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The two people sat on the sofa and a person could see that Nadia was clearly fed up with her husband, Donny. “I wanta know something and I want a ‘real’ answer this time,” Nadia said with a slur in her voice, wishing that she hadn’t had three back teeth pulled last week.

Donny was sick and tired of her constant bitching and complaining, he looked at her and replied. “Should I even ask?” he said and Donny wished that he’d never come home from work early.

“What’s wrong with me?” she asked and Nadia felt tears forming in her loving, brown eyes.

“Why won’t you make love to me, Donny? You haven’t touched in a year and I’m so lonely inside, I hurt. ” Nadia added as she wiped her eyes and she knew that he would just leave again.

He just shook his head and replied. “You’re a fuckin’ nympho! I can’t do it twenty-four hours a day!” Donny said as he watched big tears running from her eyes and down her face, but he didn’t care.

He was sick of Nadia and Donny knew it wouldn’t be long until he left her.

“You sure liked it before we were married!”

“Yeah I did, but you’ve gotten worse. You need help Nadia. “

She looked at him and that was it. “I have not! I have needs and if you can’t help me…I guess we’re through then. All I want is sexy once or twice a week and if you can’t do it…I’ll find someone who will,” she said wiping her eyes and got up from the sofa and started to leave the room.

Nadia remembered something and she turned back to Donny. “Oh one more thing, you can forget working on the cabin I bought, I’m going to get my Uncle Vince to help me with it. ” Nadia said and she saw Donny’s face turning red with anger, but Nadia didn’t care.

Donny heard Nadia’s words and he wanted to kill her. “Oh, so in other words, my fucking business is going under and you don’t care?”

“No I don’t!” Nadia said with a grin and she didn’t care about him or anything.

“You fuckin’ bitch! I should knock your teeth out!” Donny growled her and it took every once of his strength to keep from hitting her.

“If you think that you’re man enough…go for it!” Nadia said and she had an idea that Donny knew better.

Donny knew that if he laid a single finger on Nadia, he would have to answer to Vince and that would be a big mistake.

Vince was a big man, standing at six-feet tall and the guy was nothing but muscle.

“Oh…go run to Vince! He’ll save you. ” Donny laughed and he knew that Vince would kill him if he ever did anything to Nadia.

“You know what? I bet he’d fuck you too! He’s always drooling over you. I see him looking at your fat ass all the time. I bet my soul that he’d fuck you, even if you are his niece.

“Fucker! My ass isn’t fat! My hips are just big…you fucker!” she screamed as loud as she could and Nadia wished that she had finished a self-defense class she started last year, if so, Donny would be on the floor bleeding.

“And as far as him fucking me…I bet he could curl my toes and I’d never think of your sorry ass ever again! He’s more of a man than you could ever dream of!” Nadia screamed again and this was it.

He was gone and she could start a new life.

“Yeah, I bet you’d like that! I see the way you two look at each other. Go fuck him and I hope you’re happy, bitch!” Donny said trying to hold back a laugh. He knew how to piss Nadia off in a spilt second. All he had to do was say something about her ass being fat and there she blew.

“I’m leaving now and when I get back…I want you and all of your shit, out of my house! If anything of mine comes up missing, I’ll have Vince hunt you down!” Nadia said in a low and very cold voice and she left the house.

“Fuckin’ prick, I hate him!” she growled as she sat down in her new, Lexis and drove away.


Nadia made a few stops alone the way up to the lake house, getting plenty of food, clothes and some personal things and she continued on. “I can’t believe what he said,” she growled as she watched the highway, thinking of Donny telling her that she had a fat ass.

Nadia wasn’t fat; she had a round ass, full hips and a nice, thick set of thighs. She was only a size nine and had a nice 38-inch ass. It wasn’t as if she had blubber hanging from her body or something. She worked out three, sometimes four days a week and Nadia was in very good shape for the age of thirty.

“I can’t stand that fucker!” Nadia yelled out in the car and she was glad that no other cars were around or they would think she was crazy.

And then, something else that Donny said came to mind. Nadia wondered if Vince did look at her as much as Donny said. She knew he looked at her, but it never even occurred to her that maybe she did turn him on. If so, Nadia didn’t care. He was a manly man that could make just about any women’s bl**d boil with need, even hers.

Vince was tall, long, dark hair that was slowly graying on the sides of his head and it made him look so good and sexy.

He had very dark eyes that could either scare you to death or make a woman’s panties wet with one wink of his eye. His face was hard, but kind and he had a smile that always gave Nadia a massive case of butterflies.

His body was out of this world for the age of fifty. He never did anything but work all of his life and it showed. His chest was big and so thick; Nadia was lucky she could get her arms around it.

His arms were also very, very thick. Vince’s biceps were close to the size of her thighs and there were a few times Nadia caught herself looking at him, thinking of Vince holding her down and fucking her, until her ears bled.

“Oh my God, just what I need!” she moaned as her pussy started to tingle and Nadia knew that her panties would be wet in just a few minutes. She could never control her needs, no matter what she tried.

From masturbation, to playing with toys, nothing ever helped her and as for a man, yeah right!

All they did was use her and most were finished, before Nadia even got started. Donny was great at first. He could love, screw and just plain ol’ fuck her to death, but that did not last long. Nadia always had an idea that he just marred her for her money and nothing more, but at the time she liked him and he could fuck really good.

“I’m gunna keep an eye on Vince and see if he really looks at me like that. ” she smiled, looked to her right and made sure that no cars were around. Nadia’s left hand slid down between her simi-long legs, rubbing her aching pussy, thinking of Vince holding her down and fucking her very needy body.

Nadia wanted to stop the car, pull down her jeans, close her eyes and cum all over, but she also wanted get up to the lake before dark.

She knew that Vince would be there working and deep down; she couldn’t wait to see him. Nadia loved him so much and it wasn’t the kind of love a niece should have for her Uncle, but she did and if Donny was right about him looking at her so much, Nadia was going for it.

“I bet you’d kill me!” she moaned as she neared the big lake house, hoping that she wasn’t going to make a fool of herself.

Nadia loved Vince too much to ruin the love that they shared, but now, she was horny for him and her body was on fire.

Vince was cleaning up from the day’s work, when he heard a car coming up the small, gravel road. “Who in the hell is coming up here this time of day?” he said as he reached into his very tight t-shirt for a smoke and he smiled as the pretty, blue car came around the bend.

He walked towards Nadia’s car and wondered why she was here so late. “Hey there, baby girl! What brings you up here so late in the day?” he asked looking over her pretty face and into her warm, brown eyes.

She saw him walking around his truck and it felt like her heart was going to explode in her chest. My God, you look so fucking good! Nadia thought and now, she wished that Donny had kept his mouth shut about Vince looking at her so much.

She wanted it to be true, but Nadia wasn’t going to hold her breath.

“Hey good-looking!” she replied as she put the car in park, turned it off and she couldn’t get out of it fast enough and into his big, strong arms. He hugged her so tight, Nadia felt as if she was going to cum and she loved the feeling.

“I got in a big fight with ass-hole and I figured I’d come up and see how things are going.

” Nadia said as she caressed his unshaven face and she could feel his big hands rubbing over her lower back, just above her ‘fat’ butt as Donny called it. She always loved it when Vince touched and it never mattered where it was, she loved it.

“I still can’t understand why you married him. You could have done much better than him. ” Vince said as he ran his left hand over her shoulder length, multi-colored, blonde hair.

“I wonder myself. He’s not good for anything at all. ” Nadia said with a sad face and she could feel Vince’s hands moving lower, just on the top of her excited ass.

His eyes widened and Vince hoped that his favorite girl in the entire world wasn’t saying that she was lonely for a man. He already had some weird feelings for her and after hearing that, it was sure to make them worse them worse than ever.

Nadia wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world by far, but she was sweet and she filled many of his lonely dreams.

“Why do you waist your time on him? I told you he was only out for your money, baby. “

“I know, but I thought that he’d be different. “

“Most guys only want two or three things in life. Money, booze and a nice, tight pu…well, um…you know.

” Vince laughed as he watched her face turn a warm shade of pink.

“I’m a big girl now and I’ve heard a few dirty words in my life, so…” she said with a smile as she pulled from him and turned to the very big and beautiful home.

“It’s going to be so pretty when we’re finished. I’m going to hate when it’s time to sell it. ” Nadia added with a little frown as her eyes looked back and sure enough, Vince was all but drooling.

Oh hell yeah! He’s looking at me like a fuckin’ wolf! Nadia smiled to herself and she had to throw some wood on the fire. She spread her legs a little wider, knowing Vince was now getting a perfect view of her ass and between her legs. Nadia had wide hips, but she was firm, no fat or anything on her ass, hips and thighs. Plus, she had a very, very wide gap between her legs that drove men totally crazy.

It was close to two inches wide and Nadia love it when men would look at it.

“Just keep it then. ” Vince replied as he looked over her ass, wondering if Nadia liked it fucked.

He loved women that were built like her anyhow and Nadia’s nice ass would be so awesome to get. Vince always loved the wide gap between her legs. It was as if her body was advertising her pussy.

She could feel his eyes on her ass and Nadia loved it. He was a good man and she knew that Vince would be a dream, come true. She needed a man that could love her and ease the burning that had haunted her since she was a young girl.

“I’d be a little nervous living so far out. If I had a man with me, I’d do it in a second!” Nadia replied and as she turned, she saw that his eyes were still on her.

She just smiled at him and the fire that was burning deep in her pussy, grew higher.

“See anything you like?” she said with a little grin and Nadia now felt her small nipples growing with need too.

“Heck yes!” he replied with a wink and he walked next to her and hugged Nadia to his side, wondering if the poor thing was as lonely as he was.

“You’re bad, looking at your nieces’ ass like that!” Nadia giggled like a schoolgirl in heat.

He took a small step back, looked at her ass again and Vince said. “Girl, you’re beautiful as hell and be glad you’re my niece or um…um…!” Vince said before he could catch himself and he watched Nadia’s face turn bright red.

She didn’t know what to say, but Nadia loved his words. Now she knew for sure. Her handsome Uncle Vince did like her and he was horny for her too.

“Or what?” she teased him as she moved totally against him, hoping that this would go farther, much farther.

“Or you’d be in big trouble!” he said and Vince gave Nadia a firm slap on her ass.

“Ouch! You say you like it and then you slap it so hard. What kinda shit is that?” Nadia laughed as she gently rubbed her stinging ass through her skin-tight jeans, loving the wonderful feeling of his big hand slapping her ass.

“I think a horny babe like you…might need some slapping to cool that big, sexy thing off!”

“I’ve never been spanked, when I’m being um…loved. “

“Damn baby, you haven’t lived until you have a guy hold you face down on a bed, slappin’ that pretty ass and um…well…you know. “

She looked at him and Nadia was shocked. “Uncle Vince! My Lord, I think you need laid just as bad as I do!” she laughed at him and Nadia knew that thing were about to change.

She was going after him and Nadia just hoped he wanted her too.

“Shit baby, I haven’t been on a date or with a woman, since your Aunt left me five years ago. “

“Holy fuck and I thought I had it rough!” she said reaching to caress his face once again, wondering why he stayed single. He could have just about any woman he wanted, even her, but he stayed to himself.

“Tell me about it, but after all the shit she put me through…I’m content with doing it myself. “

“But five years of no woman and doing it yourself?” Nadia said with a painful look on her face, thinking of her handsome Uncle doing ‘things’ himself and how lonely he must be.

“Oh well, maybe someday I’ll find me a hottie like you and I’ll try it again. But, until then, I’ll be content with lookin’ and just flirting with you.

How’s that sound?” he asked and couldn’t resist giving Nadia’s sweet ass, one more slap.

She heard what he said and Nadia didn’t even feel his big hand slapping her. “I love it when you flirt with me,” she cooed and it felt like her pussy was on fire.

“Do you really think I’m a hottie, Uncle Vince?” Nadia asked with a low and very innocent voice as she looked up into his big, dark eyes.

“Hell yeah; if I was your husband…you would not be lonely or anything, baby girl!” he said with a big smile and Vince moved both of his big hands over each of Nadia’s full ass cheeks and he squeezed.

She all but melted into his arms, thinking of her Uncle Vince fucking her day and night and of all the pleasures that he was sure to give her.

“Mmmm, that would be so nice.

I hate nights, they’re so lonely,” she whispered as they stood against each other, hugging and just plain ol’ feeling good.

He knew that this had to stop or at least slow down a little. Nadia was thirty-years-old and a grown woman that knew what she wanted, but she was still his niece.

“So, how long do I get to enjoy you?” he said easing away from her and he quickly saw a disappointed look on Nadia’s face, but he needed to get away from her before things got crazy.

She wanted to scream when he backed away, but Nadia also didn’t want to rush him. Vince made it very clear that she excited him and Nadia knew that was a great start.

“For as long as you want me. How does that sound?” she whispered with a low and very sexy voice, hoping that he would say for the rest of his life.

“I could get used to having a pretty, little thing like you around.

“And I could get very used to being around a sweet guy that’ll treat me good. ” Nadia cooed as she thought of spending the rest of the week with Vince and if things went her way, maybe the rest of their lives.

He just smiled at Nadia and Vince wished that she wasn’t his niece. The poor girl looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown and he could see that she needed to be loved.

“Let’s go inside, I want you to see something. I think that you’re really going to like it. ” Vince said as he quickly grabbed Nadia’s hand and all but d**g her into the cabin.


She ran in the cabin and Nadia stopped dead in her tracks. “Oh wow, it’s gorgeous!” she gasped as her eyes looked to the beautiful polished floors and to the massive fireplace that he had cleaned.

She was shocked and Nadia was so glad that Vince took the time to see how the floors really looked, instead of tearing them up, like Donny said to do. He didn’t know a thing about fixing up a place this old and Nadia knew that Vince was her man.

“I knew they were just dirty and in dire need of a good cleaning, but the retard wouldn’t listen to me.

” Vince said as he knelt down to run his hand over the pretty, hardwood floor and as he smiled up to Nadia, he could see that the front of her jeans were soaked.

She saw his eyes roaming over her body again and Nadia couldn’t help but smile at him. “Well, before I left the house…I fired him. If you want it, the job is yours,” she said with lust in her eyes as she knelt down beside him.

“I’m not really sure. A place like this only comes along once in a lifetime and it would kill me to do the work and to see it sold to some jerk. “

“I’d move up here in a New York minute, but I’d be so afraid. ” Nadia said as her mind thought of a few horrible things that could happen to a woman and she did not want to go there.

He put his hand on Nadia’s thick, upper thigh and Vince replied. “I don’t blame you. There are some sick mother fuckers out there and as pretty as you are,” he said as he gently squeezed Nadia’s thigh, wishing that there was a way he could help her.

“I still want you to help me with it. You’ll have it so pretty…neither of us will want to leave. ” Nadia said with a soft and very seductive voice, hoping that she could charm Vince into doing all of the work.

He could see what Nadia was trying to do and Vince liked it very much. “I will on one condition,” he said and Vince had an idea of his own.

“Anything at all. ” Nadia quickly replied and she just figured that Vince just wanted more money. She was loaded and Nadia would pay him anything he wanted, anything at all.

He looked into her pretty eyes and Vince hoped that she would like what he was going to say.

“You gotta stay up here with me, the entire time. ” Vince said with a grin.

Nadia had to smile at him and she quickly knew the answer. With all the fighting that she and Donny were doing, she would love to spend a few weeks or even a few months up here with Vince. He was always so sweet to her and Nadia loved how they flirted and fooled around with each other.

“How long will it take?” she asked and Nadia hoped that he would say a few years.

He could see a tiny sparkle in her eyes, Vince took her hands and he stood up. “However long we want,” he replied with a little wink and Vince watched a sweet smile covering her face.

“Hummm, so it could take a very, very long time then. ” Nadia all but purred as she gazed into his dark and manly eyes, wondering if he kept them open while he loved his woman.

Ohhh, my! I bet you’re the kind of man that likes to see what he’s getting! Nadia thought as she continued to look at Vince, hoping he had the same idea, as she did.

“Yes it could, how long are you willing to stay?” he asked as they just looked at each other and Vince knew this was going to be one for the books.

She felt a tingle deep in her pussy and Nadia fought the urge to **** him.

“How ever long you want me,” she whispered and Nadia wanted him so badly, but she knew it would be so much better if she took it slow.

He just smiled and gave Nadia a gentle pat on her left ass-cheek. “Well, in that case, you better have your mail forwarded!” Vince said with a smile as he thought of the trouble something like this could bring them both, but he was going to think about it, a lot.

Nadia kept looking at him and she knew that she would never, ever go home again. She wanted Vince and she was willing to do anything to get him, no matter what it was.

I’ll be sure to get on that…first thing in the morning. But for now, we need to get the bags out of my car. I brought you a wonderful dinner and after that, you can make us a nice fire and we’ll talk about what we want to do with the house.

” Nadia said as she thought of being alone with him, while a romantic fire burned.

“Let’s get to it!” he said and couldn’t resist giving her butt another good slap.

“Mmmm, you better stop doing that. I’m starting like it!” she giggled as they walked outside, arm in arm and Nadia had never been this happy in her life. She always had a thing for him, but now, she was a grown woman and things were looking very good.

“I’m glad, because I love slapping my woman’s ass!” he said and couldn’t believe what had just slipped from his mouth.

“So, I’m your woman now, am I?” Nadia laughed and she figured that he was just teasing her.

“If you’re going to be up here with me until the place is finished, I’d like to think you are. How does that sound?” he quickly said and hoped it wasn’t a mistake.

“I’d like that, a lot, but…we don’t have to pretend. I’m a big girl now. ” she replied and hoped that Vince would understand what she was trying to say.

He just smiled at her and said. “Remember, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together and a lot of things could happen between now and then. ” Vince said as he caressed a long strand of hair from Nadia’s left eye and he leaned to gently kiss her neck.

She felt his lips against her neck and Nadia wanted to scream. “Mmmm, I hope a lot of things happen!” she cooed as his rough whiskers and soft lips brushed against her neck, driving her to the brink of a well needed orgasm, but Nadia fought it off.

He heard Nadia and Vince knew that she was his for the taking, but she was still his niece. He wanted Nadia and her wonderful ass so badly he could practically taste her, but a little word kept filling his mind, i****t.

Oh little girl, I could love you easy and keep you with me until the day I die! Vince thought as Nadia’s soft hair fell across his face and the sweet scent of her perfume drifted up his nose.

He felt his cock growing out of control, but there was no way in hell that Vince was going to let Nadia go. This felt so good and he figured that Nadia was enjoying it just as much as he was.

They both were so lonely and in need of love, Vince knew that it would only be a day or two before they ended up in bed.

“You always make me feel so good, Uncle Vince. ” Nadia purred, feeling his manhood growing against her lower stomach and she knew that it was in need too.

When she was young, Nadia remembered one time when she walked in on a conversation between her Mom and Vince’s ex-wife, talking about how good he made love.

But now, she wanted to know for herself. Nadia knew that her Aunt was always smiling and looked so happy. Nadia just hoped that she’d get to find out why.

He pulled from her neck, looked into Nadia’s eyes and he said. “Baby, you make me feel just as good. ” Vince smiled and gave her a firm slap on her right ass-cheek.

“Let’s get your things inside. I’d like to clean up, so I look good for you,” he added with a wink as he eased away from her and his body suddenly felt cold and alone.

It was as if his soul had been taken away.

