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neighbor breeding

I just walked in from work I see my wife ,s****r ,daughter, and s****r in law watching T. V. my wife 32 ( Terry) had on daisy dukes no panties , a tube top that’s say’s my hubby loves to watch and a picture of a black man fucking a white wife. her nipples were poking out she had no bra on her DD tits were looking good. she had a tan but hat the white lines on her tits and pussy I love that, here feet are 6 1/2 and taste to suck on.

she was 5’5 110 pounds green eyes , black hair.
my wife has a shaved pussy and above it a tattoo that says FUCK ME HARD CUM DEEP all 4 women had this tattoo. and I paid for all there fake tit’s.

My daughter 15 (Kristy) looked just like her mom and had on the same outfit.
my s****r 23 ( Dee) had DDD tit’s. pale white skin jet black hair around 5’9 and brown eye’s.

dee was sitting on the coach next to terry and kristy. Dee had on sweat pants no top her tit’s were out and
my s****r in law 28 (Janet)had on a short mini skirt you could see her ass cheecks and pussy mound. and a fish net see thru top. she was 5’5 100 pounds red hair green eyes. wearing open toe , open back heels.

I walked in gave them all a kiss on the mouth and kissed each of there tits and nipples yes all of them.

what’s for dinner I asked terry said beef stew I said cool and went to take a shower and change. when I came down are new next door neighbor’s were making themselves at home there were 6 of them Leroy a dark black pot belly 60 year old male, James Leroy’s older b*****r he was 65 tall about 250 pot belly bald and hairy. tyrom was leroys son he was 18 and fit dark but ugly as sin, baron and Jacob was Leroy 17 year old twin’s.

Taylor the 14 year old son of Leroy and Leroy’s 82 yearold father (toby) < lol> who was now talken to my daughter and rubbing her leg’s and tit’s. Leroy told us how his wife died a year ago and he was a truck driver. his b*****r and father helps take care of the boys while he is on the road.

I let them all now this was a open sex house and ever one was fuckable meaning the (women)
but we must eat first and you should seen this boys suck down there food.

toby lead my daughter to her room and with in seconds the bed was pounding the wall and she was screaming oo fuck me daddy your black cock is so fucking good.

we all just smiled. the twins and taylor striped my wife and brought her to our room were all the fucked her with no mercy , my s*s in law was lead of james and he was pumping her pussy as soon as he got her in the room , me and Leroy fucked my poor s****r on the coach she was sucking my cock and Leroy was fucking her sweet pussy good.

This was the first black cock any of them ever had. I walked around the house letting all the boys nows to cum in to all there pussy. the men changed out the women off and on fucking them for 3 hours. thank god it was the weekend.

all the guys left we went to the coach the women spread there legs while a eat all there pussy and sucked then cum out of them.

and my my it was so much damn cum.
I mounted my wife and went to fucking her. she said baby this is for you to be honest I cant feel your cock there cocks were so big they stretched my pussy good, all are pussy are like this red, raw and fucked
good and full of cum.

the next morning was woken up and I was still horny a fuck, so a rolled over and put my cock in the pussy next to me, ( that’s are bed rules anyone is fare game in the bed) o daddy it was my daughter I just keep pounding her pussy aaaaaaaaaaaa fuck I let out all my cum she just giggled and said o daddy.

I got up to find Leroy and the door.

more later.

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