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New sensations

Suchitra was in college then. The vacations were around the corner and she had plans of going to her farm house near her home and tidying up the place. Since her home was near no one stayed there and it was just because she needed it that it was still there.
It was in the last week that she got hold of the vibrating beads she had been wanting. The parcel was in bubble wrap so no one noticed.

Her heart throbbed as she placed it in her bag. She went home saying bye to her friends and just decided to put it at rest for a week. Waiting is always exciting, she thought.
She waited till it was Sunday and she went to the farm house, not that it was dirty, she just liked cleaning it up. She liked the dining room the best as it had no windows and she could do anything she pleased.

So there she was standing in her dining room, naked completely, her 36C tits bare and her nipples becoming hard. She leaned on the wooden wall and felt along her body. Shortly her nipples were hard and her pussy was moist. She din’t have any lube but now she really dint need any. She opened the bubble wrap and washed the vibrating beads with the cleaning liquid and then with water thoroughly. She turned them on and it was like nothing she had seen before.

They sent out small waves in her hands.

She softly masturbated till she was wet again. She thought of cleaning the house with it in her. She stopped playing with herself as she had to loop the string on the beads. She was flexible, putting in the beads was no problem she thought and she sat on a chair and felt the back of her pussy and knew that she had already some precum on her.

She was completely involved in the moment! She placed two of the vibrating beads and pushed them slowly inside. First one and then the next. It was a strange feeling now that they were in but she was soon ok. She left the end of the string outside her pussy. She hated the thought of getting it all in and going to a doctor to get it removed. She chuckled at the thought. She let herself savor the new sensation before getting up.

Okay let’s clean the house she thought aloud and stood up, she thought the beads would come out, but they were large enough and stayed where she had placed them. She gave a wiggle and still no problem, everything was fine. She had many erotic thought skip her mind and she loved being able to feel the sensation in her body by doing just nothing. She felt along her body again and moaned out slowly.

She thought of tidying and moved around her dining room, picking litter and placing things where it belonged. She had to bend down and rise up randomly and each movement send shock waves all over her body. She glanced at the mirror, she looked regular on the outside but her pussy was flowing with jelly. She went to her bedroom and started cleaning. She was nearing her edge and she knew it. She stood there still and then the mood somewhat eased.

She stayed a bit longer and she thought of starting with the table and moved towards it. It was then that she knew that she should have waited a bit longer. The beads sent out eddies in her and she lost balance as she gave a loud moan and came, she wetted the floor and came again, this time just trembling. She let the beads still be there to comfort her as she knew the next orgasm slowly coming.


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