She smiled at him, enjoying the stinging on her ass and Nadia would take him clean or dirty, it did not matter to her one bit. “Now I’m really starting to enjoy that!” Nadia smiled as she rubbed her butt again and her eyes never left his.

He returned her smile and said. “Good, cuz I like that sexy, hunk of meat!”

She her hand on her hips and Nadia had to laugh.

“Now I’m a sexy, hunk of meat?”

“You’re my, sexy, hunk of meat!”

“How do you like your…meat?” Nadia asked with a lustful tone.

“I like it rare and very, very juicy!”

Nadia just smiled as she thought of how wet she always got during sex and if Vince liked it juicy, he was really going to enjoy her. “I think I can arrange that…very easily. ” Nadia said with a little smile and the same sexy tone in her voice.

“Well, I’m going to go clean up. I’ll be back in a few. ” Vince smiled as he reached up to Nadia’s face and lifted a strand of hair off of her left eye.

“Will you do me a big favor?”

“Yeah, what do ya need, baby girl?” he asked as he ran his fingers through her hair, thinking of Nadia sucking his cock, while he pulled it.

Nadia thought of her next words very carefully, before opening her mouth.

“Um…will you hurry with your washing and um…ahhh…how do I put this?” she laughed and Nadia could feel the bl**d rushing to her face and between her legs.

“Just say it, baby. “

Nadia took a deep breath and did her best to get it out. “I know a woman that may have some plans for you later tonight, so…um…don’t go and do anything that you may normally do,” she said and Nadia knew her face was bright red with embarrassment, thinking of Vince saving all of his cum for her and her only.

“Oh, ok. I’ll be damn sure to remember that, but I’m here enjoying my nieces company and that may be a problem. ” Vince said and he knew there was not going to be any jerking off as long as Nadia was there and acting the way she was right now. If there was any, he had plans on holding out, as long as he could.


“That was great!” Vince said as he took his last bite of food.

“I’m definitely keeping you around for awhile,” he added with a wink, watching a warm smile cover her face.

“I hope you’re keeping me for reasons, other than cooking for you. ” Nadia smiled and she knew that she’d stay for any reason he wanted.

He just smiled as he lit an after dinner cigarette and replied. “There could be other reasons, but…you are my niece. ” Vince said as he looked over Nadia’s pretty face, down the front of her body and to her very perky set of B cup breasts.

You are so fucking pretty! I’d love to get you tonight, but we gotta make very sure that this is what we both want, before things go any farther. Vince thought and he wished that he didn’t have such morals or he’d already be enjoying his sexy niece.

“Well, I’m a grown woman now and I know that good things come to those who wait. ” Nadia said as she watched his eyes roaming up and down her body, wondering what Vince was thinking about.

“That’s what they say,” he said as he pulled his eyes from her breasts and he looked into her sparkling eyes.

“Do you think it’s true?” Vince asked as he took a deep drag from his cigarette and blew it up in the air.

“I sure hope so,” she replied as he looked to her face.

“There’s something that I want and I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes, to get it.

” Nadia added with a soft whisper, as her heart pumped faster and she hoped it would happen tonight.

Vince just looked into her loving eyes and he knew what Nadia was saying, but they needed to take things slowly. “Waiting can be a good thing. It makes things ‘even’ better when you do get it. “

“What I want…would be good anytime!”

He just shook his head at her and he knew that this would be the perfect time to build a fire.

“Do still want a fire?” Vince asked as he stood up and pulled her into his arms and hugged her.

“It’s going to be so nice to have you all to myself,” he whispered into her ear and he softly kissed it.

She just smiled at his words and Nadia felt like she was melting into his big, strong body. “It’s going to be nice, giving myself to you. ” Nadia cooed and she felt his hands slowly working their way down her back and to her ass.

The thing that Vince loved so much and Nadia was starting to like it, just as much as he did.

“You sure do like touching my ass. “

“If you weren’t my niece…I’d show you just how much I really like it!” he said with a low growl.

He squeezed her ass with all of his might and he smashed her hips to his, knowing that Nadia would feel his swollen cock.

Her meaty ass felt like he was squeezing a big, thick piece of angel food cake and Vince loved it. His cock grew hard, but there was no way he was breaking this hug.

Nadia was helpless as he squeezed her butt. His fingers felt like they were ten knives, digging deep into her flesh, shooting electricity to the lonely core of her body. He squeezed and pulled her to his hardness, taking Nadia’s breath away.

She just rested against him and Nadia let him do anything he wanted. “Remember…I’m all grown up now. ” Nadia whispered with need in her voice and she needed Vince to take her soon.

“I remember it very well,” he said as he caressed her face and he let her go.

“I was in the process of building a fire. ” Vince smiled at her and he could see the lust of Nadia’s face and in her eyes.

She just smiled and replied. “Trust me; you’ve already started a very big fire!” Nadia giggled as she fanned her face and walked to sit next to the fireplace.

He laughed at her and Vince hoped this worked out in their favor. It would be a crying shame if they got each other so excited and then, have something fuck it all up.

“Maybe you should call the fire department and have them come and put it out.

” Vince laughed at her and a big grin on his face.

“Oh no, there’s this guy I love and I’m hoping that he’ll put it out for me. ” Nadia said with a soft, little girl voice as her sexy, lower lip came out.

Vince felt his cock jump at her words and he knew that she wanted him now, but that little word just had to slip back into his mind.

“What if he can’t? What will you do then?” he asked as he reached down to light the paper under the wood.

“I have a very good feeling that he’ll put it out and then…he’ll own me forever,” she replied as she bit her lower lip, praying that Vince would just take her.

He looked at her with wide eyes and couldn’t believe what Nadia said. “He’ll own you forever? That’s a pretty big statement.

” Vince said as he fanned the fire and Vince could see that his horny, little niece was practically chewing off her lower lip.

All Nadia could do was shake her head yes. She was unable to say a single word and it was all because of the great looking man that was standing next to her. Nadia loved Vince since she was a young girl and now, it was turning into a new kind of love.

A love that most people in the world would consider filthy and illicit, but Nadia did not care. She wanted Vince in her life and it took her soon to be, ex-husband to show her the light.

He sat on the opposite side of the fireplace and Vince lit a cigarette, trying to figure all of this out. Nadia was a grown woman and it was very clear that she wanted him, just as badly as he wanted her, but that damn word kept creeping back into his mind.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I won’t have the water on until sometime tomorrow afternoon. There’s a cracked pipe up under the house that I have to replace and as soon as I get done, we’ll have hot water. ” Vince said as he looked to his panting niece sitting on the fireplace and it looked like she was in heat.

She smiled at him and Nadia knew that by tomorrow, she was going to be a sticky mess.

Her pussy was so excited and it was dripping like never before.

“I guess it’ll have to be fine, but how have you been washing?” she asked with a little wink, wondering how he washed up.

The poor guy had been up here for the last two weeks and she hated to think that Vince hadn’t had a shower in all of that time.

“I do my washing down in the lake.

It’s cold as shit, but it sure does feel good after a hard days work!”

“Mmmm, that would work! We could go skinny dipping together. How would that be?” Nadia asked with a very seductive smile.

He laughed at and poor Vince knew that this was going to be crazy. Nadia was like some kind of a****l in heat and she was making very, very clear that she wanted him, but Vince couldn’t get the fact that she was his niece, out of his mind.

“If you keep this up…I’m sending you home in the morning. ” Vince said as he looked to her pretty face and the way Nadia was sitting, he had a perfect view of her pussy and her jeans still looked very wet.

“Oh come on! It would be so fun and…I’ll do anything you want,” she replied and spread her legs a bit wider, seeing that Vince’s handsome eyes were giving it an occasional glance.

He knew she was right, but Vince couldn’t get the fact that she was his niece, out of his brain or otherwise, she’d already have his stiff cock, buried between her legs.

“Well, I think I’ll pass for right now. You’re a beautiful woman and any guy in his right mind would want you, even me, but we need to take this slow. “

She was hurt, but if he needed more time, Nadia wasn’t going to pressure him.

She would go slow and just tease him to death. “I understand,” she slowly stood up, walked over to him and eased herself down on his lap.

“I’m a big girl now and I want my handsome Uncle. I’m not going to give up, but I’ll give you time to think it over and in the meantime, I’m going to drive you crazy!” Nadia moaned the last six words as she leaned to softly kiss his mouth, hoping that he would give in soon.

“Tease away then, but I need time baby girl. “

“I love it when you call me that,” she purred enjoying him holding her in his arms.

“I’ll be easy on you, I promise. ” Nadia replied with a smile as she hugged him, thinking of the times when she was a small girl, when she would snuggle on his lap for hours and hours, never leaving him for more than just a few minutes.

“Thank God for that!” he laughed and he hugged Nadia as tight as he could.


Later, after the fire began to die down and it was close to eleven pm and Vince was ready for bed. “Baby, I hate to stop all this sweet hugging, but I’m about to fall asl**p. I get up with the sun and I’m totally bushed,” he said as he caressed her pretty face and he knew things were going heat up again.

“That’s fine, but where do we sl**p?” she asked with a sexy tone in her voice and Nadia hoped that they would be sl**ping together.

Vince knew that she was going to love his next words and he hoped that he’d be able to sl**p. “All I have is one queen-sized air mattress, so we gotta share it,” he said and Vince saw a pretty smile covering her face.

“Mmmm, nice, I get to snuggle with you all night!”

“Yes and I’d like you to behave yourself.

” Vince said with a painful laugh, hoping that Nadia would be easy on him, like she promised.

“I will, but I can’t wait to feel you against me…all…night…long!” Nadia moaned and it felt like her insides were on fire.

He hugged Nadia and gave her ass another loving slap. “As long as we just snuggle, I’m game. “

“Oh my God, I would have in my life, thought that I’d love being slapped so much!” she giggled as the sting radiated through her body and to her already, excited pussy.

“I love slapping ass and yours is out of this world. “

She just smiled at him and Nadia hoped that Vince would give in soon. “I’m glad you like it so much and…I love the feel of your big hands on it. “

“Good, because I do plan on feeling it up every chance I get and giving it an occasional slap, now and then. “

“That’ll be just fine with me,” she whispered and Nadia leaned to her Uncle and she kissed him.

“Oh my God!” he moaned as her sweet, sexy lips touched his and Vince wanted to cum in his jeans.

“You’re going to end up killing me!” Vince moaned again and he had to stop this before he gave in to his very, sexy niece.

He caressed her face and said with a frown. “We need to stop and fix the bed. ” Vince smiled as he stood up, with Nadia still clinging to him as tight as she could.

“Ohhh, you bugger! That was nice. It was kinda like when I was a little girl and the way I’d sit with you for hours at a time. “

“I used to like that myself. I’m going to get some water, so we can freshen up. ” he said as he walked to the kitchen, got a bucket and took off outside.

Oh Lord, I want that girl so fucking bad! He thought as he walked toward the well and flexed his stiffening cock, hoping he could resist Nadia and her charming ways.

Her ass is driving me crazy! He thought again as he turned on the pump, watching the bucket fill. I would fuck her sexy ass, until she started calling me Daddy! Vince laughed to himself as he watched the water pouring in the bucket, having a good idea that his straining cock would fill her body, the same way.

Nadia dug through her bags and found the five new pairs of panties that she had bought earlier that day and she tried to remember what his favorite color was.

“Oh shit, what a dumbass!” she laughed and picked up the tiny, white pair of bikinis.

“Here we go! Poor Uncle Vince is going to shit himself, when he sees these!” Nadia smiled as she held them against the side of her face, enjoying the softness and she knew that he was going to love them on her butt.

He walked in and quickly saw what Nadia was holding in her hands and his swelling cock jumped.

“Nice!” Vince smiled to her and he walked to sit the bucket in the fire.

“We’ll have some hot water in just a few minutes. ” Vince said as he watched her and she still had that sexy, look of lust in her eyes.

“I hope it’s ok if I wear these and one of your tee-shirts to bed. ” Nadia said with a little smile and as she looked at him, she saw a new look in his eyes.

He looked like a wild a****l that was about to **** its mate.

“Holy fuck! Are you serious?” he moaned and Vince knew that he would not be doing much sl**ping, with her dressed that way.

“Oh come on, you know darn well that you love it. “

“Yes, I’m going to love it too damn much!” he laughed and Vince had to have another cigarette, but his hands were shaking too much to light it.

Nadia saw his hands and she felt bad. She was hurting Uncle Vince. “Let me help you, honey,” she whispered as she took the cigarette and lighter from him, lit it and she reached it up to his mouth.

“Well, I guess I better find something else to wear. I don’t wanta kill you on our first night together. “

“It’s not baby girl. I haven’t been with a woman in a very long time and you’re just so pretty and so fucking sexy.

” Vince moaned as he pulled her into his arms and he hugged.

“Thank you, but if it’s bothering you that much…I’ll wear something else. Maybe I’ll wear them for you another night. “

“Nah, it’ll be fine, but if you happen to feel something poking you in the butt…don’t get mad at me, ok?”

“Mmmm, I’d never get mad if that happened, in fact…I’d love that,” she cooed as she held the tiny panties up to his face and Nadia ran them over his lips, watching his eyes close and she felt him suck in a long breath of air.

Nadia lifted the tiny pair of undies up to his mouth and Vince wanted to smack Nadia’s ass, but it felt so good to have her and if she wanted to tease him, it was fine.

“You fuckin’ tease!” he smiled and figured why not. He lifted his left hand and he brought it down on her ass.

“Ouch! Holy hell!” Nadia yelled as she jumped back, rubbing her burning ass cheek and she was getting a very good idea that her sexy, Uncle Vince, liked his sex rough.

“Wow, that was interesting as hell!” she laughed rubbing her burning ass, wondering if the rest of her time with him, was going to be like this.

He saw her jump back and Vince figured he better take it easy on Nadia, until she got used to him slapping her ass. “Shit, I’m sorry. I got carried away, baby. I’ll be easy on from now on, I promise. ” Vince said as he hugged her and reached behind Nadia to rub her very tempting ass and he could feel her pressing into his swollen cock.

“It was ok; I was just caught off guard is all. I’m starting to like that shit anyhow! It’s hard to believe that getting’ your ass slapped, can be such a turn on!” Nadia said as she pressed her hips to his, hoping like hell that he’d just give in and take her and end their misery.

He just smiled at Nadia and Vince gently kissed her lips as he ran his fingers through her soft hair.

“I’m glad you’re starting to enjoy it so much. Like I said before, there’s nothing more exciting than a good slap somewhere, to heat things up!” he said with a smile and Vince knew that if they ever made love, poor little Nadia would shit herself.

“So, where else do you like slapping?” she asked as a hot rush of bl**d raced through her body, thinking of a few other places that might be fun to have slapped and one particular spot was filling Nadia’s mind.

“Your entire body, baby! I’m going to spank every, single inch of my ‘new’ girl. What do you think of that?” he asked, caressing her ass, pulling Nadia completely to his now, very hard cock and it looked as if, she was close to fainting in his arms.

She just smiled, enjoying him toughing and caressing her with so much love and tenderness, it was hard for her to breath.

Nadia couldn’t wait for him to open a new and unexplored way of life. All of her adult life, Nadia never came close to finding any satisfaction, until now and it was coming from a wonderful man that she would have never imagined.

“Everywhere?” she asked with a moan, thinking of the one place on her body that was never satisfied.

Vince continued caressing Nadia’s ass with his right hand, while the left one ran through her soft hair.

“Everywhere!” he replied as he watched a tiny smile cover her pretty face and a gleam fill her eyes.

“I think I’m gunna like that…a lot,” she whispered and Nadia was ready to die in his arms. She knew that after Vince took her, she was going to never feel lonely again and he would end the nagging burn that haunted her for years.

“Good, because I plan on doing it a lot, but…I still need a little time.

I hope that’s ok with you. “

Nadia just smiled at him and replied with a soft whisper. “I’m not going anywhere,” she smiled and slowly eased away from him and Nadia was ready to wash herself.

“I’m going clean up and then I’d like to snuggle with you all night. ” Nadia said as she gently chewed her lower lip, thinking of him behind her and how great it was going to feel having his penis rubbing against her.

“I think I’m going to like it…just as much,” he replied and walked to get the bucket of water for her.

“Would like it in the bathroom or in the kitchen?” he asked with a little wink, hoping she’d say in the kitchen, because Vince wanted to watch this sexy, young woman washing herself.

She saw him looking towards the kitchen sink and Nadia figured that he wanted to watch her.

“If you promise not to look…I’ll do it in here. ” Nadia said with a sly smile and a teasing voice.

“I cross my heart and hope to die!” he laughed with a wink.

“Yeah…I bet!” Nadia giggled as she thought of Vince enjoying her so much. If he wanted something from her, all he had to do was ask, or just take it, she didn’t care.

“Hey, I’m a horny ol’ man, what can I say.

” Vince smiled as he put the plug in the sink and filled it with the hot water.

“I love horny ol’ men, you don’t have to anything. “

“Well, let me get a chair, a beer and my cigarettes and be ready!” he said smacking his hands together, quickly got everything and put the chair as close to the sink as he could get it.

Nadia couldn’t help but laugh at him and she asked.

“Do you think you’re close enough?”

“I was thinking about sitting up there, but if I get too excited…I might fall!” he laughed, motioning to the big, kitchen counter.

“From the way you’re acting…maybe you should think about being ‘bad’ with me tonight, instead of waiting,” she said, making sure that he had a good view of her ass and hips.

He loved her invitation, but Vince wanted to wait and make very sure this is what they wanted.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“You know that we both would, but one of us is being difficult. ” Nadia said as she moved to his side, making sure that her hips were pressed completely against him and from the look on his face, she could see that he was getting upset with her, so Nadia backed away.

“Nadia, we have to be very sure about this. It’s not something that you just jump into, baby.

I’m your Uncle, you’re my Niece and truthfully, we shouldn’t be doing any of this, but we are adults and if you’d just give me some time, it will happen. “

“I know it, but I’m dying inside and I need you to help me, Vince. I love you so much and I want us to be together. ” Nadia said with a mix of need and hurt.

Vince was touched by her words, but he did not want to jump into this, until he was completely sure that this is what they really wanted.

“I’m going to go outside and let you wash and I could use a swim. I’m a little smelly myself,” he replied and stood up, but Nadia grabbed his hand and made him stop.

“Please stay. I’ll stop and I won’t say or do anything else, until you say it’s ok, I promise,” she said with a little, helpless smile and Nadia was praying that she hadn’t messed things up. She needed Vince to love her, but the poor guy was fighting his feelings for her.

He held her hands and Vince knew how badly she wanted him, but it was proving to be so hard. She was his bl**d, his niece and his s****rs’ c***d and Vince still wasn’t sure about any of this.

“It’s ok, baby. I’m still thinking about this, you and all of the fun that I’m sure we’ll nave, but I’m going to wash,” he said easing away from the very sexy woman and he quickly went down to the lake.

Nadia fell to the floor and she cried like never before. Her heart was slowly being torn in two and she didn’t know what to do. She knew that they wanted each other, but Vince needed time and she was rushing things. Nadia knew that if she didn’t back off some, he would change his mind and if he did, Nadia knew that she’d kill herself.


Vince came back in and Nadia sitting next to the fire, huddled in a blanket.

He could see that her legs were bare and that she was wearing the very tempting panties. Oh my God, here we go again! He thought as he walked across the room and he knelt down beside her and he hugged her.

