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My wife loves sex with other men

All in this story is true, her name his real, my name is real and her place in Pakistan England is real. WHY is it real and not secret well the fact is we get turned on by it being real.

My name is Ali Khan and I am 45 years old, my wife’s name is Mehwish Khan and she his 26 years old. She his from jehlum in Pakistan and I am from Kashmir, but we both live in England.

How I met my wife, she was a married woman to a Pakistani man but was having an affair with my friend who was a hindu and he was same age as her, the husband couldn’t do what she wanted well everything was haram , he just put it in and cum, well he was fat and not handsome everyone was jealous of him for having a beautiful wife…Anyway my friend use to meet her at work as they both worked with each other.

They would meet kiss he would suck her tits wank her, she would wank him and just push him to the wall kiss him and grab his dick…

I made friendship with her but it took a while though I knew she was interested me, and we finally had sex it was amazing and I enjoyed the fact she was having sex with me, her boyfriend and her husband – oh thats night to think of……………the real aim of this story is to tell you that but what I have to say next is what I want to share with you all.

My wife as had sex with her female cousin in Pakistan and England when she was younger maybe 18 and when she sometime play with the neighbours dicks while they play with her before she go and wank, but she told me this and also told me she love black men and wanted to try a black man, so we watched porn and decided we give it a go.

I have a friend at work who his black, good body and big tongue, anyway we met up and i said to Mehwish to kiss him on the cheeks as this is custom she did it, then she kissed him on the mouth, i was shocked then next minute she as her tongue down his throat, for me that was it, I took her top off she was wanking him, sucking him and wanking me too at the same time, i want to write more but so much to say but your imagine can tell you what she was doing – anyway she gave him a blow job took his cum in her mouth and then mine, before she got his black cock and just put it in her, she wanted didn’t want him to enjoy it was about her and what she wanted, she sat on him fucked him till she come,got taken from behind while sucking me the same time……then vice versa she had him for hours.

This happened again another day too, i said let me pop out get a drink for 1 min and I heard them talking she grab him as I looked through the side of the door as i was laying on the floor and she got him to lick her pussy and he fucked her with her legs up and hardly too, she likes it this way she loves hard sex……………..when i came back i asked her what you been upto she said nothing but i knew and I liked it – anyway them two have been texting and what I like his she still wants other men and wanting me to have other women, so we are looking for an OLD COUPLE PAKISTANI man with beard and me his wife…………….

we have an agreement if we go out like someone we can do what we want as long as we tell each other about it……. my wife is from Pakistan, she wears shalwar and hijab and for me this is the best thing as when this all comes off she is a different person, she looks shy but in bed she knows her way around the sheets – when im not home she wanks her self with a black dildo……i will add photos on the photo part so look out for her.

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