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in my mid fifties now. but back when I was a lad of early teen years we had a f****y move in next door. quite large 6 k**s mother and father the mother being 28 hubby late 30`s I will just call her w to save her identity anyway let me describe w she had long shiney jet black hair to her arse very slim body olive skin colour she was just a cracker.

she and my mother became firm friends in and out of eachothers houses going out as a 4some so all were close nit. I suppose this was when I started my fettish with upskirting and sexy knickers w would be sunbathing in the garden opening and shutting her legs so I would find myself often looking for her in the summer months lol sunbathing her knickers were always satin or nylon and all the colours of the rainbow.

this was mid 70’s my mother and 3 younger sibblings went on holiday leaving me my dad and older s****r at home. i was laying on the sofa watching tv this day and in came w is your dad in she said upstairs I think I replied away she went I carried on watching tv after sometime 20 mins half hour it dawned on me she was still here so I went looking no dad no w upstairs I went to the toilet for a pee and there she was bent over the bath knickers on one leg and my dad fucking her from behind dad shouts get out and she looked at me horror on her face I giggled and left.

they both came down when they finished dad never ever mentioned it to me for the rest of his life. a couple of days later as I passed her house on the way home from school she called me len what I said can I have a word with you. what about said I. come in and i’ll tell you so I walked into her kitchen she always sat on her table for some reason but she sat down and said to me don’t say anything to your mum or (p her hubby) about what you saw the other day.

I looked at her and said show me your knickers then well you dirty little bastard no I wont ok I said and started walking out. she then said remember keep stum I replied no i’m telling mum soon as she gets home. do you know what trouble it will course if you do. yes so show me your knickers red faced she lifted her skirt and showed me her orange with black lace trimmed knickers show me your bum which she did knowing I had her worried I pushed my luck and rubbed her bum and slid my fingers between her legs and copped some pussy to my surprise she just stood there for a few seconds then dropped her skirt and said that’s enough are you going to keep quiet now I said I would and left sniffing my fingers lol.

about a week after mum was back off holiday her hubby was away again she came to our house I was the only one in she asked for mum I said they are all out w then said come next door for a minute will you ok said I went next door she said put the latch on and headed upstairs come up she shouted down. when I got to her room she was laying on the bed skirt up knickers on view and said do you want a feel with that said she opened her legs.

the dirty bitch must have got turned on with me bribeing her well I had my hands and fingers everywhere took her knickers off that dirty bitch showed me how to lick pussy and make a girl cum I fucked and played with her for 3 yrs until they moved to another town. long winded but true story. of which all my stories will be. thanks for reading.

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