“Hey, I’m sorry I left you, but I needed to get away for a few minutes. “

“I’m the one that’s sorry,” she said wiping the tears from her eyes as Nadia returned his loving hug.

“I don’t mean to rush you, but I’m so lonely inside. I haven’t been loved in so long…I hurt!” she added with a sniff and one last wipe of her eyes.

Vine felt so bad for her pain and he wanted her too, but they had too be very sure about this. “I know baby girl. That little jerk husband of yours needs his ass kicked for not jumping your sweet, little ass.

“Fuck him; I know who I need now. I just gotta give him more time. ” Nadia smiled, letting the blanket fall from her body and she hugged his face to her soft breasts.

Vince saw the blanket fall from Nadia’s body and he was so glad that she was wearing a shirt. She pulled him against her breasts and he loved her sweet scent and the fell of her tempting mounds of flesh against his face.

His cock grew and it grew hard.

“Mmmm, you feel so fuckin’ good!” he moaned as he returned Nadia’s loving hug and without thinking, Vince was caressing her bare, upper thigh.

Her skin was the softest that he’d ever touched and the most exciting, but he wasn’t sure if it was because of her young age or maybe it was because she was his niece, either way, he loved it.

She hugged him and slowly ran her fingers through his hair. Nadia knew she had to slow down and stop trying to rush things. “I hope it’s ok that I wore the blue panties for you. I could see how much you liked them. ” Nadia said as she continued to hug him to her body and she hoped that she could slow down.

“I’m glad you did. I want to snuggle with my girl and it would be a little hard if you’d worn a pair of granny undies!”

She laughed at him and Nadia was so glad he came back inside.

“I’d never wear anything like that, with my man around. I gotta keep you happy and horny for me. ” Nadia purred with a soft voice as she looked into his dark eyes and she saw him moving towards her mouth.

Vince leaned up to Nadia and he gently kissed her. “You keep me very happy and extremely horny all the time, baby girl! I’ve been hard for you from the second you stepped out of your car,” he smiled as he held the back of her head and he pulled her to him for another soft kiss, but this one was a little longer and Vince felt Nadia’s tongue tracing over his lips.

“I’m so glad and you already know this, but I need to say it anyhow. I’m all yours…and whenever you want me, all you have to is just say the word. ” Nadia said as they gently kissed each other and Vince caressed up her thigh, making her burn with need, but Nadia held back, letting him do everything.

He held her close, caressing Nadia’s smooth thigh and Vince said with a smile.

“I know baby and I’m sorry that I just can’t jump into this. You’re any guys dream, but every time we start…all I think about is, you being my niece. ” Vince said as he held her in his arms, thinking of how wonderful she would be.

“I know and I can’t blame you. I’m just so darn lonely and being so close to you…makes it even worse. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember and when I turned sixteen, you’re all I ever thought about.

It took my dumbass husband, to open the door and let my feelings for you go free. “

“Well, he’s not a total waste then!” Vince laughed, he kissed her one last time and he stood up, pulling her up, into his arms.

“We will go on with this, I’m not sure when, but we will,” he added hugging her tight and his hands slowly crept down her back and covered Nadia’s ass.

She rested against him, enjoying his hands on her butt, like always and Nadia resisted the urge to do anything in return. She did not want to scare him away again. Nadia had the idea to let him do whatever he wanted to her and maybe, Vince would let go and take her.

“I know we will too,” she said with a soft voice, loving the feel of his big, strong hands on her butt, squeezing and caressing it with love.

“Let’s lie down and snuggle. ” Vince replied as he led her to the bed by the fireplace and he helped her sit down.

He sat beside Nadia, still holding her close and he wished that he could get over the fact that she was his niece, but it was proving to be so hard. When she was a young girl, they were so close and he remembered all of her birthdays, taking her for ice-cream, to the park to play and rocking Nadia to sl**p at night.

But now, he was thinking of making love to her and it made him feel dirty.

“You make me feel so good inside. I wish it would have been you that married me and not the dumbass. ” Nadia said as she slowly lay down, feeling that the small nightshirt was more than halfway up her stomach and Vince had a prefect view of her entire lower body.

He watched as Nadia lay down and he couldn’t help but looking at her stomach and sexy hips.

The damn shirt was almost up to her breasts, giving him a wonderful view of her spectacular, lower body. He moved his hand to Nadia’s stomach, enjoying her soft flesh against his fingers and her slow, but labored breathing and he knew it was all because of him.

“When I make love to you…I’m never letting you go. I hope that’s ok. ” Vince said as his hand slowly circled Nadia’s stomach and he watched a warm smile covering her pretty face.

“I’ll be the happiest woman on the planet and I promise that I’ll never leave your side. “

He lay down beside Nadia and turned to face her. “I hope that I won’t disappoint you. “

“Never!” Nadia whispered as she turned on her side, facing him and just like always, his big right hand went straight to her butt.

“Someone sure does love touching my butt. “

“That I do! I’m just glad you’re not mad at me for taking so long.

“You kinda pissed me off in the kitchen, but I figured it would be best to just let it happen and not try to hurry things. “

“I’m working it out and as soon as I do…I’m gunna be in you twenty-four hours a day, baby girl. You’ll be sick of me humping you!”

“Ha-ha, yeah right! Like I’m going to get sick of my handsome Uncle, making love to me day and night! You may be the one that gets tired of me,” she said with lust in her soft, needful voice, feeling Vince’s fingers caressing deep into her butt-crack and he was pulling her against his body.

“I don’t think I’d ever get tired of that. ” Vince smiled and he noticed a slight look of pain on Nadia’s face.

“Ouch, your jeans are killing me!”

“Well, we can’t have that, can we!” he said with a wink and he quickly pulled them off, leaving him in nothing but a pair of silk boxer shorts.

She quickly felt them and Nadia smiled. “Mmmm, that’s much better and I can feel something really nice on my leg!” she smiled as his stiff penis rested on her thigh, sending chills of need racing throughout her entire body.

“What do you think it is?”

“I think it’s something that needs a woman to make it all better. “

“What would she do to make it better?”

Nadia smiled as she thought of her reply. “I think it would like to be kissed and caressed. “

“Hum, that would make it better and what would she do after that?”

“I think she’d keep kissing it and slowly lick every, single inch of it!” Nadia purred as she thought of licking her sexy Uncle, knowing he would love her sensuous mouth and she felt his cock jump.

He listened to every word and Vince’s cock loved it too. “Damn! I think he liked hearing that as much as I did!” he laughed and now he felt bad. Vince kept telling Nadia he wanted to wait and he kept doing things like this to her.

“Well, you tell him that whenever he’s ready, I am. “

“I’ll be sure and do that. ” Vince said as a yawn escaped his mouth.

“Dang, I didn’t realize I was so tired. Getting up with the sun, sure does take its toll on a guy. ” Vince added as he held in another yawn, hoping that he didn’t pass out and leave this sexy lady up all by herself.

She gently hugged him and Nadia knew that Vince was worn out. “Why don’t you go to sl**p? I’ll be alright and we can snuggle in the morning or again tomorrow night.

How does that sound?” Nadia asked as she caressed his strong and very manly chest.

“Hey have a favor to ask. ” Vince said as his fingers traced up and down her back.

“Sure, anything you want,” she replied with a low, sexy voice and Nadia really hoped that he wanted her to suck him or something.

“Tell me who was the first lucky guy to get you,” he smiled and grabbed a handful of Nadia’s ass and Vince squeezed it good and hard.

Nadia just smiled as the ‘lucky’ guy drifted into her mind and all of the fun that they had. “You knew and liked him a bunch,” she smiled thinking of Gary.

“Who was he?”

“It was Gary, the disabled guy that came to my eighteenth birthday party. “

“Oh my God! Are you for real?”

Nadia smiled and she could feel her face turning red, but it wasn’t from embarrassment, it was from the excitement of thinking back to that very wonderful night.

“Yes. “

“I bet you made his life complete!” Vince said and he was so proud of Nadia for giving such a wonderful treat to the little guy.

“Oh yeah, and he really put it to me!”

“Good, I hope he screwed you half to death!” he said with a laugh and Vince was so happy that Nadia did it with Gary.

“We screwed each other to death and we did it all freaking night, too!” Nadia laughed as that wonderful and breathtaking night filled her every thought.

“Well, tell me about it and if I fall asl**p…you can finish it tomorrow. “

“You gotta tell me about someone you did it with too. ” Nadia said with a smile as she looked to Vince.

“Sure, I’d like that. Telling my sexy, little Niece something so private,” he smiled as his hand slid over her round ass, thinking of slipping his cock into her.

“Ok, it was that night at my party.

Everyone was having a great time and Mom was even letting us have a few drinks. Well, just after I opened my presents, Gary asked me to help him with something. So I followed him into the house, thinking he needed help, but he surprised me with the most beautiful necklace that I’d ever seen in my life. ” Nadia smiled as she remembered the wonderful feelings that rushed through her that night, when she saw the gorgeous necklace.


Nadia saw Gary coming towards her in his wheelchair, with his normal sweet smile and she loved the way he always looked at her. She had a good idea that her disabled friend loved her dearly, but Nadia wasn’t sure if she could give him the love that he was looking for and needed. She would be leaving for college in just two months and she wouldn’t be back for a very, very long time.

She loved his thick brown hair, his dark brown bedroom eyes and his big, strong arms, but something else about him drove her crazy with need. She loved the fact that Gary’s legs were amputated at his knees. It turned her on so much, Nadia even masturbated thinking about him rubbing his little leg stumps, on her pussy.

“Having a good time?” Nadia asked as he pulled up in his chair, quickly spun it around and he backed it in beside her as close as he could get.

He rolled towards his very beautiful friend Nadia, trying not to look up her extremely short skirt, but it was a difficult task. She had one of the hottest bodies that Gary had ever seen. Nadia had the best looking ass, hips and thighs that Gary had the pleasure of seeing or masturbating to.

“I’m having a great time. How about you, birthday girl?” he asked slowly turning in his chair to face her; he looked to her smooth legs, loving the sheer-black stockings on them and her black, four-inch high heels.

He looked up into her pretty eyes, Gary felt his cock growing.

“It’s wonderful and I’m so glad you came. Everyone loves you to death and you really impressed my Uncle Vince. He told me that you’re incredible and he doesn’t like anybody!” she laughed and gently put her arm around his neck.

“Cool, I liked him too. Hey I was wondering if you could give me a hand with something?” he asked, whispering the last part to Nadia and Gary hoped that no one else heard.

“Sure, what do ya need, sugar?” she asked with a smile and Nadia would help him do just about anything he needed or wanted. She loved him so much and she didn’t care what her friends or f****y thought about it.

He knew that she would do anything he asked of her and Gary couldn’t wait to Nadia inside or away from all of the people. “I need to see you, alone for a few minute,” he said with a smile and Gary loved the puzzled look on her gorgeous face.

“Sure, honey, let’s go find someplace. ” Nadia replied as she stood up next to Gary and when she looked down, her belly-button was only an inch, maybe less, from his face. She hated teasing him or anything. Not one girl in school would go out with Gary because of his disabilities and it broke her heart. She wanted to go out with him, but Nadia wanted him to ask her, but he never would.

She stood up and Gary almost came in his pants. Nadia’s sexy belly was so close to his face, Gary could smell her sweet perfume and a little hint of what he thought, was her excitement. She slipped behind him and like always she started pushing him. They went into the house, down the hallway and into her bedroom.

Nadia closed and locked her door and she walked to him.

And, without thinking, she knelt down in front of him and Nadia saw his dark-brown eyes staring right between her legs.

Gary could not believe this. Nadia was right in front of him, with her legs spread so wide, he could see between them and the pretty, pink panties that covered her pussy.

“Oops!” she giggled with a lustful smile and Nadia slowly sat down on her feet, with her knees on the floor.

“Sorry about that. I forgot that I was wearing such a short skirt. ” Nadia added with a little wink, but in truth, she hadn’t forgotten about the skirt at all. She wanted to give Gary a special treat of his own.

“I bet you did…teaser! Pink is now my favorite color!” Gary said as he looked into her eyes, thinking that she was looking at him in a new and very sexy way, but he also knew that Nadia had a good buzz going and he figured that’s all it was.

He knew that Nadia would never go out with him and Gary never asked.

“I’ll be sure and remember that,” she whispered with a soft voice, wondering what Gary needed from her and with the way Nadia was feeling right now; she would do anything for him.

He smiled and reached to caress the side of her face and much to his dismay; she rested against it his hand. “You’re so pretty.

If I wasn’t afraid of rejection…I’d asked you out. ” Gary said with a frown, thinking of Nadia going away after summer and on to a new chapter in her life.

“You should have, silly man. If you’d asked me out, I would have in a second. We always have so much fun together and I’m sure a date together, would have been a blast! You should really start taking more chances and see what happens.

“Is it too late to ask you now?” Gary asked as he ran his hand through Nadia’s soft and silky hair, wondering what it would be like to make out with someone as pretty as her, but Gary knew he would never know.

She looked at him and Nadia couldn’t help but smiling at him. At long last, he was asking her. “I was beginning to think you didn’t like me or something.

” Nadia said putting out her lower lip and a frown covered her face.

“Yeah right! That’s why in the hell I think and dream about you day and night, twenty-four hours a day!” Gary very quickly replied, watching her smile return and it looked like she was about to cry.

“You should have said something, baby,” she said and inched closer to him, sat up on her knees and Nadia put her arms around his neck.

“I know, but it gets so depressing when you get rejected so much or when they say, ‘I think of you as my b*****r’. I just gave up asking. ” Gary said as he leaned to kiss the side of her face.

She just shook her head at him and Nadia could see the hurt in his loving eyes. “I was the one girl that would have gone out with you, but you were afraid to ask me.

” Nadia said with a giggle as she caressed his face and as she did, her body started to tingle for him.

“I know and I feel like a dumbass too. ” Gary said with hurt in his voice as her soft and loving hands caressed his face.

“Don’t say that. You’re a very smart guy and I don’t blame you. If I was in your situation, I’d think the same way.

Getting hurt is no fun, but you can’t just give up. You’re an awesome guy and one day, some hottie is going to come along and steal you from me. ” Nadia said putting out her lip again and now, her pussy was burning for Gary. She loved him as a b*****r too, but now, she was ready for some i****tuous relations with him.

“I don’t think that would ever happen. I love you to much.

” Gary said with a smile and he saw Nadia closing her eyes and she kissed him. It was a small kiss, but it was a powerful one and when Nadia let out a long, lustful moan, Gary wondered what was going on.

Nadia had to kiss him after such sweet words and she was getting more excited with each passing second. Since the first day they met, three years ago, Nadia had a ‘soft’ spot for him, but the sweet, little guy was afraid to ask her out or make a pass at her.

“Holy shit, why in the hell didn’t I see that you liked me so much?” Gary moaned as the kiss ended, but Nadia was still hugging him so tight, it seemed liked she did not want it to end.

She just smiled at him and Nadia replied. “Well, you have me all to yourself now. Oh, by the way…what did you need me to help you with?” she asked with a smile and Nadia saw something in his pants, that she was defiantly going to help him with.

But, Nadia figured that Gary would love her help with that.

He just looked at Nadia and Gary hoped that her flirting with him this way wasn’t just because she was just d***k. “I needed your help opening this,” he said as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a tiny wrapped box and he handed it to Nadia.

“What’s this?” she asked with a big smile and Nadia knew that Gary was going to get more than just a blow-job from her.

Gary was going to be her first man.

“You have to open it and find out. ”

“You didn’t have to get me anything. ” Nadia said with a low and very sexy voice as she took the small box from him.

He just looked at her pretty face and Gary hoped that just maybe, their love was about to turn down a new road. “I know, but I wanted to.

Now open it, woman!” he said with a demanding voice, but she knew he was only teasing.

“Oh, yes sir!” Nadia giggled as she pulled the tiny bow from the box and she slowly lifted the lip. Her eyes immediately filled with tears and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

There was a small, gold locket inside the box and it looked very, very expensive. “Oh my Lord! It’s so beautiful, baby! Where did you ever get the money for it?” she asked and Nadia knew that Gary and his mother could barely make ends meet, let alone afford something like this.

“I did a painting for some rich guy I met last month. He wanted me to paint his wife nude and he paid me a ‘shit load’ of money for it. “

“Oh boy, I bet you enjoyed doing that!” Nadia laughed as she thought of Gary painting the naked woman and how much fun he must have had doing it.

“Oh yeah, it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!” Gary laughed as he thought back to the sexy, big breasted woman and her very hot body.

“I should make you paint a nude one of me. How would you like that?” she asked with a little wink as she pulled the necklace from the box and put it around her neck.

Gary watched her pulling the necklace out and he loved what Nadia said. “That would be awesome, but you do realize that it could take three or four hours a day for the rest of summer,” he said with a wide grin, hoping that she really wanted him to paint a picture of her.

“I’m up for it, but could you take seeing me naked every, single day for three, straight months?” she said with a low, sexy purr and Nadia knew that he’d be doing a little ‘more’ than painting her.

“I think so,” he replied and Gary loved this. He just wished that it would have happened long before this.

She stood up and walked across her room to look into a mirror by the door.

“Oh Gary, it’s so pretty! I’m never going to take it off, ever. ” Nadia said as more tears filled her eyes and she made her way back to him, but instead of sitting back on the floor, she gently sat on Gary’s lap, turned to his left side and she hugged him.

“I’m glad you like. I wanted to give you something that would make you think of me every time you saw it.

She was so close to crying, but Nadia held it in. “Oh baby, I think of you all of the time and now I’m about to show you just how much. ” Nadia whispered as she leaned to his mouth and they kissed long and deep. Nadia was a very ‘oral’ girl to begin with and her handsome friend was about to receive some amazing pleasures from her.

Nadia’s tongue slipped into his mouth and Gary gently sucked it, as he looked into Nadia’s pretty eyes and he hoped that this wasn’t another horrible dream.

He kissed her, enjoying Nadia’s soft moans and her loving hands caressing his chest and any other place she could reach.

Gary’s right hand reached up to hold Nadia’s left breast and she let out a long moan of need. “Oh God, yes! Oh Gary, you always make me feel so damn good!” she whimpered as he squeezed and gently caressed her aching breast, driving her crazy with need.

He softly caressed Nadia’s breast, sending waves of pleasure flooding her brain and her very, very needy pussy.

Gary slowly traced around her inflated nipple, enjoying her squirming in his arms and her pretty face twisting with pleasure.

“Oh my God, you’re gunna kill me!” Nadia giggled and she quickly stood up.

She saw a hurt look on his face and Nadia leaned down to Gary and she hugged him. “Don’t worry baby, I’m coming back and I’ll leave on my stockings just for you. I’m just going to freshen up and change my panties and then, I’m ‘all’ yours! So, you best be ready for one very, very horny girl!” she smiled, kissed him and Nadia ran into her bathroom.

Gary could not believe what Nadia had just said and what was about to happen. He quickly climbed on her bed, took off his clothes and lay down. His seven and a half inch cock was sticking straight up in the air and it was harder than at any other time in his young life and it was for the beautiful girl in the bathroom washing.

Nadia washed and she thought of the handsome guy waiting for her just on the other side of the door.

They had been friends for a long time and Nadia had always had a ‘soft’ spot for him and now, he was about to enjoy it. She only wished that Gary had made a pass at her or asked her out sooner, but now she knew that he had been afraid to.

