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Negro and white schoolgirls

This – 5 stories told by his neighbor, Jim Longer in the burn center before his death. During the hunt for another victim, Jim was captured by her father. Then the Ku Klux Klan, Jim related, fire. Well, the police, as usual, came too late, although Jim was still alive. Thus,
The first story
Early one evening, tired of the abuse with his cobra, I went for a walk. She took me and she cries and our five children (and I still have 11 other women).

Lately I’ve been thinking about what ought to be a little bleed to disperse. Maybe I’m not too gorgeous or too successful or too handsome, but I have just one thing that is good at it, this production of offspring. Black people have always distinguished it, and I’m even more than others. As soon as get and where to finish, from my seed babies are always obtained.
It was already dark. The legs themselves led me to the middle school.

I walked up the path behind the bleachers and just threw the cigarette away I noticed a white girl who had just emerged from the gym. She was a school sports uniform – short skirt and sweater. I thought she would go to the parking lot, but instead, the girl moved across the football field. It is evident she was going to go down the path that begins behind the bleachers.
I watched her.

Actually, I do not like white people, and white sluts in particular. I think women are only good for one thing – to give birth and raise babies. And here is a white secular stervochka. Grew up, I suppose, a good white family, then go to college, marries some white guy. Will they live in a nice suburb, buy a few luxury cars, and I’m sure me and not look. I love to put these bastards in place.

And there’s a good way to do this.
I noticed that the place is perfect – it was empty and dark. No one was around. Only at the nearest highway was a movement no more sounds. And then there’s just me and this boy in a short skirt. My big black cock began to rise. I smiled, well, now take the view.
I ran down the track to the rear of the rostrum, where the girl was supposed to be a few seconds and disappeared behind a tree and took out a knife (I always carry at least one).

I carefully watched her from behind a tree – she turned and walked straight to me.
This knot was of medium height, with long black hair. Very cute, innocent, with a special look, which is only found in very young white girls. I think she was about 15 or 16. It was such a thick sweater underneath it that nothing can be seen, but from the short white skirt stuck pretty shapely legs.

It can and was very young, but judging by the foot, fully matured. My cock rose and hardened and became a top-quality, until I watched this naive fool is right for me, but her thighs are moving so gracefully.
She came closer. I was still behind a tree, I have not seen it and passed. She carried a small satchel, it was surely only books and notebooks with homework. Her dark hair was long and thick, they were tied back with satin pink ribbon.

Growling I jumped at it.
He jumped like an a****l, immediately shut her mouth and tossed on the ground. She screamed, and I perched on her and held a knife to her throat. The first time I saw her face close. It was really cute, with big brown eyes, small mouth hurt and high cheekbones with a few scuttered freckles on them. Bitch anxiously looked at me and screamed again. I hit her on the cheek and moved the knife so that she could see him.

– Shut up, bitch – I snarled at her.
– Please, mister, do not cut me – the girl whimpered.
She struggled under me, I felt her body and this has resulted in my cock into a frenzy. Once again, I punched her hard on the cheek and unscrewed his hands behind his back:
– Shut up, white bitch, and you’ll get more! Not a sound! You’ll just do whatever I say and then slaughter – see?
It is something else murmured imploringly, but ceased to struggle and nodded.

She looked at me completely helpless. I felt the gentle scent of her perfume and the soft curves of the girl’s body, breathing heavily, and in my shorts pounding cock. But I already had experience of such communion with white heifers, so I knew his work firmly.
I put his hand under her skirt and grabbed her panties and climbed into them with your fingers. She screamed again and zabrykalas. We started to fight again, I love very much.

I pulled her panties down and tried to remove them, but she broke away, was able to jump in and tried to flee. I again grabbed her and threw it on the ground. Then again, crawled under her skirt, tore off her panties and threw them off somewhere to the side. The girl screamed “NO!” and began to resist even harder. I was surprised how strong was this little bitch. It took me all the strength to keep her press down while trying to get a member.

But this struggle just opened me, and the body seems to have never been so long and hard.
Finally, I pulled him out of his pants. Her eyes widened in horror, as in the moonlight, saw the beauty of the bitch and the size of my nigger friend. She already knew what would happen next, her eyes blazed with hatred. Maybe she did not like blacks? Do not worry, as soon as I finish with her, she actually get acquainted with our work.

And most importantly, will make its own contribution to the rise of the black race.
I pulled up her skirt. At first she tried to resist, but I quickly pulled up her skirt much above the waist. Because of this, though I could not easily take off her sweater, and I really wanted to see her swaying boobs young white, I always love this watch. C’mon, you can not have everything, can do it and with the next bitch.

All the weight I pressed her, comfortably settled down and finally felt like my hot black cock for the first time touched her soft cool down. Better than crack cocaine, it’s better than whiskey! I barely restrained myself to just not come! It is, of course, very much strained thigh and squeezed once felt hungry, my cock, seeks to pierce it. This little bitch did not want to facilitate my work.
– What’s up, slut? You do not want niggers to get the seed? Too good for this?
I lowered my hand down between her thighs and tried to push them.

The skin on the inside of the thighs was so soft and silky, that I could not resist, stroked, and then pinched. She screamed in pain.
For several minutes we fought, I have hands and knees trying to separate her legs. Finally I managed it and I pulled her body to leach. I pressed it, but she writhed, raised a few inches, so that I missed. We repeated this several times and gradually I still fully parted and squeezed her thigh.

And finally, I’m in her gate! The bitch is tired and just squealed, not screaming. I watched with delight as her body turns to dirt, as in her long black hair, flung-open wide like a fan, debris sticks, spitting and cigarette butts. And then I discovered something that had hoped: she was a virgin. If it was a black girl, no less than fifty guys would have already passed through it, and would she at least a couple of children.

But these white whores are too good for this, but white boys – slow and indecisive shit. That is why any white ever wants to be black. One way or another, and in this bitch I was going to be the first.
She struggles tense, but I continued to slowly pressed into her …
– Oh, NO! No … no …- she gasped and tried, bent, get rid of me, and I continued to hold her again and again, harder and harder moves into its innards.

Her eyes looked straight into mine, her small mouth wrinkled into a face, because in my face she saw only the a****l lust. The girl was disgusted, I knew it, but it was shit. I was going to be who I am, no matter what she might have hoped.
Another push and I uncorked it. She let out a girlish squeal funny, special squealing young white virgins ****d. I’ve heard it many times, but never tired of listening to it again and again.

Her eyes just opened wide and she desperately tried to lose me. She, of course, nothing happened, I just deeper vdvinul her ass in the dirt and began to push harder. I got deeper into her writhing hips, pressing into her crotch already defeated.
– O Jesus, help me! – It squeaked when I just relaxed the pressure of my trunk. But inch by inch, slowly I was getting into it and did it slowly.

She fought long and tired, and my penis has completely disappeared between her cool white thighs.
Even now she continued to squirm, but it no longer mattered. Of the resistance I was just better. Her legs quivering around me, still kicking. She writhed and twitched desperately to escape his fate, an innocent cute white girl, twisting at the end of my term of the manufacturer. What a fighter! Usually white girls at this point already relaxed, and this continued to resist.

But now it was too late for her, no matter how much she struggled. My good old nigger babies safely manufacturer worked between her thighs white, making what was supposed to do and, screwing into wet female fertility.
I started doing the good old “up and down. ” Her brown eyes looked at me now in despair – she realized that it has already happened – it was ****d by a black man.

With each thrust she writhed, moaned and screamed.
I have tried to control myself, but no longer could not. So I increased my pace and began to hammer away at her sharply and felt a wave of pleasure grew in eggs and then came down along my long black spear. She also noticed it has become more intense and suffocating to kick me. She knew she was going to happen next and tried to drive away the final conquest.

My balls once again hit on her … and I exploded. Like an a****l in the heat, I poured into it by f***e my seed.
– No, no, no – she would whisper, whisper quiet already.
She looked at me with a particularly thick and calm eyes, I knew that she felt a stream of sperm, intruding into it, like the army, a member of the defeated city. She was beaten, defiled, lost her virginity, and was no longer any reason to fight, and I again and again, shoots my seed deep inside her body.

I thought that my jet will never end, so triumphantly, I mated with this cute schoolgirl. She moaned and pushes her back into the damp earth, and her whole body shook, against his will, she was transformed from an innocent girl into a passionate white woman, belonging to the black man.
Finally, she became lethargic and completely submit to fate. Her tender body lay in the dirt, his legs were spread apart, allowing me to do what I wanted.

You understand that I took advantage. I sat up on her elbows, lifted her skirt higher, fully exposing the entire stomach and looked down. Even in the darkness it was obvious what she tender skin. Belly shone some light blue, stood in the middle of a small plotnenky pupochek and white skin just below the shaded dark curly hairs sparse. And later in her flesh between her thighs with soft cool I stabbed his penis and stabbed with as fast as he could, enjoying the feeling of tight, tight clutching my vagina and sometimes the remains of squirting semen.

I finished and stood up with her. The girl whimpered, her little skirt was raised almost to the neck, abdomen, with a tight pupochka and dark triangle between her legs completely bare, and their own legs wide apart, even too lazy slut their move. We see it I have not hesitated. So much the better, I could see everything. Her entire perineum revealed, from the vagina to the back where the hole is now slightly oozed my semen, her pink lips, slightly stained with bleed from the torn hymen and converging at the top in a neat little crown, in short all her household, shamelessly put up on display.

I cautiously looked around but saw no one. So I decided to give it a couple of lessons.
I grabbed the girl by the hair and fucked to kneel. I love to have schoolgirls in everyone, and now she will be happy to serve me completely. In the end a bitch was already filled with my sperm, where it was supposed to, so there is still a little in her brain will not have to it much importance.

She seemed to understand what I want, but made no effort to avoid this or at least resist.
My long black cock was hard again.
I’m laughing, struck her face:
– You know what to do, come on, start.
The girl hesitated, so I took his dick and poked her on the lips. For a moment she pressed them, but once I saw my warning look. Her mouth opened.
– Come on, suck – I smiled.

It was just as good as ever. I shoved her body past her teeth along her soft tongue and down her throat. He fills out her mouth, she almost could not breathe, but made no attempt to escape.
– Suck, bitch – I ordered – and swallow better.
I felt her mouth tightly fits my body felt the gentle suction tension, friction movement of her tongue. I grabbed her head and began to stick over her face.

It was a beautiful sight – my big old ugly cock thrust into this young white muzzle. My hairy black balls with every thrust hit her on the cheek. I ordered the girl to keep my eyes open so she could see in action all my niggers huge part. With pleasure I looked at her glazischa fucked to deal with all this. I held her hands and her long, silky hair, and they control the movement of a member inside her head.

Slowly I untied and pulled a pink ribbon in her hair, they crumbled and fell. All I could see then, that black cock pushing through her hair in her face. I would like a photograph as a keepsake. This is – how to end his existence all the innocent white girls.
There were no sounds except the warm sucking and smacking my new girl. A moment later I felt a new wave of internally.

