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New sex friend 3 by Abby Lu

Well, Lee came over again the other night. We surfed the internet together looking at pictures of beautiful Asian girls. She has a preference for lovely Japanese girls, who are sensational of course! I have at least one gallery dedicated to their gorgeous nipples!

The more we discussed our likes, preferences, desires, fantasies, the more excited we were both getting about our session that night.

I was also feeling a bit brave too, and I gingerly introduced her to my profile her on Xhamster.

She was shocked at first, but then when she saw my favourites, and my galleries, she could understand the need for such an important community. I won’t be surprised if she creates her own profile soon!

Anyway, while browsing gallery after gallery of beautiful Asian girls, and drinking a bottle of shiraz, I thought I’d tell her about my adventurous threesome in Thailand with Uli. Actually, it was a one-off but memorable! Here it is here:

She was getting very horny as I read my blog post her, and she laid back on the couch, closed her eyes, and dreamily ran her hands over her clothed body.

“Do you mind if I…?” she asked.

“Of course not, Lee. You get yourself comfortable. “

I got down next to her and nuzzled into her shoulder so I could whisper to her. She wriggled out of her clothes, and still with her eyes closed started wanking her hot little clitty. I gently stopped her.

“I want to watch you enjoy your sexy body, Lee. “

“Like Linn?”

“Yes, I love watching a girl pleasure her beautiful body.

I love watching myself to, as you know” She giggled at the thought of last week.

She dreamily ran her hands over her thighs, lifting her legs so she could reach under her thighs, lifting her bottom up so she could cup her cute little bottom in both hands.

“Oh Lee, that’s so hot, what a hot little bottom you have. “

She continued to squeeze and knead her bottom while I wriggled out of my clothes, never taking my eyes off her.

“How about those lovely pink nipples, Lee. Do you like to play with your nipples?”

“Yes, of course” and she began pulling and teasing and twisting her nipples, making them blushed and hard.

“Imagine two soft, sexy Asian girls lying on either side of you, their smooth, warm naked bodies wrapped around you. “

She let out a gasp that I knew meant I was really on the right track.

“You have your arms around them both, and their heads are resting on your shoulders. They are both young, with long black hair… you can’t take your eyes off them as you gaze at their perfect little bodies and faces. “

She was now back at her clitty and I didn’t blame her. Me too. I was getting so horny being able to fantasize together with someone.

“They lift their heads and lean towards each other to kiss.

Right in front of your face they kiss each other, lightly at first, staring into each others’ eyes, then more passionately… you can see their tongues dancing with each other… you can feel their wetness on your thighs. “

Lee was in heaven… “Don’t stop Abby”

“You lean forward and breathe in their soft aroma, you begin kissing the face of first one girl, then the other. Their soft perfect skin makes you d***k with desire as your hands explore their backs, shoulders, waists, necks, and they keep kissing each other, now beginning to let out tiny moans.

“oh, yes…”

“Then they pull away from each other and turn their pretty faces towards you. The adorable little girl on the left leans in to kiss you, and you draw her into your mouth as if you could eat her. The other girl has begun sucking your right nipple, expertly drawing it into her mouth, rolling her hot little tongue around it, sucking, biting…”

“The kissing girl now moves down to enjoy your left nipple.

There they are, two sexy, hot little Asian dolls sucking both your hard nipples… driving you wild with lust and desire…”

At this, Lee had reached the precipice of ecstasy, and willingly throwing herself off into a shaking, trembling orgasm. Again followed by me!

After some time to catch our breath… “oh, Abby, god I love it when we do this! This is the best sex ever, and we’re not even doing anything.

“I really love this too, Lee… I love being able to share my innermost fantasies about Asian girls with you. “

Posted by Abby_Lu 23 days ago.

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