Oh God, my pussy is on fire! She thought with a laugh and Nadia wanted Gary in her. She wanted him to be the first man to enjoy the plentiful fruits of her body and to ease the horrible burning that haunted her day and night.

She truthfully wanted someone else, but that was a forbidden kind of love and besides that, he was a married man. Oh well, I think my Gary will be just fine. Nadia thought as she tried her best to get the other man out of her mind and keep all her thoughts on Gary.

He heard the water turn off and Gary’s young cock jumped with joy. He was close to making love with the girl of his dreams and he could not wait.

He’d been dreaming of Nadia since the first day he ever had the pleasure of seeing her.

She opened the bathroom door and Gary came close to choking. Nadia was only wearing a big smile and a tiny pair of sheer, powder-blue panties, with her black stockings still on. Nadia’s breasts stood proud and her nipples were hard with anticipation of what was to come.

Nadia walked towards Gary, seeing his penis was hard as a rock and she knew that it was all for her.

She climbed on her bed and Nadia carefully lay over Gary, making sure that his very, very stiff penis was resting against her excited pussy.

“I’ve wanted this happen for so long and now, I’m finally getting you. ” Nadia whispered as she started kissing his lips. Slowly at first, but her need quickly took over and Nadia starting kissing him with wanton fever.

Gary returned her kisses, enjoying her beautiful body on him and his hands touched and caressed every, single inch of Nadia’s gorgeous body, not missing a single spot.

“I wish I would have known how you felt. You are my best friend and I was afraid you’d get mad if I asked you out. ” Gary said as Nadia’s hips started gyrating against him and his hard cock.

She moaned as his shaft sank into her inflamed pussy slit, spreading her excited lips, making Nadia’s head spin with excitement. “No, never!” Nadia whimpered as she moved faster, his stiff penis rubbing her close to an orgasm, but she wanted him in her, before that happened.

“Oh love you and I always will!” Gary moaned as he held her full hips, rocking her back and forth and he knew that Nadia was about to make his life complete.

Nadia sat up and quickly stood up. “I need my guy in me,” she whispered with a big, wide grin as her panties fell to her ankles. She saw his brown eyes fixed on her bare and very excited pussy and she had to smile.

“See anything you like?” she asked and Nadia slowly lowered herself back down on Gary. She was in the same, exact position as before, but now, her tiny pair of panties were gone, freeing the way for Gary to love her.

He just smiled and pulled her until Nadia was lying flat on him. “I could stay like this forever!” he moaned and he couldn’t help but flexing his cock, as he ran his hands up and down her stockings.

Her body felt like she was on fire and Gary knew her insides would feel even better.

“Mmmm, that would be just wonderful, wouldn’t it?” Nadia replied with a lustful moan as she started moving her hips in small circles and she knew that it was time.

“I’m ready, baby. I need you in me, but I gotta tell you something first. “

Gary could see a little hint of fear or something on her pretty face and he hoped that she wasn’t going to go and change her mind.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” he asked as his hands moved up her body, until he was hugging her neck.

Oh God, I hope she’s not backing out! Gary thought as fear raced through him and he felt his cock starting to go down.

Nadia felt him going down and she figured that he was worried she was changing her mind. “Remember last spring when I got really sick at school?” she said as her hand eased down and Nadia started to stroke him.

“Yes, I do. ” Gary replied and he loved the feel of her tiny hand around his cock and it quickly refilled with bl**d.

“I had some female problems and um…um…I’m just going to say it. They had to do a lot of tests and things to me and, after all was said and done…they broke my hymen. I hope that you don’t mind. “

He just smiles at Nadia, pulled her face to his and he gave her a deep and very loving kiss.

“Oh girl, you scared the crap out of me! I thought you changed your mind!”

“Mmmm, I’d never do that to you. So, you don’t mind if I’m not a virgin?”

“Well, if you think about it, you still are. You can’t count a doctor sticking something in you, but after I’m done with this…sweet ass, you won’t be!” he said as both his hands slid down to her rounded butt and Gary squeezed it.

“Oh…you bad, bad boy, saying such nasty stiff to me!” she giggled and Nadia had to have him now. She was done with the small talk and the foreplay. She lifted her hips, guided Gary to her source of need and Nadia carefully eased herself down.

Gary felt Nadia lift up and when she grabbed his cock and pointed it between her legs; he wanted to scream out with joy.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” he said with a shaky voice as he felt Nadia’s warmth and wetness on his cock head.

“So have I,” she smiled lowering herself more, easing him into her tiny hole and Nadia couldn’t help but moan as his hardness filled her. She knew that he wasn’t the biggest man in the world, but his size was enough to make a young girl feel so good, without being hurt.

Gary could feel his cock-head going into Nadia and it felt like heaven. Her wetness quickly covered it, her warm insides hugged him so tight, Gary fought the urge to cum and he slid deeper into her.

“Oh fuck!” Gary moaned as Nadia sat completely on him. His cock was all the way in her and he knew nothing in his life, would ever top this. Nadia was a dream come true.

She rested on his chest, loving the feel of Gary’s stiff penis inside her body and Nadia knew that leaving for college, was going to be so hard now. She always had a thing for Gary, but he would never ask her out or anything, until now.

Nadia propped herself up on her arms, while looking into his dark, bedroom eyes and she slowly moved her hips in small, very tight circles.

“Oh shit! It feels so fucking good, baby!” she whimpered as his stiffness filled her and Nadia knew that their first time wasn’t going to last very long.

She continued moving slow, while flexing her muscles and Nadia loved the look on Gary’s handsome face. It looked as if he was being tortured, but an occasional smile told Nadia he loved every move she made.

“Oh Gary, I’m so close, baby! I’m so close!” Nadia whimpered louder, she started moving her hips up and down, grinding against him, driving him deeper into her body.

She sat on him, moving up and down, twisting her nipples as hard as she could and Nadia felt the fire in her pussy getting worse.

She moved as fast as she could possible go, fucking him as if he was ‘her’ whore. The sweet sounds of sex echoed through her bedroom. The wetness oozed from her body, making a loud slurping noise. Their skin slapping together as she rode him hard and fast.

Last, but not least, their moans of pleasure.

Nadia grabbed Gary, hugging him with all of her might and she exploded around him. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck, yes! Oh my God, yes!” she screamed and forgot about the party going on outside. She rode him, driving Gary in and out of her spasming hole, loving him, telling him that she was his for as long as he wanted her.

Gary felt Nadia lock around him and she came hard.

Her warm juices flowed on his cock, her muscles squeezed him tight and her cry of release was all he needed to hear.

“Fuck yes! Oh Nadia! Yes! Yes!” Gary all but yelled as his cock shot stream after stream of his warm seeds deep into her body. He thrust up, squirting his cum into Nadia’s wonderful body, the body that he wished, wasn’t going two thousand miles away.


Vince sat up, shook his head in disbelief and he lit up a smoke. “Damn, I’m surprised he lived through that! You could have killed him, girl!” he laughed and looked down to his cock and Vince knew that sl**p would not come easy tonight. He was so hard, his balls were hurting.

“We did it every day, sometimes three or four times a day and we could never get enough of each other.

” Nadia smiled as she snuggled closer to Vince and that’s when she saw that the poor guys problem.

She slowly reached around him and Nadia ran her index finger over his swollen penis-head and she whispered with a soft, loving voice. “Please, let me fix this for you. I can give you a breathtaking hand-job and I won’t ask for anything in return. Well, not yet, that is!” Nadia giggled and she felt his penis jump.

“Are you sure? I’ll feel bad getting something so nice and you being left with nothing. “

“I’ll be just fine. I’m a master at pleasing myself and with you watching while I do it…I’ll probably blowup!” Nadia laughed as she thought of Vince watching her while she masturbated and how exciting it would be.

He caressed the side of her face and figured why not. If Nadia wanted to jerk him off while she played with her pussy, he was game.

“Only if you’re sure,” he said and before he had a chance to finish, Nadia laid her head on his thigh, had his cock out and in her tiny hand was stroking him.

“Mmmm, my sweet, sweet Uncle Vince and I get to make you cum!” Nadia purred as her hand slid up and down his big, and very thick, eight-inch penis.

Her hand slowly moved up and down him, with her face only inches from the head.

Nadia wanted swallow him whole, but she promised to ‘only’ masturbate him and she was a woman of her word. He was dry and Nadia wanted his penis wet, she leaned over it and let a long drip of saliva drip on him.

“That’s much, much better!” she moaned as her hand slipped effortlessly up and down his hard, slick shaft.

“Ohhh yes, I’m jerking off my man! My very sexy Uncle and he’s all mine now.

Aren’t you?” Nadia whispered with need in her soft and loving voice as she stroked him faster.

“Yes!” Vince moaned out as he looked down to Nadia and he couldn’t believe just how great this felt.

He had a few hand-jobs in his life, but none of them came close to this and he knew why. It was because of his beautiful, young niece and she was giving him more pleasure than he could have ever thought possible.

“Oh yes! God it feels so good holding you in my hands and knowing that you’re going to cum all over me!” Nadia whimpered as her left hand slid down her body and to her dripping, wet pussy. She rubbed her hand over it, sending waves of need and want through every, single inch of her body.

“I want you to love me, soon! If you don’t…I’m going to die!” Nadia moaned as she teased her swollen clit, running her middle finger down her wet and very sloppy center, wishing that it was Vince touching her.

He watched Nadia playing with herself and he felt so bad for agreeing to this. Vince reached down, pushed her hand away and he quickly took over. He rubbed; he caressed and teased her with everything he knew, driving her crazy.

Nadia turned on her back, spreading her legs wide, enjoying every touch, while she continued pleasing him with her right hand. She squirmed with every touch and loving caress of his big hand.

He gently teased her swollen and aching clit and it was as if, he knew what she needed.

Nadia knew that he would be a great lover and she was right. He was about to give her the best orgasm of her young life and he was only fingering her. She could only imagine how wonderful it was going to be when he took her.

“Oh Uncle Vince, it’s so fucking good!” Nadia squealed, arching her back high in the air, giving him the ‘ok’ to do anything and everything he wanted, but he just played with her pussy.

He looked back to her hand as it stroked him. Nadia’s face was filled with need and Vince knew what she wanted. She needed him to ease the pain and loneliness she was feeling, but he still needed a little more time. So, he rubbed deeper, deep into her wet, womanly folds of flesh, loving her wild cries of need.

“Oh my God, yes! Make me cum! I wanta cum for you! Please!” Nadia cried out as his big fingers probed her most private place, driving her close to an explosion like never before.

He rubbed more and Vince had a great idea. He slipped his hand down the front of her dripping panties, against her bare pussy and he sank two fingers deep into Nadia.

“Oh my fucking go…oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Nadia screamed and she was so glad that they were alone and that no one lived close by or they would have thought that she was being murdered.

She moved her hips in time with his fingers and Nadia didn’t even realize that she stooped jerking him off.

She was lost in his touch and his big fingers fucking her lonely pussy.

“Yes! Make me cum! Make me cum, please!” she screamed again as her wide hips bucked wildly under his hand and Nadia was so close she could practically taste it.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Nadia begged him, hoping like hell that he would end the horrible loneliness that haunted her day and night.

Vince could feel her muscles getting tighter around his fingers and he knew that his baby girl was close.

He eased another finger deep in her, she screamed again and he kept fucking her fast.

“Oh fuck! Oh God! Fuck me, make cu…” Nadia screamed out and something very wonderful happed. She was cuming on her Uncle’s big fingers.

Her hips lifted high in the air, shoving them to him and Nadia screamed louder than ever. “Oh yes! Yes! Oh God, yes! I’m cuming! I’m cuming for you! I God, I love it! Oh my God, yes! Yes!” she screamed as he just kept on fingering her fast and as deep as he could shove them in her body.

“That’s my girl. Oh yeah! My sweet, sweet baby girl,” he smiled and after she exploded at least four more times for him, he slowed his pace, until he gently eased them from her body.

Nadia lay helpless on the floor and it felt like her insides had been turned, inside out. “Holy hell, I hope it feels that good when you’re ready to take me!” she giggled as she panted for air and something came to mind.

She was supposed to have been helping him and in the heat of the moment, she had forgotten all about him.

“I sure do owe you a ‘big’ favor now. You got me going so good, I forgot about you. ” Nadia said as her sexy, lower lip came out and now, she really wanted to return the favor, but she was worried that he’d get mad at her.

“Maybe after you rest, you can help me.

“I um…kinda want to take things up a little. You did something wonderful for me and you really should…let me do something nice for you too. ” Nadia purred as she reached to hold him in her right hand, gently stroking him.

She shifted her body and her lips were less than an inch from his penis. Nadia looked up and into his eyes and she could see the need Vince was feeling.

Nadia smiled, opened her mouth and she gently sucked him inside.

Vince didn’t have a chance to reply or say anything at all. Nadia took him deep into her mouth and she was sucking him as if she was a baby, nursing. “Oh fuck!” Vince moaned as he ran his hand over her soft hair.

She gently nursed his cock, moving her head up and down his ridged shaft, moaning and slurping like a crazy woman and he loved it.

He lifted his hand and gave her an easy slap on her full behind. He wanted it harder, but he did not want Nadia to bite off his cock either.

His big hand felt so good on her butt and Nadia wanted more. She pulled from him, looked up and growled. “Do it…like you mean it!” And she went back to pleasing her man, taking him deeper, until he was gagging her, but Nadia wasn’t about to stop.

Vince smiled, lifted his hand high in the air and he brought it down on her right cheek.


Nadia jerked from him and screamed. “Oh fuck…yes!” And just like before, she went right back to pleasing Vince. She sucked harder, waiting for his big hand to slap her big butt and Nadia got her wish.


“Oh God, that feels so fuckin’ good! More…more!” Nadia growled with need and she couldn’t wait for him slap her ass, while he fucked her crazy.

She could see his penis deep in her, while his big hands slapped her ass and what a turn-on it would be.

“I’ve created a monster!” Vince laughed as he rolled her on to her stomach, giving her better access to suck him and he could now reach both of her full, round ass-cheeks. He reached to her right cheek, he grabbed it and Vince squeezed with all of his strength.

Her soft panties felt so good against his fingers, Vince could feel his cock jump and it was going to be so hard not to take Nadia right now.

He wanted her so bad, he could practically taste her, but he still needed a little more time to let all of this soak in. Nadia was his niece and he wasn’t just going to jump in head first, without thinking it through.

Nadia sucked him, while her eyes watched the pleasure on his rugged face and she knew that he was going to kill her when they made love. She sucked deeper, until he touched the back of her throat and Nadia let out a ‘fake’ gagging noise.

“Arrggg! Oh yes! Uncle Vince, it’s so good when you fuck my mouth like this! Do it harder! Fuck my face! Fuck…my…face! Please!” she begged with a soft and very innocent voice, knowing he would love it.

Vince could not believe Nadia and how hot she was. If she offered the same things to her husband as she was to him, he was a fucking retard for not pleasing Nadia.

“Oh, you sexy, little bitch!”

“I’m your sexy, little bitch and I need you so bad! You should fuck me and end our pain once and for all. ” Nadia panted with need and she hoped that Vince would fuck her. She knew that he wanted her, just as badly as she wanted him.

“Come on, do it, fuck me! Fuck your sexy nieces’ pussy! I know you want me! You’re dying to fuck me!” she moaned as she lifted her hips to his big hand and Nadia saw a new look in his dark eyes.

He looked like a crazy a****l about to fuck his bitch.

“Come on, fuck me…now! Ram that big, fucking piece of meat up my pussy and fuck it! Make me your woman…or better yet, make me your bitch!”

That was all Vince could take. At last, he was going to give in to his a****l instinct and make love to his sexy niece. He turned on his back, smiled to Nadia and he motioned for her to get on him.

Nadia’s heart all but jumped from her chest and she couldn’t get on him fast enough. Tears of joy were running down her face, dripping on her breast and down on her wonderful Uncle.

“I love you so much,” she sobbed as she reached down to pull her wet panties over and guide him to her source of need. He filled her tiny pussy with no effort at all. Her insides spread open and received him as if they had been making love to each other for years.

Vince held Nadia’s hips as she gently sank down of his stiff cock. He slipped into her, like a hot knife into butter. “Oh yes! Sweet, sweet girl!” he moaned as his cock sank completely into her.

“Yes! Oh yes!” Nadia whimpered as Vince, her Uncle, took her. “I love you so much!” she cried as he held her in his strong arms and Nadia knew that she would never leave his side.

She was his, heart and soul.

“Oh baby girl, I love you too. ” Vince whispered as she lay completely on him, making sure that his stiff cock was as deep in her, as it could possibly go.

“I’m never leaving your side and I don’t care if anyone finds out about us or not. ” Nadia said as she kissed his lips, loving the feel of his penis so deep in her.

“I’m never letting you go…how does that sound?” Vince smiled up to Nadia as he enjoyed the warm and tight confines of his nieces’ body.

“That’s what I’ve always wanted, to be my Uncles lover and now, it’s finally happening,” she moaned and Nadia started to move her hips back and forth, but making sure that she stayed completely against his body.

He held her as Nadia slowly rocked her hips and Vince loved the way that she kept her body so close to his.

He ran his hands over her back, gently caressing as he slowly moved down her body.

Nadia moaned when his hands found her ass and if they hadn’t been sharing such an intimate moment together, Nadia would have been begging for him to slap her ass.

“The next time…we…do…this,” she panted as her hips rocked faster. “I want you to…slap it! I love when you slap it. It drives me crazy!”

“Anything you want, baby girl!” Vince grunted as he thrust his hips up, driving his cock to Nadia’s core.

She fell on his chest when he thrust up, but Nadia kept moving her hips back and forth. It wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t slow either, it was perfect and she knew that it would not be very much longer until she would be exploding around him.

“I’m so close. So, so close. So close. ” she whimpered as her hips moved, his big hands caressed her ass and his big penis slipped in and out of her.

Her hugged Nadia tight, loving her soft moans of need and pleasure. “Is my baby girl ready to cum?” Vince asked as he caressed and squeezed her full ass, pushing her down, driving his cock deeper into Nadia.

“Yeah,” she whimpered as he grabbed her butt and he shoved her closer to him. It felt as if she was inside him, in his soul and Nadia never wanted this to end.

“Come on then, cum on your Uncle!”

“I’m trying. ” Nadia moaned as she moved her hips, trying to cum, but she couldn’t. “I can’t, something isn’t right. “

Vince could see that his girl was in pain and that she needed his help. He grabbed Nadia and he rolled on top of her. “I bet you’ll cum now,” he smiled down to her and Vince went to work.

He started thrusting in and out of Nadia’s dripping pussy. He pushed in her so hard; he lifted her ass from the bed. Her small breasts were sloshing around, their skin slapped together and her wetness made a wonderful sound as he used Nadia.

“Oh God! Uncle Vince, yes! Yes! Oh my God, yes! Yes! Oh yes!” Nadia screamed as he hammered her tiny pussy just as if she was nothing but a whore and Nadia loved it.

He knew what she needed, so he lifted both her legs up to his shoulders and Vince drew back his right hand.


“Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! More…more!” Nadia screamed as the wonderful stinging from her ass, raced all over her body and straight between her legs.


His big left hand swung down to her other cheek and that was all Nadia needed. She exploded around him with a f***e that Nadia had never, ever thought possible, until this very moment.

“Yes, I’m cuming! I’m cuming for you! I’m cuming! Oh my God, I’m cuming for you!”