I firmly grabbed her head and planted it hard on yourself. The girl already knew perfectly well what would happen next, but her head humbly bent. Then I shot my load. She gasped and tried to push my body out of his mouth, but only tried and continue to do whatever is necessary. Slut sucking and swallowing as fast as she could. But its velocity was lower and my nigger sperm trickle flowed down her chin.

I took out my cock from her mouth and she plopped down noisily on the ground, coughing and wiping his hands filthy mouth. It was nice to look at her bare long legs, short skirt, a pretty face, knowing that my black sperm swims now in its innards, researching and fertilizing them.
I relaxed a bit and thought about what he wanted from the beginning:
– Now show me your tits.
– Why?
– What?! Why? Because I Said So!
The girl was silent, but made no movements, and just looked at me imploringly.

– Well! Who says?
– Do not …
– Why is it interesting?
– I am ashamed …
I laughed. Fuck with me she was not ashamed to lie with an open vagina to be ashamed, not ashamed to suck me, and suddenly ashamed.
– Come on, bitch, someone said. I found something to be ashamed of. Me something so now you can not be shy – have I said softly.
– But I never had anyone they do not show … None of the guys they’ve never seen this fool …- whimpered.

– And show me! Well, quick – I was beginning to get angry.
The girl looked at me resignedly, and without uttering more than a sound, dutifully pulled up her sweater.
She lifted it to his shoulders, has got his hands behind his back, undid her bra, lifted him up and bared breasts. They were small, but solid, with sharp little pink nipples that looked in different directions. I took both hands for them, stroked, and then with one hand lightly patted his chest and the other lightly pinched the nipple.

The skin on the breast was tender, Gladenkaya and papilla small, but solid. I decided a little more fun:
– Shaking them!
– Why? You’ve already seen and touched all of them – she squeaked softly.
– And then! You, again shame?
– Yes … I am in front of anyone it did not …
Even in the darkness I saw her blush, so much so that the whole was purple, not just the face, but even the neck.

– And me going! Got it?
She sobbed, sniffed, but nodded. And then took each breast in his hand and moved her little wrists up and down. Yes, this white bitch was finally broken, probably now, there was nothing that she refused to do! I patted her approvingly on the cheek, once again grabbed the nipple and a little pat. She looked at me and twisted smile.
A white man would already could not and would not, but I’m black, so the juices I have still remained.

– It is time now to put my baby in your belly, if it still is not there – I laughed.
She just looked at me with those huge brown eyes. According to her chin still flowing cum, her white thighs were still naked and apart, a sweater and bra up battened down, bare breasts looked straight at me. She was ****d schoolgirl look, the best view in the world. I knew that I could do now is all I wanted.

I put her on all fours with cancer. My new friend was now totally submissive and allowed to do with them anything you want. I guess the blow sperm in the brain, and then another and finally broke boobs demonstration of its spirit. I pulled a little up her skirt and tucked between the buttocks a black member.
It was her best fuck. I’m just a silly girl and hollowed look of this white boy, which is pounding, my cock was very good.

Her long dark hair hanging around her naked ass, naked breasts, and a little screaming with each thrust. My long black cock is no longer met any resistance in it, and soon I began to shoot his load deep into her guts. With each shot she moaned, her small hips and spinning made me start again. It took a lot of jerks before I was devastated, but I finally completely finished.
I took out my penis.

The girl fell on her stomach and quietly squealed, or pain, whether from the pleasures of copulation with a real nigger. I put a member in his pants, and, though he felt that he could have, but it was time to go until empty.
But the most pleasant sight awaited me a year later. I was walking down the street and suddenly saw this girl. She was carrying a baby carriage in which sat and laughed a big black babe.

I quickly looked at it – just, it was certainly mine: black skin, thick lips and slanted as I have a forehead.
The girl was still pretty cute, but much potyazhelela and had little downtrodden look. But this is her problem. And then I saw another white schoolgirl went to the store. Her blond hair was arranged “ponytail”, and slender legs looked great in a short skirt of plaid. She went to the side of the park.

I followed her.
History of the Second
Sometimes the girls get all the simple and easy, and sometimes requires hard work. A few months ago in my hands and got a schoolgirl fight with her, I won easily, leaving in its stomach healthy black baby. But in that case, which I will now tell, had to work harder.
She was, I think, 15 years or so. She was a blonde with long hair, laid in a “pony tail”.

Her breasts seemed to be young, but I bet a couple of years they would become larger and more appealing. She had very long legs – something that I really like. She wore one of the school uniform – white blouse, short skirt tartan, white socks. Face it was very young, really cute and innocent, with big blue eyes and a nose-button. When I watched as she goes to school, as her thighs on a girl’s slightly raise the already short skirt, I felt like my cock explode.

Damn, I wish this bitch! And about to get to it!
The first time I saw her when she left the store. I followed her into the parking lot, but in this way was too lively. So I watched it, found out where she lives, what goes into school and everything else. Day after day, night after night, I watched. She was very cautious and almost all the time was with someone who could protect her.

Her parents worked, but the mother usually came home early. And yet she had a sister about a year older, which is also always revolved around.
But one Thursday afternoon, I finally found out that she should come home earlier than usual, and her parents and sister two or three hours will be absent. I have been a few weeks there were no women, except his cobra and downward pressure became unbearable. But today I am going to fuck a new white girlfriend.

It was a big house in the depths of the street. Sometimes I clean out a little flat, making this small business, so to get into the house for me was simple. And her room, I also found easily. The room was covered in pink and white colors, and on the bed lay a few pillows, rabbits. I felt funny because I just was going to make this little bitch in voluptuously copulating rabbits.

I climbed into her dresser drawer and found her panties. So what’s under that skirt, I smiled, that’s what I pulled off her.
I heard the front door opened. I went into her bathroom, shut the door and waited …
Waited a long time and has already languish with impatience. Where is that damn? Maybe take a walk around the house and search it? Maybe she’s watching TV or doing something else? But then he heard footsteps.

Through the door crack, I saw that the bedroom door opened and she came back. My daughter was in school uniform, her hair lay “horses tail” on the back.
She walked to the dressing table. I was breathing softly and hoped that bitch would not notice me. And so it happened, it only took a pink comb, but then immediately went straight to the toilet!
Shit, the presentation begins, I thought, and prepared.

She opened the door and touched the blouse of my hand. I stood back and saw that her hand is somewhere within an inch of me began to lift her skirt and shows popisyat wanted. I saw some more shorts, but no longer at the table, and on it. Was decided to see how she pants later and sit on the toilet, but my cock is pounding, and demanded action. I thought that my time at all is not enough, took out a knife and grabbed her arm.

At first she was so shocked that I could not do anything. She just shuddered at my hairy leg, then turned around and saw me – a big black r****t. Her mouth opened, ready to scream. I expected this, and attacked – caught her in his arms, threw back across the room to the bed and leaned on top. She screamed.
– Shut up, bitch, or I’ll finish it – I said to her, gave a strong slap in the face and pointed a knife.

She breathed nervously, but no longer crying and said nothing. She was in shock and did not know what to do. It was evident that she was not going to fight me. Well and good, but honestly, I love it when a girl will struggle a little before zabereshsya to them in the stomach.
Well, this is not resisted. Her attractive face was pretty, maybe even beautiful. And her little mouth I liked, so I decided to start with him, especially as a member of my already exhausted.

You could not afford the time to go to waste. I pulled the bitch out of bed, put on his knees in front of him and unzipped.
– Please do not hurt me, please ne_-girl whispered. She rocked from side to side like a leaf on a tree. And I’ve already pulled out of his pants nigger club, thick, black and throbbing. Her blue eyes, already large, very rounded and are flooded with tears.

Shit, now she began to wail at all without stopping. I bet before she had never seen any member of the general, even less than my nigger. She tried to stand, but I once more vmazal her in the face and once again threw on his knees. It was a great spectacle, as she stands on her knees and baggy protruding glazischami looks at my hungry cock.
– Suck me, bitch, and swallow – I ordered and pointed cock into her mouth, but she was so frightened that nothing was thinking, let alone something to do and even more so I could not.

So I grabbed the “pony tail” and lowered her face between her legs. I’m almost finished, when touched to a member of her red lips, and then she turned her muzzle to the side. I gave her another slap in the face, back face of the place, and again pressed her lips. Slowly, her mouth opened and I began to enter it.
– Oh, shit – I muttered, and slid into her term small mouth, inch by inch.

In her left cheek began to grow and move a fat bulge. I picked up second hand on her head, changed direction and began to move down her throat.
At the base member felt it sharp little teeth and her tongue rubbing against my skin.
Like all young, white, she did not know what a real stroke of bad luck. When she started to suck cock, she was like a drowning man clutching at a straw.

Still, there is nothing better in life first sucking schoolgirl virgin! It is true that experience yet, but he was quickly recruited, and then I’ll help you – I thought and began to move her face back and forth, spitted on his spear. And as a reward for the training I gave her, I admired this young virgin white, kneeling and sucking my masculinity.
I felt the first lift cargo of black seed and prepared to shoot.

But then it hurt me very much in the last minute withdrew his head back, and almost all of my precious sperm out in vain, flying in her face and hair. I really ssal boiling water, it is not swallowed, but at the moment of my precious hose on the street.
– What, I’m not worthy of you, bitch, fill, and a white whore? – I cried, losing control of himself and grabbed her by the horrible and threw back the bed, repeatedly moved her fist in the jaw, chest, abdomen and more somewhere.

She cried and begged me to stop. From this, I just came to himself, and then would turn it into dust.
I straddled her head and again put his cock into her mouth, pushing it into her throat. And she, the bitch, decided to whirl again. So I punched her just once more and this is its resistance was over, I pushed deeper, and my hairy black balls were hit on her cute little faces.

I made a few deep strokes and immediately felt the second arrival of the goods. Then I grabbed her hard and shot, I suppose, into her brain. She just pursed her lips, but now we have not tried to escape, only closed her eyes and swallowed as fast as she could. Oh, how great I felt his club, when sucking up cum!
I’m going. She stretched out on his back, defeated, with a thin stream of cum flowing from the corner of his mouth, sticky hair.

Through them, I ran the movements of her head, from this in his hand was feeling silky soft. I took the term from his mouth and a little finish on her face, they say, hair and face is a great balm, so I treat her and. So that soon all of her head from all sides were sticky from my seed.
While playing, I clicked it lightly on the nose member and turned his head and looked at her body.

Her shapely white thighs were slightly apart, and the school skirt lifted a few inches. Shit, I thought, because I did not even deflowered. Being a classy black producer I was not worried about their capabilities, I was worried about time.
So I started to work. I must say that my girlfriend is no longer going to fight back. Her eyes were closed, she breathed loudly, but most did not attempt to escape.

And I fight the order bored.
I unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra. They were right there, two little girls’ breasts, and between them hung a cross! Hence, it is a Catholic, it means no abortions will not be!
I grabbed these sisechki and well they felt.
They were Gladenkaya solid, with very small papillae surrounded by a halo of soft pink. I lightly licked her nipples, and then began to suck each and got what they swelled and hardened.

