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Neighbors Daughter

It was about three in the afternoon when my doorbell rang yesterday, I looked through the peephole, it was our neighbors daughter, I truly was in no mood for company so I left her outside, she rang again and again, AND again I finally came out and answered the door.
“Hello Mr. Andrew, sorry for…”
“What’s wrong Dia?” I asked angrily, my first day off in f-g weeks and here I am being disturbed.

“I forgot my keys at home and I wanted to know if I could stay here until my mom gets home from work”
“my wife is not home right now Dia, I can’t sit around looking after you” I answered, she normally agrees to this kind of shit, I don’t have the tolerance for these people.
“I’ll simply sit in on the sofa and do my homework, I promise I won’t be a bother”
“Shit” I thought “aiight, come on in”

She carried only a binder and a book in her hand, as if she only had ONE f-g class today, lazy ass people, I tell you.

I walked in the kitchen and watch her sit down, honestly I started regretting letting her in my house.
“Oh Mr. Andrew”
“What is it?” I asked grabbing a beer out of the fridge
” Yesterday was my birthday” I looked over and she was actually doing her homework, but what the F-K do I care about her birthday, all I know is she is one annoying teenager right now
“Oh… um happy belated birthday” I said gulping down three quarters of the beer.

“I turned 18”
“Good for you” I said grabbing another bottle, she was making way too much conversation
“Mr. Andrew? Can you help me with this question?”
“Now what?” I thought
I walked over to the living room trying to finish this beer and have another, yes 3-in-a-row; she’s messing with my “ME” time. After putting the bottle down I asked her what she needed, then honestly ya’ll, everything changed at that moment.

She was half naked on the sofa and rubbing her pussy
“Would you fuck me Mr. Andrew?”
“Girl WTF is wrong with you?” I asked picking her clothes up from the floor. She continued to rub herself…
“Please Mr. Andrew, I’ve heard your wife and mom talk about your big dick, why not get into a tight young pussy instead of those old hags cunts”
She pushed two fingers inside her pussy, pulled them out and licked them… and she did have a point, I felt bleed rushing through my veins and she could see my pants rising as she split her lips open, showing me her wet pink pussy.

“You need to leave” I said, but I didn’t sound too assertive
“You need to lick me… like right now” she said, the look on her face got me on my knees very quickly. My mouth was already on her young pussy, I was licking faster than a thirsty dog in his bowl of water. Her young pussy smelled of baby powder, she grabbed the back of my neck pushing my face unto her little pussy, she rubbed my mouth and nose in it.

By that time I was truly hard, I pulled my shorts down and my niner was ready to go, the look on her face when she saw my big dick made me grin, I spread her legs wide open…
“wait” she told me “I want to suck it first”
“ain’t got time for this” I answered “I’m already fucking hard, and we ain’t got much time”
The tip of my dick penetrated her little pussy, she closed her eyes and she put her hand over her mouth not to scream, I was too angry to really even give a damn, I pushed all of my hard dick inside her tight little twat.

She gripped my hand digging her nails in them
“ooooh my fucking god” she said “fuck, fuck fuck”
I started feeling bad knowing damn well this little bitch can’t handle my hard dick, but damn it, she started it and I aimed to finish it.
I pulled her closer to me but she pushed me back, got me upset so I started pushing in and out as fast as her little legs allowed me, she was closing them faster than I could really get a hold of them.

I held her legs over my right shoulder and grabbed her by the throat with the other hand, her face was turning red, her moaning was very minimal, she was holding on to the sofa for dear life and my dick had her pussy cream all over it. My entire dick was inside of her now, her tight little pussy was not so tight anymore; my dick was going in and out with ease.

“Shit… Mr. …. Andrews… shit” she stuttered, “damn… your dick… feels so fucking good”
I closed my eyes and continued to fuck the little bitch. The sound of my dick sliding in and out of her little cunt made me smile and I honestly felt my dick getting harder “oh Shit” I think I heard her say but I didn’t stop
“Mr. Andrews…” she tried pushing me off, I held her legs tighter and started fucking her faster “no… please… stop”

I woke up on the floor with a heavy migraine; next to me were the pieces of the heavy lamp in the living room.

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