Her insides felt like she was being turned inside out. Nadia’s pussy pinched up so hard, it hurt, but there was no way to stop it. Her heart pounded deep in her chest, her bl**d raced through her body so fast, it felt like she was going to faint.

He kept right on loving her and Vince loved the feel of her tiny pussy cuming around his cock.

It felt like it was sucking him and he knew that he wasn’t going to last but a few more seconds. He pumped her faster, looking down to her pretty face as he remembered all of the times in the past, when she had turned him on.

“Oh shit! That’s it! That’s my girl!” Vince yelled as he started shooting stream after long stream of cum to her core.

Nadia felt him filling her and she started cuming again.

“Oh my God, yes! Oh it’s so hot! So hot!” she cried out as her head rocked from side to side, enjoying his seeds filling her body, fulfilling her life-long dream of Vince loving her.


The next morning, Nadia woke to the warm sun across her body and she had never felt better in her life. She looked around the room for Vince, but he wasn’t there.

“I wonder where he went?” she said with a yawn and a very big stretch.

She slowly sat up, grabbed his cigarettes and lit one. She took a long drag, held the smoke and slowly blew it out.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Nadia smiled as she took another puff and figured she should heat some water and clean up. Her lower body felt like a glazed doughnut. It was fun last night, but now it was very gross.

She walked across the room and to the kitchen.

Nadia turned the faucet and she had a wonderful surprise. Vince had fixed the water and it was nice and hot, perfect for a well needed shower.

That’s my man!” Nadia smiled and she went to her cloths, found a blouse, a pair of jeans and a skimpy pair of panties and she went to shower.

Vince came in the house and he heard the water running. “I should go join her sweet ass and have some morning fun!” he said and Vince felt his cock quickly filling with bl**d.

“What the fuck!” he laughed and went towards the bathroom as fast as he could. Once there, he stripped, opened the shower door and he stepped in.

“I thought that you might like some company,” he smiled and pulled her against him and his hard cock.

Nadia smiled when she saw him and when he pulled her to him, Nadia loved the feel of his hardness. “I think he’s lonely too.

” Nadia said with a little wink and she wanted him in her right now. No fooling around, no teasing, no foreplay, she just needed him to down right fuck her.

She turned to face the wall, turned to look at him and Nadia said. “Fuck me and don’t stop until one of us dies!”

He stepped towards her, grabbed a big handful of her hair, pulled her head back and he did as she wanted.

Vince rammed his cock in her so far and so deep, he lifted her tiny feet from the floor.

“Is this what you wanted?” he growled in her ear as he hammered her pussy with no mercy or regard. He was just plain ol’ fucking her like a whore and Nadia was screaming for him to do it harder.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, harder! Harder! Harder!”

Vince was going crazy as rammed up into his new lover, enjoying her insides hugging him and her wetness covering his swollen cock.

He leaned to her shoulder and he sucked hard, hoping that he could mark her, brand Nadia as his. Vince loved giving his woman a good, dark hicky and Nadia was moaning as he did it.

“Oh God yes! Suck it! Mark me! Let the entire world know that I’m yours!” Nadia squealed as Vince sucked, nibble and plain out ate her shoulders, like some kind of wild b**st.

He moved to her neck and Nadia went wild.

He sucked as hard as he could and Nadia just screamed for more. He went from side to side, sucking her neck, biting it hard, knowing that she was going to look as if she had been gang-banged.

“Yes! Oh my, God! Yes! Oh God, I love it!” Nadia screamed as his sharp teeth sank into the soft flesh of her tender neck and she loved it.

His penis continued to ram in her, his teeth devoured her neck and Nadia couldn’t take it anymore.

She exploded. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck, yes! My God!” she squealed and her body went crazy. She started jerking, her pussy locked around him like a vise and something else happened. Nadia started pissing all over the tub and on Vince.

He held Nadia as she exploded and she felt so good. Vince knew that no other woman would ever enjoy his cock ever again. Nadia would be his last woman.

“Oh fuck!” Vince yelled as he shot stream after stream of hot cum deep into her warm body and he went back to eating right side of her neck.

He chewed it hard, while his cock filled the sexy, young women’s body.


Nadia stood in front of the mirror and she could not believe what she saw. It looked as if she had been attacked by a band of horny vampires. “Oh lord, look at this!” she laughed, turning to see Vince drying himself with a towel.

“See what you did to me?”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I love it, but I hope that nobody comes around for a few months!”

“I plan on doing it every, single time I make love to you,” he said with a laugh, reaching over to slap her ass.

“Ouch! I just hope that Mom or Donny doesn’t come up here. “

“Fuck them! You’re old enough to know what you want and besides that…when was the last time that you’ve ever heard of people our age being arrested for i****t?”

“True, but you know how Mom can be. She’ll have a heat attack or something!”

Vince laughed as he stood with his simi-hard cock pointed to Nadia.

“Trust me, she has a few secrets of her own, so don’t worry about her,” he said as he watched Nadia drop her towel and she started put on a sheer pair of white panties.

“Oh yeah, like what?” Nadia asked as she pulled up her newest and sexiest panties and when she looked towards Vince, Nadia loved his hard penis pointed to her.

“Does that thing ever take a nap?” she giggled and Nadia had a good idea that she would never been horny, as long as he was around.

Vince just gave her a wink as his eyes roamed over her very sexy, lower body. “Hell no, when I’m near you…he’s always like this! And as far as your Mom goes, just don’t worry. If she does show up or starts anything…I’ll take care of her,” he smiled and Vince knew there was no way that Nadia was going finish dressing yet. He wanted to play a little bit more.

Vince started walking towards her and when he got to her, he made sure that his stiff cock was tucked between Nadia’s legs.

“I love these. I hope you can buy more, just like them,” he moaned as he reached behind Nadia and he grabbed her ass and slowly ran his hands over the soft panties.

“Mmmm, you’re going end up screwing me to death on our first day. ” Nadia moaned as she rested against him and she was at his mercy once again.

“Nah, I’d never do that to my girl,” he whispered in her ear and he moved down to the side of her neck.

He started sucking it like before, hard, but Vince knew it turned her on as much as it did him.

“Oh my God! You turn me on so fucking much!” she moved and Nadia couldn’t resist moving her hips forward and backward, teasing his penis as it moved delicately over her already, wet pussy.

“I should bend you over the bed and get some more of this sweet stuff. “

“Tonight…I want you to take my butt.

I’ve never had that and I can’t wait to feel it. “

“I could do it now. ” Vince said to her as his hands caressed over Nadia’s ass.

“Mmmm, don’t tempt me. ” Nadia purred as she enjoyed him touching her and she was really thinking about letting him take her right now.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. “

“No, let’s do it tonight. We’ll snuggle by the fire, turn each other on and then, you can have it.

” Nadia smiled as she leaned forward to kiss him.

“What if I just throw you over the bed and have my way with you?”

“You’d never do that to me. ” Nadia smiled as she reached to caress his face.

“You never know…I’m really horny. “

“Maybe you could show me how you plan on taking it. How would that be?” she asked as she moved away from him and Nadia walked to lay face-down on the bed.

Vince saw her laying there and he loved the sight of Nadia’s full, round ass and the awesome panties covering it. “Oh shit! I should do it right now. ” Vince said as he carefully lay on her back, pointing his cock down towards Nadia’s wet pussy and quickly started chewing on her neck and shoulders.

Nadia quickly realized that she had made a very big mistake by putting herself in this position.

There was no way that she would have the strength to resist him and he would end up taking her right now.

“Oh God, Vince, you’re going to end up screwing me to death,” she panted, enjoying his stiffness rubbing her pussy and his teeth chewing on her neck. He slowly moved his hips back and forth, slipping his penis over her wet pussy and wanting anus, driving Nadia crazy with need.

“You know you love it. ” Vince quickly said and quickly went back to eating Nadia’s tender flesh. As he chewed on her, he started to think about what she said earlier. What if her Mom or sissy-ass husband did show up and see Nadia’s neck, but he knew Barb wouldn’t have much to say.

Nadia just lay helpless under Vince, enjoying a ‘real’ man on her body and she knew that he would take care of all her needs and wants.

“I love it and can’t wait for more,” she moaned and Nadia hoped that he would take her right now. She wanted to feel him up her most private place.

“You’ll get more and you’re going to love it!” Vince said as his hands slid under her, tormenting her excited nipples and Vince wanted her right now, but he remembered that Nadia wanted it later, by the fireplace.

“You’re going to get the shit fucked out of your ass tonight! I do hope you’ll be ready.

“Mmmm, I’ll be ready,” she panted. “Just do it now! I’m on fucking fire!”

He smiled at her and said. “No way, you wanted it tonight…remember?”

“Oh you tease! You get me this turned on and now you’re gunna make me wait?” Nadia laughed and she knew that this would be a very ‘wet’ day for her and that she’d be changing her panties every thirty minutes, maybe more.

He gave her a soft kiss on the side of her face, slapped Nadia’s ass and he got up. “Yep, I’m making you wait and something like that, does need some romance. We’ll have a nice dinner, build a fire and snuggle together. ” Vince said as he pulled up his jeans and he had a lot of work to finish today, before it rained later that night.

“Oh Vince…come on! I need you!” she moaned and Nadia was about to explode and she needed him to light her fuse.

“Nope, sorry! Get that sexy ass dressed. We’ve got lots of work to do. It’s supposed to rain like hell later tonight. “

“Dang it! I’ll get you for this, so be ready, mister!” Nadia laughed as Vince finished dressing and he left the room, leaving her wet and in a very bad way, but Nadia loved it and she knew that he’d take care of her later.

Nadia got up, grabbed her jeans, put on a very flimsy blouse and she went outside, but she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Oh, hell no!” Nadia gasped when she saw the car pulling in behind his truck and she could not believe it.


Nadia stomped off the big, front porch, towards the car and her bl**d was boiling. “Why in the fuck are you two here?” she growled as her mother and soon to be ex-husband got out of the car.

“I took it upon myself to come up here and make sure that nothing is going on.

Plus, you really need to get home to your husband. ” Nadia’s mother Barb said with a spiteful grin, watching her daughters’ face turning red with anger and that’s when she saw Nadia’s neck.

Nadia laughed as Vince walked next to her and hugged her. “You’re just wasting your time. I wouldn’t go back to that sissy, mother fucker, if he was the last man on earth. ” Nadia said with a big smile and she felt Vince caressing her ass.

“That is no way to talk, Nadia! He is your husband and you could show him some respect! And…what in God’s name happened to your neck?” Barb said through her teeth and she was ready to slap Nadia down.

“Who fucking cares about him? I know I don’t! My neck is none of your business!” Nadia laughed as she returned Vince’s hug and she could see her mothers’ eyes were about to pop out of her skull.

“Please, tell me you haven’t done anything to her, but from the sucker marks on her…I guess you’ve already screwed her!” Barb growled at her daughter and she wanted to kill her little b*****r.

“It’s none of your business, Barb. She’s old enough to know what she wants and if he can’t keep her happy…I can!” Vince said with a smile as he pulled Nadia back against his swelling cock and he could not believe how sexy his s****r looked.

She kept her hair the same light shade of brown and it was cut to her shoulders. Her breasts were still very perky for her age and Barb had a slender and sexy, toned waist. As Vince looked down the front of Barb to her hips, he quickly felt his cock growing hard. She looked as good as she did, thirty years ago.

“Oh my God, Vince, how could you?” Barb said as she shook her head in disgust and she thought of a rainy summer night, thirty-one years ago.

“Did you even tell her?” Barb added as she looked at her b*****r, wondering what in the hell he was thinking about as he screwed Nadia.

“Tell me what?” Nadia asked as she turned to look at Vince and she saw a blank look on his face.

Vince gently patted Nadia’s ass and he said. “Nothing sweetie, she’s just blowing hot air out of her ass,” he said with a laugh, thinking of what Barb was talking about and he hoped that it wasn’t true.

“Vince, come with me…now!” Barb growled at him as she stood up and stomped down to the lake. She walked around the very big and beautiful lake, until she found a secluded spot.

Vince went with her and knew that she was really going to chew him out. “Why in the fuck are you doing this, Barb?” he asked walking beside his s****r.

“You know why! There is a very good chance that she is your daughter, dumb-ass! I’m damn sure, that I was already pregnant…when I married John and I only did it with one guy that summer! You!” she yelled out as she shook her finger at Vince.

Vince just stood facing her as he puffed his cigarette and he knew that Barb was right. “I thought that such close bl**d relations couldn’t have k**s that turned out normal. “

“Oh yes they can! I’ve looked it up many times, buster and trust me…it can happen!”

He didn’t know what to say. Barb had said something about Nadia being his daughter two times over the last thirty years, but he never really paid her any mind.

She had a bad habit of blowing everything out of proportion.

“It just seems to me that Nadia would have something wrong with her, if it is true. “

“Strange things can happen, Vince. You never know, that’s why I can’t believe that you did it with her. It’s bad enough that she’s your niece, but it’s even worse if Nadia is your daughter!”

“I don’t think she is, Barb.

I would know if she was. “

“Bullshit, Vince, you two have so many things in common and she looks so much like you…its unreal. “

“You think we do?”

“Dah, yes!” Barb laughed at Vince and she had to hug him. He may have lived to piss her off, but she loved him anyhow.

“I know she looks like you and…she’s just like you in bed!” Vince said as he returned Barb’s hug and he couldn’t help but remembering all the fun they had long ago.

“Donny told me that she was a nympho in bed and it took everything I had to keep from laughing at his fag ass! What guy in his right mind would ever get tired of a pretty woman like her, wanting to fuck him?” she laughed as she slowly sat down on the grass and she motioned for Vince to join her.

“Who knows, but you know that I never would,” he said with a wink and Vince watched her face turning red.

Barb felt her nipples growing hard and she could not believe that after all of these years, Vince could turn her on with just a wink. “Oh yes, I know very well. You wore my ass out,” she replied with a soft voice as she hugged his arm, thinking of the number of times that Vince screwed her that night and how wonderful it was.

“We sure did have fun.

“Mmmm, yes we did and do you want to know something?” Barb replied and knew that she really should not finish her next words, but she knew it would turn him on.

Vince looked at her and he could not keep his eyes off of her full set of C cup breasts. “What’s that sweetie?” he asked as his mind remembered how nice it was sucking them and how many times that he made Barb cum.

“I’ve never had orgasms like that since. “

“You poor little thing, I bet that sucks the big one! I should have taken it easy on you. ” Vince smiled as he carefully slipped his right arm around her lower back and he knew how much that Barb loved her ass touched.

“Oh hell no…I loved it just as much as you did b*****r and I still find myself thinking about it when I’m lonely or upset about something.

“I’ve even jerked-off thinking about it and you,” he said as he gently caressed Barb’s lower back, wondering if she was getting horny now, because he sure as hell was.

She rested against him and Barb knew that he would really like her next words. “When I do manage an orgasm…it’s always because I think of you. “

“You nasty girl, thinking of your b*****r fucking you!” he laughed and Vince couldn’t resist giving her meaty ass a good slap.

“Ouch, you fucker, you know damn well that sets me on fire!” Barb giggled as her mind filled with visions of all the many ways that Vince used her that night.

“I know I was hoping it would calm your ass down and get you to relax. “

“I might relax, but then I’ll be craving a nice, hard cock!”

“I’ve got a very nice one. ” Vince said as his hand started caressing the bare skin of her back, the skin just above her low-cut jeans.

“Oh trust me…I know you do and I remember it very well,” she said with a low and lustful moan, thinking of his perfect cock and how great it felt in her body.

“You made me feel so good that night and I still think like I owe you for it. ” Vince said as he caressed down her back, until his big hand was deep in Barb’s tight jeans.

“Oh baby, you don’t owe me anything at all. You were and still are the love of my life and it was my pleasure helping you. She was my friend you went out with that night and after what she did, I wanted to help you. “

“She was a little cu…bitch,” he laughed thinking of the raging hard-on Barb’s friend gave him that night and then, she wanted to go home before fixing it for him.

“I kicked her ass for it, but after I thought about it, I should have thanked her!” Barb laughed as she hugged Vince more, wishing that they could go back in time for another night of fun together.

“Do you ever wish that we could have it more than just the one night?” she asked as his hand gently rubbed over her ass and she knew he loved it, just as much as she did, maybe more.

She knew that Vince loved feeling up a girls’ ass more than anything in the world.

Vince started to reply, but he heard his cell phone ringing. “Hello. “

“Hey sexy, it’s me. Donny wants to catch a bus back home and I’m going to run into town and get something nice for dinner. Do you want anything special?” Nadia asked and she was going crazy, wondering why Mom wanted to talk with him alone.

“Nah, whatever you want will be fine with me,” he said into the phone and quickly turned to see if Barb needed anything. “Need anything from the store? Nadia is taking the pussy to the bus stop and she’s getting something nice for dinner. “

“No, I’m good. ” Barb said and she was so happy. Now she would really find out if Vince still had a thing for her or not.

“No, I guess we’re good. Just get some wine to go with whatever you end up buying. ” Vince said as he felt Barb getting closer to him and he wondered what she was up to.

“Ok, I’ll be back in an hour or so. You guys have a good talk. “

“We will and you be careful baby,” he said with a smile and he hoped that they would get a chance to be alone that night, but with Barb there, he knew it would be a tough thing to do.

“I will. ” Nadia purred and she couldn’t wait until later. She needed Vince to screw her again and take her ass.

“Where were we?” Vince asked as he hugged Barb and he leaned to kiss her on the side of her face.

“I asked if you ever wished that we could have done it more than just the one night?” she asked with a lustful voice as Vince caressed her ass.

“Yeah, I craved your sweet ass day and night!”

“It’s too fucking bad that Mom and Dad came home early. ” Barb whispered as she thought of his long cock slipping in and out of her very, very wet pussy.

“I know. You’ll never know how much I loved you and…not as my s****r. I wanted to run away with you and never come back. “

“That would have been so fucking nice.

” Barb replied with a soft and lustful voice, thinking of running away with her handsome b*****r and all of the fun they would have had together.

He eased Barb back on the grass and Vince carefully moved on top of her. “You’re still so pretty and sexy,” he whispered as he leaned down to kiss her and a soft moan of lust came from someplace deep inside her.

Barb slowly lay back on the grass and when Vince mounted her, she wanted to cum.

“Oh Vince!” she whimpered as his soft lips touched hers and she was ready to explode. The only man that ever made her cum in her life, was about to do it again.

“I love you,” he whispered as he slowly pulled up her small blouse and Vince loved the sight of Barb’s full and very excited breasts.

“I wonder if I could still make you cum by sucking them.

She loved his words and softly replied. “I love you too, baby and I’m very sure that I’d cum all over you in just a few seconds!” Barb said with a helpless grin as she thought of him inside her, while he sucked her aching nipples and how hard she would cum.

Vince slowly humped Barb as he watched her pretty face filling with a mix of need and pleasure.

“I could fuck you right now! Would you like that?” he asked with a low growled as he thrust to her wide hips.

“Oh God yes, you know damn will that I would!” Barb moaned and she wished that he would pull down her jeans and screw her brains out.

“She’ll be gone an hour, maybe more. ” Vince panted as he leaned down and he started sucking Barb’s right nipple.

Barb saw him lean down to her breasts and she wanted to scream. “Oh Vince…yes, baby!” she yelled and Barb didn’t care if anyone heard or not. Her baby, her lover and her little b*****r was about to love her again.

He sucked her nipples hard, just the way Barb loved it and Vince knew that if he wanted, she was his for the taking. “We can’t let Nadia find out about it.