The girl in this tense, see the beginning of her penetrate and slightly tried to stand, but I slapped her a new slap in the face and she calmed down. I ran one hand under her skirt and grabbed her panties and started to pull them down.
– Oh, please, do not, I also have no one there, – she asked imploringly. I laughed. This icicle decided that stop me from his Tselkov.

– That’s why I’m here, the white bitch – I began to mock her, and she has made a new attempt to free a half-hearted – it is, I suppose, thinking that its pumps have saved her, because I no longer get up. But now she realized that black is black producer producer that she was wrong and will be truly ****d by a black man, so tried one last time to defend himself.

I easily knocked her on her back and prepared for the final conquest.
I pulled up her skirt and lay down between her legs, forcing them to move apart, and my body was hungry between her soft thighs cool. Shit, it felt so great! She still struggled, but the feeling of rotating the thighs and ankles just made it even longer and more insistent. With one strong push my black dick penetrated her.

– Oh, God, net_-she cried, until I moves into her, inch by inch, carefully made his way into her young virgin body, and after a few seconds she was completely chop. Feeling young schoolgirl cunt svezheprotknutoy – how nice!
Her vagina was still tight, but I’ve already started the good old “up and down. ” It is at this time was completely limp. Sometimes it is just a little podvizgivala, especially when I pecked her firmly, but apart from that, she had quite given up.

So that all the time I could spend on the sweetest, I raised her legs back and a deep dent in her own bed. Her legs were now in the air and rested on my shoulders. It was still wearing her little black leather shoes and socks and feet as if she hugged my neck. Her eyes were hard shut his eyes, and covered with semen “pony tail” hanging out across the bed, which creaked with each thrust.

Her breasts were stable, while the cross bounced between them in time just as I did of this little innocent white bitch pork chop.
Finally I could no longer continue. I felt a huge bunch of sperm, rising from my balls. Member became even longer and earned more intense. Big blue eyes, she opened her – she knew that would happen now in its innards. I think she wanted to look at me, his first man in the most important moment.

And then I blew it! Shit, as he was great when it is injected into the sperm. I just finished and finished, as if all the seed, which I kept for many years, finally found a home.
Another virgin nigger got a pinch, I thought, and one black baby is conceived. Very good, she a Catholic – not abortion. I think I conceived life is sacred and ssal boiling water from the fact that some of the girls got rid of my babies.

But this does not happen here, I thought.
Finally I finished it. Shit, I still felt his cock big, but short on time. The girl was still lying on his back in bed overturned, her legs were wide apart, showing the folds between them, now stained in bleed and semen, it is still barely audible moan, and my semen has evolved inside her. I put a member back in his pants, took as a trophy of her panties, and out of the room.

But then slammed the door and I almost collided with her sister had come already. I was surprised, but still less than that. So I acted quickly. Kicked the door shut and grabbed the girl. She screamed shrilly, began to scratch and fight. Shit, I is not planned, but will …
So I dragged the girl into the bedroom of her sister. And she lay as if my thighs apart, with care, and remained.

And does not move, I suppose so happy in a swoon. At first I just wanted to go – time’s up. But fate had given me a new play the virgin, who struggled in my arms and I felt her spirits and soft girlish convexity. I decided that I should not hurry now.
I knocked it on the table, face down. Then pulled up her skirt in a cage and got to her panties.

Shit, this girl was really a fighter, in contrast to her sister. But finally I scared her a little with his knife, but it still spun and fought. I pulled off her panties and pushed forward, putting in the position. I thought that my penis has exhausted for the day, but the excitement has done its job and it was again like a wooden club. This club I was a little stroked her soft shapely legs, and began his pododvigat to her crotch.

– No! No! No – she continued to cry, but I kept trying to open it, but it was really tense. Finally, the head of the penis has gone a little bit into it and then I abruptly pushed …
One victory push I uncorked it. The girl screamed shrilly, but still tried to fight, not realizing that it is no longer mattered. Inch by inch black dick my stick over her body and did what he had obtained the best.

I’ve been doing it the good old “up-down” is not greater than half a minute, making of it pork chop as fast as I could. And then felt another one, the fourth day in this journey of black seed in my trunk. The girl’s body tensed abruptly, she also noticed it. She knew that everything must end, as with her younger sister, and so fought like a seasoned street cat, twisting, scratching and biting.

But this only add fun to me, I love having fun.
I felt that my burden has grown … grew up … and then I let him escape …
The girl moaned, feeling that my seed flooded into her. I’m still a little caressed her arm, thick vystrelivaya recent spikes in her crotch. Finally, I pulled … The girl slipped from the table and fell to the floor, screaming and defeated.
Shit, what a sight it was! Two young sisters ****d are lying side by side.

One on the bed, the other on the floor. One on the back, almost completely naked with boobs, brazenly staring at the ceiling, with a naked belly and pubes, with her legs spread and shamelessly uncovered vagina.
The other lies on his stomach, his face buried in the floor and crying in her skirt and Zadran out two protruding appetitnenkie pink buttocks between which peeps a little something temnenkoe.
Then I saw that my first girlfriend started to rebound.

She opened her eyes, raised her head and looked around in bewilderment. First note that is almost bare, and immediately, instinctively must be one arm covered his chest, the other – the crotch, quickly shifted his feet and began to be shut down blouse with a skirt. Then she looked at me, all thought and blushed. And just then I saw that on the floor of her sister lying bare ass. Of surprise in her mouth even opened.

And I was just funny to watch her.
And then I realized that once her sister is here, the parents still chasochek will not, and then maybe more, so I still have a little fun time with them. True, the four times I was usually in short supply, so hungry I did not have much, but just once, the other could not. So I said to her:
– Come take away their hands everywhere.

She still blushed, but did not move. Then I came to this slut and slapped her across the face so that she blurted out as much head on the headboard. And your hands right away from anywhere had cleared themselves, she leaned on them to not fall at all.
– Obey the senior must! It is clear to you?
The girl sobbed and nodded her head.
– Come, lift up her blouse and the nipple itself turf.

My bitch broke out, but immediately obeyed. However, not once she got it. Papilla was very young and grab hold of him she could not, although it is very trying. So she pulled herself not for the mere nipple, and a pink halo around it.
– Well done! And now for both the nipple and grab their tits pull ahead.
Again, absolute obedience. Breasts she pulled, it slightly increased and it was a spectacle that was necessary, as it is kept at bare boobs and I humbly and fearfully watching.

So I now realized that she was already broken and will do everything that I had not ordered.
And then her sister, filthy slut it decided to take advantage of the fact that I am at it do not pay attention. She jumped up and rushed to the door. It can be seen on the street decided to jump out and call for help. But this she did not. Halfway, I grabbed her and so she drove his fist into his jaw, she flew across the room and the bed was overturned.

– Try to run away just yet – I said to her – just finished off!
In actual fact I am not bloodthirsty, but not like when I do not obey, and strive to do out of spite. So I have to fix it, and again appealed to the younger:
– Come on get up, let it be sister site. And undress completely.
She immediately got out of bed, but in no hurry to get undressed.

The skirt she closed her thighs now, blouse covered her boobs, so that the species was almost decent. One can see why a little bitch and decided to argue:
– But you have all seen, and yet she hesitated …- and blushed again.
– So what? May once again want to see.
More mind she did not dare, hopelessly removed her blouse and bra hanging on her shoulders.
Then it was quickly covered her breasts with his hands, but soon realized that playing with me not worth it, dropped it and looked at me helplessly, just pulling from the cold, must be bare-chested.

– A skirt? I have to do is take it off or you’re going to stand and in front of me wearing?
In fact, wearing it could not be called when the naked breasts in it just came up against me, but the girl knew what to say something useless and silently undid her skirt. She immediately fell to the floor, seen from my girls have not been her strength to pick up.

More hands to hide behind it and has not tried, so I got it around completely naked, only wearing black shoes and white socks. It looked like sweetie sweetie – so small, stroynenkaya, Gladenkaya all. And wanted to eat it immediately. But I decided to wait a little:
– And now the sister undress!
That at this time lying on the bed sobbing and rubbing his hand cheek, which was filled with huge bruise.

But as soon as she heard my words, just squeezed into a ball, like a cat and cried, “No, no. ” And I tell her this:
– And what do you mind? You’re my virginity something I lose you afraid? So lost. And your sister, look what obedient. True, you obedient? – And it looked a little squinting.
A younger paused, sniffed, sniffed, but still said:
– True.
– Once the truth, then let us help.

I hold it it, as you undress.
So I began to hold this slut to nowhere did not run away, and my sister on her clothes unbutton. She bent down at the same time so that the breasts almost caressing her face. And when she looked after, stervochka how I look at her boobs hanging on sparse vegetation between the legs, but certainly not shy. I even liked it. I patted his free hand breast tverdenkie such Gladenkaya, then his hand slipped between her legs to her, so she not only decided not to resist, but rather itself with the legs slightly spread, so I was more comfortable.

I even complimented her.
A big sister, too, has stopped kicking and clamped, I realized that it was useless, anyway, we undress her. Even just once rose and spread her arms to us it was easier to pull off her sweater. A bra for her was not at all, and do not need it she was – although she was older, but her breasts were almost no, only large sharp little nipples stuck out, but a little swollen around them.

So, even though she had her nipples and a little more than her younger sister, I thought that with age, a little mistake, the elder could not possibly be more than 13-14 years.
Only once did she zakapriznichala when we dragged her skirt. Younger something I honestly helped though and sobbing all the time, and the older she hissed here:
– Traitor!
In the youngest of this very hands dropped, undress her sister stopped and roared into three streams.

And this, I immediately grabbed the nipple zmeyuku, was good enough for that, pressed her fingers hard, pulled over and swung sharply. She screamed in pain as much, my hand grasped, but nothing more hiss.
A nurse saw it and again to help me become. So we skirt with her shot, well, pants on her already long gone. Pubis it sprouted a bit thicker than the sisters, but all the same hairs were sparse and very clearly was visible sex silk.

Sponge on it slightly apart and looked through them, through pink tongue, the more that hide behind her hands she had not dared.
Then I noticed that my first girl in a strange huddled with his feet and crosses the lower lip biting the bargain.
– What is it? – I asked. She immediately responded:
– In the bathroom I want to …
And I remembered that at the very beginning I did it from this sweet lessons ripped, so she did not have time to pee and.

Okay, I think, once such an obedient girl, and is now suffering, we must help her, and said:
– Well, let’s just all together.
I grabbed a senior here at hand, and lifted her off the bed and we went to the bathroom. I squeezed a little while boobs older, very much I liked her nipples, and the youngest ass patting. A pisyuha this, as in the toilet went, was about to close the door behind him.

But I certainly did not give:
– Sit down, pussy, and we’ll look at you – I say.
She had not even objected, it is seen very much pripeklo just blushed and plopped down, legs spread, on the toilet. From this it immediately so tight and loud struischa poured what must have been at the other end of the street could be heard. I just bent down, and to see better, and, most importantly, make it a little more embarrassed.

