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New Year Celebration With Housewife Sandya

I won’t celebrate 1sy Jan as new year and I celebrate our Ugadi festival as new year…. but my neighbor wanted to celebrate and they wanted me to join them and from December 15th they started asking me…. every day for new year fun. I told them its completely depends on hubby schedule and i knew that hubby is going to take leave for house construction in native but did not gave them any hint…..just keep on dragging…..they told me i am going to get good time with them

I said completely depend on hubby so don’t disturb me…..they went back with sad face……some How one came to know that hubby is going out of station and one the day when hubby was not there….

three of them come to house and had little fight and two went back and had some session with other one

They asked me to be in transference saree with back less blouse……I have many blouse and saree and asked them to choose…..they choose pink saree, pink panty to wear, I said ok for that…. and they asked me to get ready by 8 pm…..

I got ready and went out of house and stand near temple to avoid any scary looks of people….

car came by 8. 30 and got picked……they took me some pub which is there in Koramangala…. we reached their by 9 pm…we danced for some time…. everyone staring at me…and neighbors asked me to join the dancing group and they want to see other what they do it to me……i was reluctant but went…and started moving my body as per music…..slowly one by one started coming and surrounding me…. someone try to put hand near my waist and pull while dancing and i was dancing like i d***k girl do dance so that I can little enjoy……many guys started touching my bare parts, navel, tummy, back….

one guy in crowd hugged and pressed my bum…i got released myself and laughed at him

All got courage and they covered me completely so that no one can see what’s happening…and they started to move their hand on top to bottom…..they started pressing boobs when I thought its going out of control somehow i signaled neighbors…they came and released me….. and neighbor took me and made space in darkest place and it was totally corner place of pub.

Neighbor came to me and said they want to enjoy more in public…that about my love…i said it will be dangerous and I can’t do it…. they said it’s their responsibility that I won’t get hurt…. and it is only boobs pressing, sucking…. i said if it is going to end it there and only one in one time not many…. they agreed and called few guys to cover and told to them that one by one they can do some hugging, kissing, pressing sucking boobs but No sex…..they agreed and i told one by on….

all agreed…. first guy who came is black guy…heavy chest and muscle…. he lift me and made me sit on his lap and started kissing my face and i was hesitating because of his coluor…. but the heat in his hand and the way he inserted his toungh and played in mouth made me wet below and started cooperating him…. he took out my boobs out of blouse and started pressing and he was not leaving my lips sucking and he gave me love bite.

After some time he took my boob in his mouth and did suck for about 10 minutes then one more guy came from back and pulled the knot of my blouse and it got cut and my blouse was very open and boobs were out easily…. one started kissing my bare back till lower almost i can say that I showed my ass craks their…..he was completely kissing me…. black guy going out but i was not able to leave his love game with me….

the other guy started licking back and he unhooked my pinned pallu and took off and blouse was on table and i was lied on sofa and was enjoying b grade sex movie kind of sex…This was one of my life time enjoyment.

Then one by one came and enjoyed my boobs and got some pussy pressing over saree……about 15 guys enjoyed my boobs and before some body start taking pics, I covered face with hair and my blouse….

it went till about 11 pm…..then all they came near to us asked to do finger for minutes and they won’t do anything…. neighbor saw my face i said no for it… is going to worst….

Neighbor said once fingering, we will go out of pub…. no need to worry…..I asked them to get some face cover…to cover my face they got some face cover i wore it and sat with open legs….

I called black guy first and asked him to do it for more.

All came near to me…one by one did fingering for few minutes……when got completed it was to celebrate happy new year… by one kissed my lips and some gave love bites on check, lips and on boobs and wished me happy fucking night.

We went from there to hotel which there opposite to Wipro gate at electronic city….

when we travelling in car…in back seat…. my blouse taken out and my saree got lifted and two of neighbors started playing and pussy got complete eaten by him and came too. At parking they gave time to make my saree correct, later went to room. I got one blazer to cover my upper part. We went to room and my saree got pulled like i am getting ****d in few second my saree got removed and i rounded and feel down….

only my petticoat and tore blouse

One neighbor came near me and removed my blouse with f***e because of which blouse got tore out completely…. one guy came and teared my petticoat…and made me nude except panty…..the other also teared of the panty too and totally i was nude…. they ringed room service and ordered three bottles of whisky, 5 bear, 3 wine, creams, cakes, fruits…..not to drink but to get bath to me….

And they licked me as and when they poured drinks on me and started the licking went about an hour then we had hot water bath… bath we started one on one sex……. all of them fucked me for next 1 hour…..they got call from one of his friend and he is also from same apartment…. he also joined us about 2 am in the morning…there were four at 2 am…..they started threesome…means two gay take my body to give hard sex pleasure

Two of them started to play with my naked body and to my shock they got some vibrator….

i was not knowing it…. one was kissing me and the other was doing fingering…. i was completely shivering and suddenly something cold feeling i felt in between thighs…. I try to see that but because of strong arm of other guy was not able to see it…..suddenly they released me and i was start finding what is that…. one neighbor said don’t do anything honey u r going to get great pleasure now…he pressed some buttons… went little inside… and again he pressed One more button…vibrator started vibrating slowly feeling little uncomfortable and body was shivering…..they increased the speed of vibrator and started screaming, and moaning little louder…but because of the TV sound i think it did not went out side of wall……i was begging them to stop it…they said…..u want to cum for more time na…this is one more chance for u enjoy….

i was crawling like a snake on ground…. they were pouring wine on my face and whenever open mouth and one by one taking it out from mouth

I came in some minutes and stopped it sometime…. they asked me to take the dick in mouth…i asked them to clean dicks and give because it was mixed with my pussy juice…they said no…its your punishment day…u lied to us…knowingly u made us disappoint when we asked for new year celebration.

I requested them clean it come back….

Suddenly they started vibrating with high speed…. as i opened mouth one guy gave his dick……and started moving little inside and outside……two of them hold my hand and legs and only make sure that i can move my head more that it will be like mouth fuck….. without willingly my mouth also being fucked one by one…but nobody came in mouth…..after about an hours they took out the vibrator but by that time my pussy was very much hungry for real heat…as soon as they took out vibrator…….

I grabbed one guy dick and started shaking it and he came suddenly and it spread on my face and boobs…they all decided to cum on my boobs and face and one by one they did it…. after that I went for bath……and took bath…. one by one everybody came behind me and took bath with me…in bath I make sure that their dick will rise again as my pussy was hungry.

As their dick was erect…they lifted me and threw me on bed… guy sleep on bed and three took me up and adjusted sleeping guy dick in my anal….

and I was facing towards top…other guy came front and inserted his dick in pussy…it was painful in one go……but in few minutes it was giving pleasure…. other two were playing with boobs……I was moaning more in pleasure the other guy told make her quite give your dick to her to eat it…..I was opening mouth got dick in seconds and started sucking while getting drilled……two came after 40 minutes till that i was in same position….

i was tired totally.

I was not able to get up…..the next two again…this time i was facing to sleeping guy and got some grip to handle my body……. as usual they also came about 40 minutes but I was completely fall down on the sleeping guy…..all they got released them self……. after some time they make me woke up and gave me sprite bottle un opened (sealed)…. after having it i did not felt any tired ness….

I don’t know how we all slept for some hours hugging each other and woke up…..I was nothing to wear except saree…as panty, petticoat teared…..but managed to wear that saree got blazer to cover my upper body with teared blouse…. that evening I got same coloured blouse peace and took me to get stitched in the same way.

Guys I know it is difficult to believe but it happened…. if like just drop me mail on [email protected]


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