I could never hurt that girl. ” Vince moaned as he sucked Barb’s full breasts and he humped his s****rs’ hips.

“She won’t, baby. ” Barb said with a smile and she could see that Vince really did love Nadia and it warmed her heart.

He sat up, unbuttoned her jeans and gently pulled them down Barb’s hips. “You’re the only woman that I ever loved and now, I get you again!” he smiled to her as he ran his fingers over the front of her black panties, enjoying her warmth and wetness on them.

“Oh God yes, that’s what I need baby!” she moaned thrusting her hips up to Vince and Barb could not wait for him to ram his cock deep into her body, just like that night long ago.


Young Barbara was lying on her bed, with her legs spread wide and a lone finger deep in her aching pussy. She thought of her cute, little b*****r getting laid by one of the prettiest girls’ in school, but deep down, she knew that it should have been her loving him.

“She best fuck him good or…I’m kicking her ass!” she moaned as she thought of his nice, long cock abusing Brittany’s tight, little pussy and how much fun Vince was having.

She fingered herself, thinking of him inside Brittany’s pussy, hammering her hard and as fast as he could go. “Oh God…I should have fucked him and not her! He’s mine and I let him down!” Barb moaned out as she thought of her baby b*****r on her, thrusting his long cock up her pussy and she knew that it would feel so good in her body.

Barb and her b*****r Vincent had a different kind of love for each other and she knew that it wasn’t normal, but as long as she was careful, Barb figured that it would be ok. They spent many nights snuggling together, hugging and sometimes, she would let him ‘accidentally’ touch her breasts. On special occasions or depending on her mood, Barb would let him lay completely against her. Vince would rub his long cock in her ass crack and if Barb was in a real good mood, she would let him rub it on the front of her body.

That’s as far as things ever went, but she was ready to do more. Barb wanted to start masturbating Vince and let him cum all over her big breasts. He loved looking at them every chance he had and his ‘accidental’ touches, drove Barb crazy. There were even a few times that she secretly cum when he did it and Barb wanted to return the favor.

The poor guy had a hard-on twenty-four hours a day and Barb knew that it was all because of her.

She knew that it was time to turn things up a notch and start pleasing each other. She wasn’t sure about him, but Barb was sick of being so horny all of the time and as close as they already were, it was time for things to heat up.

“Oh my baby, I hope you’re enjoying her,” she grunted and Barb wished she would have been the girl loving him.

“Fuck her good, baby! Screw her brains out and show her who the man is!” Barb growled as she fingered her pussy, praying that she would cum soon.

She wanted to cleanup and pretty herself for him, before he returned home so she could snuggle with him and hear all of the juicy details of his date.

She fingered her pussy fast and pushed it in as far as it would go, but Barb wasn’t cuming. “Oh damn it, I wanta cum with my baby!” she moaned as her mind thought of holding him close, stroking his long cock, until his cum shot all over her big boobs.

“I shoulda fucked him, that’s what’s wrong. I know he wanted me as bad as I wanted him, but stupid fucking me…sent him to her!” Barb whined as she thought of him in Brittney’s pussy and what a foolish thing she did.

“I want my baby in me! I want my Vince to fuck me!” Barb moaned as she fucked herself with two fingers, hoping that she could get some kind of pleasure, but all she could think of was, her baby b*****r.

She wanted him inside her and Barb knew that there would be no relief until she had him.

She continued fingering herself, but nothing was happening, Barb needed her b*****r to finish this and end the pain in her pussy. “Hurry home and get the girl you really wanted, baby! Come home to your s****r!” Barb cried out as she turned on her side, curled in a ball and she started to cry.


Vince parked his car and went in the house for a cold beer and he still could not believe what Brittney did to him. How could a girl be as cruel as she was to him? They were making out for close to an hour, when she pulled out his cock, started sucking him off and she suddenly stopped and wanted to go home.

“That fuckin’ bitch! I should have just ****d her skinny ass and taught her a fuckin’ lesson.

” Vince laughed as he gave his hardened cock a hard squeeze and he knew what he’d be doing in a little while.

He drank the beer quickly and went for another, when he heard Barbie open her bedroom door. Vince was the only one that ever called Barb ‘Barbie’ and then, it was only at night, when they were alone.

She walked into the kitchen wearing a small pink, see-through nightshirt, with a very tiny pair of matching, sheer pink panties.

“Holy fuck, just what I needed to see,” he moaned as he gazed over Barbie’s big, dark brown and very swollen nipples and between her legs, noticing that she was nice and wet.

“What, I thought that you liked me wearing this for you, baby?” she asked with a soft and caring voice as she walked up to him and gently hugged. But, when Barbie felt his cock, she realized that his date must not have gone as planned.

“Oh I do, but thanks to a little bitch named, Brittney, I’m so horny…I could fucking die!”

“What happened?” Barb growled and she was ready to kill the skinny bitch. Vince was her baby b*****r and the love of her life and nobody hurt him and got away with it.

He sat down in a chair and Barbie eased on his lap. Vince loved hugging her and playing their little ‘petting’ game, but after tonight, he wasn’t in the mood for anymore teasing.

He needed a girl and he needed one really bad, but Barbie was his s****r and things like that were not supposed to happen.

“We were at the party, dancing like crazy and we slipped upstairs and found a bedroom. We were making out like fuckin’ wild a****ls! Humping each other, sucking, licking and it was awesome! But, when I tried pulling up her skirt, she went nuts! She hit me and started screaming.

A bunch of people came running in the room and a few of the guys wanted to kick my ass, but a really sweet girl stepped in and told them that ol’ Brittney did the same shit before. “

“The next time I see that little, fuckin’ bitch…she is dead! That’s a game she plays with a guy, when she changes her mind about fucking them and she promised me that she’d screw you to death, baby.

” Barbie said as she leaned to Vince, she lightly kissed his lips and she felt poor Vince suck in a breath of air.

“Oh God, I’m gunna die of a fuckin’ hard-on!” he laughed as Barbie snuggled closer, making sure that she was as close to him as she could possible get.

She just smiled at Vince and kissed him again, but this kiss lasted a bit longer and Barbie ran her tongue over his lips, knowing it excited him.

“You know that you don’t have to suffer. I’m a big girl and if you’d like…I could…um help you with it, all you gotta do is…say the word. ” Barbie said with a soft voice as she ran her fingers through his long, brown hair and she hoped that he’d give in to her. She knew that he wanted this just as badly as her.

Vince just sat motionless, hoping that his ears weren’t playing tricks on him.

He dreamt doing it with her all of the time and this would be so cool. Vince couldn’t think of anyone better to end his virginity, than Barbie, but he loved Barbie so much and Vince would die if anything ever fucked it up.

“What?” he stuttered as his heart raced out of control and sweat poured down his forehead.

She just hugged him tighter and whispered. “I wanta be your first girl and…I will not…let my baby down, I promise.

” Barbie smiled at Vince and she knew that his poor brain must have been sent into overload. It looked like he was about to cum in his pants.

“We can’t do that. ” Vince said as Barbie kissed kissing all over his mouth.

“Why not?” Barbie panted between kisses.

“Because you’re my s****r, goofy girl, that’s why!”

“So what, we love each other and we already do some pretty wild things together and I know that you want me.

” Barbie whispered between kisses and she was getting so horny, she was ready to fuck him right where he sat.

“What if someone found out?” he asked as she kissed him more and he could tell that Barbie was really getting turned on by her heavy breathing.

“Who’ll find out? Mom and Dad are never home and if they are, they’re always d***k. ” Barbie panted as she lifted his shirt over his head and she tossed it on the kitchen floor.

He knew that she was right, but Barbie was his s****r. Vince loved her so much he couldn’t stand it and she was right, he wanted her bad. “I’m scared, Barbie, but it would be so cool to make out with my s****r. ” Vince said as he grabbed the sides of her pretty face and he looked deep into her big, brown eyes and he kissed her. It wasn’t a b*****r s****r kiss either, his tongue went deep into her warm mouth and to the back of her throat.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Barbie moaned just like a wild woman and her pussy was burning like never before and it was all for her baby b*****r.

“Let’s go to my room and you can do anything you want to me! How’s that sound, baby?” she asked with a helpless smile as she stood up and pulled Vince to her body.

“Your cock is so fucking hard! I can’t wait to suck it and if you’d like…you can cum all over my big, fat tits! How does that sound?” she growled, reached down and Barbie squeezed him with all of her might.

“I just hope I’m not dreaming this,” he replied as Barbie took his hand and she led him to her room.

“If it is a dream…I promise that it’ll be the best one you’ll ever have!” she smiled and Barbie shoved him down on her bed.

She carefully moved over him, pulled down his pants and smiled. “God all mighty, that dumb bitch really fucked up! I can not believe she passed this big, beautiful thing up, but…I’m glad she did.

Now you’re all mine!” Barbie purred as she slowly ran her right hand up and down her little b*****rs’ big, hard cock.

He just lay there in shock and Vince still could not believe that Barbie was about to make love to him. “I really hope that I’m not dreaming!” Vince moaned as he enjoying her loving hand going up and down his shaft and the pretty smile on Barbie’s face.

“It’s not a dream, my love.

You’re going make love to me and it will be the best you’ll ever have in your life. ” Barbie whispered to him and she let a big drop of saliva drip from her mouth and down on the head of his pulsing cock.

“Now it’ll really feel good!” she purred and Barbie lay between his legs, on her stomach as she gently stroked up and down his cock, loving the look of bliss on her b*****rs’ face.

He watched and it was still hard to believe that Barbie was lying there, jerking him off, but Vince wasn’t complaining about it. “Oh yes! It feels so good, Barbie! I love it, please don’t stop!” he moaned and Vince watched a bigger, wider smile cover his s****rs’ pretty face as she continued to please him.

“I won’t stop until you tell me to or…you cum all over my pretty face! Would my baby b*****r like that? Do you want to cum all over your big s****rs’ face? Huh?” she purred more, but this purr was a true purr of lust.

Barbie felt like she was going to cum and Vince hadn’t even touched her.

“Oh God, you’re going to kill me! I’d love to cum all over you, but there’s someplace else I’d rather cum. “

“And…um…where might that be? Just tell me and…I’ll make it happen, baby. ” Barbie whispered with a smile as she jerked on his cock and she hoped that he would say that he wanted to blow his load in her mouth.

She always wanted to suck off a guy and Barbie couldn’t think of a better guy than Vince.

He hoped that Barbie really meant what she said, because Vince wanted to do it in her mouth. “Are you sure?” he moaned as she stroked him and it seemed like Barbie’s mouth was getting closer to his cock.

“Anywhere or anyplace you want, my love and I meant it. Just tell me and I’ll make it happen,” she moaned and Barbie knew what her guy wanted.

“I want you to suck me and I want to cum in your mouth. “

“Mmmm, God yes, I’d love doing that for my baby! I’ll do anything for you and do you know why?”

“No. “

“Because…I love you so much, baby. ” Barbie moaned as she took a deep breath, opened her mouth and she sucked him in as deep as she could.

His cock felt like a big hunk of molten steel.

It was so hard and the bl**d rushing through it, made it nice and hot. Barbie sucked him slowly, having a good idea that her young b*****r was about to blow. She was going to let him cum, but Barbie wanted it to last a few minutes before he did.

“Oh God! Barbie, I love you! Oh I love you so much!” he moaned out as she sucked him deep into her warm and silky mouth.

As soon as she did, poor Vince was ready to blow his load, but he hoped that he could hold out a few minutes. He didn’t want her to think that he was some kind of light-weight.

She just smiled around his cock and Barbie started sucking him a little bit harder. Her tongue flicked over the tip of his cock as she watched him squirming and she knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer.

She sucked harder, letting him ease into her throat and her left hand was playing with his big nut-sack.

He was helpless as Barbie sucked him and Vince couldn’t hold back any longer. “Barbie! I’m ready! Are you sure about this?”

She stopped sucking, looked up to him and she said with love. “Baby, I’m very sure! You do anything you want to me and I’ll love it, no matter what it is! And I mean it!” Barbie growled the last four words and she took him back into her warm mouth.

Barbie sucked him as hard as she possible could, watching his face the entire time. She loved him with all of her heart and she wanted to make very that he was happy. Her head moved up and down his entire length, letting him ease in and out of her silky throat and she heard him let out a long moan.

He laid there enjoying Barbie pleasing him and Vince knew that he’d never have a woman this good again.

He knew that she really loved him and that’s what made it so special.

“Oh yeah!” Vince growled, lifted his hips up and he lost it. Cum shot from the tip of his cock so hard and so fast, it hurt.

He watched Barbie sucking him and she sucked hard. She sucked and sucked, drinking every last drop of his warm seeds and not a single drop was lost.

Barbie was in heaven as Vince pumped his gift into her mouth and she drank it down.

It was warm and a bit salty, but she drank it all and Barbie couldn’t wait to do it again.

She eased Vince from her mouth and slithered up to lay on him. “How was that?” Barbie asked with a big grin, knowing that it had to have been awesome, but she had to ask anyhow.

“I thought I was going to die!” he laughed as he caressed her face and gently kissed Barbie on her lips.

“I’m glad you liked it, because I did and I plan on doing it every chance I can,” she said with love as she returned his kiss.

“That’ll be so nice. “

“So, after you rest…I’d love to feel it inside me. Do you wanta fuck me? Put that big, ol’ thing in Barbie’s hot, little pussy and fuck it good and hard for me! I love it hard and…I know my sexy, little b*****r will screw me to fuckin’ death!” she moaned with lust, as Barbie slowly humped her wide hips on his ‘still’ very hard cock.

“Oh God yes, I can’t wait to be inside you! Can I do it now?”

“Yes! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your s****r!” Barbie moaned as she rolled off of him, jerked down her panties and she spread her legs for him.

“Come and take me! Love me now!” Barbie whimpered as Vince climbed on her, positioned his cock to her and he carefully thrust forward.

“Oh Vince! My baby! My sweet, sweet baby!” Barbie squealed as his very hard cock slipped in her with ease.

It gently spread her wide and it filled her nice and full, giving her the most wonderful feelings that she’d ever had in her life.

Barbie warm insides grabbed him and they squeezed. Vince thought that she was going to snip off his cock, but after she relaxed around him, it felt as if her pussy was suckling him.

“Damn, you feel so good!” he moaned as they kissed each other with love and undying passion.

She held him in her arms and Barbie knew that no other man would ever make her feel this good, ever again. Now she just hoped that Vince would be hers forever. She wanted to have him with her, for as long as she lived.

“I love you so much. I wish that we could be together for the rest of our lives. Wouldn’t that be so cool! We could move away and pretend that we were married.

” Barbie whispered as she looked to his face and she saw a big grin filling his face.

“I’d love being with you, but what about Mom and Dad?”

“They wouldn’t know anything. We could fuck each other day and night, twenty-four hours a day!” Barbie moaned and she was ready for Vince to make love to her. She put her legs around his hips and she squeezed him, pushing him deeper in her tiny pussy.

Vince felt her legs and when she pulled, he knew what Barbie wanted. He slowly eased from her and he quickly thrust back in. she squealed out for more and Vince was more than willing.

He pumped back and forth, enjoying her soft cries of lust and pleasure. Vince held her tight, pumping her with long and very f***eful thrust. He looked at her face; Barbie’s pretty eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth open, panting for air.

“My baby! Go, love me! Love your Barbie! Make her feel good. Give me all of your love!” Barbie cried out as Vince loved her with so much love, she wanted to cry. Barbie knew that she was going to be his for as long as she lived.

“Oh yes, I will. I’ll make you feel so good!” Vince moaned as his pace quickened and he pushed in her deep.

He loved the sound of their skin slapping together and the other sound that was coming from between her legs. It was the sound of a very excited woman’s wetness and her man loving her.

“Oh Vince! I’m cuming! I’m cuming! I’m cuming with my baby! I’m cuming around my baby b*****rs’ big cock!” she cried out as her back arched up and Barbie pushed her hips to him, wanting for his seeds to fill her lonely womb.

She thrust her hips to him as hard as she possible could, hoping it would help him cum.

Barbie loved him so much she hurt and she knew how to get and keep him for the rest of her life. Barbie stopped taking her birth control pills over two months ago and now; she hoped that his seeds would take root in her young womb.

Barbie watched his face and she could see that he was totally enjoying her.

“Do you like this? You’re fucking me! You’re fucking your hot, big s****r! Do you like it? Huh? Tell me!” she grunted as Vince used her hard and fast, ramming his hard cock so deep in her, Barbie could hardly breathe.

He pushed in Barbie hard, remembering all of their snuggling, their hugging at night, but mostly, Vince remembered all of the times that he’d jerked off thinking about her. “Yes, I love it! I love being inside you at last!” he moaned, watching her big breasts sloshing all over and those mesmerizing sounds that were coming from between her legs.

“Now, you can have me any time you want! You can fuck me at night! You can fuck me when we go on one of our walks in the woods! You can fuck me when we come home from school! You’re welcome in me any time, my sweet lover! Anytime you want, I’m yours!” Barbie cried out as Vince used her like a madman and she loved the feel of him hammering her tiny pussy so hard and so, so deep.

“Oh yes! Anytime I want!” he moaned screwing Barbie like she was just a whore, but Vince needed to get off. They had been playing and teasing each other for so long now and he really wanted to pull a good nut.

“Anytime my love! Anytime you want, it’s yours for the taking! Oh my baby…fuck me! Cum in me, please! Please!” Barbie squealed out with need in her voice, hoping that Vince would hurry and fill her up with his warm, manly seeds.

Vince was doing his best to hold out as long as he could, but Barbie’s taking was killing him and it was turning him on. “I love you, Barbie!” he moaned as he continued to use Barbie hard, but she loved it just as much. Each time that he’d thrust to her, Barbie would ram her hips to him and it felt so good.

“And, Barbie loves her man! Her lover! Her baby b*****r!” she cried as Vince just kept up that same wonderful pace that was driving Barbie nuts and she was ready to cum again.

“I wanta cum again!” Barbie growled as he pumped her deep, driving his stiff cock to her core.

“Go then, cum all over me…like you did before!” Vince smiled to Barbie as he glanced at her big breasts and he loved the way that they sloshed all around.

“Do you like Barbie’s big, fat boobies?”

“Oh fuck yes! I love them so much! I wanta cum on them!” he moaned thinking of shooting his stuff all over Barbie’s breasts, but he did not know that she had other plans.

“No, cum inside me! Cum inside ‘your’ Barbie! She wants you to fill her pussy full of your hot, gooey cum!” Barbie panted and she hoped that she could manage to keep Vince in her pussy. She needed his seeds in her and not on her breasts.

Vince was a little disappointed, but what could he say. He was screwing the crap out of his hot s****r and if she wanted it up her pussy, he would do it.

“I’m so close! I love being in you! Oh shit! Oh shit!” Vince yelled out as his cock erupted deep in Barbie’s hot, little pussy.

Barbie heard him and she was so excited. She wanted his cum in her belly and to see if it would take. She loved him with all of her heart and wanted to give him a c***d.

“Go baby, fill me up!” she squealed as Vince’s hot cum shot deep into her excited pussy and she knew it was going to happen.

She would have him forever and nobody could ever break the bound that they were going to share.

He pumped her hard and as deep as he could, filling her pussy with cum. “Oh God, I love so much. ” Vince moaned as he lay across her chest, sucking her lift nipple and his hips kept pumping away.