But the girl really was not up to it, with such a breath of relief she translated, and then our eyes torn piece of toilet paper and dabbed his crotch.
I have also long been on all these sights in a hefty cudgel member has become, so I drove her back to bed bitches, but the senior decided to torment a little more for what she told me so much bleed spoiled. Therefore I say to her:
– Why did you not taught to wash his sister after using the toilet.

You’ll have most of its replacement. And not little water, and their Slyunkov.
The girls here look at me like that do not seem to understand. So I laid back on the older and younger told to sit lower on his heels over her face, legs, grab a sister, so pull up to him. View turned out excellent. One sits on his haunches, legs wide apart, crotch exposed, the sponge and the folds are visible, but his feet in the air keeps the sisters.

And another generally disclosed as at the exhibition. Feet high and battened down the entire economy, as the palm. I drew attention to that inner sponge in her very interesting – all in a lacy frill rovnenkie, and on the edges of a dark streak, too, such rovnenkie and very sexy. It must be without any admixture of black bleed from someone of her ancestors has not done. Descendants of her, I thought, there will be black so more than half.

But this bitch does not move, even just above her mouth invitingly waved younger bodies, even turned her head aside.
So I said to her:
– Who was ordered to undercut sister? Let’s have it licked. Yes, carefully, I’ll check. Especially as you this case it certainly involved. Had not it? – I have already asked the younger.
– No, – she answered, and both my whores red very much.

– You’re lying, it should be. Well, the more need to learn – say – come on, fuck skillfully and with ardor tongue until the patient did not.
As for the girls to hurt me already knew. So the elder proceeded straight to the point. Grabbed her little sister in the ass, a little bent to her and gently as her lips began to lick, suck, tongue stroking. She closed her eyes, even of pleasure, and maybe to look at me, I do not know.

And the experience of something they had, it was felt that, so they lied to me.
Shit, I looked at it, the longer wait was not. But the elder decided to teach another lesson. So I got a mouth full of saliva, spit in his hand and her ass thoroughly moistened, the more so because this hole just looked at me and was such a neat, very small. The bitch of it all at once tightened, should be understood, what will happen next, so I ordered her sharply:
– Relax! – And he took his club and began to shove her into the anus.

She shrank back, so I’m firmly on her ass slapped, grabbed her thighs and a further climb began. A younger eyes opened here at all looked at it, I suppose, not only never seen but not heard of anal sex.
Although the girl writhed all, until I shoved, and shouting in pain, but no longer dare clamped lay fairly relaxed. And how does climbed and began to do the good old “up-down”, so I think she even liked it, especially as I pinched her little clit and moving his finger into her vagina.

In any case, she began licking my sister very much.
In her ass was very tight and very sweet. After a couple of minutes I felt that I was about to finish. Well, it’s better to do there, where nature intended. So I took the term out of your ass and stuck it into the next hole, where today went. Her vagina was all wet, we see this slut really entered into the taste.

I pulled into it at this time a little less, but together with the first portion was enough.
It’s a pity that once again I forgot to bring a camera. Anyway, I had to go. I left without incident.
As always, I checked the girls one year later. Everything was excellent, both in breeding, I succeeded. They stood for benefits for single mothers, nursing three! black infants. In younger sisters were twins, the eldest – a boy.

I do not know what sex was twins, I hope that both – the boys.
History of third
One night I was riding along with Amos, one of my many sons. Although he was only 14 years, Amos has been exactly the same as his dad, a big, broad and black as coal. It was the fruit of one of my earliest conquests. Then I met a white girl-scout (his future mother), one in the woods.

In short, I threw it and soaked, and the result was Amos. This bitch threw the baby immediately after birth, but I did not miss a sight of him.
He had already been expelled from school and he has twice sat a little, once for d**gs, and the second – for attempting to caress the school white girl.
I loved it. He rose from his already good, but the women did not exist.

And, by God, he really ssal boiling about this. Everything about what he could say was how white girls send him to hell. To this I say, that he was not worried that we will find for us young white bitches, and how do you make sure they will do whatever we want.
So one night we were driving on the highway. It was dark, no lights around on the highway – no movement.

Suddenly I saw on the side stopped the car and stood around the four children – two boys and two girls. The car, I suppose broke, and the boys were trying to fix, raise the hood, something they were busy, but to no avail, but what do against whites take. Everyone was really well-dressed, the boys in tuxedos, I suppose rented, and only the girls were just as Centerfolds. One was a brunette, the other – blonde, and both were in posh frocks, the shoes with high heels.

I figured out the situation immediately. Pupils returned to the dance, car broke down and now they were shit creek. I stood next to:
– What children need help? – We approached them. They were not frightened, were set up friendly. The boys looked at 16 years, the typical arrogant white teenagers.
– Yes, could you help us? – One asked, – Our car broke down.
– What is it? – I asked, as we stared at the girls Amos.

And it came to that! Both were very nice and looked younger than the boys, I would give them 14 or 15. The brunette was just beautiful, higher than any of the boys, with long silky hair and dark eyes female. She wore a short white dress, which got out of long and slender legs. The blonde was too personal, but not as pretty as a brunette. She wore glasses and tied her hair with ribbons.

Dressed in a white blouse and black mini-skirt. And Amos must take effect her huge boobs, really big and should be solid, but still large blue glazischa.
Amos really looked at the full-blonde, licking his thick lips. I think she looked like some had rejected his bitch. It was good that we immediately dismantled them, since I no longer wanted a brunette, though it may be a buffer and not so great. Amos eyes literally searched the blonde up and down, pausing only to explore her breasts and thighs.

The girl saw it and was embarrassed. She tried to draw the attention of his friend, to let him know that his eyes are too brash, Amos.
Meanwhile, I looked at the dark-haired bitch, look at the place where, under a short dress her shapely legs converge. From this staring at my club stiffened and began to throb. The girl probably noticed it – has shifted from foot to foot, like, blushed. So bitch, it seems, began to realize what would follow.

Their gentlemen flowed like cow dung. One began to tell me how to break the drive belt, and he hopes to bring Magee and Christina home before midnight.
(So ??I found out that brunette named Magee, and blonde – Christina. That’s good, always be aware of your mothers’ names are babies. ) The other shit mumbled something about how few cars on the highway at this time. Well, I’ve had enough. I winked, Amos, and began:
– Do you mind if we poimeem your friends? – I asked casually.

Jaws dropped the boys. The girls jumped to the side, relying on friends to protect them from me and Amos. Knots understood that black sperm wanted to get into their guts and only boys could protect them … But not this shit …
One Amos punched in the stomach, pushed and started kicking his feet. And I got a revolver and gently slapped the other boy’s head. He shmyaknulsya on the ground like a stone.

The girls screamed and ran back to the car and climbed into it.
I got handcuffed and fastened one arm of a boy, Amos had already finished off the other. So I put on another pair of handcuffs on him, then we dragged them from Amos to the tree and linked around it faces outward, the more that these fools have come to. So now they can look at our fun.
Suddenly began to honk the car, I looked back and saw Christina presses buzzer, trying to summon help.

Damn, we Amos rushed to the car. Shit, the girls locked up. I took aim at them, but they just shied and refused to open the door. Amos ran from the other side, but that door was locked. Well, I grabbed the gun by the barrel, broke his window, stuck my hand and started to unlock the door. Now bitches really panicked. Christina even jumped out of the car and ran down the road.

But Amos caught her before she ran three feet. In the second he was on it, and how the a****l began to tear her clothes. I heard screams, curses, but I already had more things to do – I started Magee, which from the beginning laid the eye. She shrank into the seat, strapped a seat belt, shouted and kicked me down. I grabbed her by the ankles and tried to pull out of the car, but to no avail – she was kicking harder.

Then I picked it up higher – for the thighs, and pulled harder. Kick it could not, and I gave her the opportunity to touch all the flesh before I pulled it. Together, we fell into the mud on the sidelines, struggling and gasping for breath.
I pressed Magee to the ground. Shit, how was she beautiful! Her long thick hair spread out in the mud, and big green eyes filled with fright.

I could feel her virginal body twitches beneath me, I felt every bump and its soft scent of her perfume. She tried to lose me, but I turned her face to the ground, started the hand back and sat on her feet. Her little ass put her straight to my cock, which it is still a rose. Magee felt it and her body trembled. Now, when Magee was finally ready for use, I looked at Amos with Christina.

It turned out that my boy I already beat. Christina was on her knees in front of Amos. Her blouse was torn, revealing moonlight big breasts firmly set with protruding nipples in different directions.
Amos with one hand holding her head and took out another member. Christine sobbed and begged him to stop.
– Amos – I said – before you start processing it, pulled his bitch to the car.

Amos knew that it was better to obey me, will be more interesting, so he picked up Christina and took her to the car. Well, the boy was educated. He still had not pulled out of a member of the cowards, but because it was obvious that there is something huge.
We have given our girls back to the place where they were tied gentlemen. Amos smiled broadly when I suddenly realized that I wanted.

It is one thing – just to **** a white girl, but quite another – to do it in front of her bound boyfriend. This was supposed to happen now.
– Release the girls. We’ll call for help – suddenly one of them said.
– Call – I said, and he stopped.
I pressed myself to Magee, rubbing his protruding manufacturer of baby wriggling her buttocks. The body she had a delightful.

She struggled and I felt the movement of her hips under her dress. With one hand I slowly undid the buttons of her chest, pulled at her bra, grabbed the breasts and squeezed them. They were small, but firm and meaty with prominent tubercles hardened nipples, resting in the palm of my hand. I felt that I was about to finish. She was panting and shaking.
– You will do whatever I want, and then Poresh your boys, you know – I whispered to her.

Magee began to tremble even more:
– Oh no, please do not do it on please, no …- Here it occurred to me how we can make this adventure even more interesting:
– Well, then take off their pants in fear. – Magee turned her head towards me:
– How? Why?
– And that’s it. Well ..! – Dangerously I said, grabbing her nipples squeezed and began to twist.
Magee leaned over to one of the cavaliers, undid the belt of his pants, the zipper on his pants and pulled his pants down.

They fell to the ground around his feet.
– And the cowards.
– No, I am ashamed – Magee blushed so much so that even her neck nalilas bleed.
I’m hurt again grabbed her nipple and pulled it to the gentleman:
– Oh, you still feel ashamed, slut! Well, quick!
She took up the gum and lowered them to their knees. The boy was jerked, trying to cover up its economy even feet, but left the attempt, having understood their frustration.

– Now, undress the other. Amos, leaving aside for a moment and look at these characters!
Second gentleman Magee section has no audio. Segments of them were small and shriveled, whether from cold, whether from fear, but rather simply because they are white shit. My boy, though younger, and his body does not compare to ihnimi.
Well, here is my little boy pulled closer, and Christina finally pulled out his penis from his trousers.

Shit, it was black and huge, nearly as big as mine. Laughing, he has put Christina on her knees before him. Now, for it is there was no salvation, and it is understood.
She looked at him wide-open body of large blue eyes, and pressed them to Amos her lips. Christina had no choice. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth.
– Oh, shit – Amos muttered, and the term slipped into her mouth.

