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Neighbour Teen

This is a true account from one of the most golden chapters of my life which I wish to share with my friends.
Anita was my next door neighbour. When I checked into the new flat hardly did I realise that the little girl of 18 would later on
become an integral part of my very exhistance. I was preparing for my joint entrance exam and in order to get the best tuitions I had decided to come to Pune.

Her parents were acquainted to my parents and they offered to find a suitable accomodation for me.
Every evening Anita and Babli, her younger sister, aged 4 , would come over to my house in the evening to play ludo, chess and amongst all, blind mans buff. The draw of lots would decide who would be the seeker and as luck would have it I was the most common victim. I am not mentioning Anitas vital statistics as these did not draw my attention at the onset.

The play continued for some days.
One day while trying to catch the two sisters with my eyes bound, my hand accidentally brushed against Anitas soft breasts. On another occasion she was trapped between the wall and me and my hand fell on her breasts by chance. That night I had a restless sleep. The next day when she became the seeker I ventured to do something I hadent ever done before. While she was moving about the room blindfolded, I touched her breasts time and again.

They felt soft and the lack of protest from her side made me more desperate.
A week later she turned up all alone since her sister was suffering from high fever. Being a young man of 21, I couldnt resist dreaming of venturing further. We used to take rests every half hour and often the two sisters would take turns sitting on my lap, though I must admit the older one had to pursuaded to do so.

That day was no exception. We were watching songs on TV with her on my lap. Finding her engrossed I suddenly yanked up her T shirt with both hands and grabbed hold of her breasts even before she could realise anything. She struggled to release her soft mounds but my grip was equally strong. She was wearing a slip under her shirt.
I inserted my left hand down her cleavage and pulled out one of the little breasts.

Since she had her back to me, I yearned for a peek at the nipples but before I could succeed she managed to pull down her shirt. I began to fear the worst but no complaint came from her side. She only laughed and wanted to go home. The next day to my great surprise she turned up on time, alone in a discarded school dress, a red skirt which was a good four inches above the knee and a white shirt with the school monogram.

Since it was the peak summer I could see she didnt have anything under the shirt. The game started and I waited only for the interval which seemed long in coming. Finally, as the clock struck 4. 30 we stopped and I picked up the courage to invite her onto my lap.
She did not hesitate a bit but this time sat sideways to maintain eyecontact. Perhaps she did not trust me. The TV was only an excuse, I began caressing her cheeks and then ventured down to the small mounds.

She tried to move my hands away though feebly. I inserted my hand under her coller and moving aside the shirt kissed her coller bone. When I undid the first button I didnt know how she would take it. But her eyes were closed perhaps as a sign of assent. I parted the lapels of the shirt and for the first time the little soft breasts were exposed to my eyes. I touched the nipples gently and they hardened before my very eyes.

I gently lowered my lips and took the left one in my mouth. It tasted pleasant and set about sucking it.
Gradually drawing the entire breast into my mouth I drew circles with my tongue around the erect nipples. With my other hand I lifted her skirt up to her thighs and began caressing the inner soft part. Then I removed the shirt completely and kissed the soft belly. She was like an angel.

After showering her with kisses and caresses for about fifteen minutes I let her go. I did not believe in deflowering a little girl. I had to help her put on her shirt as she was shivering a lot.
When she did not go to school the next day I enquired at her house only to learn that she had had a slight temperature the previous night. I became depressed at the prospect of not seeing her for a few days but I was proved wrong.

That evening she came again, this time in a short skirt with floral patterns and a black top. She behaved normally. We were about to start the game when a classmate of hers came to ask her about some homework at school. Since my flat was on the first floor, she leaned out of the window to talk to her friend. She was giving the necessary instructions when I noticed that her short skirt had ridden up so far that the outline of her panty could be seen.

I couldnt resist myself.
I knelt down behind her without her knowledge and started caressing her buttocks. I slid my hand under her skirt and drew the outline of the panty with my fingers. She moved about a bit butcontinued talking to her friend. Gradually I lowered her black panties and exposed her pink buttocks. They smelt sweet and appeared supple. As she parted her legs the neither lips were also visible. They seemed to invite me and I rewarded them with a flurry of kisses.

She began to sway in tandem with my caresses. Her friend left and she turned away from the window shutting it behind her.
I stood up and began to kiss her parted lips. As my hand went towards the hem of her top, to my great surprise she lifted her hands above her head. I received the message loud and clear. As I undid the top and the skirt my mind was racing.

That day I played with her as she ran around the room naked. It appeared to me to be a scene out of a popular film “The Garden of Eden”. She looked very pretty when she was blindfolded. That day the game lasted more than it usually did. Then came the news of her fathers impending transfer and my dream world came crashing down. They would have to shift to Orissa within a day or two.

When she came next evening she refused to play. I had spread a rug on the floor on which I used to lie down while studying. She asked if she could sit on it.
When I sat down beside her she simply leaned against me and began to cry. I held her tight to console her and offered words of consolation. She put her arms around me and hugged me. My face became embedded in her soft breasts.

Suddenly she undid the top two buttons of her shirt and taking out a breast inserted it into my mouth. As I took it in a tear or two fell on my cheeks. I knew she wanted a parting love. That time I loved her like never before. She moaned out loud as my lips discovered every inch of her soft body. That was the last time we met. They left the next morning.

Unable to see the parting I went to a bar and drowned my sorrow over a bottle of wine.

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