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My Wife Turns An Expert In Wellness Therapy &ndash

Since Anita [name changed] shed her inhibitions and started working whole heartedly – loving her new profession [part1] for what she did & had great pride. Akash who experienced Anita for the first time for 2 days – became Anita’s regular client. Though Akash was married his visits to Anita was also known to his wife and she encouraged Akash to the fact that his health improved. Such is the expert reason for having regular SEX.

During one of the breaks when she came to meet me – I cajoled her to share the details of her intimate moments with Akash. Anita had the habit of asking her clients in which dress she needs to welcome them and also the color; same color dresses or contrast color [like Saree and blouse combination]. She had stocked various dresses.

In this episode, Anita was asked by Akash to wear Red color transparent saree and with black color blouse, remember the one with small openings where in her pink color nipples popped up.

The scheduled time of Akash was 8 PM; he came by 8:15 PM. As Akash entered the Cottage, she sent him for taking a quick shower, He had the shower and was out by 8:25 PM and was smelling mint fresh. As Anita had lighted the bathrooms with scented candles – Akash in no mood to spend time as the essence of Anita; nipple were driving crazy to get him out. Meanwhile as Akash came out Anita performed the Aarti for Akash in traditional way – while Aarti was being performed – Akash’s attention were on her Pink nipple popping out of her hole in the black color house seen over her transparent saree.

Once Aarti plate was kept aside by Anita. Akash grabbed her and gave her a deep smooch for 2 minutes during which he was pinching her nipples over the saree. After deep smooch; he went to nibble Anita’s ears; while he was doing that Anita whispered in his ears; pinch my nipples they were waiting for your pinch since morning – this encourage him and he further pressed it hard and started rotating the pinch every 20 or 30 degrees.

Meanwhile Anita’s hand moved over his shirts and she started UN buttoning them; thus she removed and exposed his chest. Then she moved her soft hands over Akash’s hairy chest. This excited Akash and he further wetted her face and started to lightly bite her cheeks. Anita encouraged him to bite more saying that continue giving me your facial – this helps to improve the beauty of my face skin- this is god’s gift for a woman when man nibbles’ her face and body with his teeth –thus the dead skin is removed and nervous system and bleed system in her face gets energized, to make her look her young.

Akash got so excited that he pulled Anita’s saree at navel portion bringing it down in one go. Akash removed his shirt and pant and was just in underwear and Anita in blouse and petticoat. Akash started kissing Anita near neck portion and his hands were on the blouse removing her sleeveless blouse. When all hooks of the blouse were removed, Akash was surprised to see that she was not wearing the bra today and Anita told that she wanted to share his efforts.

Akash came over her left boobs and then Anita hissed hold & press my right boobs they are waiting to be cupped by your hands. Akash kept on doing this for 10 minutes; then he reversed the boobs sucking on to the right boobs for licking and squeezing the left boobs. He was kissing and licking Anita’s boob in circular motion moving towards her nipple and moving away from it. This excited Anita and she started folding and unfolding her legs and slightly moving her upper part – this excited Akash and he moved to the midriff and started licking her in and around navel.

This was too much for Anita and she started moving her legs more violently. While he was licking her navel; both Akash hands were squeezing her boobs. Anita’s petticoat exposed her legs. Akash saw her exposed legs and started kissing her from Ankle towards her pussy. The clean shaven pussy was already discharging huge liquid and the scent was intoxicating for Akash and he got over Anita to 69 position and started licking and tongue fucking her luscious pussy lips.

Anita pulled Akash’s underwear and up sprang Akash’s 6” semi-erect dick. Anita is good cock and groin sucker. This made Akash crazy and was licking Anita’s pussy violently and pulling her pussy lips far enough – Anita could not take longer and she discharged her cum and Akash licked it all, trying to make it dry but still her pussy was oozing out. Akash’s dick became erect and he rolled over and pulled Anita over his dick on top position.

Anita’s cunt was so well lubricated and it went in one-go to which she hissed and said that she is privileged to have Akash’s dick in her pussy and felt the warmth of the cock. She started jumping over Akash dick’s saying filthy words making him crazy and pound her for 15 minutes. Intermittently she was bringing her boobs to Akash’s mouth to lick her nipples. She was getting so excited that her pussy was dripping and encouraging Akash to hit her cervix entry wall harder; to punish the cervix with his dick – she just needs to be hammered more and more.

To satisfy her urge – Akash was going to Gym to make his waist stronger. Anita started to press her cunt lips over Akash dick and this was too much for him which made him to release his hot cum in Anita’s pussy. Anita removed the dick and the semen was dripping from her cunt and she collect the combination of Semen and her juice, Applied it over her boobs and face; to just crash over him.

Lied on him for another 20 minutes. She got up went to bathroom and cleaned herself; Akash followed her and freshed up himself too. Surprisingly Anita had smeared her boobs and face with Chocolate sauce and asked Akash to lick it. She started teasing him to move away from him and he was struggling to grab her. Akash licked thoroughly her face and boobs and making it dry. Anita poured the chocolate sauce on Akash dicks and started licking it to make it hard again.

This time Akash just lifted Anita and in Standing position started ravishing her pussy for 10 minutes and cummed in her pussy – both had bath together and came to bed [around 11:30PM], were too tired and slept. Akash got around 1 AM and started moving to his house. Anita got up and fell at his feet to say thank you and collected her fees by asking him to place inside her bra. Akash was so pleased with the Chocolate sauce; he gave her additional Rs 2000/- tip and parted ways.

Anita had her next appointment & client coming in at 3:30 AM till 8 AM in the morning. She bid Akash bye & started getting ready for it.

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