It protruded from his cheeks Christina, and cautiously made his way down her throat. She silenced his mouth and could only pant, but did what she was told – started to suck.
Now all four of us watched as my boy gets his first experience. He could hear just smacking and hitting Christina Amos hairy egg on its face. Magee was scared, but she could not tear my eyes from black member is included, then the person gets out of her friend.

The boys pretended to be looking at the ground, but looked askance at the edge of the eye and Christina Amos. They wanted to run away from what was going on with their friends, but against the will of the excitement of the spectacle made them a little clove rise. I was funny – they themselves would not have this resolved, but here let enjoy.
Amos increased speed and grabbed the girl’s head as I advised him there.

Indeed, sometimes these white bitches are trying to move away at the last moment and can not get pleasure from observing how they swallow your seed. But now it has not happened. Amos howled with appreciation and even ceased to feel his chest. Christina’s head swayed, and her eyes widened. She began to swallow as fast as she could. She stretched her lips and swallowed and swallowed everything. Amos seemed to never end to pump sperm into her throat.

But finally he pulled out an organ from her mouth, shooting a final splash in her face. Christina fell sobbing to the ground, while Amos squeezed the last drop of it.
I’ve seen enough. I was ready to explode. With her head buzzing, I pulled Magee to his car and threw her onto the hood, face up. Hold it with one hand and the other I put it under her skirt and stroked her thighs a little, grabbed her panties and pulled them.

Magee begged me to stop, but did not resist. I lifted the hem of her white dress, revealing a white belly and black triangle under it, spread her legs with his knee, stroked his fur and little finger picked in wet cunt.
When the head of my penis touched her soft thighs cool, I was thinking that once I finish. But I have managed to maintain their weight. Magee squirmed a bit, trying to escape from my body, but it just get me stronger, making the road a little longer, but nicer.

I am a bit pushed her down on the hood and started to drive head member on its cunt. Shit, her little flower was very stressful, but with my experience of something … I just pushed her body twitched convulsively, and she screamed in pain. Oh, how I love that sound! And then one big push I got into it.
– No, oh no! – Magee cried, because I deprived her virginity. She made a last faint effort to break away from me, but now her fate was sealed.

I firmly pressed it down to the hood and began to enter into it deeper and deeper.
She gasped and howled, and I’m enjoying continued to squeeze into her body.
Going to the limit, I looked at her friend. He looked at us, eyes widening, both in horror and excitement. He saw my big black balls hanging down beneath their feet Magee, and my hungry black cock stuck stuck in her girlhood.

Amos was also busy. He was lying on Christine, vigorously making of her pork chop. Christina screamed, but made no more attempts of resistance. His cock swung it like a thick black piston, and her breasts bouncing with each thrust. And the spectacle of our two pairs of segments of the white shit all the more swollen and raised. Even in the darkness it was evident that the boys were red – it was a shame, because instead of protecting their girls they just are not prepared to finish.

Well, I, following his boy, and began the good old “up and down. ” With each beat Magee podvizgivala and sobbed, and these sounds were mixed with the sounds of my balls, pats on her buttocks. Car while also bouncing up and down, marking each hop with my victorious pairing of a schoolgirl. And soon I felt the familiar surge, rising from the eggs. Magee’s body tensed, waiting for the final conquest. She made one last attempt to avoid the end, but it was too late.

I firmly hold it, waiting for the approach of the goods … and shot her a wave of thick sperm.
– O. ..- Magee whispered, feeling my winning shots. I poured it all over again. Shit, I thought it would never end I’m all the time and I will introduce large thick clumps of black seed in her body. I finished again and again, her body twitched again and again, getting the last batch.

Finally I finished. Sobbed hysterically, Magee remained lying on the hood, her nipples bare breasts looked up, her legs were still wide open, showing all the boys to her pale pink petals, on which a thin trickle of bleed flowed and mixed with our juices, but this time my potent black seed has already begun work in her womb.
However, before I took a few steps, just jumped to Amos Magee. I realized that I had just finished with Christina, he wanted to, and another girl.

Shit, it would be me again 14 years! Either way, Magee will not resist. He pulled her from the hood and put it on all fours to face one of the boys, so much so that the white segment was a few inches from her nose. One impetus he chopped it, forcing the scream again. And in a moment Magee again swung, though in a different pose, touching her head and hair, her partner’s bodies.

While Magee ****d again, I went to Christine, lying on the ground and quietly sobbing. She was almost naked – the skirt was Zadran to the waist, and her blouse and bra on it was not. Her panties were hanging on the bushes, where they threw Amos. Crotch Christina blushed with bleed, and dries on the thighs thick black nigger sperm. Another bunch hung on her small nose-button, broken glasses littered nearby. I think that if she has ever had to prepare lessons, it would have to buy a new pair of glasses.

Anyway, my cock hardened again, because I knew that this blonde ready for anything, why would I just do not want to.
I decided that it was already an experienced sucker and so without a word put her body in her face. In her eyes was the most laid-back look ****d the girl, the best view in the world. I knew from experience – she would do everything she ordered. And I was not disappointed.

Her red lips parted and I slid my manhood into her mouth. She immediately started sucking and I felt the friction of her tongue and teeth.
Is to say, Christine did have this ability, usually white girls have to train long before they become good suckers. Amos should be quite tame her, so she tried to move away and do not, and I was excited great when my big black with swollen veins member in and out of her mouth.

It is in this desperate struggle, almost ecstatically sucked me. Therefore, a minute later I felt that I finish. I have not even tried to hold her head, I knew that she swallows all. And she really did, when my sperm spurted from her throat, just looked at me with wide-open glazischami. When I took my body a little stream flowed was on her chin, but I ordered it and it sliznut meekly obeyed.

And I felt that in me kept still enough seed to a little more work tonight. So I patted her stomach and ordered that she got on all fours. Quietly, without any provocation, she obeyed me. I put her cancer, and easily entered her. And I put it so that it was only a foot away from another segment, not yet occupied by a white boy and looked directly at this segment. I wish they looked at each other, as I ****d her, and this idiot, standing without pants on this ssal boiling water.

So I grabbed her hair and turned his head upward. I think it is from this, even calmed down, she should be ashamed to look at the segment, but what did she hesitate now! In this bitch was a nice soft teen body, soft pink cheeks and rubbing them on my penis felt very big. He is actually more than my son, so I opened a little wider and it even deeper than he is.

Therefore, on every stroke she was hurt and she was making some guttural sobs, and her body was passed around back and forth because my baby just chewing the manufacturer all her vagina, with each strong thrust deep hammering her stupid uterus. With each penetration of her large breasts swayed widely from side to side, and sometimes even with sound slap hit each other. It is at this time looked forward to them, the boys, who not only failed to protect his friends, but excited by the fact that they were doing.

And the boys were ashamed, they were red, but their segments are tightened, hips and even slightly swaying to the beat of our movements.
Shit, I’m just incredibly excited, as I simultaneously ****d and ****d this young blonde schoolgirl, and at the same time looking at the helpless white boys. So after a few minutes, I felt that the cargo arrived. In any case, I’m hard pressed it, but Christina has made no effort to resist my seed.

The long thick spurts I drove it deep into her bowels. I sat up in triumph easily hit a member of the ass and shoved Christina him back in his pants.
Christina and remained standing on all fours, she should be giddy, because it is slightly swaying from side to side and was unable to either get up or even fall to the ground. Turning, I saw that Amos had already graduated with Magee.

He tore up and down her dress and now she’s completely naked lying on the ground, and he, his legs spread wide over her face twitched his body there. I kept looking, but this time its black dick then climbed, then climbed out of her mouth. If another man did it with Magee, a girl, which I chose for myself, I would ssal boiling water, but it was Amos, so that the whole thing’s a family.

Anyway, Amos began his howling again, and I knew what that meant, and Christine Magee also have to learn. Magee’s head, grasped hands of Amos, trembled, because he began to bombard the seed of her brain and she is helplessly swallowing. Finally he smiled in triumph, and Magee at this time looking ahead with unseeing eyes, her big green eyes clouded, and flowed from his mouth and dripped to the ground a thick stream of semen lumpy.

Then I had decided that that enough is enough, time to go gently, and almost slapped Christina, which is still standing on all fours on the crotch, covered with short blond hairs sparse, invitingly wide open now, with reddened lips sagging, wet from my sperm. Tapped lightly at all, but it is quite exhausted, so fell forward, burying her head in the right groin gentleman, and his arms for balance grabbed his legs.

And then I came up with an idea.
– Listen, whores, – I said – you are now liberated. We are pleased you, you did a good job. Only holders of your pity – they just watched. However, and this they rather, see how they stood cloves. In fact, these segments are not shit really and rose only slightly risen. And razmerchik were no match for our black.
– So now – I continued, – you, Christine, kneel down in front of this shit, you, Magee, before and shake hands them a little.

The girls obeyed without question. They were already so broken that not only were willing to allow themselves to do anything, but they themselves were willing to take an active part in this. I told Amos to get her panties Christina, which he threw into the bushes, and along with the ones I ripped from Magee about the car. Pants are (among other things, not so very clean), smelling musky scent of virginity, now lost, we put it to kids noses.

The sight was beautiful. Tied to a tree and to each other shit, red with shame and at the same time excited, but so that the hips move to meet its knots. Two schoolgirls ****d, is indifferent to everything and anything not so ashamed, standing in front of these little shit on your knees and hands, stroke and some wiggle from side to side in their bodies, now truly risen.
– And now they polizhite eggs.

– Once unquestioning obedience. The boys already seem to have forgotten that they are connected, that their girls ****d. Faces of the worm turned red, his eyes half closed, they drool with excitement and moved her hips back and forth.
Then I also could not resist:
– Enough, whores. And then your gentlemen have finished yet. And let’s get cancer. And not so their noses sniffing the members – I said, and swirls again obeyed.

Well, I again took his baton out of his pants, again among other things solidified, and was attached to the backside Magee, Christina, I have already had cancer. Amos also did not waste time – stuck in a member of Christine. The girls began to shake again, our, while the Cavaliers again widened his eyes and tried to touch the girls segments – the hands that they themselves were bound, and feeling wanted.
Looking at it I came up with another piece.

We Amos turned her girls so that they rested on his nose in the crotch and the boys at the same time we sucked. And shit, I ordered to sit down and lick wet, bursting with ardor vagina, covered with slime, bleed, and our sperm. Worm first tried to turn away their faces to the side, but I shouted at them and they obeyed at first, and then completely went into the taste. A girl, oddly enough, became excited by this, face and neck, even they have turned red and they huff – be they were pleased that they are engaged in their boys.

When we stuffed deep in his throat slut members, those more closely pressed to the persons of their cavaliers, and this shit just otfyrkivalsya.
– Amos, look! – I cried when he saw the gentleman twitching, standing in front of me.
I firmly slapped on the ass Magee, she took her aside and we saw the face of this puppy. With his nose to chin dripping thick snot of our sperm, he rolled his eyes and throat, burst from some podvizgivanie.

