door to see Fiona sitting next to me sideways on the sofa skirt hitched around her waist, most of the buttons on her shirt undone and with the two boys one on the sofa by her pussy the other in front of me and me ‘asleep’.

Fiona tried to compose herself and began trying to button her top up but seemed unaware her pussy was on full display.

I was trying not to laugh, i found the whole thing incredibly funny and sexy. The older boys were frozen solid not knowing what to do. Then from no ware a voice. “well aren’t you quite the hussy?” It was the weird old bloke in the corner, seems he had really been watching the whole time.

Fiona panicked and tried to wake me up, whilst the lads laughed as she still hadn’t covered herself up. I had to ‘wake up’ as she was shaking me quite hard. I turned to look at her and i just started to kiss her and grope her boobs, pushing her back down onto the sofa whilst grinding my hips into her still exposed pussy. She was so horny she didn’t struggle and after a few seconds of heavy petting i straddled her, undid my flies pulled my cock out and shoved it in her face.

The youngsters had gone round the other side of the sofa to get a good look of her pussy as i slowly fucked her mouth. The three guys just stood there frozen watching. Then the old boy piped up again “what i wouldn’t give to get her to suck me off”. The thought of Fiona sucking this weirdo’s cock almost made me cum in her mouth right then, but i pulled out and said “go and make that old man happy”.

Fiona looked at me as i pulled her up saliva dripping from her lip into her cleavage, and i pushed her towards the old boy as he frantically got his cock out.

She needed some encouragement so i pushed her to her knees in front of him and she began to suck his cock whilst he sat in the chair. The other guys could. t believe what they were seeing. I went to the door and but a chair under the handle, i didn’t want anyone coming in uninvited.

I sat back down to watch as the guys got there shit together realising what was happening and gathered around her as she sucked the old boys cock. They knelt down and their hand were everywhere, under her skirt feeling her breasts through the flimsy fabric of her shirt. Fiona began to moan as she enjoyed the sensation. The old boy began to buck his hips up as she sucked him forcing more of his cock down her throat then he grunted grabbed her head and frantically fucked her mouth as he came.

Fiona didn’t know what to do as she just let all these guys touch her and the old weirdo cum in her mouth, she made a good effort to swallow however he was thrusting into her mouth so fast he made quite a mess on his lap. He then stood up and pushed her away from him and she fell onto the ground on her back. The other lads descended onto her writhing body sucking on her now exposed tits as all the buttons were undone and her shirt was loose around her but still tied off at the bottom.

The lads hands were stroking her thighs and pussy as Fiona reached either side of her to rub their crotches.

I decided to intervene, picking her up i took her back to the sofa and bent her over the arm of the sofa, displaying her soaking snatch nicely. Whilst holding her arms i sat in front of her as she dropped her head down onto my cock and began to suck like the slut she is.

One of the older boys wasted no time in moving up behind her and sliding his cock into her. For a few minutes he thrust-ed hard into her as she moaned with her lips around my cock. It felt so good and was so sexy watching my slut girlfriend bent over the sofa skirt round her hips, tits bouncing as some young guy thrust his hard cock up her tight snatch. Soon he gasped and filled her young cunt with his cum and fell back against the wall.

The next guy took his place and proceeded to fuck my Fiona for all he was worth until he to erupted into her 17 year old pussy. Again the other guy who was left quickly replaced him and began pounding her sweet pussy as fucked her face, watching her glistening body dressed as she was with her knee high black stockings and bunches bobbing as her head slid up and down on my hard cock.

It didn’t take him long to add his spunk to my girlfriends cunt and as he pulled out i dragged her forwards onto the sofa and flipped her onto her back. I looked down to see three loads of cum oozing out of her freshly fucked slit. My god she looked sexy as she looked up at me not really knowing what was going on but enjoying it. I lent forwards to suck on her tits and then push my aching cock inside her slippery pussy.

I rammed it in as i heard the squelching as her wetness and their spunk lubed her slutty cunt, It felt so good and i pounded her for all i was worth as she gasped and moaned. It didn’t take me long to arch my back and orgasm inside her like i had always wanted to do. We had always been quite careful as i was very good at pulling out but now there she was d***k out of her mind and full of spunk.

I got off her to watch the two youngsters clamber onto her and have there turn. Watching Fiona lying there on her back tits out legs up getting fucked by what looked like a couple of 15 year old boys and they literally lasted seconds each again both filling her thoroughly fucked pussy up with their cum.

Fiona lay there looking over at me with a glazed look in her eyes as the last man in the room groped her body, sucking on her breasts and kissing her neck and face.

It was the old boy she gave a blowjob to at the start. He now wanted his turn on her pussy. She lay there knackered not doing anything but letting him do what he wanted as he flipped her onto her front and pulled her legs apart. Straddling her he pushed his cock into her slick cunt and rutted against her bum. Pushing her face down into the cushion he fucked her like this for what seemed like ages his body slapping against her but cheeks.

Finally he to erupted inside her to an almighty groan as he filled her up with his jism. Watching all this had got me going again and i was furiously wanking my shaft. When he had finished i went to Fiona pulled her head round by the hair and spunk-ed into her face. It was the single most depraved act of my life, looking at her sweet 17 year old face as i deposited a big wad of man juice plum in between her eyes.

She didn’t even flinch, just let me do what i was doing.

Everyone was spent and all the lads and old boy left the room. I said to Fiona “you best sort yourself out and get to bed before someone else finds you. ” and with that i left the room too.

The parents of the girl who’s party it was had this rule that the boys should sleep downstairs and the girls upstairs, Like this would stop anything from happening.


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