“I love you too, baby!” Barbie cried as Vince used her hard and as long as he kept cuming in her, he could do anything he liked and Barbie wouldn’t say a word to him.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot and I still can’t believe you let me do this to you,” he said looking up to her pretty face.

“Trust me, it was my pleasure and remember, you can have me anytime you want. ” Barbie smiled back to him and she prayed that his seeds would sprout and give them a lasting symbol of their love.

“How could I ever forget something as nice as that,” he smiled and leaned to kiss Barbie softly on her lips and Vince couldn’t wait until he rested a few minutes.

She returned his kiss and Barbie was ready for more of her handsome young b*****r. “After you catch your breath…I want to do you. ” Barbie whispered as she gently squeezed her tight pussy around him.

“Great minds think alike!” Vince said with a wink as he leaned down to suck his s****rs’ wonderful breasts.


“We sure did have fun that night. ” Vince smiled to Barb as his laid against her side, gently reaching over her, caressing both of her full breasts and he loved the look of enchantment on her pretty face, but he knew this wasn’t fair to Nadia.

She just lay there, enjoying his soft touch and Barb hoped that Vince would make love to her. “Fun, doesn’t even come close to describing it, baby. You rocked my fucking world that night. ” Barb said with a soft voice, as she laid there enjoying his big right hand tormenting her breasts and aching nipples.

“I want you again, but…I really love Nadia and I’d die if she found out.

She just smiled and Barb knew that Vince was truly in love, but she still wondered if Nadia was his daughter. “You’re really in love with her. I’ve never seen you like this before, even when you were married, you never looked like you do now. ” Barb said with a mix of hurt and jealousy in her voice as she turned to face him.

Vince quickly saw the hurt on his pretty s****rs’ face and he hated to hurt her, but he loved Nadia so much.

“I shouldn’t have did this to you and I’m so sorry. ” Vince said as he hugged her close.

“It’s not your fault. We were just caught up in the moment, is all. I should get on the road; maybe I’ll make it home before dark. ” Barb said with a smile and she knew that it was time for her to go home and leave Vince to his young and very sexy lover.

“No, stay up here for a day or two and besides that you and Nadia need to talk without trying to kill each other. Life is to short. “

“Vince, I’ll feel like I’m in the way and intruding on you two. ”

He reached around and Vince gave Barb’s shapely ass a good, hard slap. “No you won’t and like I said before, you and Nadia need to start getting along with each other.

” Vince said with a firm voice as he gave her another very hard slap on the ass.

“Oh Vince; are you trying to turn me on again or what? You know how much I love that shit. ” Barb moaned as the wonderful sting from his big hand raced through her body and straight to Barb’s pussy.

He just smiled as he zipped his pants, stood up and pulled Barb to her feet and against his body.

“Oh well, I guess you’ll be horny all night, because I plan slapping two very beautiful asses every chance I get tonight. ” Vince smiled as he reached to help Barb button her jeans, but he could not resist slipping his left hand down in her pants, to rub her very wet pussy one last time.

You fucker!” she laughed backing away from him and Barb slapped his hand. “I’m already so horny I could die!”

“Ok, I’ll be good!” Vince said with a shit eating grin on his face, but he was lying out of his ass.

He had plans on driving Barb and Nadia out of their minds.

“Yeah right and the world is going to end at six-fifteen tonight!” Barb said and she knew Vince all to well. He was horny and she knew that he loved touching and rubbing a nice ass.

“You know me too well!” he laughed, gave her a loving hug and they walked arm in arm back to the cabin.

Barb walked as close to him as she could get and wished that he would have screwed her brains out. “I should kill you for getting me so damn horny and not fuckin’ me. ” Barb laughed feeling her pussy tingling and dripping so badly, she knew it would soak through to her jeans in just a couple of minutes.

“Did you bring any toys with you?” he asked with a laugh as he gently caressed her ass.

“No! I was planning on coming up here, chewing your ass out for screwing Nadia and going straight back home, but someone fucked all of that up!”

“You liked it so hush up. ” Vince said and he couldn’t help but rubbing her beautiful, mature ass, knowing that it was driving her crazy.

“Yeah I did, but you could have gotten me off. ” Barb smiled as she enjoyed his loving touch and she hoped that they might get a chance to be alone again, before she went home.

She needed her baby b*****r to ease the burning in her pussy.

“I like making you suffer!” he laughed again and Vince heard a car coming up the road. “I think our girl is home. ” Vince said as they walked towards the driveway to greet Nadia.

Nadia drove up the drive and she had to smile when she saw her Mom and sexy Uncle hugging each other. “So, did you two have a good talk?” Nadia asked as she got out of her car and went to join in on the hug.

“Yes we did and I told her that she was staying up here for a day or two, so you two can work out your problems too. ” Vince said as he watched both girls’ frown.

“We need to. I hate arguing with you all the time. We used to be so close and it kills me to fight with you, baby. ” Barb said as she reached to caress the side of Nadia’s face.

“And as for you two…we need to have a long and enlightening talk later tonight,” she added, giving Nadia and Vince one of her motherly looks.

“I know. I’m sorry for being so mean to you, Mom. ” Nadia said as she hugged her Mom for the first time in five years. “You’re just so pushy sometimes and you never give me a chance to talk. It’s your way or no way at all.

“I know and I’m so sorry, sweetheart. ” Barb said as she returned Nadia’s loving hug and she hoped that they could patch things up and start being a f****y once again.

“Now, wasn’t that easy?” Vince asked as he gave both women a hard slap on their ass. “Damn, I got me the two prettiest ladies on the face of the earth and they are all mine!” he added with a wide grin as he caressed both of their asses and he was a little surprised that neither of them tried to move away from his hands.

“And, what do you plan on doing with us?” Nadia asked with a giggled as she looked to her Mom and she saw lust in her eyes.

“Well, we could have us a hot and wild orgy!” Vince said as he pulled both girls’ completely against him and squeezed both of their asses.

“Hum that could be fun. Are you up for sharing him? It could be fun and I’m sure that he’d wear us both out with no problem at all!” Barb said with a sly smile and she was now on fire.

Her pussy felt like someone had poured gas on her and lit it.

Nadia looked at Vince and then to her Mom and she wondered what was going on. “How would you know if he could handle us both?” she asked with her hand on her hip and she watched her mothers’ face turn beet-red. “Oh my God, you two have done it, haven’t you?” she asked with a laugh and Nadia was horny as hell.

Vince just gave Barb a real hard slap on her left ass cheek and he replied. “Hell yes we did and she was my first girl!” he said and leaned to give Barb a soft and very loving kiss on her lips. “I hope knowing that, won’t fuck us up,” he said with a slight smile and Vince hoped that it didn’t turn Nadia away from him.

“Oh fuck, that’s insane as hell! I guess that makes us all perverts!” Nadia laughed as she thought of Vince fucking her Mom and how fun it must have been.

“Did Mom fuck you good?” Nadia asked as she snuggled close to Vince, imagining him on top of Mom, wearing her out with his stiff cock pole.

“Um, he fucked me half to death that night and we did it through to the next day!” Barb said with a grin as she watched Nadia looking on with great interest.

“Cool as shit!” Nadia laughed as she wondered what kind of woman Mom was in bed.

“What all did you do to him? I know he loves that beautiful cock sucked and…he sure does love my ass too!”

Barb just smiled at Nadia and she couldn’t believe that they were talking about fucking him. “I sucked him too and he had my butt. I think that was the best of all. He’s a master at loving a nice, tight ass!” Barb moaned with lust as she thought of his hardness slipping deep into her bowls and that wonderful feeling when he filled her full of cum.

“Have you ever had it in your ass, baby?” Barb asked her daughter and she loved the way Nadia’s face turned bright red.

Nadia loved this. It was driving her crazy thinking of Vince fucking Mom. “Nah, but…he’s supposed get it tonight. I hope we still can. ” Nadia purred as she reached down to give his swelling cock a hard squeeze.

“I still plan on getting it, but if it’s ok with you…I think we may have some company.

Nadia stood there and it took every ounce of her strength to keep from cuming in her jeans. Vince wanted her and Mom. “Holy fuck, what a turn on that would be! If you’re good with it…I sure as fuck am!” Nadia added as her pussy dripped and her nipples grew harder than at any time in her life.

“Oh my Lord, you’re just as perverted as he is!” Barb moaned as she thought of getting her b*****r again and to watch him fucking her daughter, Nadia.

“Hell yes! That’s another reason we’re so good together. ” Nadia laughed as she looked at her Mom and Nadia wondered if she would get a chance to play with her big, sexy breasts.

Barb just smiled and she reached over to slap Nadia’s ass. “You nasty, little girl, I should bend you over my knee and spank you. ”

“Oh hell yeah, that would be awesome as hell! After you do me, can I do you?” Nadia asked as she reached to slap her Mom’s meaty ass.

“Oh yeah, this should be a wild night! You two might end up killing me!” Vince laughed and he could not believe this.

“But, what a fuckin’ way to go!” Barb said with a wink as she leaned up to kiss him and hug Nadia, while she gently caressed her daughters’ ass.


Once inside, Vince grabbed both women by their hair and pushed them to the floor in front of him and he said.

“Let’s see you two horny bitches suck some cock!” Vince growled as he pushed down his jeans and he loved it when Nadia and Barb attacked his hard cock. “Oh yeah, that’s it! Suck it hard!” he moaned as they sucked each side of his stiff cock, until Barb leaned forward and she swallowed every, single inch of him with ease.

“Oh my God, my Mom is a fuckin’ whore!” Nadia laughed, but she was so horny, it felt like she was going to explode.

She watched Mom sucking Vince’s hard and as deep as she could possibly get him. “Oh shit, suck him Mom…suck your baby b*****rs’ long cock!” Nadia moaned as she moved her mouth to help, but she was shocked when her Mom pulled from Vince and started kissing her.

Barb was on fire and when Nadia moved next to her, she had to kiss her sexy daughter. Her tongue slid deep into Nadia’s warm and very inviting mouth and they kissed each other like long, lost lovers.

“I have my baby girl and my baby b*****r to love day and night, who could ever ask for more?” Barb moaned as she and Nadia kissed, but they had moved back to each side of Vince’s cock, sucking him, while their tongues wrapped together like two snakes, making love.

“Oh Mom, this is hot!”

“Yes it is and we have this handsome fucker to thank for it. ” Barb purred as she pulled off her blouse and she motioned for Nadia to do the same.

“Let’s fuck his brains out! How does that sound? But, each time he’s ready to cum…I want him to shot it in your belly!” Barb moaned as she kissed her beautiful daughter and her hand stroked her b*****rs’ cock.

“Why? I bet he wants to cum in you too, Mom. ” Nadia moaned between her Mom’s wonderful kisses and soft petting.

“No, he wants it in you! Like he did me years ago!” Barb moaned as squeezed her breasts with her left hand and she caressed Nadia’s with her right one.

“He wants another baby!” she moaned as she leaned to kiss Nadia.

“Oh shit, this is so fucking exciting!” Nadia moaned between her mothers’ wild kisses.

“Let’s fuck him now! I wanta see his big cock up my little girls’ pussy!” Barb growled as she pulled Vince down on the floor and on his back. “I’m going first and then…he can fuck you and shoot his cum in my daughters’ hot, little pussy!”

Nadia was still in shock and she hoped that this wasn’t a dream.

She watched Mom pull down her jeans and she was on Vince in a split second, with his cock buried deep in her pussy. “Oh fuck!” Nadia moaned as she watched Mom fucking her b*****r like some kind of crazy nympho or something. “Do it, Mom! Fuck him! Fuck him hard, Mom!” she yelled out as she watched Mom’s big boobs bouncing all over and Nadia reached to slap her Mom’s meaty ass.

“Ouch, you little bitch!” Barb laughed as she rode her b*****r fast, driving him up her pussy as far as she could.

“I’m smacking your ass, when you…fuck him! So, be…ready!” Barb cried out as her b*****r sank to her core, just like he did their first night together.

“Good, I love my fucking ass slapped!” Nadia moaned as she lay across Vince’s legs, watching his big cock slipping in and out of her Mom and his s****rs’ pussy. “Oh God, this is so fucking cool!” she moaned and Nadia leaned in to her Mom’s pussy.

She stuck out her tongue and licked. Barb’s juices covered Nadia’s tongue and entire mouth in a second.

“Oh yes, lick me, baby! Lick Mommy’s pussy!”

Nadia quickly moved closer, until she was completely against her Mom’s dripping pussy and Vince’s cock. She licked and sucked anything she could until, Vince stopped and shoved his wet and juice covered cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Suck your Mom’s pussy juice from it,” he laughed as he watched Nadia sucking him hard and as deep as she could.

“I’m gunna make you do the same thing, so be ready!” he said looking up to Barb and he saw a grin cover her pretty face.

Barb squeezed both of her breasts as Vince’s words filled her ears and she watched Nadia sucking his cock like a wild a****l. “I can’t wait! I bet she tastes so fuckin’ good!” she moaned as she watched her daughter eating Vince’s long cock. “She’s a fuckin’ master at that! How in the hell do you keep from cuming?” Barb asked as she looked to Nadia, enjoying the sight of her sucking Vince completely in her mouth and down her throat.

“It’s not easy,” he moaned as he grabbed Nadia by her hair and he pulled her on top of him. “Fuck me you sexy, little bitch!” Vince ordered as his big, right hand came down her left ass-cheek.

“Oh yes, I’ll do anything you want,” she whimpered as Vince guided his big cock to her and it slipped in with ease. “Oh fuck…I love it! I fucking love it!” Nadia squealed as he sank so deep in her, it took her breath away.

“Damn, she is so hot!” Barb moaned as she watched Nadia climb on Vince and she took every, single inch of him and never thought twice about it. “She’s a fucking a****l, Vince!” Barb laughed as her eyes stayed locked on Nadia, with Vince’s cock buried up her pussy.

“You got that right and I love it!” he smiled as he held Nadia’s hips and he thrust up, driving his cock deeper in her body.

“She’s just like you…a horny, little bitch that needs a hard cock every day!” he moaned as Nadia started to slowly move up and down his swollen cock shaft.

“You fuckin’ love it!” Nadia moaned as her hips went up and down, sliding his hard cock in and out of her tiny hole. “I love you so much, Vince. I wonder if Mom is right,” she said with a wide grin, enjoying the puzzled look on his handsome face.

“Right about what, baby?” he asked and he didn’t have a clue of what she was talking about.

Nadia leaned down to kiss him and she softly replied. “If you’re my…Daddy,” she smiled at the look on his face. “I heard Mom on the phone one time when I was a k**,” she smiled bigger and Nadia humped him faster as she thought of fucking her Dad.

“Would it matter to you if I am?” he asked and then, he felt pretty dumb.

By the way Nadia was screwing him; he knew that she loved it.

Barb caressed over his chest as she watched on with envy. “If it was me…I’d fuckin’ love you being my…Daddy!” she smiled at them both and Nadia’s hips started moving faster than ever. “Nadia, fuck him, fuck your…Daddy, baby!” Barb growled at her daughter as she fucked Vince.

“Yeah, fuck my Daddy! I’m fucking him good, Mom! I love it! I’m fuckin’ my Daddy! I’m fuckin’ my Daddy’s big cock!” Nadia yelled out as she rode him hard and as fast as she could.

Barb just smiled at them and she was so happy. If Vince was Nadia’s Daddy, neither of them cared and Barb didn’t either. “Yes you are, baby. Fuck him good and always keep him happy. He’ll love you until the day he dies!” she moaned as she reached to play with Nadia’s breasts. “Go baby, keep Daddy happy. Fuck your big, handsome Daddy!” Barb said with a firm voice as she lifted her left hand and brought it down on her daughters’ bouncing ass.

“Oh yes! Oh Mom, I’m so fuckin’ horny!” Nadia squealed when her Mom’s hand slapped her ass, sending more excitement through every inch of her body.

“Cum for him…cum all over your Daddy’s big, long cock!” Barb yelled as she slapped Nadia once again, but it was much harder than the first one and she watched Nadia’s face fill with pleasure. “My nasty daughter loves her ass slapped as she fucks her…Daddy!” Barb said in Nadia’s ear and she couldn’t resist slapped her other cheek.

“Oh yes! I love it slapped! Oh God, I’m so fuckin’ close!” Nadia moaned as she rode him, thinking of him really being her father and she was fucking him half to death. “Oh Daddy, I’m close! I’m so close, Daddy! Hold me tight, Daddy!” Nadia whimpered as she thought of him fucking her Mom long ago and him being her Dad.

Vince hugged Nadia as her hips bucked up and down, driving his stiff cock to her core.

“Yes baby, I’ll hold my girl, my baby, my sexy, sexy…daughter!” he said with a smile as he gently eased out of her, grabbed Barb and pushed her down to his cock. “Lick her juices off of it, like she did yours,” he said as Barb quickly leaned down and she licked and sucked him clean.

“Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this! I’m sucking my b*****rs’ cock again and…licking my daughters’ excitement from it too!” Barb giggled as she reached to hold Nadia’s hand.

“How did it feel to have your Dad fucking you?” she asked with a smile and she motioned for Nadia to help please his cock.

“It’s so fucking exciting! I always knew that we were more than Uncle and Niece!” Nadia moaned as she licked up the underside of his big cock and she got up to his swollen cock-head, her and Mom’s tongues met. “Oh Mom!” Nadia moaned again and her and her Mom started sucking each others’ tongue.

“Oh baby, you’ve always turned me on so much and I’m so glad that this wonderful guy brought us back together!” Barb moaned as she and Nadia kissed and gently sucked on each others’ tongue. “That’s the reason I pushed you away. I couldn’t understand my feelings towards you, so I ran you away. ” Barb said tears ran from her eyes and down her face.

“You should have said something! I used to love looking at these,” Nadia smiled as she reached up to caress her Mom’s full and exciting breasts.

“And…your sexy, fucking ass!” Nadia moaned as they went back to kissing each other.

Vince sat up and he lit a smoke, enjoying the only two women he ever really loved, making out with each other. “Damn, you two are fucking hot as hell! I do hope that you’ll do this all the time,” he smiled as he looked on and he could not believe what he was seeing. Barb always hung out with pretty girls’, but he would have never thought that she liked making out with another girl.

“We will, trust me. ” Barb moaned as she held Nadia against her body, humping against her upper thigh.

“Oh God yes, as long as Mom will, I will too!”

“Cool then, but if it’s ok with you two, I really need to get back inside one of your hot pussies!”

“I think you need to fuck Nadia’s sweet ass and show her what she’s been missing. ”

“I could do that!” Vince smiled as he reached over to give Nadia a firm slap on her ass.

“Do you want ‘Daddy’ to fuck your ass?” he asked with a grin and he loved the lustful look on her pretty face.

“That sounds so cool! If you talk like that while you’re fucking me…I’ll explode!” Nadia purred as she moaned over to him and she sat on his lap. “I love you so much,” she whispered and Nadia could not wait for him to claim her ass.

Barb just watched and she was so glad that the truth was finally out in the open, but she knew that Vince wouldn’t want her much more.

He had his young and very sexy daughter to please his every want and desire now.

“Don’t forget about me. ” Barb said as her lower lip came out and she moved beside them.

“No, we would never do that. I have plans on us all living here together and fucking as much as we can!” Vince said as he leaned and he gently kissed Barb on the lips. “You are still so fucking hot,” he added with a big smile as he watched Nadia digging in her purse for something.