So I was late to remove the gentleman from crotch girl. Of its members in the face a couple of times Magee spurted jet tight, he staggered and ass.
So we left them – the excited boys, sitting bare-ass on the ground and facing cancer often ****d the girls are tired, dirty and buried fertilized sheaths in the faces of their bearers.
It was a very fun night, and Amos was poobrazovannee about the girls.

A year later he went to the school where I studied and Christine Magee. It turns out that night, we increased the black race – nine months later gave birth to two girls. Amos is proud of it and everywhere brag. He believes that one of these babies it. And I’m sure my baby Magee, and possibly also Kristinin. So sometimes we argue, any of them whose child, but actually for me it does not matter – I whose father and grandfather whose.

History of the Fourth
Sometimes the breaks between my adventures were very small, and sometimes stretched on for months. In this case, I just saw all the possibilities and not in a hurry. Then I found my old victim, and watched what happened to them during this time.
One day I was walking with her eight-year son of Kevin and saw a girl coming down the road from the store. It was summer and she was dressed very easily.

It was fun, skipping, and probably enjoyed the summer break, because after a few weeks due to begin school.
It was a brunette of medium height. It seemed to me that she was not more than 14 or 15 years. From a distance, the car I noticed her pretty innocent face. Her breasts were small, but certainly solid, but the hip is already formed, like a woman, they were beautiful and played smoothly from under her dress.

As soon as I saw her, my cock began to throb. I knew that no man yet has not visited her in the mouth or between her thighs, so that I could be the first.
She had to walk past a small stream, where grew many trees and shrubs. Nearby were a couple of buildings around them were moving people, so the place for my adventure was dangerous. But I really like this girl really wanted to put my case a black baby in her belly.

So I decided that it’s worth it, just do it all must be very fast. I told Kevin, now a little pozabavlyus, and he can look at this case and that he, too, would be interested. So I parked the car and we ran to the creek.
Even the last time I regretted that I did not have a camera, so all recently taken him with me. So I told my boy to take him out of the car.

I had previously wanted to make their girls and what I did with them. Photos after could get so that no harm would have it, and sell.
Anyway, I waited. I was very excited, and because of the girl, and because of the danger.
In fact, I was not even sure that she will be where I am going to wait for her. But within a minute after we hid, I saw her.

She really was very pretty, with beautiful tanned legs and a little provocative boobs. Shit, I could not wait any longer! I figured his jump, he ran and grabbed her. With one hand I gripped her mouth, the other grabbed her breasts and pulled her down into the bush.
She was so surprised that at first only surprise squeak. Only a few seconds she began to struggle and scream. I hit her and pointed a knife:
– Shut up, bitch! Her big blue eyes filled with fear, she began to tremble, but soon stopped.

I looked around but saw no one who could see or hear us. But the cops could at any moment here to look. So I decided to do its job as quickly as possible.
I could feel her writhing in my hands, the smell of her perfume, which she had a soft waist and firm breasts and excited by it even stronger. Touching my hungry throbbing member until her thighs, one hand I grabbed her blouse.

Her breasts were small and hard, and small nipples as if petrified. Maybe she was excited, because I know that many school girls dream of being caught with black man, maybe it was a sweet dream and the girl. Anyway, I heartily paw and kneaded her virginal flesh.
– Oh, please, do not whisper …- girl. She was shaking and scared to death, but seems to have realized that the fight is not worth it.

I looked at her face. It was really cute, maybe, from his youth – freckled cheeks, neat mouth with red lips. It should be spent half a tube of lipstick this morning, wanting to look more mature. I leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips, she tried to pull away.
Shit, I know how to kiss! I put a long thick tongue into her mouth and moved them a little inside.

Her eyes were closed. I knew that she felt disgusted in my mouth, my tongue, but after a minute or two in your mouth will be something else, and this is something that will inspire her to greater disgust. I heard a click. It was Kevin, photographing us. The sound brought me back to reality. I had very little time for lessons with this school girl, if I did not want to be caught when I’m doing this hippie girl from pork chop.

So I put her on his lap. She opened her mouth and had gathered to shout, but it was clear that she was not a fighter – too young and too scared. It is also good, otherwise I would not have enough time to turn it into cloth.
Anyway I got a dick. Her eyes immediately widened when she saw him – swarthy, thick, completely vertical, but in addition also pulsate. Judging from her look, I bet she never had not even seen a live member, even if it is not such a big and powerful.

That’s good, it’s time to give this infant education:
– A little polizhi and suck me, then let him go. Only condition – swallow! She did not answer, just looked at me with big scared eyes. I grabbed her hair and began pushing her face down to her eagerly waiting body. Her neck was tense, a little resistance, but bent his head slowly. Meanwhile, the boy shot with might and main. I told him to carefully check that the film lacked, and further, because in the stock was only one roll.

When the head of the penis touched those full red lips, I was ready to come immediately. The girl pressed her lips firmly, that bitch did not want to do what she was told. I roughly pulled her hair, she almost screamed with pain. And only then did her lips slowly parted.
– Oh-oh-oh – I groaned, and my long black snake slid into her face. I’ve moved to a member of the left cheek, then to the right.

On her cheeks began to appear alternately pulsating big bulge. It looked great – her young freckled face and red lips between full – black cock with swollen veins. I felt her teeth and tongue a little nice. Her eyes opened wide and stared helplessly at my thick black bar, then climbing, then getting out of it.
I started to have it in my mouth. The girl was in no sucker, no experience of it clearly was not.

It just tightened it as a straw, and did not even know how to use language. Never mind, kind of young white schoolgirls sucking my manhood, I made up for her lack of skills. Maybe I’m black or another ever take advantage of the experience, which she now receives. In the meantime, it should work for me. It was quiet, could not hear anything but her muffled vshripyvany, smacking of lips and blows my hairy egg on its face.

I went as far as possible shove a dick in her mouth and was now able to feel it inside. Shit, one or two times I drove it so deep that I even thought – at any moment he puts out through its neck.
Meanwhile, the boy carefully looked at us and smiled broadly.
It was education and for him. A few seconds later I felt that the sperm began to rise up from my big balls.

I firmly grasped with both hands the girl’s head, pressed it, and stiffened. She realized that I’m coming – her whole body was frozen, fists clenched. And then I exploded.
– Oh-oh-oh – I yelled, firing her seed brains.
The girl tried to groan, but her mouth was plugged member, and then it started to feel sick. She tried to pull away, but I held her head attached to my body spitting.

She shuddered, but then began to swallow as fast as she could. I continued to finish, it vystrelivaya a dense spike after another. Soon semen was dripping from her mouth, although she tried to swallow it all.
Finally, I fired one last time and released it. The girl sobbed and fell to the ground as seed poured from her mouth and chin, smearing her blouse. I noticed that around the trunk member in that place, where were her lips, there was a bright red ring.

I bet when she anointed his lips this morning, she did not expect that this lipstick is on the black penis!
Lying on the ground, she looked so pretty, her girlish hips swaying so gently, that I decided to risk another minute or two. I was in that neither has had to mate with her! I understood that it is very dangerous, but I had to give her a small baby.
So I sat down and began to pull off her shorts.

The girl tried to scream, but a ringing slap in the face caused her to shut up. And she’s not fighting with me. I was always wondering why girls are very rarely resist after otsosut? Perhaps because such a caustic black semen that comes directly to their brains? Anyway, I pulled her shorts. She was small translucent pink panties with some birds. Shit! I grabbed the gum, broke them and threw into the bushes and saw a dark triangle, covered with short, curly hairs sparse with very high infant cunt.

Knee I parted her legs, lay between them, but she did not even make a sound. Shit, lie on it was very nice, I could feel every curve of her child’s body, still smell her perfume, though it has mixed with the smell of my semen. She shivered, but did not resist. Her thighs were soft and warm, ready for the taking. I began to creep into her virginity.
Shit, everything was tight, and my dick is too massive.

I continued to pushed into it. Finally, after a sudden shock she screamed and moaned. I understood what it meant, and slowly entered her. Another white virgin got a pinch of black.
I heard Kevin almost every second machine clicked – the boy should be, too, was pleased.
My member gnaws her body, inch by inch. The girl choked on it and cried, and her soft thighs twitched. Only a minute later I completely threw my body into it.

I sat up in his arms, looked down and admired their work: writhing on my ass young school girl with my black manufacturer babies comfortably arranged in her cunt, surrounded by smooth white thighs.
My cock stroking her insides, she writhed and moaned and thrashed pin.
Although she was tense and tightened the whole, I felt that the girl inside moist. I was funny – maybe she thought she did not want me, but her body thought otherwise.

I started out good ol ‘up-down “to make of her pork chop. With each thrust her small firm breasts bouncing, she shrieked and squealed. I decided that was too long, so accelerated. I felt all of her insides, hot, intense and raw. Since she was very obedient, I ordered her to put her arms around my legs. After a moment I felt a vibration, as her legs slowly rise and touch the my ass.

It even seemed that she was too excited, because little was I podmahivat. I just went to her and she moaned and squirmed under my rod reproduction. So I had fun a couple of minutes until he felt triumphant final movement of cargo on my cock. Her body tensed – she was waiting for his fate.
And then I exploded a second time. Our bodies twitched together, and my semen flowed into her.

Her eyes opened wide and looked at me look so special ****d. I leaned over and kissed her again and looked into her blue eyes, after all this time I ran thick thick wads of life in her defeated body. I ran it again and again until the sperm ran down her thighs to the ground. And only then she took me with her legs. I took out my cock and gently hit them on her stomach, has relaxed and soft.

As for me, I felt fine. This is a great way to start the week. She sat on the ground, still with her legs spread, I buttoned up his trousers, tucked into the pocket of her panties as a trophy and looked around – it was quiet, no one in sight. Then I decided it was time I still have a little bit and you can continue your education son:
– Kevin, do you like it? It is true that nice?
– Very much, Dad.

– You can touch it a little bit. Did you take off your blouse.
The girl meekly complied. Bra she wore, and still we have seen for a moment the two small lovely breasts with pink buds just emerging nipples. At the moment, because she immediately covered her with their hands. Shit, she is shy! Shy after what just happened. I could not resist:
– Well, put your hands! And quick!
She immediately obeyed.

And we once again opened her breast. They have been though a small but very nice. Kevin stepped closer and gently, even frightened to touch one of them.
– Do not worry, she does not bite. And bolder, feel it.
– Why did you do this, it’s still just a k**! – Woke the girl.
– Oh, yes! Another mind! Kevin, let’s harder – and then my boy was sold. With both hands he grabbed her breasts, squeezed them hard, the occasion from side to side, and then clinging to the nipple and pulled away a teen.

She even shrieked:
– It hurts!
– What did you say? You that do not like that k** you interested? Thank him! – She was silent. Then I went for hair pulled her head back and slapped her face.
– Thank you – through the power of the girl said. But I was too little of this:
– Why thank you? Repeat distinctly! – Roughly I said.
– Thank you for touching me, but please do not hurt …
– Now show him that you have between your legs.

Lie down, zaderi legs to his chest and razdvin them. And for what it will do, thank him. And explained why thank you.
She began to cry, but once again obeyed, lifted up his feet and grabbed their hands. According to her crotch, tongues into the anus, still pouring my sperm. I took her shirt and wiped dry with a girl, and Kevin sat down and ran his hand along her thigh.

She bit her lip and said nothing.
– And thanks? – I asked rudely.
– Thank you, – she said through tears.
– And thank you for that? – I asked again and slapped her face.
– Thank you stroked me.
Kevin ran a hand over her pubis, and slightly protruding lips twitched.
– Thank you, that you wonder how I arranged – without the reminders, but still sobbing, she said.

– Do you crack your hands razdvin itself show him and ask to touch and call it, that you show. And do not forget to thank – I ordered.
She did just now was confused, blushed, but without a murmur ran her fingers on the hairs:
– It’s crotch, rub. – Kevin game came to his liking, he zaschipnul two fingers and pulled a few hairs them. Her eyes filled with tears again, should be, not so much from pain as from humiliation.

She blushed even more, even the neck nalilas bleed, but obediently went on:
– Thank you. And this big shameful lips, touch them.
– And please?
– Touch them, please – she raised her fingers lightly sponge with a grin and Kevin grabbed one and pulled. Lip immediately reached over and he is evidently liked it. He released her and dragged her for another.
– Thank you for me to procrastinate. This small shameful lips, touch them, too … Please – she has no reminders obediently parted outer lips with his hands to the sides, revealing the crown, and a finger pointed at him.

Kevin bent low, eagerly absorbing everything he saw, and followed her with his hands. She spread her lips and these:
– Thank you. And this is the clitoris, it is the most sensitive. – As soon as Kevin grabbed him, the girl immediately jerked:
– Please, not so much – and I do it once supported:
– Kevin, gently slide your finger over the on and look at this time on it. As soon as my boy was stroking the clitoris, the girl was nothing shy but still pretty excited that it happened and is happening now, closed his eyes and bit her lower lip and began to move her hips a little, as if her imaginary podmahivaya partner.

It can be seen at home she often masturbate. Kevin froze, and I laughed
– Enough with it. She has already received that was owed. And you, bitch, come on.
The girl, though not yet moved away from a sudden excitement, not daring to argue:
– Thank you, that you do so well stroked. And this is the vagina. Why do it, you’ve seen – she sobbed again, and on her cheeks the tears rolled down.

My boy put his finger there and moved it inside. She has not even twitched, his eyes covered only – see flood of memories that have prevented the ****. And Kevin is seriously interested in how women are constructed:
– And you too pussy out?
– No, that’s a small hole – the urine from it – quite quietly and not a bit ashamed of our bitch said.
And then my boy suddenly said:
– Dad, I want pussy.

– I was taken aback, even before it sounded out of place.
And then I came up with another idea. I looked around. As before, it was quiet, no one can be seen and not heard. I decided that it is possible to continue:
– Then here’s how. You sit down, stop, nalezhalas, rest. Unfasten the boy pants, get what they find, open your mouth and lead to it. And you, Kevin, dui there.

– How right in her mouth?
– Certainly, but where else. Surely she will love it. True, bitch?
She was silent. I was expecting at least some resistance on her part, but was nothing like that. After all that we have done to her, she was totally submissive. I think if I told her to go naked in the city and given to everyone you meet, she would have agreed to it without objection.

Whatever it was, she sat down, my boy stood beside her, unzipped his pants girl and pulled out the contents. Black segment of my boy still has not grown properly, even to get up really could not yet, just a little strained, perhaps by excitement, but rather simply from the accumulation of urine. And she pulled him out of his pants and pointed to his mouth.
What a beautiful sight it was! Completely naked, just a beautiful white schoolgirl ****d sits with his mouth open, holding two fingers segment nigger baby, and he is going to pour directly into it.

I was sorry that he did not photograph, when it touched the boy and treated. But now it’s too late. I picked up the machine from the ground and started shooting. And Kevin, meanwhile let it flow. Judging from the person she was very nasty nigger drink urine, it was sick, but the girl struggled to swallow. And swallowed, but did not have time. The jet ran off the face on her chest, stomach, and ended somewhere in the crotch.

I filmed it all. Pussy boy no less than two minutes and then took her hand and was about to hide his body in the pants.
– Wait, do not hurry, – I said to him. – And you, bitch, do not spit the remainder.
All swallow. Well done. And now, lick it and give thanks.
Once again she meekly listened carefully licked segment itself, without my orders, tucked in his pants, buttoned pants, and then said:
– Thank you popisyal to me.

I think she liked it all. I never saw this girl, so I do not know what to do next was her life, I do not know, we got it, my child or not. However, my boy, who has long thought of our adventure, claimed that a few months he saw her and she had a big belly, but I do not know if this is true or not. Anyway, the photos were excellent, especially those in which she takes in her mouth members.

Her face on them was a close-up and those pictures I was able to sell very well. History of the fifth and final
I had a boring week, I had only my cobra and wanted a little fresh white meat. And so, I noticed a flock of girls going to the local gym. So I parked and went there. It was a competition in basketball, but these girls were there to go on the field and spectators welcome.

I even spent the money – bought a ticket to follow the candy these and see whether contact with the later one of them.
I did not watch the game, I studied the girls.
There were a dozen bouncing around in a short white pleated skirts. At wasting time and some do not like, but the one I liked. She was a tall blonde with long hair tied back with blue tape.

She had a cute innocent face, big blue eyes, a nose and full lips button, smeared red lipstick. She was tanned, with long legs and nice boobs.
When she spun around I noticed that under her skirt flashed her panties. My black cock pulsed, when I saw it, because before that I was looking at the movements of her slender legs, the way her hips swaying skirt and sturdy chest stick out from the sweater.

I suppose she thought it could show their wares and do not pay for it. And have to pay, I was extremely powerful black-loaded sperm and I needed this girl. Game ended, I went and waited in the car. Twenty minutes later I saw her at the door of the hall. She was skipping along with her friends giggling. They were all young, cute, so I wanted right away to put his seed in each, but it had no chance.

So I was limited to one, well, his blonde I chose. She said goodbye to the girls, got into a car and drove from the parking lot. I followed her.
I had no plan, I’m just hoping that everything will turn out. Although it is generally the first time nothing happens and she leaves. But it turned out that luck was with me that night.
The girl parked in front of the house and went out.

The windows were dark in there, but I drove by, stopped and got out as the house lights went. So I assumed that my school girl at home alone.
I used to rob an apartment, so the rest was easy. First, check whether the dog. No, no dog in the house. Then look in the window. He passed the kitchen, peered into the living room. It’s there, talking on the phone and laughs.

She undid her hair, and they were scuttered on the back, even to look soft and silky. She looked cheerful and happy, and during the conversation shifted his feet and swayed her hips, moving brief skirt.
Maybe she was talking with a friend, or with a friend. I did not care. Everything that I thought one way or another belonged to those thighs. I wanted to see her look at the very moment when my black member of the r****t will get involved in it.

I went to the house on the other hand, opened the window and the next moment was in the bedroom. I have enough practice in it, so I moved slowly and quietly, as some African predator. I looked around, it was the bedroom of her parents. On the nightstand was a picture of my girls and was a pile of jewels. Typical shit the white man. I chose the best of them, took some cash lying around and put it all in his pockets.

It was a great aphrodisiac. Then I went to see her.
It was quiet, girl I is not heard. That’s good, I could not attack her while she was on the phone, but now the way was open. I did not know what to do when her parents get home, so everything must be done quickly. I went into the living room, looked around the corner and saw that I was now only a few feet away from my prey …
She lay on the couch on her stomach, leafing through a fashion magazine and did not know that I am close.

Her blonde hair spread out on his back and his legs dangling in the air, how often do schoolgirls. I looked at her legs, hips, ascending skirt on the bottom edge of her purple panties. With excitement, I began to breathe harder, and my thick black cock napruzhinilsya. I took out a knife, slowly approached her and put his hand between her soft warm strong young thighs and immediately covered the goose bumps.

The girl screamed and quickly capsized. Just then she saw me, a big black man standing nearby, grinned and raised over her with a knife.
– Help! – She screamed, jumped off the couch and ran. It was so fast that I lost. It almost got to the door, until I ran up and grabbed her. She scratched and fought like a boy scout. The bitch was stronger and tougher than I expected.

It took all my strength to throw it on the floor, but even then she continued to fight and scratch. My left hand was already bleeding. Finally, I swiped it, strongly pushed by the shoulders and tried to press it to the floor.
– v******e! Help! ****d! – She went on a piercing scream. Shit, her voice was too strong. I was angry and even a little panicked. I again and again hard to beat her again and again she cried out in pain.

Finally I put a knife to her throat. It made her quiet down.
– Or, you bitch, shut up or I’ll slaughter you, – I said. This, finally, her senses, just big blue eyes filled with terror.
– Please, mister, do not. I’ll give you a lot of money, whatever you want.
– You bitch, do what I want. Then you will live. Agreed?
She nodded. And I felt a movement under her strong young body, soft and smooth curves.

She smelled of expensive perfume tart, her breasts swaying. Shit, I could not wait any longer!
I unzipped and pulled out a thick nigger dick. It was huge and twitching. Her eyes widened when she realized that I was going to do.
– NO! – Bitch again shrilly screamed and tried to escape. It struck me sharply on the arm, the knife fell to the floor and we started to fight again. It was the strongest girl of all, which I have ever attacked, and she also knew how to fight.

But from what she had resisted conquest I should have been a much more enjoyable. Finally I pulled her to the floor. She lay panting on him, her blonde hair spread out on the parquet floor, clothes rastrepanna.
– Now, bitch, suck and swallow my cock. And do it better! – I growled.
I thought it was better than a good scare her, so she tried to bite. I would not risk his stick in her mouth at least a few minutes ago.

But now I saw that girl totally terrorized me and will do what I command. I pulled my black, with swollen veins, a member of its white face and touched it to her lips, covered with lipstick. She squinted in disgust at him, his mouth still refused to open. Shit, it angered me!
– Open up, bitch, mouth and suck. This is your last chance to stay alive! – I snapped and started beating her again.

It is only the nozzles, but after a particularly strong impact is still closed her eyes and slightly parted lips.
I understood this as an invitation and accepted it.
My black snake slid into her mouth. Appeared on her cheek throbbing bulge. It looked great – her beautiful young white face with it stuffed into a thick black member, but still slightly sticky and stinking. (Frankly, this morning after intercourse with my cobra I had not cleaned up.

) So, I started to shoot it down her throat. She tried to resist, but I held firmly. Her eyes were clenched, his mouth twisted, but honestly it sucked. My hairy black balls with every thrust hit her in the face. I looked down. Her legs were crossed and she writhed on the carpet, like shit on the hook. There were no sounds except for her smack. It was delicious! After a minute I felt like my nigger seed clumps of eggs moved down the shaft.