“I have some jell that will help. ” Nadia said as she got up on her hands and knees. She carefully reached between her legs to her anus and she squirted the jell on it. “Now Daddy…come and fuck it for me. Mom told me that I’m going to love it,” she purred in a soft and very innocent voice, having a good idea that he was going to wear her put.

He watched Nadia and when her words filled his ears, he couldn’t get up fast enough. He moved behind her, pointed his stiff cock to her tiny, tiny hole and he slowly started in. “Oh yes!” he moaned as Nadia got up on her hands and knees, pointing her full ass to him. “Baby, you’re going to love it, I promise!” Vince said as he caressed her ass and he slowly moved to take Nadia.

Nadia took a long and very deep breath as felt his thick, pulsing cock head pushing into her most private place, but the dirtiness of it, made Nadia’s head spin with excitement.

“Ahhh, yes! Daddy, I do love it! Yes! Yes!” Nadia screamed as his big head slowly eased into her excited ass, giving her body pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. Nadia’s body trembled so hard, she fought to stay on her knees, but Vince held her in place, easing his cock deeper, until she thought that she was going to faint.

“Oh shit!” Vince grunted as her muscles locked around him, but he kept pushing in her, fighting the overwhelming urge to cum. “Ahhh, my baby girl! My sweet, sweet baby!” he moaned as he pushed one last time. Their hips met and Vince held Nadia as tight as he could, enjoying her warm insides squeezing him.

Nadia was totally helpless as he filled a place that no man had ever had, until this day and Nadia was so glad.

“Oh my God, Mom, I love it! I love Daddy in my butt! I love my Daddy in my ass! I love it! Oh God, I love it so much!” Nadia yelled out as Vince held and caressed her meaty ass.

“Oh baby, I told you. He’s the fucking best! Neither of us will ever need another man as long as we live!” Barb said as she hugged Nadia’s face to her breasts and she smiled to Vince.

“You got me and now…you’re getting your gorgeous daughter!” Barb moaned as she held Nadia to her breasts, enjoying her squirming body and soft moans of pleasure.

“It’s a dream come true!” Vince said with a big grin, looking down to Nadia’s full ass and his stiff cock buried deep in it. “I couldn’t be any happier!” he moaned and he was ready to screw the beautiful thing in front of him.

He slowly pulled out, loving the feel of her insides trying to hold him in, but Vince was ready to love her and nothing was going to stop him now. He had been enjoying the sight of Nadia’s sweet ass for the last fifteen years or so and could not wait to love it.

Vince pushed back in her, deep and her loud moan of need filled his ears. “My baby girl! My baby!” he grunted as Nadia’s body grabbed him tighter than before and Vince was fighting the urge to fill her beautiful ass with his cum.

“Oh Daddy, fuck it! Fuck my ass, Daddy! I know you love it so much, now fuck it!” Nadia squealed as he pushed back in her butt. She hugged Mom, loving her full and excited breasts only inches from her face and Nadia couldn’t resist any longer. She tilted her head and started sucking her Mom’s big breasts.

Barb was shocked at first, but that quickly went away. Nadia’s warm mouth and lapping tongue drove her crazy with need and Barb loved it.

Her baby, her daughter, was nursing her breasts and she loved it. Nadia carefully licked each of her nipples, while gently suckling as if she was a newborn baby.

“Oh lord, this is so fuckin’ crazy!” Barb moaned loudly as her brain tried to sort this out. She looked down, seeing Nadia suckling her breasts and then, she turned to see Vince with his cock deep in Nadia’s ass and it all seemed as if it was some sort of dream.

“But…it’s a wonderful dream!” Nadia panted as she looked up to her Mom and she smiled. “Go, fuck me harder! I wanta cum with your hard cock up my ass, Daddy!” Nadia cried out as she thrust her ass back to him, each time he pushed in her butt.

Vince held Nadia’s hips, pushing in her sweet ass hard, but not enough to hurt her in any way. This was her first time and Vince knew that he had to be very careful with her.

“That would be nice! Your hot ass cuming around my cock! Maybe I should do this to you. It might help!” he lifted his big left hand and Vince swung down to her ass-cheek.


Her muscles grabbed his cock and it felt like his dick was going to be snipped off. “Oh mother fucker!” Vince yelled out and he quickly lifted his right hand and he swung down.

Nadia’s entire body went wild when he slapped her butt and she loved it.

The wonderful sensation rushed through her and it was like she had been struck by lightening. “Yes, oh Daddy! More! More! Slap my fuckin’ big ass! Slap it fuckin’ harder! Harder!” she screamed and Nadia was so glad that they were so far out in the county, if not, she knew that every cop in town would be busting in the door by now, thinking that she was being murdered.


“Yes, oh fuck!” Nadia screamed again as she quickly lifted her trembling body up and into Vince’s arms.

“I love you so much!” she said as tears started pouring from her eyes. “You’ll never know how good you make me feel and I don’t give a damn if you’re my Uncle or my Dad. I’ll always love you,” she added as more tears rolled from her eyes and down her face. Nadia loved Vince with all of her heart and she did not care who he was.

He hugged her as tight as he could and Vince knew that he had found his true love.

“I love you too, baby girl,” he whispered in her ear and when he looked to Barb, he could see hurt on her face, but there was nothing he could do about it. After tonight, he knew that she would have to leave.

Barb watched them and she knew that there was no way she could stay here. She had never seen two people that loved each other as much as Vince and Nadia did.

Barb would enjoy herself tonight, get a little sl**p and when the sun came up, she would leave them alone.

“Do it again! Slap my ass, baby! Please, I love it so freakin’ much I can’t stand it!” Nadia begged as she turned to look at Vince with need in her pretty eyes and she knew that he would do anything she wanted.

“I’ll do anything my baby girl wants.

“Vince said with a wink, lifted his left hand and he swung his big hand down on her outer thigh.


“Oh shit! Oh fuck, yes!” Nadia yelled out with joy as the wonderful stinging raced through her meaty thigh and over her entire body. “Oh God, I love it! I love it so, so much! Please…I need more! Lots and lots more!” she giggled and once again, Nadia fought the overwhelming urge to cum.

Vince couldn’t help but laugh at her and he knew that he had created a monster. “I knew that you’d like this, but never this much!” he laughed and lifted his right hand high in the air and aimed towards Nadia’s other big thigh.


Nadia saw his hand lift in the air, she took a deep breath and she waited for the amazing rush of pain and breathtaking pleasure.

“Ahhh, yes! That’s it! That’s what I need! Wow!” she yelled out as her Mom held her hands and gently caressed her back. “Did he do you like this, Mom?” Nadia asked as she panted for air.

“No baby, but we did have so much fun,” she said with a fake smile and Barb couldn’t wait to leave. There was no way in hell that she could watch this again. Nadia and Vince needed to be alone so that their love for each other could blossom.

Vince watched Nadia on her knees before him and he had a great idea. He pushed her upper body down on the bed, only leaving her hips and beautiful ass up. He squirted more of the jell on her ass and his cock shaft. “Get ready…because I’m going to fuck your ass stupid!” he grunted and Vince pushed in Nadia as far as he could.

She let out a painful moan, but he knew that it would pass very soon.

He started grinding against her, while slowly pulling his hard cock in and out of her little hole. He chewed the back of her tender neck, while carefully slipping his shaft in and out of Nadia’s body. He kept chewing her neck, moving down to her right shoulder, carefully biting more, moving his hard cock in and out of her.

“Oh my God, it feels so good!” Nadia cried as his big, hard cock eased in and out of her once, tiny butt-hole.

“I love it! Oh I love it so much! Don’t stop! Please don’t ever stop fucking me!” Nadia cried louder as his pace quickened. His long cock felt so good and Nadia knew that Vince would be the last man that would ever have the pleasure of being in her.

Vince loved her cries of pleasure and he knew that Nadia was getting close. “Is my baby gettin’ close?” he asked with a whisper as he kept pumping Nadia’s hole.

“Oh yes! Go Daddy, make us cum! I wanta feel it shooting up my ass! Cum up my hot, sexy ass…Daddy! Cum up my ass, Daddy!” Nadia cried out with need and she couldn’t wait for her lover to shoot his hot seeds in her body, a place that no man had ever been, until this very moment and Nadia loved it.

Vince loved her words and they were making it so hard to keep from cuming in her.

He wanted to make Nadia cum and finish up with Barb, but if she kept talking this way, he was going to fill her with cum.

“Oh you sexy, little bitch! Are you trying to make me cum?” he laughed in her ear and leaned down to chew her neck more. He knew how much Nadia loved it and Vince hoped that she would cum soon. He really wanted Barb again, because he had an idea that she was going to leave soon.

Nadia laughed and she couldn’t help shoving her hips back to him. She was more excited than at any other time in her life and Nadia was ready. “Fuck me, Daddy! I wanta cum with your big, hard cock up my ass! Make me cum, Daddy! Make me cum, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Ram that big, fat cock up your daughters’ ass and fuck it!” Nadia yelled as he moved faster, driving his cock deep in her and then, he would slowly pull it out, until his cock-was just about to pop out of her.

Then, he would shove it back into her as deep as Vince could get it in.

“Oh God, you’re wonderful!” he yelled out and that’s all that Vince could stand. His cock started shooting so much cum, Vince felt like he was eighteen again. He shoved in her as deep as he could get, knowing he was filling her entire ass with steaming cum.

Nadia felt him shove in her and the most wonderful thing happened.

Her Uncle Vince, possibly her Daddy, was filling her ass with cum. “Oh fuck! Oh shit! Yes! Yes! Oh Daddy!” she squealed out as a powerful orgasm rushed over her body. Nadia fought for air, her heart raced so hard, she was close to fainting and every nerve in her felt as if it was on fire. “Yes! Yes! Oh Daddy, you came in my butt! You came in my butt!” Nadia whimpered as she lay under him.

His cock was still so, so hard and it remained deep in her used ass.

Barb watched as she teased her swollen right nipple and her very wet pussy. She just hoped Vince would love her one last time, before she left. “I do hope you have something left for me,” she said with a soft voice as she leaned to kiss him on the lips.

“I’ll always have something for my sexy, big s****r.

Just give me a few minutes to rest and I’ll fix you right up. ” Vince replied as he returned Barb’s soft kiss and he hoped that she would stay with them, but he didn’t think she would.

She smiled and looked down to see Nadia lying on the bed curled into a ball and going to sl**p. “If possible…I’d like it just like you did our baby. ” Barb whispered as she caressed Nadia’s back.

“The poor little thing isn’t going to be able to walk or shit right for at least two weeks!” she said with a tiny laugh, remembering back when Vince fucked her up her ass and how sore she was, but it was a ‘good’ soreness and Barb wanted to feel it again and she wanted him to finish this time.

He also looked down to Nadia and saw that she was sl**ping.

“Baby, I’ll do anything you want,” he whispered to his s****r and Vince couldn’t wait to get in her wonderful looking body again. He reached down, grabbed her up in his arms and he carried Barb to the other room.


Vince sat her on the side of the bed and he sat beside her. “Are you going to stay with us? I hope that you will. We could have so much fun,” he said as he reached around her and gently hugged Barb to him.

Barb heard him and it killed her to disappoint him, but there was no way that she could ever be in a relationship like that. She could ever share him with anybody and doing it with her own daughter, would make things even worse.

“I could never do anything like that and besides, you two look so happy and in love, it makes me sick. I’ll stay the night with you, but come morning…I’ll be on my way.

“Come on baby, it’ll be a blast. We can run around fucking each other day and night. ” Vince pleaded, but he knew if Barb said no, she wouldn’t change her mind.

“Nah, you two can do all of that and fuck each other. I’m going home to a great young guy that lives just down the street from me and he’s absolutely nuts about me. “

Vince smiled at her and he could swear that he saw a sparkle in her pretty eyes.

“Did I just see a twinkle in those gorgeous eyes of yours?” he teased her and Vince couldn’t resist caressing her big, left breast.

She just smiled and Barb knew her face was turning red as hell. “Yes you did. That k** drives me crazy! He’s always looking at me and he is a total flirt. “

“k**? How old is he, baby?”

Barb knew that Vince was going to shit his pants on this one.

“He just turned s*******n last month. “

“Damn girl! You like them young, don’t you?”

She just laughed at Vince and she slowly reached down to stroke his growing cock. “So what! He’s handsome, has a wonderful personality and…a cock that looks like it came from a horse!”

“Is he good in bed?”

“I haven’t fucked him yet, but I’ve seen him hard lots of times. He helps me around the yard and with the pool.

Last week, I walked in on him when he was taking a pee and I almost came in my pants when I saw just how big he really is. “

“Cool, but please be careful. I’d hate to see you get into trouble for fucking him. “

“There’s no reason to worry. His mother and father are total d***ks and they don’t give a shit about him. “

“Well then, you get your sweet ass home and fuck the little guy to death! But for now…your ass is mine!” Vince growled, pushed her back on the bed, he moved on top of her and he took her.

“Oh fuck! I love your pussy so much!” he moaned out as her warm insides and very tight muscles wrapped around his hard cock shaft.

Barb fell back on the bed and she wanted to scream out with joy. Vince mounted her and before Barb could say anything, Vince took her. “Oh my baby! My sweet, sweet baby!” she moaned as her b*****rs’ beautiful, hard cock slipped so deep in her body, Barb couldn’t breathe.

“Yes, take me, love me!” she cried out as his mass stretched her wide and his length made her shudder for more.

He held her in his arms and Vince knew that he wasn’t going to last very long. Barb always made him cum so fast and he never knew why. Maybe it was because she was so pretty and sexy, but deep down Vince knew why. It was because she was his big, sexy s****r.

“Oh shit!” he moaned and he started to move back and forth. His cock slipped in and out of her as if they’d done this hundreds of times before, but it was only their third time committing this sin. “I love you so much!” he panted in her mouth as they kissed like wild a****ls.

Barb kissed him, enjoying her b*****rs’ stiff cock fucking her hard and deep. “Oh baby, you’ll never know the feelings I have for you and I always will,” she whimpered as he loved her with long and very, very deep strokes, just the way she liked it.

“Go, love me, fuck me! Yes! My baby! My sweet, sweet baby!” Barb cried out as his stiff cock pleasured her like no other man in the world could. She wanted the young boy at home, but she knew he could never please her like Vince did.

Vince pushed deep in Barb and then, he would quickly pull out. He thrust deep, lifting her ass from the bed with each push in.

Her soft moans were growing louder and her tiny pussy was nice and wet. He looked into her pretty eyes and Vince could see the loved Barb had for him. He hated to see her leave, but that’s what she wanted and he would not stand in her way.

“I’m going to hate it when you go. I love you so much and I’m going to miss your sweet pussy so much.

“And…I’ll miss you and your amazing cock,” she moaned as Vince kept loving her hard and so wonderfully deep. “You’re such a good lover and Nadia is going to be living a dream life with you. I wish that I could be her and have you for the rest of my life!” she moaned louder and her pussy was on fire. Just talking about Vince and thinking of being his lover, was making Barb ready to cum.

“That would be so nice! Fucking my big s****r whenever I wanted, cuming in you and having you by my side!” Vince said and he could feel his cock was ready to fill up the sexy lady under him, his big s****r.

“Oh Vince! I’m close! I’m so ready to cum…I fuckin’ hurt!” Barb yelled and her pussy clapped around Vince’s big cock. “Oh my fuckin’ God!” she yelled and wrapped her legs around his hips, driving him to her core.

His cock sank deep, touching places that Barb had forgotten about, but she was quickly remembering.

“Do it! Cum on me you sexy, fuckin’ bitch!”

“Yes, I’m ready! Now fuck me hard! Fuck me like you mean it!” Barb commanded him as she kicked him in the back with her heels. “Ram that big fuckin’ cock in your s****rs’ pussy and fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it…hard!” she yelled out as Vince fucked her like she was nothing but a cheep whore.

Barb lay back on the bed, Vince was screwing her so hard and so deep, she couldn’t catch her breath. His cock was hammering her with no mercy and Barb loved it. Her breasts were flopping and sloshing all over, but she grabbed them, smashing them together and held them up so he could suck them.

Vince saw her big boobs and he had to suck them. He leaned down, sucked her left nipple into his mouth and Barb went wild under him.

Vince went faster; his cock was screwing her fast and so deep, he couldn’t believe she wasn’t hurting.

“You’re a whore! You nasty, fuckin’ whore! Do you like getting fucked like this, whore?” he growled as he kept screwing hard and as deep as he could, but Barb just laid there, moaning and begging for more.

“Yes, I’m a fuckin’ whore! I’m a whore! But, I’m your whore! I’m your s****r and your nasty, fuckin’ whore! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Barb screamed as she released.

Juice shot from between her legs, her pussy tried locking around Vince, but he was screwing her so fast, it couldn’t. Her body trembled, her heart raced and juice kept shooting from her exploding pussy.

“That’s my sexy, Barbie! Cum for me! Cum for your little b*****r!” he moaned as her juice covered his cock and most of his lower body, but it was so nice to see and feel Barbie cuming for him.

“I love it when you cum…like…that!” Vince moaned and it was his turn. Cum started shooting from his cock-head and deep into Barb’s spasming pussy. She held his face to her breast and Vince was in heaven.

“Come on, baby! Cum for your Barbie! That’s my baby!” she grunted as she felt his hot cum shooting deep into her pussy. It was like someone had shoved a hose in her and it was squirting warm water in her.

“Oh yes, my baby!” she whimpered and held him to her breasts, wishing like hell that she could be his woman. “Vince, I love you baby. ” Barb said as she started to cry. She loved him more than anyone in the world, even her daughter.

He held her in his arms and he tried his best to comfort her. “I know sweetie and I love you too. “


“You should stay Mom, we could have some wild times.

” Nadia said as she d****d her arm over her Mom’s shoulders. “We can work it out so we can share him and I think it would be so fun. ” She added and she really wished that her Mom would stay with them.

“Nah, you two are in love, plus…I have a nice young boy at home that I want. He’s crazy about me and he has the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen in my life!” Barb said with a big smile and she had to fan her face.

Just thinking about her young admirer drove her crazy.

“You go girl!” Nadia laughed when she heard Mom’s words. “He’s bigger than Vince?” she asked with wonder, trying to imagine Mom fucking something so big.

“He is gigantic!” Barb moaned and she could not wait to get back home and jump him. She wanted to feel his ten inches buried in her pussy and Barb also wanted to see if she could suck it all.

“Damn, I hope that things work out for you, but if they don’t. We want you to come back up here with us, ok?” Nadia said with a smile as she leaned to her Mom and gently kissed her on the mouth.

Barb just stood there and she wanted to stay, but she did not want to fuck up the love that Nadia and Vince had. “I will baby, but I think I’m going to be just fine.

” Barb said as she pulled from Nadia and she walked up to Vince.

“Thank you for last night. That was the best orgasm that I’ve ever had in my life and I’m sure that I’ll never experience anything like that again,” she laughed and Barb gently kissed him. “I need to get going if I want to get home before dark. I want you guys to love each other and have fun.

” Barb said as she sat in her car, turned to key and she drove away.

“I hope that she has as much fun as we do. ” Nadia said as she hugged Vince.

“I do too, now…let’s go inside. I need to be in my baby girl!”

“Mmmm, yes I need my Daddy to fuck me like you did Mommy last night!” Nadia giggled as she reached down to hold his big cock.

“I’d love it too!” Vince said as he grabbed Nadia up and into his arms and he walked towards the house.


The end.

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