And then I shot down her throat.
She squirmed, her nauseous, but my bitch did what was ordered and began to swallow. I again and again fired at her while sperm flowed out of her mouth. Laughing, I took out the term. She opened her eyes and began to sob. You should have seen her eyes when my semen flowed on her chin! It was now no longer a brash, like a couple of minutes ago, now, when it was fucked to try my taste.

I put her to her feet and dragged him toward the door. My cock was already a vertical again, because I knew what would happen next. I felt the touch of her body, walking humbly before me. I lightly slapped by a member of her tight little ass, she shuddered and jerked. We see her spirit still has not been broken.
– Where is your bedroom? – I asked.
Trembling, she pointed at the door.

I dragged it there. Her room was filled with sports logos, posters of rock groups, like pictures of a****ls and by shit. A small bed stood in the corner.
– This bed is probably wide enough for both of us – I laughed and pulled her back.
– Please do not do it – she whimpered and continued soft girlish voice – if you do not iznasiluete me I’ll do anything you want.

– What is it? – I asked, holding back laughter. – Anything, anything – and she begged quietly stood in front of me on my knees. Tears rolled down her face.
Shit, she offered to suck me again! I think she thought that if the second time try to taste my seed, then I do not have the strength to handle her girls inside. This could mean that although it is still a virgin, but is physically ready for fertilization.

O-Okay, this bitch did not know what the mighty bull – black people. I decided to take advantage of the situation.
– Okay, but first tell me how much you want to black dick. And then pat the eggs in the ass with a finger zabereshsya well otsosesh me, but the tongue at this time to walk through it from top to bottom, but all of my cum to swallow drops. That’s when I will not touch your crack.

– Yes, yes – a girl struggling nodded, apparently pleased, thinking that her plan had succeeded.
She looked at the black cock sticking out in front of her face, her short white skirt ridden up, revealing the edge of the purple pants with frills and fully exposing tanned slim hips, in advance before the upcoming test, which covered crawl.
Under her gaze member pushes up and pulled up almost to my chin.

– I want black cock. I really want to take by mouth black dick.
Well, it was not phone sex, but I think it’s nothing like she could not think of right now. I went closer and touched the member until her face. She held her fingers through it, cool hand led him to his mouth and pulled the hand below and started to fondle my scrotum. Other hand at the time the girl slipped between my legs, made her way between her buttocks and climbed up a finger in the ass.

At that moment I seemed to pierced current member of broke, pulled up and hit her on the nose, and out of the hole on the head acted as a drop. As for the ass, then I must say that it was I did not particularly clean, the hair and pieces of shit they dried, it is certainly felt, so that was especially pleased that she picks a nigger shit.
So, a member of the burst, she took his hand from the eggs, gently took him and put her back to her mouth.

At the last moment of disgust she started, but tightly closed eyes, opened her mouth and began to swallow my cock. Inch by inch he slid between her red lips.
– Move it to the language, open his eyes wider, and the hand – again on the eggs – I ordered.
She immediately obeyed. Slut looked at my rod, included in her mouth, stroking his tongue caressed the scrotum tickled my fingers dirty ass and suck so me so well as she could.

It was not the best suction in my life, but it was still very good, and yet it was only her second attempt. I felt her teeth and rubbing her tongue, her fingers and sucked it harder and harder. Thrusting his hand into the collar of her sweater, I got into the bra and got to the small firm breasts, grabbed her, pressed and began to draw off the rhythm of our movements. Her nipples stood up and began to harden and tickle my palm.

Then I pinched his fingers, began to knead, and then twist. All of the absorbed activity with my penis, eggs, and ass, she did not resist, apparently thinking that I already have that right.
Well, I could no longer delay and a moment later he felt the approach of the cargo. The girl also felt it. She stiffened, then shuddered and the first portion of a thick dense semen poured down her throat and she began very quickly to swallow his fear of being late.

I knew that she wanted with all his might to get all my sperm, all to the last drop, so I allowed her to avoid further trouble. So I went out of her mouth just full of ourselves all the squeezing. She sobbed, bowed her head, arm began to wipe his mouth, and I looked down and saw about a member of a bright red ring of lipstick.
– And clean up after themselves? See how you stained it.

Lick, but more careful! – I said.
She looked up at me, his tear-stained eyes can see, I wanted to ask was all over, but decided not to and went to work. Using both hands, she took up my cock, wet and covered with sperm mixed with her saliva and, turning it from side to side, and began to lick thoroughly.
nd then, when all traces of lipstick and sperm were removed from the bed she took a small towel and gently wiped it.

I decided a little more pokurazhitsya:
– And now zalizhi ass, and then you all her nakovyryala his finger, even painful – I turned back to her and bent down.
I can imagine how disgusting it was, but it does not contradict, only sobbed, spread her buttocks and began to lick my shit.
– And in the very hole tongue zasun – basking in the pleasure I said. She immediately obeyed, must have already entered into the taste.

I’m enjoying it, relaxed, and suddenly farted right on it. Its language, putting it in my ass from that vibrate, but she breathed in my scent in silence and did not dare pull away. I, feeling her face pressed to my buttocks and stir her tongue in his anus, he began again to be excited and decided that now is the time to complete the job.
– Enough. Now get up – I ordered.

She obeyed and stood up, still looks so innocent, and her blue eyes flashed hope that the terrible trial ended. Although she was fucked to swallow, but escaped the worst. Now everything. And I just looked at the body of the schoolgirl, intense and beautiful, and licked his lips. This fool did not even notice that my cock had already begun to sit up, otherwise it is not happy. Well, I continued:
– Now take off your panties.

– You promised …- girl stammered. She again began to waver.
Again I took out a knife:
– Who says?
Slowly, very slowly, still with the hope of looking at me, she launched her hands under her short skirt. She hooked her panties, pulled them down, took off and stepped over them.
– Come to bed, lie down and razdvin feet. The girl excitedly started to say something, almost hysterically. It still was not sure what will obey me, but obeyed, seeing my warning look.

It is still wailing she sat on the bed, lay on her back and spread a few inches to the hip. Now only her thin skirt was separated from my cock a final conquest.
– My parents will be home soon – she said a trembling voice, – they will give you anything, anything you want, just do not do it.
I decided to finally break down and make it very demonstrate all of its charms:
– Well done, and now zaderi her skirt, but taller – she obeyed, and I saw her mound, lightly covered with sparse and short blond hairs, beneath which was clearly visible slits and the beginning of her tongue slightly protruding from under the big lips.

– Well, you see, that’s okay – I tried to comfort her with a smile – just feet kindle wider.
– Another wide. It is, though, and looked at me warily, but seems to be calmed down and carry out my orders without a murmur, and I admired her shapely legs, now completely naked and tender virgin of clicks, a little bit already opened.
– And now, fingers kindle sponge.
The girl obeyed, and I saw all the folds of pink insides, corolla small sponges and still did not open the vagina.

But my penis has not yet risen to his full immense darky growth, so I decided to play around with it:
– Now show me how you satisfy herself.
If I like it, I’ll never touch you.
Still, white women, especially young girls are very stupid. She had not even looked between my legs and saw what was happening with my black club, so I decided that I was just curious.

And besides her virginity to lose there was nothing, so she obediently closed her eyes and quite shamelessly in front of me was a fuck skillfully and with ardor – with one hand stroking the clitoris and the other – the entrance to the vagina. We see it before from all that excited, so in less than a minute later, her cheeks flushed, and hips started podmahivat invisible partner. I wonder what the gentleman at the same time she imagined, must be me.

Well, I decided not to bring it to the end of masturbation:
– Enough, enough, and then at me from your fuse is nothing left. She immediately stopped and his eyes widening with fear looking at me. I suppose you just now realized that this crap is not limited. It was only then she looked at my body. And he was, that it is necessary, healthy, long and thick, so it is completely ready for it.

That’s all I was saying. I just came up and started on her bed.
– Please, sir, I am a virgin, I have no one there, please do not do this, please, I can not afford to have a baby.
I did not pay attention to her lamentations, settled on it and felt every curve of her soft body, her hips, her breasts, going into me. Slowly I began to slide between her outstretched member legs, white, tender and warm.

I thought that she would resist, but it seems everything has already happened to her has given a result. She was willing to take and their own destiny, and my seed.
– You will now need to be nigger baby, – I whispered, still higher lifting up her skirt and pushing her in girlhood.
– No … No – she whimpered. My face was now in front of her, our noses touched, and her blue eyes looked straight into mine.

I kissed her and got tongue into her mouth. Although it still smelled of perfume, but his mouth I could smell his shit. She had already resigned to the worst and did not fight with me. Meanwhile, my cock slowly uncork it, and her body followed my movements writhed and trembled. And then one hard thrust I entered her.
She screamed with a sharp squeal particular, thus are always screaming young girls, deflower.

I’ve heard it many times, but never saturated with it squeals. Her eyes just opened wide and she was desperately trying to lose me. But she did not have a chance at it, I just strongly pressed his whole weight into her bed, pushed the intense and deeper climbed into her bowels.
– Oh God, help me! – She cried, and I at this time, inch by inch prick her body on her huge black masculinity.

She was tired of fighting, has calmed down and within seconds my cock disappeared completely into her crotch.
Shit, it was all hard and compacted. I paused for a moment, stood up on his elbows and admired his work. Below me, a stiff skirt and her legs spread lies a beautiful white schoolgirl pin on ****s her nigger dick.
If her friends could now look at her! I laughed and continued to work.

I started out good old-fashioned upside-down, and her bed began to creak with each thrust. My babies manufacturer felt especially great in her young cunt, doing what was intended by nature. With each thrust she gasped and squealed, as a member deeper into her. Our whole world was filled with small strokes my balls and choking popiskivaniem.
Time passed quickly, so I increased my pace and began to peck her faster and faster and soon felt the final wave began to swell in my eggs, and went down on my long black cock.

It is also felt was suffocating, and again zaklyanchila:
– Please … do not put this B-I – and her body writhed and tried to throw me – No, no …
I exploded. The girl’s breathing was interrupted, she ceased to struggle and her eyes dimmed. Again and again, shoots seeds, and forcing it as deep as possible. I thought that it would never end. Again I got up, looked at it and enjoyed the sensation of orgasm.

I lost all. She lay in bed, saying nothing, not even whimpering. Her face was now completely absent, it can be seen listening to your feelings. Her skirt got off around the waist and her legs were still widely spread out, but smeared with semen. It did not matter, I knew that the rest of my seed safely got into its innards and start their work in it. I decided it was time to leave, put the term in his pants, grabbed her panties as a trophy, and left the house.

A few months later I again saw this girl walking around the park. She was with several of his girlfriends in sports uniforms. But my girl was dressed differently, she wore a skirt with a wide groove. Her belly was huge, so my black baby is about to crawl out of it. I laughed, black race has increased. But I looked mostly at her friends. One low brunette walked away from them and moved to the alley, her hips moved smoothly under her short skirt.

I went after him.
The following story: Jim was unable to tell. From extensive burns he died.

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